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£780 targeting students, degrees, Jobs or barriers to entry targeting

£780 targeting students, degrees, Jobs or barriers to entry targeting

The method of
requiring degrees and certificates has also lead us to where it takes
money to make it through a program and it is easy to target a student
and make the program difficult. Expensive private schools are paid to
get students degrees while public schools are far more difficult for the
same program. These schools also change the books so regularly at over a
hundred dollars apiece in some cases that it is a corrupt business.
Parking is made none existent and cars are ticketed and towed regularly.
Look at the enrollment to graduation rates between private and public
schools.Schools in my area have been found to pressure teachers

to give certain kids higher grades and it has been on the news. All of
the government jobs in my
town and possible state require,"knowing someone", to get the job. If
you are a public servant because you happen to know someone then you can
take advantage of a law that allows you student loans to be forgiven in
half the time as commoners than if you know someone and get a job
because you are politically connected.
Schools are forcing intelligent students to quit school through harassment. After my
targeting my two youngest children where targeted and both quit school
with very high IQ's and one was in the gifted program. One I
was told was going to be kept back by his English teacher even though
he had the highest average in class. I was being targeted and he was as
well I believe while living with me after a divorce. He wasn't doing his
home work at home so she was going to fail him and make him stay back.

He quit school and joined the army national guard after taking his GED.
He is now about
to graduate with a bachelors degree in Computer game
theory and programming.
My daughter who also quit and was in the gifted program didn't take her finals in algebra and
chemistry. Her teachers still passed her because her averages were so
high. She has worked ever since. Took her GED and went to college and is
about to enter a sonogram program. They are over coming my town's success

control program despite my and their targeting.
Students are rewarded for jumping through hoops it is more desirable that they do
what they are told no matter what than that they actually think for
themselves. Not that both qualities aren't good.
Now that I have spoken out about police having the ability to target people as well as
make tickets and arrests disappear both my oldest son and cousin have
recently been ticketed for about a thousand dollars each. My son was
pulled out of traffic driving at 65 miles an hour on the highway twice,

After making this post about police targeting my girlfriend living
1,100 miles away called me to tell me she was being pulled over for the
first time in thirty years. 10 to 15 minutes after my post.
These are easy to see targeting methods and the selective education and job
situation in government jobs and schools are, "barriers to entry", to an
education and job opportunities.

Peter Rosenholm

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