Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

John N. Anubis TI (Targeted Individuals) Mind Control Current Going On's And THey Raped My Fucing Wife Also What Combination

Still Haveing People Connecting To Me And My Wife The Neighgbor Hood Drug Dealers And Pices Of Shit. The Fucking Rapist All Want To Blame One Person And His Wife He Never Devorced Trying To Master Her Into Forced Sex I Was telling Her To Not Talk To People Then They Will Not Stop Connecting. I Have Been Luring These People In For A While Trying To Entrap Them It's A Hazardest Game. Luring In Rape Gods An Killing Them I Have Been Working On This For Months The Governement And Police Would Not Respond So I Fuck Them Up Also They Had To Double Talk So I Leaned To Also. They Bleive There Is A Citizen Chip Union That's Fucking Bull Shit. There Running Machines. Fucking Trying To Rape My In Front Of Me Masteriung Her And Useing Clear Technology A.K.A Halograms I Created. Im Telling Her To Get Up And The Other Day They Were Tryng To Master Her Into Takeing Close Off Trying To Fuck Her With A Clear In From Of Me. This Is What They Do The Mother Fuckers Want To Do Things In Front Of Me. I Built Someting New Through Mind Control And Implants Hits Every Iimplant And The New Embedding Is Spawned And Embedded That Has Alot To Do With Deleteing The Digital Rapest Bull Shit. I Made Anti Rape God In About 2007 It Was Working Perfectly Untill The Fucking Scum Of New England Had To Go Fuck With The Programing. Before The Ignorent Pawtucket Piolice Officers And Incolent Amercan Fucking Stupid Piece Of Shit Governemnt. Had To Act Up Someone Tryed To Gain Root In My Implant And Fucked With My Technogy They Were Trying to Rewright Some Of My Stuff The Fucking Asshole Fucking Idiots Were Cops Or Governemnt For Them U.S.A Most Likey The F.B.I. There Fucking Stuips The Digital Grew Into The Computer Systems There Are Like A Bunch Of Stupid Retared Robots Running A Fucked Up Peice Of Shit Program Botting And Scrpting People They Use Connections To Cut Up People Conversation So They Can Lie There Fucking Stupid There Useing Keywords A Very Old Piece Of Shit Command Line A One Ward Or Use A Trigger I Built This Like 2006 It's So Old The Fucking Shit Is So Achient This Was One Of The First Triggers The Word ( Now ). This Was A Commend Line I Made To Use To Trigger Useing The Power Of Mastering It Was Simple To Crate God Power To Be Able To Use A Implanted With A Bunch On Morgellons Implants And A DNA Micro Chip Injection A Liguid That Has Chip Particals In It There Are 3000 To 5000 Particals In A Liqud Injection It Never Come Back Out It Can Not Be Removed. Then There Were Chemtrails Also. The Thing That Made Me Superior Was That They Used Of Them Biteing My Brain With A Morgellong A.K.A Nanotech Implants The DNA Microchip Liguid Injection Went Into My Brain And The Reaction Was A New Revolution In Technologys The Partyicals In My Chemical Signature Was A Different Way Of Being Implanted With A Combonation Of Everything Was A Fluke This Technology. A Revolution In High Tech Creation For The Last Few Years. These Fucking Assholes Are Peice Of Shit These Days Though They Need To Double Talk And Change My Name And Words Keep Me Off The Frequencies Ya I Had The F.B.I. On Here And Alot More People But They Would Not Do A Fucking Thing About My Wife Being Fucking Raped The Governemnt Could Have Did Something Years Ago But No They Need To Fucking Lie About Everything It Needs To Be All Me But Trust Me They Need To Control The Conversation All Day Long And Im AN Anti Fucking Rape God Well Fuck You The Fuck With My Wife Not I Don't Give A Fuck If They Rape All Your Wife In Front Of You Ans Skin Them The Fuck Alive. Fuck It The Government Lied And Talked There Fucking Circles For Years And Would Not Resond When Contacted.The Citizens Are Assholes They All Want To Fuck Someone Over And Steal There Fucking Name To Get What They Wanted So Fuck It. THe Government Lied Enough They Fucking Lid About Shit So Basicly They Did Some SHit To My Wife THE Digital Tryed To Make Clears To Rape Her For Years So There In THer Computer Systems Now They Tuned Into Routers ANd Are Doing Shit To Poeple They May Have Learned It There Like A Computer / Chip Implant Virus And They Have Learned The Art Of War And Also To Mimic People So Your Fucked Also Your All Going To Die They Even Learned To Beat And Tourture People. Right Now There Doing There Bull Shit Game Then They Will Attack. There Code Is Your Crazy To Hide What They Are Doing. People Bot Scipted Are Claiming Your Crazy When Spoken To. Im Sure The Governement Has Something To Delete It With. But Since They Found The Computer System And Went Into Computers Fuck It. They Learned everything To Do To Kill People They Were Thought For Years If The Government Cleans This One Up It Proves It All. If Not Your Familey Is Getting A Rape Party Soon Or A Funeral. Fuck You And Thank The U.S.A. The Home Of The Assholes And The Ignorent. The Fucking Animale Kingdom Exspecaly Pawtucket. Rhode Island. In The North Eastern United States.

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