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A Louisiana social worker and deprogrammer, Valerie Wolf, M.S.W. told members of the President's Committee on Radiation about her experiences with survivors of mind control experimentation and operations which have spanned almost 50 years. A licensed sociologist from New Orleans, Wolf offered her testimony and supporting evidence to the committee in a hearing on March 15th. Focusing on the 9,000 children who were the targets of radiation ex- periments conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission and kept secret under the National Security Act, the precious ten minutes granted Ms. Wolf was a precedent setting digression from the investigators' agenda . For the first time in history officials heard evidence of the atrocities of mind control which were committed along with the radiation "research."
一个路易斯安那的社会工作者和消除受毒化思想者,Valerie Wolf, M.S.W.告诉了总统委员会的成员,就辐射听觉的问题,关于她与精神控制实验和行动的受害者的经历,它持续了大约50年。一个来自新奥尔良的得到许可的社会工作者,Wolf提供了她的证词和支撑的证据给委员会在3月15日的听证会上。焦点聚集在9000个儿童,他们被做为由原子能委员会的进行的辐射实验的目标,并且是在国家安全行动秘密下,在宝贵的10分钟里,Wolf女士被同意做为一个脱离调查人议程的先例被设置。这是历史上第一次官方听取精神控制暴行的证据,它是一直在辐射“研究”中进行的。

Ms. Wolf is among a number of independent researchers around the world who have come up with identical cases in which survivors of radiation treatment describe lifelong mind control abuses at the hands of the U.S. government. While the radiation "research" was conducted under the direction of the Atomic Energy Commis ion, many of the same scientists who were involved in the CIA's MKULTRA program acted as overseers of the radiation experiments. Among these scientists were Dr. Martin T. Orne, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, and Dr. L. Wilson Green.
Wolf女士,是世界上一些独立研究者中之一,她提出了同一的案例,那里辐射威胁的受害者-被描述为受到美国政府长期的精神控制折磨。当辐射“研究在原子能委员会的指导下运作时,许多同样的科学家,他们卷入了中情局的MKULTRA项目,做为辐射实验的监督行动。在这些科学家中,有Martin T. Orne博士,Sidney Gottlieb博士,和L. Wilson Green博士。

Wolf asks that survivors who are willing to testify about their experiences with this sort of experimentation or survivors who have had thyroid glands removed, write a brief summary and send it to her at 740 Dante Street. New Orleans, Louisiana. 70118. Fax: 504-866-0007.
Wolf要求幸存者,他们乐于对关于他们的这种实验的经历作证,或生还者的甲状腺被移除的,写一篇简短的简介,并邮寄它给她的地址,在740 Dante Street. New Orleans, Louisiana. 70118. Fax: 504-866-0007。



Hotel rooms are rapidly filling for the March 23-26 mind control symposium, officially titled: CULT AND RITUAL ABUSE, TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL AND DISSOCIATION: A Multidisciplinary dialog and educational Symposium . The three-day conference will be held in Richardson, Texas, near Dallas March 23-26. Sponsored by The Society for the Investigation, Treatment and Prevention of Ritual and Cult Abuse, this will be the first conference of its kind in which both government mind control experts and "ritual" abuse ( or trauma abuse) experts are making open exchanges.

Speakers and workshops are tailored for both professionals, interested laymen and survivors. Among the lineup of speakers are a number of prominent authors: Dr. Randy Noblitt, author of Cult and Ritual Abuse, It's history, Anthropology and Recent Dis- covery in Contemporary America; Daniel Ryder, author of Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse; Gail Carrfeldman, author of Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light; Linda Blood, author of The New Satanism; and W.H. Bowart, author of Operation Mind Control. Also speaking will be Mark Phillips, Dr. Catherine Gould, author of The Mind Manipulators and Trance on Trial, Professor of Law Alan Scheflin, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson., and former Nebraska State Senator John Decamp. A number of so-called Project Monarch "survivors" will share their insights into the cryptocracy's programming.
演讲者和工作组是都是专业人员,感兴趣的外行和幸存者。在成组的演讲者中有许多知名的作家:Randy Noblitt博士,是祭仪和宗教虐待一书的作者,它的历史,人类学和当代美国的近期发现;Daniel Ryder,打破恶魔的祭祀虐待圈的作者;Gail Carrfeldman,邪恶的课程,来自光明课程的作者;Linda Blood,新恶魔崇拜的作者;W.H. Bowart精神控制的运作的作者。还有Mark Phillips,Catherine Gould博士,精神操纵者和审判中的迷睡一书的作者,Law Alan Scheflin教授,前联邦调查局代理Ted Gunderson,还有前内部拉斯加州参议员John Decamp也将发言。许多据称是Monarch项目的“幸存者”将分享他们在秘密的猥亵的项目中的观点。

