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I am being Remote Neural Monitored and Voice-to-Skull tortured 24/7.  I know who my perp is and its a doctor here in Las Vegas who I believe is a head of the team that is working on me.  I could use some advice on protecting myself from them.  My perpetrators have full access to my computer, accounts, and my home.  They have made repeat visits, without permission, despite an alarm system and locks.  My facebook page is:


You are not alone.  I believe you.  

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Comment by Don Hill on October 7, 2011 at 3:13am
Hi Viki,It's (TI)Don A DVR Security Camera System will send a picture of the perps immediatly to an Iphone. Buy this and they wont come in anymore.You need a Sony microrecorder also Look I dont want to freek you out but my daughter had a nervous breakdown at 11yrs old from the subliminal s#!t The microrecorder recorded it & their names.Buy one it's only $35.00 @ Wal-Mart. I'm from Arkansas TI Don
Comment by Vicki Burnett on October 7, 2011 at 3:24am
Wow thank you Don.  This is something I will definitely look into.  When my head was being slammed by my perpetrators it was making my children cry constantly.  I would hold my newborn baby and put music on for all of us and it was the only thing that would soothe them.  

I moved out of my home and my children are now living with their father only.  Its just too risky being around my babies full time when I don't know what they are blanketing my home environment with.  My 5 year old would tell me things that I believe he was hearing subliminally.   It made me scared that he was learning how to hear the frequencies at such a young age.
Comment by Don Hill on October 7, 2011 at 6:35am

He was hearing them subliminally.You've either been implanted(whitch you can record)or it's direct energy.If your microchiped when you hear one person speek audibly another person speeks subliminaly on another frequency(thats the recordable level)It's a trick to make you insane.Your home may be "bugged"if you move,but first buy the DVR System(it's about $400.00 at a surveylance store)they wont be able to get into your new home.As an added measure leave a microrecorder on to make sure they cant bypass the iPhone app.Truthfully I dont know if I recorded them thru a speaker installed in my homes or if it's Direct Energy. They were stupid enough to give their names.Maybe that'll happen for you.Their NOT professionals.Normally in a typical Threat Assesment Team one member is with law enforcement,the rest got their jobs at The Department Of Human Services.Wow,I'm glad the government is cheap!!That one Really cost them!! I recently discovered Wi-Fi enhances the signal.I recorded them in McDonalds and it sounds as if their sitting with me.Stay Strong,It'll be over soon.The s#!ts about to hit the fan -(TI)Don

Oh your very welcome,Gladd I could help.If you have any questions or just want to talk eMail me @:



Comment by Vicki Burnett on October 7, 2011 at 7:35am
If I've moved away from my 'bugged' house approximately 12 miles away, will my babies still be receiving messages that were meant entirely for me?

By your description I am microchipped.  I actually think they gave me just about everything.  I pick up ELF sounds thru my ear drums, main auditory sound and a subliminal message pickup.  My head throbs in one second intervals and it makes my eyes blink on a timer (this makes for really tired eyes that are often times puffy and swollen from it). When they installed equipment it is possible they did a little damage to my brain because I cannot feel some of my left toes and my left thumb constantly twitches.  My head twitches also but I believe that is from the one second 'packet handling'.  My perps have implied that I have been equipped with an artificial visual cortex device to pick up optic messages.   I see pictures, videos and even have dream manipulations through my visual cortex.  

The head perp is a doctor here in Las Vegas (Dr. Noah Levine) and... him and his team made repeat visits to my home for equipment setup and tests.  I have had lots of needle marks and injections from them.  I have begged them to leave and leave me alone.  

They had full access to me for endless number of hours for everything.  He has the knowledge and resources to equip me with everything under the sun.   

I know that I am body mapped also.  When I use my mind to focus on my right breast I hear "right mammary glands".  I hear queues about my respiration's and levels of sleep such as "REM".   They have the ability to make me feel sensations and/or pain that exist or don't.  I have had them manipulate my sense of smell.  

I am currently waking on a daily basis with heavy nausea.  I feel like a radioactive isotope emitting loads of energy off of me.  

When I make the slightest movements with my body they know it and point it out.  "You raised your hips ever so slightly".  

Comment by Annie on October 7, 2011 at 7:48am

Vicki, ist very good to tell what you experience so detailed, I recognize almost all of it, and the pattern of it all is so similar to mine. And this with the thumb. My left thumd also twitches, and I always thought it was from a neckspine injury I have...(this I had before I was targeted-at least before I knew I was targeted)I also experience the exact same V2S that you do, the eardrum issues, I can in fact also hear a loud electrical sound in head, especially if a tense my neckmuscles or do jawn huge.

