Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

John N. Anubis The First Attack I Witnessed Was By Paul Francess In New England On A Young Girl.

One Of The First Things I Witnessed Was An Attack On A Young Girl By Paul Farncess On a 6 year Old Girl I Have Witnessed Alot Of Things. But I Do Recall, This. One Of The First Things I Recall About Being Chipped Was Paul And Mark Francess Right After I Was Chipped The Pawtucket Cop Intorduced Me To Paul And Mark On A Frequecie. Over A Chip And Then I Witnessed It Later Paul Attacking a 6 year Old In Front Of Mak The 3 Of Us Were On A Frequencie. With the Girls Mother. Then Paul Francess Repeativley Attacked The Girl And Then Things Started With The Fighting That Day. And The Fighting Continues Me Against Paul Francess And His Friends. Still To This there Is A War Going On Gang Stalkers Against Everyone Else Basicly. They Use My Name Threaten My Wife And Continue To Cause Problems With There Firends There All Around New England These Guys.

You Might Want To Check Out The Term Anti Rape God. You Can Find It In Some Of The Key Words In My Post. I Have Always Been Against Them For Years Now. Danny Castillo Created The Digital And He Was One Of Them. There Are A Few Still Hideing Trying To Gain Enough Of People And Use Enough Of There Lies To Gain In Power. There Are Now Many Of Them. But Still Not Enought Of Them To Survive If There Found. These Guys Are A Group. There Frequencies Were From Around New England This Is The North Eastern Part Of The United States..

What They Do Is Lie And Stalk People. There Were A Few Involved At First Now There Are More Of Them. They May Have Others In Others Places Groups Of Them Im Not Sure. But They Try To Talk All Nice And Gain Trust Before They Do Some Thing. Some Of Them Try To Harass And Attack Others. The Ones That Know About Them There Afraid Of. There All In Fear Of Being Cought It Has Been This Way For A Long Time. This Is Why They Watch People Some Of These Gangs They Are Afraid Others Will Find Out About Them. The Only Thing That Can Be Done Is To Raise Awareness And Try To Catch Them In The Act Of Doing Stuff. Then They Need To Be Delt With Accordingly.

Basicly If You Need To Do Something To One Of Them To Defend Your Self Or Familey Then Do It.
If The Police Will Not Listen And Protect The People. Then Do What Must Be Done. Find Them And Deal With Them. But Make No Mistake There Are A Few Of These Guys.

If awareness Is Raised And The Cops Listen That's One Thing. But If You Have A Familey just Do What You Need To. So Your Familey Is Safe.

Myself I Can Not Find Paul Francess He Hides From Me And His Friends. Had I Found Him Years Ago He Would Be Dead Now.

I Know THe Page Name Is Peace Pink But You Have To Defend Your Self.

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