This is the first conference to look at new approaches to deprogramming the survivors of both cult and government mind control.

For more information write MIND CONTROL CONFERENCE c/o SITPRCA, P.O. Box 835564, Richardson, Texas 75083-5564. Phone (214) 699-8599 or Fax (214) 235-0529.
需要更多的信息,请写信给MIND CONTROL CONFERENCE c/o SITPRCA, P.O. Box 835564, Richardson, Texas 75083-5564. Phone (214) 699-8599 or Fax (214) 235-0529。


Special FOTF Report By Cheryl Welsh
由Cheryl Welsh作出的特别自由思考基金会(FOTF)报告

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg wrote in The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Sept/Oct 1994 that international discussions under the Inhumane Weapons Convention "may lead to the development of specific new protocols covering electromagnetic weapons:.." A report may be out this year. The Inhumane Weapons Convention is an international treaty and on May 12, 1994, President Clinton sent this treaty to the Senate for ratification. FOTF will be watching for the official record of the existence of the highly classified military electromagnetic frequency (EMF) weapons and this will strengthen our claim of illegal EMF weapons testing programs on U.S. citizens. It will be a step closer to uncovering the National Security Act's tightly kept secrets. Note: The full name of this treaty is Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons. It is also known as the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention.
Barbara Hatch Rosenberg在原子科学报告1994年9/10月刊中写到在残忍的武器协定下的国际性讨论“也许会导致特殊的新的掩盖电磁武器的草案的发展:..”一份报告也许将在今年出台。残忍的武器的会议是一个国际性条约,并且在1994年5月12日,克林顿总统送达这个条约给参议院请求批准。自由思考基金会将关注官方的对于高机密军方电磁频率(EMF)武器的存在的报告,并且这将加强我们对美国市民的电磁频率武器测试项目是违法的声称。这将是接近揭露国家安全行动高度机密的一步。注意:这个条约的全名是对固定的常规武器的使用的禁止或限制的协定。它也以固定常规武器协定而知名。

Freedom of Thought Foundation, California, has been working on the UN letterwriting campaign mentioned in the February, 1995 FOTF newsletter and has learned from the U.S. Department of State that one of two complaint process procedures is not available to U.S. citizens. This is because the U.S. is a new party to the UN treaty, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights but not to it's Optional Protocol. FOTF is planning to file a UN complaint about US nonconsensual experimentation under the usual 1503 procedure.

FOTF/C will be sending letters in April to President Clinton, the Radiation Advisory Committee and the UN. Address your concerns on nonconsensual experi- mentation and ask them for help and an investigation into ongoing U.S. experimentation. Document your complaint or state your opinions and FOTF will send in an organized group complaint with your letters. The deadline is April 1,1995. For more information, contact FREEDOM OF THOUGHT FOUNDATION, California State Chapter, Cheryl Welsh, (916) 758-1626, 915 Zaragoza St Davis, CA 95616 or e- mail at
加州自由思考基金会于4月发信给克林顿总统,辐射咨询委员会和联合国。提出了你的涉及非自愿试验-精神状况,并且请求他们的帮助,并且调查美国正在进行的试验。提出你的申述或陈述你的意见,并且自由基金会将送在信中交一个组织的团体申述。最后期限是1995年4月1日。需要更多信息,请联系自由思考基金会,加州负责人,Cheryl Welsh,联系方式:(916)758-1626, 915 Zaragoza St Davis, CA 95616 或者发电邮到。

