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letter from 5-15-05 Sacremento county airport system appolgise for millitary U.S. NAVY E6 flying over my home for 2.5 hours


I just pulled out a few old letters from 5-15-2005 from Sacramento county airport system apologizing for military U.S. NAVY E6 flying over my home for 2.5 hours. When I complained  1.5 hours longer then the Navy can legally fly over homes. I was in phone contact with local airports about the abnormality of these planes, flight patterns and dropping in altitude so rapidly. at this time I was using a faraday cage I built in my garage to protect myself from the constant bombardment of microwaves on myself and family. So the planes and helos had to come back and forth for a long periods of time. Thats how I know some of the things I was doing to protect myself and family was working. I was protecting myself as much as possible during this time, and had much more energy. During this time I was extremely ill for weeks. I believe I was hospitalized around this time, and this Surveillance plane E6 was showing up every where I went for a week. I understand how this sounds. But I have the radar images of this happening. I went to many places over this week to avoid this plane up too 100 miles away underground you name it I tried it. Where the plane loops  two times north east I had left my home to see if it followed me and it always did. It would Break its holding pattern  to do flyovers of my body where ever I was and I could feel it.  It would just show back up.. The readings I took of my home during this were extremely low and constant high Fq. My name Morgan is under my address Again this is one shot of Hundreds I have along with other evidence. I have spoken and stayed in-contact with Glen Rickelton for many years, He is a long time Noise officer of Mather air-force base. Glen has told me in all his years of watching air-traffic he has never seen aircraft fly in the radical patterns it has around my home and thats because im leaving and shielding myself all the time. This was 8 years ago...

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Comment by Daniel Morgan on June 29, 2013 at 7:39am

P.s. This is a super surveillance plane antisubmarine deals with all types of intelligent signal and ELF Waves. Extremely low frequencies. It has flown over me in different states.

Comment by Daniel Morgan on June 29, 2013 at 7:50am

Comment by Daniel Morgan on July 5, 2013 at 1:10am

During 2002-2008 the days these DEW attacks on me and my family. These Big military planes all carried advanced sat-light communication systems. Some just did fly bys and those did not bother me at all. its the Ones that dropped in altitude. I built a faraday cage back then and when I used it what would be a simple flyby became a game of chess they would come by all times day and night and fly houres over me at a time. I would not stay home during this I would get in my truck and drive 100 miles to Tahoe or the Bay Area San Francisco, Over a 100 miles at times and where ever I would go there would be the same plane (like a shark) Stalking me also accompanied by a helicopter. I have videos of this and it was very frightening at the time. It happened so many times and for so many days straight. Same patterns and same illness and physical symptoms..Cramps stomach pains vision loss Many types of rashes, severe organ pain kidneys Tight chest, not being able to breath...and head pain that would change day to day. from top to back, left temple pulsating to back same on the right. Always tired and weak. and my body sweat smelt sooo bad like poison... This went on for years and years weeks at a time then would stop for months with nothing going on at all.. Like a big military switch turned on full or off , off my life would go back to completely normal... The organized stalking went on 5-6 years before all this started..


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