Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Letter to President Donald J. Trump dated March 8, 2017.

March 8, 2017



                                                                                    SENT VIA CERTIFIED MAIL





President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C.  20500


Dear President Trump,

Millions of Americans and people throughout the world have a lethal satellite weapon connected to their brains. 

This satellite technology/weapon is being used for total surveillance and as a silent, invisible weapon and torture instrument.  It causes “mental illness” and numerous physical conditions, possibly including cancer and AIDS.  Decades of genocide have occurred under the guise of mental and physical illness. 

Those controlling the satellite built a “separate country”.  They are committing treason, and it has been a hostile coup since they first started connecting to millions of Americans.  Americans are literally under attack and they have been for decades.

Those controlling the satellite either orchestrated 9/11 or watched it happen.  The technology is too powerful for that not to be the case.  I believe they killed the pilots instantaneously, using satellite energy, and took control of the planes from the ground.

Most, if not all, mass shootings were caused by someone being intentionally and maliciously tortured past his breaking point by satellite.  They were not caused by “mental illness” or by “terrorism”, as the FBI has led people to believe for decades.  The FBI knows that.  They continue to cover up the real cause of mass shootings and promote their terrorism narrative.  The most prolific terrorists in history control the satellite.

The documents in this package thoroughly describe this medical, national and international emergency.  Some of these documents were included with the letter I sent to you on March 4, 2016.  An unsigned copy of that letter is on page 15 of the “Satellite Genocide” document.  The U.S. Postal Service delivered your letter and package of documents to the “Parcel Locker” at The Trump Organization, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022, at 11:17 AM on Monday, March 7, 2016.  You have been on legal notice for at least a year.

I also submitted comments on your campaign website and sent emails to your campaign email address ( last year.  I submitted two comments on the website last month.   

You still have not made an announcement or responded.  This massive situation was covered up during the entire election process.  Most Americans remain oblivious.  People are still being assaulted, tortured and murdered by satellite.

I have informed numerous officials.  President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, Attorney General Holder, Director Brennan of the CIA and Secretary Johnson of Homeland Security somehow managed to dodge the biggest situation in U.S. history while in office.  Their successors were copied on this letter and package of documents.

How long can the President of the United States ignore an attack against our country and against millions of Americans?  How long can our leaders cover up decades of genocide?

For us to remain the United States, everyone within government, the military, national security, intelligence and law enforcement, with knowledge of the situation, must be detained and prosecuted for a long list of extremely serious crimes, including treason. 

“We have a satellite connected to our brains” is the most powerful piece of information in human history.  It can’t be covered up.

You must take immediate action to lock down this lethal satellite weapon and to respond to this emergency situation.  Not doing so is treason against the United States. 

Thank you,


Michael S. Patrick

400 N. Park Avenue, Suite 10-B

Breckenridge, CO  80424












Copy of the Letter and “Satellite Genocide”, “Other Sources of Information”, “University Letters” and “The Proof” Documents to:


