Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

John N. Anubis Releaseing Info And Have A Discussion Going On About Cihps That were Altered With Bad Programing

John Verichip

John N. Anubis Info On Towers East And Locations Of Masters In New England.

John Verichip As For Mike He Dentys Implants Alot He Talks To. He Has A Neighbor That Moved In And I Do Not Know Who He Is The Guy Talked to Mike About a Chip
and I Know He Knows About a Implant He Keeps Asking How It Can Be True.
Im Sure He Knows Alot O...f
Stuff Mike Went On Tour He Might Have Been Connected To By Another And
Altered This Is What Digital Dose And There Are Others Afraid To Be
Caught Digital Was Made By Danny Castillo. There Were 2 Others Myself
And MY Wife May Have Been Put On A Violent Offenders Frequency Some
People Got Off Of It And Learned To Hack. Mike Dose Not Know Every Thing
There Were Mods Made There Is a Rapist Mod Made By Danny Going Aroud
Paul Frances And Dennis Smith Were On His Side Of The Was In This War.
Some Of These People Were Digitly Altered With A Mod I Have Been Trying
to Stop It for Years. It's Basicly Scripts And Embeddings There Altered
The Implants I Mode A Way To Beat Them On 2007 2008. This Is More
Programming But Around New England There Telling Others Not To Talk
About The Implants And They Have Been Attacking Them. This is How They
are Hideing Themself. They Have Been Trying To Get Intro Chips To Alter
Them For Year. I Finally Got Some Of Them Caught and Word Is Starting To
Spread. This Is Basicly A Implant Virus Mike Knew Jason Swift. A Person
That Was Killed Years Ago in 2008. The Police Shot Him. These Other
Guys Might Have Took Off. This Is The History Of What Happened. Mikes
Friends Knew Jasosn They Through A Memorial Concert For 3 Years,. But
People Are Just Statrting To Find Out About It Here. Most Do Not Know I
Had To Do Alot Of To Get This Found Around This Part Of The Country.
This is Why Mike Is Claiming Im Crazy. He Know Or He Dose Not Know. This
Mods Was Made To Master People With Programing And There Are Alot Of
People That Have It. It Needs To Be Found And Fixed. The People Involved
Talk All Nice Some of Them And Then They Try To Do Stuff To Others. The
Police Will Not Talk About It. But If Mike Dose Not Know The They Would
not Tell Him About It And Try To Get Him To Talk To Others Alter Him To
Lie About It. Some People He Met Might Not Be Good For Him And They
Will Not Tell Him About Everything. One Minute He Knows About The
Implant Now He Discredits What I Know This Is Some Of The Behavior Of
The Ones That Were Involved In This. The Clears Hollutionations Of
People That Are Not There Guy Potter Reported Seeing One All The Way In
California. So This Is Very Far Spread. It's All Programing It Needs To
Be Fixed. And I Know No One Else That's Implanted To Help. So People
Need to Find Out To Fix It All. I Have A Page A out It Mike Keeps Saying
It's Contradicting Myself It's 4 Years Of Info On How This Started. I
Linked It Before In Facebook If You Scroll Down Please Excuse The
Language But Before I Found The Other TI's ( Targeted Individuals ). Now
Im Open The Side Of The TI's Trying To Help And Give Info To Fix This
All. But I Was Stuck On A Feguencie With Only A Few People For Years I
Finally Found Other People To Let Know About It.

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