Did you have medical treatment at any hospital before you were targeted? When you say they had acess to your home and came home to you, I dont understand? Could you pls explain more specific? Take care /Annie

Comment by Vicki Burnett on October 7, 2011 at 8:18am
I started visiting a foot doctor here in Las Vegas (Dr. Noah Levine) for a heel spur on my foot that wouldn't get better.  I was his patient for a year and a half but the visits were minimal and short lengthed.  I didn't know much about him and vice versa.  I didn't disrespect him whatsoever, leave him a bad review, slander his name anywhere or even try to sue him.  

He just took an interest in me.  I believe I just fit into some convenient demographics for him and his crew.  I didn't think he hated me all that much because he got on top of me on the operating table in a sexual way.  My perps hate when I reference that but don't care, it happened.  The doctor said "most women don't live to tell they've had sex with me Vicki".  I guess that is just a weird way to make me afraid of him or confused.  

I know it was Dr. Levine because I hadn't gone anywhere from my home for the 7 years prior to meeting with him.  I had to come out of my home because I needed medical care.  I lived out in the countryside so-to-speak and didn't have a car to get around.   I was a stay at home to two children.  My sons are now ages 1 and 5 years old.  

I was operated on by the doctor and that is where my real targeting began.  I was put through months and months of strange interrogations.  Everything I think and say is completely manipulated OR fabricated if they don't think its interesting enough for them.

I have been put through numerous death sentences.  One example is they said I was getting a lethal injection for tax evasion in Minnesota (I never evaded taxes but that just shows how little dirt they had on me).   I felt a rush of fluids thru my veins, smelt poison in my nose, etc as if I really was getting a remote lethal injection.

I have constant mind and physical threats from my perpetrators.   They are currently making me feel pain in various places of my body.  After they hurt me, they record the brainwaves and store them for future use.   

I don't feel like they are going to kill me.  The mental damage from sound is just incredible.  My head and body is simultaneously fucked constantly by them.

When I was on the operating table they took imprints of my house keys.  They were able to make me confess my home security code as well.  They have threatened to even remove the bolts off of my bedroom door if I keep locking it up like I do.   I don't believe they are having sex with me.  

I am not sure if that answers all of your questions.  You are not alone though Annie and I am sorry if you are having any of the problems I've listed whatsoever.   We are living our lives in a slow hell.  

Comment by Annie on October 7, 2011 at 8:47am


Thanks for sharing.

I am almost sure the targeting takes place when seaking medical treatment, and also when in the system, for example disabel to work, due to illness, the social care system etc. That what happened to me. I also had surgery before I was targeted, and I was in the health care system, because I was unable to work, due to a neck/spine injury.

However I was under aneasticia? (put to sleep) when I had surgery. When you say that they took imprints of your house keys, is that what they have told you via V2S? I was told the same, but it was my neighbor who said that (V2S) These things arent true, its just manipulations. All they say vi V2S is irrelevant bull. Just to make us blaim the wrong ones or get us confused and act as if we were "paranoid" etc.They have made me feel smells of different kind too, as to believe I was posioned. (its induced or they manipulate your brain to feel smells that arent really there, they can also pick a smell from your memory and make you feel that smell, even if its not really there in reality)All thoose things happened in the beginning, and as soon as I had knowledge about what was going on, and found out they could do these things even on an airplane, half around the world away from my home, I realized that this is a much larger thing than just some neighbor or the local doctor. Maybe they are the helping hand (unaware or aware) when selecting the victim, or we are all just picked randomly, but this is exprimentation and researches on very large scales. There are plenty or information and documentation that this is what they have on their agenda to explore, the EU has a programme called the 7th frame programme, when reading that, it clearly says, brainreseraches with implants, realtime remote brainmapping etc. We are labrats. But of course they want us to be blinded and blaim people that really arent involved, so that they can continue undetected. But the more we network and share and compare our stories, the closer we will get to the truth./Take care/Annie

Comment by AtlantiTeo on October 7, 2011 at 8:50am

Ok, I have read and translated.

If do you want here There are some solutions.

Alls Methods,techniques,strategies and tactics of defense.
There is also a book.
The book you can find it in the library without spending money.

Please help me to collect all the tactics, techniques and methods of defense.

1) I want someone to help me collect all the strategies to defend themselves.
2) I wish that all strategies are translated well for all the victims.

Perhaps Mr. Rudy of France, we can help with translations.

A victim who undergoes torture, always try any method to defend themselves.
Defending is the basis of what it seeks a victim.

Comment by AtlantiTeo on October 7, 2011 at 8:54am

The book you can find it in the library without spending money.




01 APRIL 2011 : THANKS TO MICHAEL from U.S.A. for this book.

It may work.
We have absolutely nothing to lose.

Comment by AtlantiTeo on October 7, 2011 at 8:57am
recollect and no collet I am sorry for my english


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