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John N. Anubis One Thing I Would Like To Point Out About Pawtucket And All The Bull Shit And Other Involvment With The Police And Stuff

There is another thing I would like to explain see the people are fighting but the law enforcement is also afraid to get cought they never remove my chip and my wife chip depending on there degree of involvment see they would never admit what they did now. i know some are people others are afraid for getting cought for drugs some are sex offenders and others the police and government are killing and threatning becouse they do not want people to know there Involved. it's a mixture of people me and my wife are 2 people. some are from other citys and came here and the gvernment dose not want me to talk to anyone they want o make up a story about it after they try to get me and the others that know killed.

alot are hearing first names and it's becouse they are cutting words out trying to make it like thy can choose what i say. so if there is proof the government and police involved they hope they get away with it all these frequencies are mixed recall me talking about Underhand ?

They got 1 frequencie to listen and stuff with a few guy on it. then another to listen then they use first names on the other to start trouble the government would like you to kill one another. every one wants to claim it's a program and i got a feeling that the government is doing it all the time and haveing something to launch the program they say it's 2 people if there are 2 people and 2,000 listening why are they all hearing a few voices becouse of the voice synthsizer and i figure the system that keeps me on it is in the pawtucket police department or close by this is why they do not shut the chips off becouse there afraid to get cought.

See i always hear them changeing my words all day long to day there word is your dead and there saying im saying this as i hear them in my head.

These guys got a words list keywords to use to piss people off. and they mix it with racial coments.
these guys try to get others in fights and double talk people.

They try to get people to respond then try to get them to talk to people. some of these guys try to make it look like someone has there wife or familey member. This is what and say to others while they are doing things themself. so we got mixed people on here. if they blaim one or 2 people they forgot to look at the others some use a technologie to hide themself.

what would the police let it go on for and the government there afraid to get cought.

see some people are talking to others and stuff then talking shit like someone knows it all then they do not. why would some stay on a frequencie for years and hear only a few people then know it all it's imposable to do.

now people are comeing forward with more evidanve and still some do not belive. me i have not done anything more then the police or the government.

they use the mental disorder bullshit to to away with shit replying to others it's all in your head.

yeasterday i heard someone was explaining chip types and the swine ful vaccine with the ready made chip in it this is a chip that works one way they say to listen only a NWO chip. i was told this was to monitor people so even if they got an old they can only listen with the new one and record data to track people.

see chips are no god i been wanting to gt mine and my wife jennifer's chip removed and the government refuses and the doctors and the people want it out but some will not let it happen

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"Victim of "gangstalking - electronic harrasment" possible "remote neural monitoring - frequency attacks " any advice welcomed.."
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