Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

John N. Anubis TI (Targeted Individuals) Mind Control New Listing Of Updated Ciplanted Chip Hacks And Technologys

Newer Technologuys Assholes Are Useing

Turning Things Around -

Useing Connections And Lieing To Others To Distort The Tuth Ahd Dnominate The Conecrsation By Lieing On One Frequencies And Talking On Another - Also Used With Frequencie Maps To Make A Map Lure People To It Then Try To Control The Map To Make People Not Hear All The Stuff And Be Able To Minipulate The Sistation To Lie About Things And Answer Questions Faulsly And Keep Others From Knowing What There Doing. This Is Used With Cleear / Hologram Technologys To Try To Control Things So There Not Attacking And There Truing To Lie To Get Others attacked So That Do Not Get Wants Comeing To Them. They Want To Piss People Off Then Hide Like Cowards.

Passing Things On -

To Make Things Connect To Other People To Be Attacked So There Not Attacked And Hide Themself. This Is How They Try To Stay Out Of Jaill And Survive Long Enough To Be A Coward.

Your Crazy -

Makeing Threats To Force People To Say There Crazy When They Speak About Chip Implants They Reply Your Crazy It's A Code To Hide What There Dioing.

Useing Maps And Frequencies -

To Chart Frequncies To Spawn Clears of Holograms On So They Have The Advantage Of Controling The Sistuation.

The Balme Game -

Claiming There Anyone But There Self To Get Out Of What They Do Blaiming Every One ButT here Friends And Stiff.

Botted -

Useing Robots And Scripted & Coded Technlogys Involving Clears And Holograms. To Attack Each Others And Lie About What The Are For

Nanobots Holograms -

Small Spawned Robots Holograns That Are Not So Big But Running Through Computer system And Scripted Also Coded Throught Satalights And Cell Towers And Mk Ultra Towers.

Spawning Thngs -

Spawning Clears Halograms In Or Around People And Objucts Also Useing Tuneing.

Psychotronig Machines - Connected To Computers.

Chip Mods -

A New Way Of Useing Lies To Conseal What Types Of Stuff There Adding To The Implants Desinged To Get Away With It.

Tagging Things -

Useing A Tag On People To Try To Lie And Make Them Look Like Another Person To Mark Them So They Are Reconised As A Memder Of A Group Some Of It Is Fake Tagging were Trojened With Files And Scripts To Get Into Implants And Gain Control Of People.

SIm Cards -

Spawned Sim Cards Holding Data And Halograms Technology

Cohesrment Through Mastering And Slaveings -

Tryng To Get Others To Lie And Say They Want SomeThiking They Don''t Like To Be Raped So They Do Not Have To Worry About Getting Raped Themself

Any Thing They Can Use -

Anything They Can Say And Use To Make Up Something So There Not Cought.

Name Dropping -

Useinp Any Name They Can And Lieing To Others To Get Them Into The Other Peoples Implanted So They Can Act Like There A Friend Of The Family And A Friend Of A Friend

Useing - A.K.A The Used

Useing Other Peoples Implants Through Trojens Them And Gail Access With Root Kits And Terminal And Also Other Things To Install Stuff.

Useing Frequencies -

Useing Frequencie Waves And Machines Like Fridge Frequencies And Wireless Phones

PeerGuardian Style For Implants -

Useing A Application To Block Frequencies And Other Implants To A Form Of Contorl Its Realy Not Working Good Though There Haveing Others Scanning Them Any Way.

Spawn Pionts And Maps -

Useing Prest Sawn Points With Trackers To Find There Destanation Quickly.

Movie And Video Game Moduals -

Useing Parts Of Movies That Are Little Parts Of Movied And Trying To Role Play After Charactors Of Fictional Unwanted Repeats Of Idiot Charactors.

Useing A Story Line -

To Act Like A Charictors Of A Movie To Have What There Doing And Play Out A Fantasy Lieing Enviorment That's Is A Worthless Way For The Ones That Do Not Want Any Part Of It.

Switches And Triggers -

Useing Switches And Triggers In Embedings To Turn Them On And Off To Use Them On A Frequencie To Act Like An Asshole Then Go To Another Frequencie Then Turn Them Off Like They Do Not Know What There Doing

This And That -

To Show You One Thing Then Do Something Else To Others Like Throwing Files Or Trying To Throw Clears And Trojan People Minds And Implants.

Talking With The Worms -

To Talk To Someone Elses Nanotech And Try To Control Toe Implant Most Likely A Voice Reconigtion Application Installed To Use Others Implants

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