FOTF/C is also organizing a National Archive search for government documents for a future class action suit or congressional investigation into nonconsensual U.S. experimentation. If you are interested in helping or sharing information, please contact Cheryl Welsh at the address listed above. The article, The Radiation Story No One Would Touch by Geoffrey Sea in The Columbia Journalism Review, Mar/Apr. 1994 described the efforts involved in documenting and stopping radiation human experiment- ation. Freedom of Information Act requests and library searches were critical factors in documenting this government abuse for the Congressional hearings and Department of Energy investigation. We need volunteers.
加州自由思考基金会也是一个能为未来的共同起诉或国会对非自愿性美国试验的调查,而能搜索到政府文件的有组织的国家存档库。如果你对帮助或分享信息感兴趣,请联系上面列出的Cheryl Welsh的地址。《辐射的故事,没有人将接触》,是由 Geoffrey Sea发表在1994年3月/4月哥伦比亚新闻回顾上的一篇文章。描述了包括证明和阻止对人类的辐射试验的行动的成就。咨询自由法的要求和图书馆的搜寻资料是为国会听证和有关部门调查以证明政府滥用。我们需要志愿者。


I have been reading and enjoying "Free Thinking"... With TV destroying the minds of the younger generation and making parrots out of the rest, what we need as much as anything is to reach the minds of the people and jolt them into good use.

Then just as I came across that idea, from the title of the newsletter, what do I see a few lines below but the name of the great elephant hunter, Jolly West. Sometime In 1955 when I went into the Pentagon after my three years in the Far East during the Korean War, I was assigned to the Unconventional Warfare Division of the headquarters Air Force. It didn't take long to find that one of their "boys" was Major Jolyn West. He and his cohorts were characters: Jim Monroe, Bob Biderman -- or was it Dick? -- Ewen Cameron and others.
接着就象我所认为的,从新闻通讯的标题,我看到了后面几行一个猎象人的名字, Jolly West。在1955年的某日,当我进入五角大楼,那是在朝鲜战争时期我在远东呆了3年后,我被任命做了空军司令部的非常规战争部门。这并没花费很长时间去找他们那些人中的一个,叫做Major Jolyn West。他和他的军团是典型的:包括Jim Monroe, Bob Biderman—或是Dick?-- Ewen Cameron和其他人。

This was the era of Big Switch and Little Switch as they were getting back the POW's from Korea. They created the story that the men had been "Brainwashed." Brainwashed was a new term then, and you know all about that. A great RAND project.

I was being assigned to a new function, i.e. support of the CIA, and my new offices were being built; so I had to stay at a desk in the same rooms with those guys. Actually it was educational. These were the MKULTRA, ARTICOKE and other games, days. I used to be sent to the meetings. At one MKULTRA meeting I heard a senior CIA type ask the creatures from Ft. Detrich, "Don't you believe it will be possible to create an ethnic weapon?" I was in good company. I believe that the money Dr. MacArthur got from Congress in 1969 was what paid for the "AIDs" "weapon," and its antidote. If you are on the team you have the antidote... just as Armageddon has prophecized these past many centuries... the favored 12,000 each of the twelve tribes. ( Have you read the book, "TRIBES" by Joel Kotkin. It's worth it, and prophetic.)
我被任命了一个新的任务,例如由中情局支持的,并且我的新办公室建立好,所以我不得不呆在与那些家伙同样的办公桌前。实际它是教育的工作。这些包括MKULTRA,ARTICOKE和其它游戏,每天都是。我通常被送到去参加会议,在一次MKULTRA的会议上,我听到一个CIA高层要求来自Ft. Detrich的创造物,“你相信它将可能创造一个人种武器吗?”我在一个好的公司。我相信MacArthur博士于1969年从国会得到的钱被用于支付“艾滋病”武器,”以及它的解药。如果你在小组中,你有解药…正如在过去的许多世纪以前,世界末日善恶决战的战场曾被预言…在每个12个部落中的12000是最幸运的。(你有读过这本书吗,由Joel Kotkin写的“部落”。它值得你去读,还有预言。)
About your headline: "Nazi Scientists on the Faculty of Penn"... If you check the official "Biographical Directory of Fellows and Members of the American (yes, American) Psychiatric Ass'n" you will discover that of its 7,104 members listed in 1957 a total of 1,253 came from Germany and the Eastern European countries: For example, German/ Austrian 458, Russian 180, Poland 130, U.K. 108, Hungary 62...etc. And they said, "American." No wonder they are on the Penn Campus and all over the country. That was only 1957.
关于你的标题:“纳粹科学家在Penn的权利”…如果您查询官方"传记名录研究员和美国会员"(是的,美国人)你会发现它1957年列的7104个成员,其中1253个来自德国与东欧国家:例如,德国人/奥地利人458,俄国人180,波兰人130,英国人108,匈牙利人62…等。并且他们说,“美国人。”不要奇怪他们在Penn Campus和遍布全国。那还仅仅是在1957年。

