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John N. Anubis My Right Eye Underneath Swelling Attacked For Months With Organic Implants / Morgellons

Picture Of My Eye That Has Been Attacked Lower Right Eye Under The Eye Swelling I Have Been Getting Attacked Through Organic Implants For Months I Can
Feel The Implants Moveing And Also Have Been Fighting With These People
For Years. One Thing They Do They Attack Then Try To Blame Others And
Then Copy Cat Attacks To Keep Others Attacking People Some Are Rapist And Some Are Trying To Denfend Themself Others Were Lied To.

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Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on November 15, 2010 at 4:09am
I don't know what organic implants are, but those of us who are genuine victims of state-sponsored Federal govenment domestic terrorism are being implanted remotely with biomedical nano technology devices which can be manipulated to give the sensation of moving around under your skin... they also can be made to itch or burn. I have a full body suit of these devices that are used for torture purposes and for corporate - industrial, DOD experimentation. Somehow, they are able to network these nano devices, nanobots, etc. into our bodies to cultivate a parallel system that is mechanical/electronic as opposed to another set of blood vessels. Smooth supple upper arms will demonstrate a kind of flabbiness and each will have an 'indentation' or pull mark as though something is being tied at this location; the backs of calf on each leg will appear to have an area about an inch in width that extends down the leg to toward the ankle - an area that is no longer smooth but appears flabby or ripples .


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