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This article in New Scientist suggests that we could soon log in to computers using our EEG. The computer would show a set of words and then read your EEG response. I suppose people`s EEG will soon be the main way of connecting with everything, the internet, people, objects, etc.

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Comment by Sandy Lomax on January 20, 2017 at 5:05am

cat cat, do you reckon they already have everyone`s EEG? I was thinking this was the way they would get them.

I worry about the world`s future. Things are happening very fast. How do you mean "something drastic"? The main commentators like Duncan etc seem to think the ti program will just end, they don`t suggest anything else will be done to us.

Comment by God's Grace on January 20, 2017 at 6:14pm

Sandy, that's interesting, when did Dr Duncan say he thought it would just stop.  As a side note, I think that President Trump is going to find out a lot of dirty stuff about the intelligence agencies, and I read he has already called one of them, something like a group of Nazi's, so it's possible he knows something, and I also think he is going to want to know what they are doing with all their black budget money, so I think there is hope for us......I don't think he will allow innocent American citizens to be tortured ever.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on January 20, 2017 at 7:58pm

God`s Grace, I said they "seem to think the ti program will just end".  If you look at this link

scroll down to "How do you think this all ends?" you will see that Duncan says society will bifurcate "between the Luddites and the hive mind", implying a choice. He said "join" a hive mind. Also, "40 years from now the population might read TI history...experiments.." implying it will be over.

Do you remember Leo, TI, interviewed by EUCACH? -  he implied something similar.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on January 23, 2017 at 4:14am

cat cat, you have given me a research project!

I suppose the simple answer is that in order to control something, you have to study it, and in order to do that, you need loads of data. So they just store all the stuff they don`t understand, until they know a bit more. I don`t know what data they have stored - is it just from our brains like dreams, or is it from what we see in our surroundings/lives?

The whole thing is about controlling/enslaving society, or the world. I think that will come through AI, I don`t think transhumanism is going to work, although there will be some enhancement of people`s bodies. I think the whole immortality by uploading brains on to computers/clones is rubbish. Even transhumanists have said they don`t want to do it, it would be boring. Aside from that, an uploaded brain or clone would not be them, it would be a COPY of them, so it`s nonsense.

So, about dreams - I have not had any of the experiences that you and other tis have mentioned, or not to my knowledge. Do you mean they have all your dreams/memories of the past 30 years and they now upload them? I know they are interested in manipulating dreams and entering and controlling them like in "Inception". I am reading a book by Prof. Michio Kaku, the physicist, "The Future of the Mind", written 2014, published 2015. He writes about dreams in it. I was thinking that dreaming involves wishes and hopes, so maybe they want to control those dreams, like dreams of escape. Or survival needs, like food.So people would not hope for things. If society is going to be enslaved, they will want people to work and obey them completely. As you say, they are interested in kids` minds, the next generations, because , as Kaku says, the brain research is much more complicated and difficult than they expected. Robots can`t think. They haven`t reverse-engineered the brain to make a proper model yet - it`s all about the future.

Another thing is, maybe they want to shut down/enhance parts of the brain as we know it. So maybe once they find out how the brain works (if they ever do), they will want to make people`s brains different, and uploading stuff could be part of that. Kaku suggests memories could become "entertainment".

At the time of Kaku`s writing, the IBM simulation only had a thalamic-cortical system, which would not be able to connect with the outside world, so, no sensations or physical understanding, so they had not got very far. (The thalamus is a sort of information relay system in the brain).

I don`t know what you mean by a "true hybrid" - human-machine? I am sure Robert D. is in some way right - there will be a split in society between those who are in the hive mind (maybe incentivised?), and those who are not. I mean, everyone will be controlled to some extent, but younger people will be needed for work, others may be more left alone, or left out.

I don`t know how our situation will stop, but I believe it will.


Comment by God's Grace on January 23, 2017 at 3:40pm

Thanks Sandy, incredibly interesting information, yes, I agree, this will all end, in fact I know that Dr Duncan has already developed a prototype to stop the intrusions into the brain, and has sent it out to about 40 people I think, for testing, over a three month period, If I'm correct, so quite happy about that, and someone else is also on the brink of bringing out equipment to do the same/similar thing, so I think there are a number of factors in our favour, and if anyone is interested in all in the movement of the planets and how they affect us, they are all very much in favour for people who operate at a higher energy, and very bad for those that operate at a lower energy, which is why you will see shifts in power all over the world, and those that have been getting away with horrific acts of genocide etc, those that attack us, and have gotten away with it, well they are going to be exposed in many ways, ways where they can no longer hide what they are up to, and I definitely don't think it's going to take even 10 years for that to happen - just my personal opinion!!  I think there are far too many activists, and I believe many journalists are collecting information on this, to use at the appropriate time. While I appreciate much of what Duncan says and does on behalf of TI's, I've never agreed with his timing. 

Comment by Sandy Lomax on January 23, 2017 at 6:19pm

God`s Grace, yes, thanks for reminding me, I also read about Duncan`s project. I didn`t know someone else is developing equipment. That`s great, I really appreciate activists and all the efforts to help us, and I pray for them every day as well as for TIs, because they need protection.

Comment by God's Grace on January 23, 2017 at 9:31pm

I also pray for all TI's Sandy, so thanks for that, God Bless you in especially in 2017!!

Comment by Angeline Klas on January 24, 2017 at 2:33am

Hi Gods's Grace,

I hope I Understand you correctly. Do you mean that The Perps won't be able to read our

Thoughts anymore.

I hope this ivention really works.

Because what Peter Mooring call spreading the blood is happening to a lot

of T.I.'s. You cannot walk down the street without somebody on the street feeding you your thoughts.

It's like they live in the same house you do. I fed up these Perps mean business, there will destroy everything I got. I did not steal to get what I have. I have never wronged anyone in my entire life.

I live an honest live. I have never heard so much angry in voice like today the Perp was angry because he thoughts somebody liked me. 

The Perps want to dominate this city, everbody just jump into the hate ban wagen

against me. It's a thing to do, At work they all hate me. Today a boy called me fake, the Perp told them

that I am fake. They got the information YouTube film from the T.I. I was watching.

He called the Perps fake. It's true they have a fake persona. I quess it made the Perps angry.

I did research on Narcissist, Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Codependent.  And now the Perps told their

supporters (as I like to call them) about it, and now they say I suffer from these things.

The Perps hate it when people like me. They want to put an end to it.

I already told the Perps That I want let them black mail me.

The have data on. They saw me naked. They tried to make a sex slave.

They are still working on it.

I being ritual raped. After they rape me the blame me

and pretend the are better people than me. He told me

many times that my body is ugly. He wants a body of a Super Model.

So he braggs about the woman Perp to make, just make me feel small.

He once told me that he took photo's of me.

I say to me you body belong to me.

He even put images in my head of the private part of the woman Perp.

Today He put another image of the woman Perp in my head. As a snear

to me that is more beautiful than me.

So I believe that the Perps who I am dealing with will stop and nothing

to destroy me.

Well I am going to work on hope.

I'd like to believe that brighter days are coming for me and you.

Bye for now

Angeline Klas

Comment by God's Grace on January 24, 2017 at 5:39pm

Thanks cat cat, and God Bless you for 2017 as well!!


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