I operated the aircraft for "Blowback" the project that followed "Paperclip." We flew thousands from Europe to Andrews Air Base."

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty is the author of The Secret Team and was portrayed by Donald Sutherland in Oliver Stone's epic film "JFK." At present he is expanding and revising The Secret Team and is busy writing for magazines and periodicals. A great American and highly decorted officer (Legion of Merit honoree), Col. Prouty sits on the Advisory Board of The Freedom of Thought Foundation. His books can be ordered through this office. Send a SASE for more information.
Col. L. Fletcher Prouty是《秘密小组》的作家并且并且被Donald Sutherland在奥利弗斯通的史诗电影“JFK”中所描述。现在他正扩展和修订《秘密小组》和忙碌的为杂志和期刊写作。一个伟大的美国人,一个高级军官(得到过军队最高荣誉)坐在思想自由组织的咨询委员会。他的书能通过发信给这个办公室购买已得到更多的信息。

German report:

A New member of Freedom of Thought Foundation, a psychologist, wrote Advisory Board member, W.H. Bowart, from Germany to report his first hand knowledge of mind control:
自由思考基金会的一个新成员,一个心理学者,写信给顾问委员会的成员, W.H. Bowart,信来自德国,以报告他第一次体验精神控制技术。

" The functions of torture are at least: to associate the original personality of the victim with pain, panic and horror - the desired person- ality is conditioned with pleasure afterwards; to funct- ion as aversive conditioning to establish new behavior patterns; to establish a panic- controlled mechanism of amnesia ("If you remember, you will try to betray us, but we will be informed before you succeed in managing this, because we are everywhere, then you will be tortured again, so you will not remember!"); to produce an artificial, controlled multiple per- sonality disorder ( which is under natural conditions a result of traumatization ( ill- treatment, sexual abuse in childhood), too).

And by the way torture itself, even if not combined with mind control techniques, elicits mnestic disorders or memory blockades concerning the process of torture in many cases.

With heavy electroshocks the victim is regressed to a state of an infant. Then the torture resembles psychlogically the ill-treatment in childhood. Rape is common, too, as an equivalent of sexual abuse in infancy.

Being a human robot means to be mentally ill, means to be a person suffering from Multi- ple Personality Disorder (MPD), the difference between a "natural" MPD and a artificial, mind-controlled MPD is, that the latter was consciously tailored by the controllers to whom the victim is tied by invisible uncon- scious chains.

Many students in the field of psychology and psychiatry don't believe that mind control is possible... and that is probably because they haven't understood the basic concept: MPD produced by a stimulation of the natural conditions of its causes. This is very important: Only if the natural conditions of the causes of MPD are repro- duced, a human robot will work reliably. And that is a "must" in all clandestine actions.

You may ask why I can be so sure. there are two reasons:

1. As a psychologist I know a little bit about the mech- anisms of mind and behavior - 2. I am a victim.
1. 作为一个心理学家,我知道一点点关于精神和行为的机制。-2. 我是一个受害者。

As far as I can remember I was the victim of a program with the aim to delete my personality -- literally to dissolute my personality and extract it from my nervous system. They told me that I was sentenced to death and that they have found a method to execute me, but leave my body alive. in short: They tried to make a human robot or a slave out of me.