Joint Chiefs of Staff

9999 Joint Staff Pentagon

Washington, D.C.  20318


Mr. Jefferson B. Sessions III

Attorney General of the United States

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C.  20530


Mr. Michael R. Pompeo

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency

Office of Public Affairs

Washington, D.C.  20505


Mr. James B. Comey

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C.  20535


Admiral Michael S. Rogers

Director of the National Security Agency

National Security Agency

9800 Savage Road

Fort Meade, MD  20755  


Mr. John F. Kelly

Secretary of Homeland Security

Washington, D.C.  20528


Governor John W. Hickenlooper

Office of the Governor                                                                      

136 State Capitol Building

Denver, CO  80203


Ms. Cynthia Coffman

Colorado Attorney General

Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

1300 Broadway, 10th Floor

Denver, CO  80203


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Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 15, 2017 at 8:02am
Thank you for sending a letter. I'm suffering I'm being tortured I'm being remote controlled severe my eyes used as camera lens my hands speech operated over 5 us now they have caused family problems. Forced me to move 5 xs. I've been traveling past mth living at hotels money being wasted because they follow me to every hotel and go near my room, and use directed energy thru walls floor roof. They have debilitated almost crippling my hands and fingers and other areas of induced pain 24/7 monitor in my Todd's they are onto of me inside me forcing my body to do things it doesnt do. I feel like dying daily because of the severe extreme methods of torture monitoring sleep disturbances deprivation over the utters they ctrl hands ripping digging into skin puking sores scabs of sin to make it look like self affliction, when it's not! I DON'T SELF AFFLICT. I LIKE WHO I AM. They are trying to take my identity. I have no life I've been isolated confined to bed rooms apts hotel rooms, taken out of society.have no friends no spouse. In the dark because they see me on an imaging screen NAKED 24/7! What gives these men the right to watch me naked on an imaging screen ultrasound thru a wall iPhone software computer screen satellite over 5 years? If I was in prison, only female officers are asked to see female in shower ! These men see me 24/7 and do v2k saying we see your pu--y, we see your tits, Rhett say many horrible sexual things and
Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 15, 2017 at 8:23am
They electric shock daily my fingers hands that I yell out for them to stop. They do pain to my foot and I yell out stop. They involve themselves all day n night against my rights to privacy and self. There is never any peace. They do electronic harassment of appliances at hotel right now and apts. Rhett rapes me physically and electronically 20 plus times. They molest me several times a day. And think I'm going to file their orders and commands when I'm being held hostage. They do cointelpro staking ding body gestures hand signals everywhere I go. Chips control the stalking and fbi. I have to do something to get this stopped. The fbi and police have no right to keep tis going and involve integer and is me as a demo for others to see me be remote cells tortured inured violated to my private parts and organs skin they see thru my eyes and try to control my thought process the next movement thought action. They constantly try to choose for me and make decisions for me when I can make decisions for myself. I need help. I have no life. I have no emotional support. The police are manipulating family and using them as test subjects also. They are attacking assaulting my mother and me, and my father. They have caused relationship with family to separate. They create conconversation for us and AND monitor family visits. Holidays are ruined worse over the years. They do creating itching uncontrollable sensations frequently, and try to force me to have feelings 24/7 ask day n night for food people objects etc. They judge criticize persecute me for everything. You can never make a mistake because they are onto of me. There is no room for being human! They me to look act speak a certain way live a certain way as a hostage! I've been kidnapped I'm assaulted daily my breasts are constantly being attacked touched poked pinched induced pain itching crawling peircing. They poke private parts they force air our of odd rectum at student unnatural speeds and it's not passing gas. they use my fingers to touch my face head ears nose body in ways I don't. They dive fingers up nose pick nose and I don't do tis.They pick at ears they scratch to of head like and animal back of head they keep doing tis against my will and I try to fight out they use my face making facial expression that I don't do. They move my teeth biting tongue biting outside my mouth on chin they squeeze teeth down on chin holding it and this is something new they do past2 mths. They crack my bones in hands they interfere with my right to write read anything I want to. They are doing pain as I try to write! They try to brainwash me every day with food as if I should feel good or happy, just because of food. I don't.I'm desensitized from everything. I care about my family. They are abusing us against UN treaties. Or human rights are being taken. We need help.My family needs to be removed from this program. We can't even visit each other and be relaxed and ourselves. Like it was years ago before this started. They have done welt burn red streaks raised on legs arms hands and I have video of tis. They did this in public place, and I don't know if it was satellite or portable device in a van or from a bldg. Negate they can use tis and assault from 200 ft away.They keep hurting my wrist hand right hand as I use keyboard Swype to write this. Pain thethru the bones of each finger twisting squeezing pain inside the bones fingers.They attack my neck heshoulders stomachlegs arms back lower back feet ankles bladder bowels. They have used drugs chemicals sprays chemicals. The fire dept of Babylon ny came up to my apt window and let out a siren and sprayed a gas or chemical ththru my window and it made me very dizzy and sick and a drugged feeling. They do v2k daily nightly in shower on toilet when trying to dress eating on internet when walking to mailbox or a store,etc. Before I go out in public they say"its showtime"! They have people do street theatre staged performances possibly real actors!
Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 15, 2017 at 8:31am
Im sorry they made me misspell some words when typing . They remote ctrl they monitor every move thought and I have to get away from this. Im trying to.see if there is a country I can go to get away from this and report being a torture victim.rapr victim.hostage illegally detained with no conviction in.a court . I had a lawsuit in 2014 vs fbi and usa gov. But I need help in lawsiit vs military,nsa,dod,dhs,cia,fbi,and universities
Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 15, 2017 at 8:56am
