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Joe Neurembauer-President of Aramark Facility Service, Aramark Foodservice and Henry Kissenger and Thomas Keen- board of directors of Armark.

The Aramark Facility Service Aramark Fooodservie Connection to 911- Joe Neurembaur

Joe Neurembauer-President of Aramark Facility Service, Aramark Foodservice and Henry Kissenger and Thomas Keen- board of directors of Armark.

Joe Neurembauer-President of Aramark Facility Service, Aramark Foodservice and Henry Kissenger and Thomas Keen- board of directors of Armark.

Joe Neurembauer as well as Henry Kissenger sit on the board of directors of Chase Manhattan bank- they stood to profit from the death of Americans via bank account theft and asset and wealth theft-similar to that of Hitler stealing the assets during WWII

The Aramark 911 Connection

The Aramark Facility Service/Aramark Foodservice 911 Connection. I worked for Aramark Facility Services in Chicago and discovered they were tied to the World Trade Center Attack.;

I am a member of My profile is here:

Accounts of human rights abouse inside the USA by directed energy weapons:
Sun Sep 14, 2008 19:13

Ron Angell , 11.07.2008 - 4:36h

I have been tortured inside the USA for truth of this since November 11th 2006. For four and a half years I worked to manage the Chicago Public Schools and I worked for Armark Facility Services. Aramark also runs foodservice, and ran the foodservice in World Trade Center I, World Trade Center II, Foodservice in the Pentagon, and foodservice in the White House. Also Aramark ran foodservice in the United Nations in New York. They are directly related to the attack of the World Trade Centers and the false flag attack inside the USA. They need to be investigated and prosecuted. I am willing to testify in a criminal court of law agaisnt Michael Frye of Armark Facility Services as well as many many others. Thomas Keeene was on the board of directors of Aramark and he also was the head of the Investigation of 911 by Bush.

Former 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Thomas Keen and Lee
Hamilton write in The New York Times today that the CIA
"obstructed our investigation" when it ...

He is to be investigated to the highest level for my torture and the murder of the 3000 US civilians as well as millions of other Americans inside of the USA.

Why doesn't the 9/11 Commission know about Mukasey's 9/11
Results 1 - 10 of about 280,000 for Thomas Keene 9/11


Thomas H. Keen is the CEO of THK Consulting, LLC. The Tom Kean that was on the 9 /11 Commission was "Kean". Before someone goes overboard contacting the ...


I am still being tortured by what are called Directed Energy Weapons inside the USA. These weapons are in Control of America and the world and use NATO to do the control.

Ron Angell

Fort Myers Florida
millions dead in Florida from Wackenhut.. they run prison concentration camps and have murdered millions of truth and justice Americans that have been against the war and are for 911 truth.

Please send International Investigation teams to determine the extent of torture inside USA;btnG=Search

Google---William Coates Hitler;btnG=Search

Google--> Hurricane Charley Scalar Electromagnetics

Google--->Hurricane Charley HAARP
Google---HAARP New Orleans

Google-->Hitler British Agent

Velsicol Chemical Company is tied to a Communist company

Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents: The NSA's mission and the NSA's domestic Intelligence operation. Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Blanket coverage of all electronic communication in the U.S. and the world to ensure national security. The NSA at Ft. Meade, Maryland has had the most advanced computers in the world since the early 1960's. NSA technology is developed and implemented in secret from private corporations, academia, and the general public. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on the fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves. The NSA/DoD has developed proprietary advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects whether man-made or organic that have electrical activity. Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT) The NSA has records on all U.S. citizens. The NSA gathers information on U.S. citizens who might be of interest to any of the over 50,000 NSA agents (HUMINT). These agents are authorized by executive order to spy on anyone. The NSA has a permanent National Security Anti-Terrorist surveillance network in place. This surveillance network is completely disguised and hidden from the public. Tracking individuals in the U.S. is easily and cost-effectively implemented with the NSA's electronic surveillance network. This network (DOMINT) covers the entire U.S., involves tens of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously. Cost effective implementation of operations is assured by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs. NSA personnel serve in Quasi-public positions in their communities and run cover businesses and legitimate businesses that can inform the intelligence community of persons they would want to track. N.S.A. personnel in the community usually have cover identities such as social workers, lawyers and business owners. Individual citizens occasionally targeted for surveillance by independently operating NSA personnel. Christians against mental slavery All things can change for the better. Jesus is the prince of peace If God sent Moses to give us the Ten Commandments and one of those commandments is "Thou Shall not kill" then I don't understand why God would want any war at all. So that is why I am a pacifist - Because of the 10 commandments. Believe in Good and not evil. Do not believe in evil. Evil is fear and hate. We hate those we fear. We fear those we hate. Try only to believe in Good and God. No matter what God or religion you follow or do not follow Good exists. Follow the path of the just and the righteous and you will be led out of slavery and torment into a promised land of freedom, love and happiness. The Promised Land is where you are now... you just have to make sure the promise is kept. Ask that promises be kept and cast off those that lie. In turn seek truth and be truthful. Do not cheat, and expect not to be cheated. Reject Hate, Reject Fear. Do not discriminate against your neighbor and work to love your enemy. "Let me now warn you in the most solemn manner. Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all. The Nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest." --President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796 All humanity loses when war wins Body: WWII was eugenics against the Jewish People, German People, French People, Polish People, Italian people, Ukranian People, Czech people, British people, American people, The only ones that did not lose out were the neutral countries. They gained in assets of those that deposited money in their countries. It was done by spreading both FEAR and HATE. Reject Hate, Reject fear- against all people.. no matter how hard it is. By fighting back you continue the cyle. What must be understood is that WWII was a eugenics operation against not only the Jewish people, but the German people, the British people, the polish people, and the world at that time. The wealth taken from the Jewish people was done initially be the German people. What happened to the Germans after WWII? They too were killed. What happened to the bank accounts of the German people that died under Stalin after the war? Those were taken by someone else that had the paper trail. What happened to the Jewish bank accounts from those that died? All wealth was redistributed in chaos and in the end Europe was left in ruins. The money stolen from Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The oil in Iraq was also stolen and used by Germany and the US for the war... so even Muslims were robbed. No winners.. .only losers in war.. except for an elite few. The war on the middle east is the same and it leads to the null set. Please stop for the sake of all humanity. All humanity loses when war and torture wins.
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