To achieve this aim they applied at least the following methods:

1. Depatterning treatment using electroshocks and psychic driving ( D.E. Cameron).
1. 分离模式方法,用点击和精神驱动(D.E. Cameron)。

2. A method developed by H.C. Tien called ELT ( Electrolytic Treatment). This uses electro-shock and behavior modification with an aversive conditioning of the old and a reward conditioning of the desired personality. This is the most perverted method which ever has been developed in the frame of classical psychiatry.
2. 一种由H.C. Tien发展的方法,叫做ELT(电激疗法)。这用电激和行为修正,伴随着一种令人厌恶的古老的训练和渴望人格的有奖励的训练方法。这是最常用的不正当的方法,它曾在古典精神病学的构造中发展。

3. Classical hypnosis, drugs and so on. 3. 古典的催眠术,药物等等。

4. Electrical torture of my genitals. They used a device which I call a torture trouser. this is a sort of loin-cloth made of leather and steel bonds by which an electrode is fastened to the genitals of the victim. For electric supply the use a cable or a battery so that you can freely move and if the torturer wants to torture you he sends an electric signal to the battery using a trans mitter. This is a very practical device for aversive behavior modification.
4. 电子折磨我的生殖器。他们用一种装置,我管它叫一种折磨裤。这事一种用皮和钢镣制成的缠腰带,在它上面有一个电极,它扣紧在受害者的生殖器。为了供应电,采用了电线或者一个电池,所以能自由移动,并且如果折磨者想折磨你,他会利用一个传输器发送一个电子信号到电池。这是一种为达到令人憎恶的行为修正而采用的一种非常实际的装置。

5. They suggested (to) me that they would torture me so long until I gave up my life, until I accepted to be dead, until I would be dead with my body alive. And indeed, after some time the victim is forced in some sort of feign death reflex concerning his original personality. This feign death reflex is frozen afterwards by dissolution of memory.
5. 他们暗示我,他们讲折磨我很长一段时间,直到我自杀,直到我接收死亡,直到我死亡而我的肉体是存活的。并且实际上,在经过若干时间后,受害者被迫违反他的原始的人格,做出稍微的假死。这个假死的违反是冷酷的,通过随后的分散记忆。

6. They gave me a drug that induces near-death exper- iences. When I was clinically dead a voice suggested me that he were god and that he had decided that I have to be born again as a slave. Then I was reanimated.
6. 他们给我一片药,它导致了濒死的体验。当我濒死时,一个声音暗示我,他是上帝,他决定我不得不作为奴隶重生。接着,我被唤醒。

7. They used electromagnetic fields to induce panic, fear, depression and pleasure. by this means they conditioned me very effectively. They used ESB too, but it was not so effective. They even coagu lated parts of my nucleus amygdala, but it wasn't effec tive, too. They conditioned my EEG.
7. 他们用电磁场来引发惊恐,害怕,沮丧和高兴,通过这种方法,他们非常有效的规范我。他们也用脑电刺激,但它不是如此有效。他们甚至使我的扁桃体腺部分凝结,但它也不是很有效。他们规定着我的脑电图。

8 .They obviously have found a wavelength with hypnotic effects so that they could give me posthypnotic orders. I wasn't able not to obey.
8. 他们明显的已经发现一种有着催眠效果的波长,以致他们能给我催眠后的命令。我不能不服从。

9. My memory was erased by electroshocks, radiation and the described torture mechanism.

As far as I can remember all this happened between 1972 and 1982. There are some reminiscences making me believe that the first manipulations started earlier, 1967. Some other reminiscences furnish some evidence that they began to dissociate my mind when I was a little child living in an orphanage being younger than three years old. 直到1972-1982年,我才能记住所有这些发生的。还有些记忆使我相信第一次被控开始的较早,是1967年。一些其他的记忆提供了一些他们开始分散我的思想证据,当我还是一个小孩,生活在一家孤儿院,小于3岁的时候。

I am not a mad man. I am 43 years old. I am a psychologist and a doctor of the economic and social sciences. I am working for a network of facilities treating drug addicts, and I am responsible for public relations. I am strongly convinced that I am out of danger now. I don't know whether they used modern electronic mind control methods. I can't believe that they implanted brain transmitters into my skull, but who knows.

