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Question for tis--If the authorities lie about mental health and say we are hearing hallucinations when we discuss the patented verichip v2k [which speaks to rationally and logically], do they lie about cancer screenings and other medical results.   I think they do.  One ti, a nurse, told me the Mafia  even doctors up xrays to read what they want. She said they were organized crime.  I am worried I just had a mammogram and they want me to come in for  a biopsy I think they want to amputate my breast to humiliate me, I was a whistleblower.   I know they already scared my face in 3 places in car accidents and alleged freak accidents.  I am very afraid. I am tired of being lied to by organized crime.   Remember organized crime is big and organized.   In the Mkultra hearings they were in about  80 INSTITUTIONS, colleges, hospitals, involved etc.  as documented on wikpedia.  Do other tis think or know or have proof that the government insiders lie.  Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear what others have to say.   I would also love to formulate a plan to expose lying on official government records for tis such as false mental health charges much like cointelpro.   I know the CIA was just exposed to Congress for lying about torture.  So government insiders do lie.

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Comment by Sally on March 24, 2015 at 5:22am

Hi Sarah, Yes govt insiders and officials definitely lie. They also manipulate medical, psychiatric, law enforcement and even the general public to lie when it comes to targeting people.

In the beginning of my targeting I had biological evidence of a disease I have been deliberately inflicted with. The specialist I was seeing was seeing was gaslighting me (saying it wasnt real, l had psychosis) - LIE .

When l insisted the sample be sent to the lab for analysis (l was certain it would bring results of proof of a disease) , the specialist smuggly told me the lab had "lost it "- LIE

Shortly after that the police and psychiatrists came to my house and forced me into a mental ward (for no good reason) claiming I was a danger to myself and others - BIG LIE

I had scans and MRls to detect this illness in my stomach, concluded negative - LlE

The perpetrators of these crimes (who you call the mafia) deliberately gave my dad cancer, they have the ability to inflice disease and told me they would. it was supposed to be of natural causes - LlE

When he was hospitalized, he was still stable/travelling ok one minute then they pumped him with morphine and he died in a couple of days - LYING MURDERERS

So yeh youre right Sarah, if you are a marked/targeted person they can get almost anyone to lie to you. I even believe they inflict the general public with disease, misfortune etc. They are liars and deceivers.

Comment by Justina Heart on March 24, 2015 at 10:33pm

Thanks for sharing.  I have a similar story.  Maybe in the future, we can all in devise a plan and help each other out.  Maybe going en masse we can prove our case through vast numbers of similar stories, indirect evidence, patents, and previous court cases.  There is strength in numbers.

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