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  • Is anyone able to find some way to report cointelpro harassment.  Our case is very similar to the Duplessis orphans in Canada. {See Wikpedia.} In that case, many young orphans [thousands} were provided with false charges and falsely kept in mental hospitals so that the Illumatti could use them as low cost labor.  {Wikpedia}> Years later, the  covert Canadian Illumatti shadow govt. was forced to admit conducting research and then disgracefuly was forced to pay the orphans a settlement of 10,000 for the the liftetimes of suffering and a fee of 1000 a year for each year of confinement to a mental institution.  {Wikpedia.}  Note, that the bureacrats processing the applications for the orphans received at least 1,000 a day.  The bureacrats received more in a month than the orphans received for their many years of suffering. I am afraid this method of operation [m.o.] [protocol} with low cost human guinea pigs  worked more or less for the Canadian Illumatti shadow govt..  There must have been millions of other tis the Canadian shadow govt. never had to admit to using as low cost labor.   Unfortunately, as I read many ti stories online, I realize that the United States covert shadow govt. continues to use a protocol  similar to Duplessis tis, on many tis. 
  • It is tragic that when tis complain that they are being harassed and exploited, they get asked to take pills and shut up about the truth.   Tis cite funding for research projects in their local areas such as electronic signaling, strange noises and voices[v2k technology}, patents that exist for these technologies,  etc. and rude behavior by doctors when they try tell the truth and report the doctors. It is obvious that the tis are being exploited by the Illlumatti and all the locals cover up since the Illumatti  are getting wealthy because they don't pay tis.  You know, American history has many illegal studies that were later reported such as Tuskegee, Mkultra, Project Paperclip, Aches, Guatamalan, etc.{See Wikpedia.}  Many of the Tuskegee victims were lied to and told they had bad blood and really  had syphilis. {Wikpedia}.  In addition, many Mkultra were told they were taking medicine and they were given  LSD.   The abuses are great.  It is   It is time someone report the doctors and Illumatti for lying to the public.      


           I do wish I could find some way to stop this malicious abuse of so many ti lives.  Does anyone have any  ideas? Please write me if you do. 

Thank you,

Sarah King Verb

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Comment by Big Orange on October 24, 2014 at 11:26am

The truth marches along while you sleep. Never doubt we win over these Babylon harlots.

Comment by Angel Law on November 12, 2014 at 11:26pm

Yes this is the truth.  It is terrible how political cover up can cause so much suffering and injustice.


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