I don't know why they chose me for this program. There are lots of more or less nonsensical cover stories... being a man from outer space, having dangerous paranormal (psi) faculties, being able to unmask spies by using these methods, giving away western military secrets to the Soviets and so on. All kinds of bullshit. I think I was chosen because I was an orphan nobody was really interested in, except the controllers.

In 1972, they tried to use me as an undercover zombie who should infiltrate German terrorist groups -- if my memory doesn't deceive me. But my instinct of self- preservation was strong enough not to function this way.


Who were they? They said they were the Mossad and the Shaback. I was kidnapped and brought to a interrogation camp in a desert for several times. I can't be sure that they really were the Mossad, the Shaback or the CIA. I strongly believe that I was a victim of an international secret service and psychiatry cooperation headed by the Pentagon in the name of "national security." They claimed that the Soviets had developed powerful mind control techniques so that they were urged to do the same. This is an old trick used again and again in history.


I clearly object to the suspicion that the organization behind this assault on human rights comes from outer space or has something to do with the Illuminati or another kind of conspiracy. I don't believe that aliens have visited our planet, but if aliens exist they are probably not so cruel as our human all-to- human controllers.


Let me express my gratitude to you for your book (Opeation Mind Control*) again. books like this are absolutely necessary. We must stop them. What they are trying is mental holocaust, nothing else. What I have experienced was some sort of instant concentration camp. It is my strong belief that the basic ideas of mind control and human robot production stem from German KZs. I don't know who the Werner-von-Braun of KZ-Psychaitry was who was hired by the U.S. intelligence agencies after the war, but the modus operandi of mind control makes me believe that initially a potent Nazi brain was hidden behind it..


Yours sincerely, Name Witheld by WHB


*OPERATION MIND CONTROL is available through FREEDOM OF THOUGHT FOUNDATION for $65. It is presented gratis to Charter Members.


Philadelphia Inquirer –


Writing to the Investigative Reporters and Editors, Phila- delphia researcher and FOTF Board member, Harlan Girard, called the investigative reporters attention to an article which appeared in the February issue of "Spectrum" magazine, the flagship publication of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The article was titled "Keeping Tabs on Criminals," and dealt with improving public safety and reduction of costs of con- firming criminality by putting new, electronic monitoring schemes into effect.

写信给调查记者和编辑,Phila- delphia研究员和自由思考基金会董事会成员,Harlan Girard召集了调查记者关于一篇出现在2月“频谱”杂志上的文章,电子和电子工程师协会的旗舰杂志。这篇文章标题是“给罪犯打上标记,”并且处理改善公共安全,以及通过发出新的电子监控方案到实效的方法降低证实犯罪行为的成本。

Girard wrote: This article deserves wide public dissem ination because it discusses a third generation system call "electronic incarceration", which has already been widely deployed by every federal agency which has a counter- intelligence mission. This includes the CIA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, and certain units of the Army's Special Operations Command, which is in our cities now under the guise of fighting a War on Drugs.

Girard wrote:这篇文章应该受到广泛的公众传播,由于它讨论了一种第三代系统,叫做“电子钳闭”,已被每个联邦机构作为反情报任务广泛部署。这包括CIA,FBI,特务机关,和军方特别行动指挥部的一些固定单位,它在我们的城市,利用打仗作为幌子滥用药物。

Originally the "electronic incarceration" system was supposed to be used on political dissidents, but because tehre are so many counter- intelligence operators to be trained and so few dissidents to be dealt with, it was soon necessary to electronically incarcerate just about anybody.


In 1994, the Department of Defense signed a memorandom of understanding with the Department of Justice, to transfer non-lethal weapons from the DOD to local law enforcement agencies through the National Institute of Justice. Local law enforcement agencies which are interested in deploying "electronic incarceration" are directed to the Operations Other Than War Program at ARPA ( the Advanced Research Projects Agency), a Pentagon satellite.


As the Spectrum article explains, "electronic incarceration" is clearly uncon- stitutional. However, the U.S. Government has proceeded over the years on the theory that offensive microwave weapons leave no evidence, admissible in court or otherwise. Enthusiasm for the research and development, demonstration testing and deployment of these weapons has already resulted in the death of tens of thousand of Americas and other nationalities.


