Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

£778c Love for life - this is a nice page all our names are on it

£778c Love for life - this is a nice page all our names are on it

Sometimes you drive me nuts with the circles you spin people in. You
will read a post and then only print a small irrelevant part and answer
that when the portion you left out answers the question you are asking.
You, by doing this send the topic in an irrelevant direction and
proclaim a conclusion based on this misdirection while announcing to
everyone how I didn't answer your question to your satisfaction. You
then explain to everyone how my post is misleading.
In this case
you make the assumption that probing a persons mind means total mind
reading, you know it doesn't mean that. What exactly would be total mind
reading anyway when we don't even know our own minds our selves at
times. I really
think most people can decide and understand without your commentary

as to who has proven a fact and who is off base.
You go
to the most basic evidence of V2K or voice to skull going back about 40
years and say we should stay with that. That's fine, hard documented
evidence. Then you discount hard basic evidence of cell phone stalking
with a conviction as in the case of the Sheri Peak case and refuse to
even put it up on your web site knowing it may be the only actual
conviction. You are censoring information.
Someone described
debating with you is like trying to nail down mercury. ;-) For a while
you were at least leaving my whole post and then answering what you
wanted to. Please don't answer this by putting up some small segment and
changing the whole meaning of what I'm saying. So here it greater detail as I see it.
When I have dream
manipulation and questioning through V2K and other techniques like
making digital movies in my head I respond. This level of dream
manipulation is my testimony only it has at times broken down into
cartoons when it can't keep up and has been as simple as asking me
questions and participating in my dreams through V2K. Sometimes with no
body or image to go with the voice. The latter even you have to admit
can be done with V2K. I know they can read my subvocal responses because
they acknowledge my responses. You can at least admit that along with
V2K being done at a distance such is also the case with millimeter wave
surveillance and both are through wall. Perhaps differing distance are
required for whether or not active or passive millimeter wave
surveillance is being used. So if they for instance wanted to know if I
committed a crime or have hidden money or something of the sort all they
have to do is ask and read my heart rate, breathing breathing rate
and whether or not I begin to sweat. that is simple enough and is also
done with a lie detector under questioning. That is the most basic and I
have said so for a long time.
Woody Norris owner
of American Technologies Corporation that developed the LRAD, "Hailing
Devise", mentioned to Jesse Ventura that he built a prototype of this on
Jesse's show, "Conspiracy theories". That may be as far as you want to
go and that is fine but I didn't need Woody to confirm this ability to
me. Putting these weapons, communications or surveillance tools together
as a weapons system only makes sense.
To take this a step
further would be to acknowledge people have been chipped and that these
chips can broadcast for a distance to a cell phone tower like the triple

stacked cell phone chips in David Larson's case, complete with
chips removed, patents matching, the
Alfred E Mann's endowment funding the study, the scientists working the
study, with cell phone technology and the same scientists and their
family members purchasing access to microwave towers in the area to
surround David Larson's location. With a chip in a nerve
bundle it seems easy to see how subvocal thought reading and cell phone
type broadcasting to the microwave towers could then go
through a computer to be discerned as speech. Even through
we don't always speak in our sleep, the History channel's show, "That's
Incredible", reproduced this with an external electrode on the subjects
voice box on his neck while he made a phone call and had a conversation
with someone without speaking. I see this also as verifiable proof with
the given demonstrated technologies and believe the same to be said for a
chip broadcasting thought recognition of EEG in the brain.
also know that the
time signals arrive at different cell phone towers can also triangulate
the location of the broadcast. This is another fact with law
enforcement now trying to receive this information on all cell phone
transmissions on all people and all towers. I won't even get into
military satellites monitoring cell phone transmissions which we know
they can do and where they don't need to ask for permission.

The most controversial subject of probing a targets mind which seems to
me to be the fact is that they are commenting on the things I look at
and I believe the images I and they they create. I, when seeing and I
and them, when dreaming. I would have to guess that either through EEG
or through another type of implant possibly in the optic nerve might do
the trick as does the subvocal effect with the help of a
computer to translate the nerve impulses of the spoken thought in our
minds. I'm sure you don't want
any part of this last one but it seems likely to me. You can ignore
these demonstrated facts before this paragraph like the
Sheri Peak case but then you are now attempting to influence others decision

making by withholding facts from those wishing to
understand and make up their own minds.
If only I could figure
out how to nail down mercury? ;-)

Peter Rosenholm

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I had a computerized machine shop and worked out the parabolic equation so I could alter it to make a reflector with what ever focal point I desired. I made two dishes when I didn't have work, one with a 12 inch focal point and the other with a 15 inch focal point. I pollished the first one up made of aluminum and walked outside in February and lit a cigarret with it using the sun in Rhode Island.


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