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(1) Attack on a German Activist against Electronic Harassment

In the following you can read the report of Swetlana who is a German-Russian TI and activist against electronic harassment. She has been banged together by an unknown man in the open street of the village where she is living in Germany.

In the past there had already happened grave road accidents and shooting to real psychosis, poisoning and infecting victims by dangerous pathogens who had published the mindcontrol crime, but banging together in the open street is a new level of escalation which reminds to the rough gangs of SA and SS who smoothed the way to the dictatorship of the nazis by beating their political enemies during the twenties and early thirtiets.

This is Swetlanas report to the police (English translation of the German original text):

Attack in Stutensee-Büchig / Germany

Report of bodily harm

Yesterday on 9th of November 2008, around 22 o’clock, in Stutensee-Büchig, in Buchenring, an unknown man has attacked and bashed me several times in the face. I had gone to the mailbox to insert a letter. On the way back an unknown man approached to me; he had got off his car and come immediately standing in front of me. He told me that he searches the Stein-Street which does not exist in Stutensee-Büchig. When I responded to him that I do not know this street, he has bashed me in the face three times. The last and heaviest punch knocked me down and I was lying on the road beside the pavement for a moment then. Because I had not expected this bashes I could not defend myself against this attack. It was raining and when I stood up the man disappeared fast. He still shouted to me that if I do not stop we will meet again.

Me lower lip is opened up, me right cheek and my head got contusions and I had heavy pains subsequently. On the cheek I have a swelling, blue – green spots and this part of my face is very swollen. The perpetrator was big and strong, but thin, about 1,85 m high, bold in the front of his head, had dark hairs and wore dark coat and trousers. He spoke with a Bavarian accent. Because of the shock and the punches I could not notice the licence number of his car.

I suppose that he had waited for me, because he knew exactly, that I pass there at this time. But it must be asked why he could know this? I suppose that my activity in the association is the reason. The perpetrators are very disturbed and aggressive about my work. I add a medical certificate which attestes my injuries.

I will publish this attack everywhere and the police will forward my report to the persecutor.

Swetlana Schunin "Swetlana Schunin"
Stutensee, 10th of November 2008

Hi. Just yesterday, guys, because of the network, we were able to save one of our members in New York from the psych wards. (More about that later)
Now we need to do the same in Florida (or something similar). If any of you are in or near the Jacksonville, Florida area, we have a mother who's trying to get her baby back at a hearing scheduled for this Wednesday, November 26 at 10 am. We just need a number of you there to support her story and perhaps share a bit of yours. Also, come prepared with letters and documentation to support your claims. I can provide documents and letters as needed. If you can help in any way, please contact:

Phone: 760-419-3215


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Comment by Soleilmavis on November 21, 2008 at 11:26am
Jean Verstraeten Wrote:
Dear All,
I sent the following message to several associations, media etc. Maybe you might do something the like? Or expressing your support to Swetlana? Or send a text that she might use in her contacts with the prosecutor? (It is up to her, of course, to evaluate what she can use or not to the latter purpose. )

In Pace,
E-Mail : see CC

L.S. (English see further)

In het onderstaande relaas van Swetlana Schunin lezen we hoe men haar in volle straat aanviel, verwondde en neersloeg : omdat ze zich verzet tegen folteren op afstand. Hoe lang nog zullen onze medeplichtige inertie en onverschilligheid blijven duren?

Dans le rapport suivant, Swetlana Schunin relate comment elle a été agressée en pleine rue, frappée, blessée et jetée à terre : parce qu’elle s’oppose à la torture pratiquée à distance. Ne sortirons-nous jamais de notre silence indifférent et complice ?

In the following report Swetlana Schunin writes how in the open street she was assaulted, wounded, knocked down. Faced with such facts, how long shall we continue staying indifferent and inert, giving thus our silent consent to unspeakably odious crimes against humanity?

In Pace,
Jean Verstraeten (since 1962 : active in the framework of e.g. the Registry of World Citizens)
Comment by Monika Stoces on November 22, 2008 at 7:36pm
With Glenda we can do something , but why swetlana must send publicly around she was attacked i dont know, what can we do about that? I don t think so much except say "poor swetkaka"
Comment by antnaz on November 22, 2008 at 8:14pm
Because it is a tactic.
Comment by 卫星破译脑电波秘密大脑研究工程 on November 22, 2008 at 11:47pm
Comment by antnaz on November 23, 2008 at 7:45pm
Glenda, please write to the Russia Embassy and Government.
Comment by Zhou on November 23, 2008 at 8:43pm
"Ich habe nicht genug getan", "Sie haben viel getan" ("我做的还不够",您已经做了很多"《辛德莱的名单》)
Comment by antnaz on November 23, 2008 at 8:51pm
"Ich habe nicht genug getan", "Sie haben viel getan" (Schindler's List)
Comment by antnaz on November 26, 2008 at 5:55am


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