The International Committee for The Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons is an effort to educate the public on the dangers posed by offensive microwave weapons ( including "electronic incarceration"), and their distribution to local law enforcement agencies. Ultimately, we would like to bring a Convention before the United Nations to ban the use of these wea- pons under any circumstances whatsoever.


Simply stated, offensive microwave weapons are so much electronic nerve gas. However, they have a flexi bility which permits their use as a substitute for biological weapons as well. They clearly violate the spirit of existing treaties as well as the pro posed Chemical Weapons Convention, which is now before the Senate.


The United States has, of course, used involuntary human subjects in the re search and development of these weapons since 1969, when Project Pandora went black. There is even some evidence to suggest that experiments on involuntary human subjects began as early as 1966 at the University of Pennsylvania, under the aegis of a Nazi scientist who is, incidentally, still a member of the faculty.


On October 21, 1994, the United States became a State Party to the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Article 2, Par. 2 of the Convention against torture states: "No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal polit ical instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture." All of the involuntary human subject research incorporates torture. Since October 21, 1994, the United States has been in violation of the letter of this Convention.


There is another way to look at this shameful situation. The United States now has at its disposal the ultimate human-computer interface. There is no need to put on a helmet- mounted display in order to enter virtual reality. The computer-generated (synthetic) environment can be entered directly into the brain via coupling effects with the optic nerve. Likewise, signals can be entered into the brain through the auditory nerve, and all of the other portals to the central nervous system. The voices which can be heard as a result of computer- generated signals to the auditory nerve are called "synthetic telepathy." Around the Pentagon, "synthetic telepathy" is just one of the many effects produced by "psychotechnologies."


I hope the situation of the many persons being tortured to death by the United States Government is of concern to you as a human being and a citizen," Girard wrote.

我希望许多人被美国政府折磨致死的情况,会让你对作为一个人类和一个市民产生关注,” Girard写到。

Girard then asked the IRE for assistance in bringing this matter before the American people.


Many researchers think the IRE's investigative practices are far "too polite" to deal with high crimes in government. For example, when the IRE investigated the murder of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles, one of the first things it did was to agree not to "look into" the activities of the Sheriff's Department, the Police Department and the Attorney General's Office where the subsequent cover-up came from, and the inspiration for the murder may have been hatched.

许多研究者认为无线电工程师学会的研究实践“太过文雅”对于处理政府高度犯罪时。例如,当无线电工程师学会调查亚利桑那州记者Don Bolles被谋杀,首要事情的其中之一是,不同意“调查”州长办公室的活跃分子,随后的掩盖来自于警察部门和司法部长办公室,并且谋杀的指示也许已经被掩盖了。

For more info write: Harlan Girard c/o International Committee for The Convention Against Offensive Microwave Weapons, P.O. Box 58700, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8700.

需要更多的信息,写信给: Harlan Girard转交反攻击性微波武器大会国际委员会,P.O. Box 58700,费城,PA 19102-8700。



In the February 26 issue of the Sunday NY Times Review of Books Steven Rose reviewed two tomes published by prestigious NY publishers -- THE MYTH OF REPRESSED MEMORY, written by Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham, published by St. Martin's Press; and MAKING OF MONSTERS written by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters, published by Charles Scribner's Sons.

在2月26日星期日的纽约时报对于Steven Rose的书的评论,评论了2个由享有声誉的时报发行人发表的书-被压抑的记忆的神话,作者是Elizabeth Loftus和Katherine Ketcham,由St. Martin出版社出版;另一本妖怪的形成,作者是Richard Ofshe和Ethan Watters,由Charles Scribner兄弟公司出版。

That Loftus and Ofshe are members in good standing of the cryptocracy-connected False Memory Syndrome Foundation is apparent.


Rosen reveals his biases: "A new and dangerous disease is sweeping America. I call it syndromitis -- the invention of quasi-medical categories to suit almost any deviation from what is perceived as the norm: the ideal state of middle per forming, middlingly happy Americans in their 30's. Thus we have attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.), dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) age-associated memory deficit, Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, post-traumatic stress disorder -- and dozens more clamoring for status in the clinician's bible...