Judge dismissed mu case as a pro se frivolous. How is illegal surveillance illegal entry rape mail tampering using a weapon to assault attack harm defame my character take my rights to public places, watching me naked 24/7 on an imaging screen, molesting me, artificial ctrld dreams induced daily still images induced v2k burns burn sores all over body scalp cracking bones snapping bones opposing my eyes hands against will remotely ctrling a human, MIND CONTROL HYPNOTIC TRANCE STATES forced feelings induce poking in my rectum. Pain to my rectum daily, monitoring me thru my brain, feeding thru my hands, trying to choose for me make decisions for me how to live what to do with my day night my thins.if I don't want to eat I don't have to.They remote ctrl when I eat.They do v2k they attack my hands snaps cracks they poke in private. I can't go anywhere without gang stalking. How is all of this frivolous? Its not.judge carol amon corrupt at CI NY feral court. She would not look at my proof or hear my case. She also ignored pat of my case.foia laws. Foods my foias have been denied by nsa fbi dod .cia never processed my foia the way it's supposed to be process. They said try the fbi. They said your not a foreigner, so we wouldn't have any record connected to you. Cia has been doing mind control experiments for years! I have been a victim since I was a child of government experimentation, psychiatry experimentation connected to cia police, military industrial complex,etc. I just found tis out recently. They try to discredit victims who call themselves TI. The men doing tis and women hired donor care I'd I live or die. It feels lie metros used to force death by hoping my own body might give out and they cantry to cover-up what they are doing to me over the years andthey need to be found arrested and given death penalty, for what they have done to me. No burial no tombstone. I have made mistakes in my life but none have come close to what they have done to me and continues to do. It does not equal my mistakes from my past. I'm not a terrorist or criminal or sex crime,or killer, rapist,I have done no heinous crime in my life. I'm not a fraud or con artist. They can't create a life for me as long as I'm a prisoner in this program, kidnapped, and monitored, and remote ctrld. They have no right to feel thru my hands body see thru my eyes and take away privacy of self from inside of me. Its not like they are me from a distance vs reading my private thoughts, feeding objects thru my hands to do psychological torture, as they try to control my hands and have everytme I take a shower I'm traumatized over 5 us showing in the dark because they see thru my eyes with light on and want to record pictures of my naked body ththru my. They already see me naked on imaging and possibly by satellite thru roof walls by portable devices in shower. They have to see my body naked to be able to ctrl my hands and see what I'm washing first next and speaking toin shower about my private parts breasts and making comments and letting me knew they are watching me. They then do tins when trying to put clothes on, cracking bones loud and Lloyd snaps out of body unnaturally which could be microwave signals by airforce hitting my body or laser satellite aircraft. Why is their a parked aircraft over my apts parked nightly, over 5 Faa didn't tell me who is on the aircraft. I'd it's a drone or helicopter,or other. I've seen an all white aircraft many times flying over me and in public places. When I was attacked to legs at a beach in far rockaway ny, an aircraft flew over me minutes after the assault. I still don't knew how they made burn welt like streaks over legs red marks and then these uncontrollable itching crawling sensations after the burn wrote attack. The itching can be so extreme that I have to sit or stay in bed waiting for it to pass. And they do these itching attacks to distract me when a perp is entering or exiting near me and didn't want to be seen.
Comment by Kelly Wallace on March 15, 2017 at 9:19am
The itching attacks are ruined to perps entrance exit. And if these pervert men want to see me in a shower they do this to get me to take a shower when they want to see me naked, or when the hired neighbor gets home from work,or a couple, who v2kd me saying they were having sex too watching me be controlled and raped electronically! They have filmed the rapes, and are very sick men doing tis.They have sex with men women children and animals! They have indicated this to me. They see me as beneath them. They think because I'm a female that I should do what other females do in society or care about. I don't have to. I don't have to do anything they say they mind control or v2k. They do not own me. They laugh at me mock tell lies about me. They think older women can't date younger men! They think they have a right to use rapes and molesting as a method of altering my sexuality preferences. It's like trying to alter a gay Person to be straight.or a an atheist to Christianity. Or a single woman to force marriage like a forced marriage. They are lying to communities and calling this behavioral modification! This is not behavioral modification or rehabilitation or brain research science military research medical research. Or s brain initiative program of research. IT IS METHODS OF MILITARY CIA TORTURE! Some of the same methods different levels of intensity used on prisoners at Guantanamo bay! I read the list one day in an article by center for conditional rights nyc. Sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, the use of lights to cause neurological drill debilitation, noise harassment and noise sounds to cause psychological and physical torture. Like passing the sane song over and over for hrs, humiliation, verbal abuse remarks, drugging prisoners,.I'm not a terrorist. I'm a born American citizen, and I haven't done any terrorist act. I'm nut a that to society or a that to others. I want to have"A" life that is not monitored thru me. That is not remote ctrl. I'm confined to a bed most of the years like a confined prisoner! Im gangstalked, so I can't even go to a church and have peace. They remote cells me to walk around the church like imuseum! When its not and they induce their Feelings their ideas when I'm in church. I'm an adult woman, and they try to make me feel like I'm dumbfounded a child in awe a child seeing something for first time,a baby eating food or an ape in a lab eating, I'm watched with everything thru me thru my brain physically psychological. There is no dissociation from the reality of being abused tortured raped molested assaulted daily induced nightmares of their choosing v2k daily. They are violating all my rights as a woman and human under international laws. For me to even consider trying to leave the country to escape this is extreme. It's insane for the victims to have to go thru this and have no security safety from police to report this and not be discredited, and get either their help or other agency to help stop this. Police are part of this program became it's a cop program and gov military. They wouldn't like it if it was done to them. The people doing this to me have freedom I don't.They can think choose make decisions and even mistakes, they can do what they want look act d's at what they want and have freedom to walk sun air exercise friends family spouse and social relations,a job, and anything they want for themselves. I HAVE NO FREEDOM I I CAN'T WORK BECAUSE I'M BEING ASSAULTED MONITORED TODD WHAT TO DO MOLESTED AND TENURE CELLS FRCD SPEECH WHEN SEEING A PERSON EVEN FAMILY. y
Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on March 16, 2017 at 10:25am


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