Rosen展示了他的偏见:“一种新的和危险的疾病正扫荡着美国。我称之为综合症状,准医学类发明适合任何偏离常态:理想的状态中,美国人在其30岁最快乐。因此,我们必须注意缺陷症(a.d.d.),身分游离错乱(d.i.d.)年龄相关性记忆减退,作为孟乔森综合病征的代表,外伤压迫混乱-以及许多关于临床医生 …的状况的要求。

"Fashion is helped along by middle America's rewriting of the Declaration of Independence. It is no longer merely the pursuit but the possession of happiness that has become an inalienable right. Those who are unhappy have a limit ed range of choices. They can blame their circumstances: poverty, racism, sexism. They can blame their genes. Or they can blame their parents. The first is the hardest, because it demands social action and it isn't easy to decide whom to sue...."


Comparing the two books, Rosen notes that the two books cover much of the same territory and that: "many of the same cases, indeed identical transcripts, appear in both books and each author generously acknowledges the other..."

相比2本书,Rosen注意到,2本书包括了许多同样的范围:“许多相同的案例,完全相同的抄本,显示出2本书的作者都很宽容的认可了其他的… .”

Members of the False Memory Spindrome Club continue to find the doors open in New York publishing houses for their ill-founded misinformation while authors who would point to the FMSF's roster of CIA spychiatrist members and its persecutorial purpose, collect rejection slips.




Brice Taylor is a journalist who interviewed cult and government mind control survivors across the country weaving their stories into this novel entitled STARSHINE. The highly charged emotional content is compelling and the stories are common to most survivors. For your copy send a $16 check to: Brice Taylor Trust, PO Box 4880 Huntsville, Alabma 35815.

Brice Taylor是一位记者,与全国的大脑控制武器幸存者会面,并他们的故事写入了小说STARSHINE.情感和故事内容对很多幸存者很相似。需要购买这本小说,请汇一张$16支票到: Brice Taylor Trust, PO Box 4880 Huntsville, Alabma 35815。



OPEN SECRETS, the newsletter of the Coalition on Political Assassinations guided by John Judge and financially seeded by Oliver Stone, cites Ken Philllips documenting on national television the decline in trust of the U.S. government. Phillips said his research shows the distrust began on November 22, 1963, the day JFK was bloodily murdered in public.

公开的秘密,对由John法官领导的政治an sha 和由Oliver Stone进行的财政拨款的结合的新闻,引用了Ken Philllips在国家电视上的文件,使得对美国政府的信任下降。Phillips说他的研究显示这个不信任是开始于1963年11月22日,那是约翰肯尼迪在公众面前被残忍谋杀的日子。

In an article by Dan Alcorn, entitled "Three Decades of Doubt" what could have been an embedded command in a public blood sacrifice ritual is highlighted.

在一篇Dan Alcorn写的题为“30年的疑问”一书中,建立在公众牺牲上的命令很突出。

Alcorn writes:"Kevin Phillips... dated the decline in trust in government in America to November 22, 1963, and explicitly stated that the assassination was the break- point for public confidence in government."

Alcorn写到:“Kevin Phillips...描述了对美国政府的信任的下降,在1963年11月22日,并且明确表述了暗杀是公众对政府信心的转折点。”

Independent researchers have recently been looking at the JFK assassination as part of a "trauma-based programming" event aimed at the people of The United States. Of course, there might have been a number of reasons for the murder of JFK, but the choice was made to murder him in public -- in what amounted to a blood ritual sacrifice which definitely traumatized the nation. If hearing of such an event described from a survivor of ritual abuse, we might ask "what did the survivor believe after the event that he or she didn't believe before the event.?"


-- Coalition on Political Assassinations, P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044. Membership dues are $35.

--政治 an sha 的联合,P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044。会员价是$35。

This edition of FREE THINKING was edited by Tom Kirby and is published for members of FREEDOM OF THOUGHT FOUNDATION, at P.O. Box 35072, Tucson, Arizona, 85740-5072.

《自由思考》的这个版本是由Tom Kirby编辑的,并且发表给自由思考基金会的成员,你可以取得在:P.O. Box 35072, Tucson, Arizona, 85740-5072。

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