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Microwave Weapon 1967 JIM LOVELL WAS HAVNG DINNER AT THE WHITE HOUSE WHEN HIS friend Ed White burned to death.

Microwave Weapon 1967 JIM LOVELL WAS HAVNG DINNER AT THE WHITE HOUSE WHEN HIS friend Ed White burned to death.

Read the book "Were We controlled" 1967 Lincoln Lawrence

darpa: gunning

[:Ari Fleischer :"goverment will lie to you"-the first bush slop bucket server]

the wet hacker page states BICA II was discontinued: i think NOT!
the GLUCK insititue had a pavlovian pool-party...[water shortage? on the upside down?]
upside.jpg picture by espershing
"with this equipment you need to test it on someone to see if it works"

ijm guest care of ny times via the herald tribune:


January 27, 1967

Actually, it wasn't really dinner Lovell was having, just finger sandwiches, orange juice, and unmemorable wine laid out on linen-covered tables in the Green Room. But being that the sun had already gone down and no other time was formally set aside for chow that day, this was as close to dinner as Lovell was going to get.

Actually, too, Ed white didn't burn to death27, 1967

David Gunning [thinks he's a shrink]
First the system will have knowledge--not a database of simple facts--but knowledge about the
world, such as what is meant by a flank, what are common activities a military unit performs,
who is the commander, and what are his preferences.
The system will use reasoning. It will use a variety of inference, planning, and scheduling
techniques. It will use reasoning to infer the exact location of the left flank in this case and
calculate which areas should be monitored for enemy activity.
The system will use dialogue. It will be able to ask the commander questions--but only as a last
resort. If absolutely necessary, it might ask the commander what he means by activity--does he
mean any vehicle movement or just coordinated maneuvers by an entire unit.

The Star-Ledger has learned the Pentagon quietly has killed a project to "reverse-engineer" the human brain, a goal one participant compared to inventing the atomic bomb or landing men on the moon.
But in an e-mail to The Star-Ledger, program manager David Gunning confirmed: "DARPA has decided to not pursue BICA phase 2." Requests to interview Gunning were denied.

But simulating the entire organ? "That's not going to happen without DARPA," G

Will Machines Think as Well as Humans?
Mr. Gunning believes that the ultimate step of creating computers with full human intelligence will not happen anytime soon. "We are very far from creating a computer that genuinely thinks as a human," he said. "However, I am also very confident that within five years we will be able to create computer models of cognition that are dramatically more like human cognition than the ones we have today, and ones that could revolutionize our ability to build software systems that can reason, learn, and adapt to changing situations. Gluck said.

"Geheimes Ruland. Moskau -- Die Zombies der roten Zaren" "Secret Russia. Moscow -- The zombies of the red czars"] Russian Scientist Igor Smirnov Describes Russian Psychotronic Technology ZDF German TV Documentary December 22, 1998. When Reagan asked Gorbachev to "Bring down that wall" the worst escaped to the Western world to spread Communism/Fascism. China and Russia have been ahead of the USA in the torture Industry always. Remember Russia was in Afghanastan for 30 years prior to the USA. The diamond in Afghanastan are the size of softballs and when the hills were being blown diamonds were being mined by US missles and strikes. There are 6 Countries that mine the wealth of Afghanastan. Where is that going? Is the US fighting a war for Communism/Fascism? The USA has no purpose to be in the middle east other that to clear the way for Russia. It is obvious that the USA has been taken over by Russia and that the politicians need to educate themselves as to the degree of influence that is going on and the tricks playes by the Russians to comprimise politicians. They all need to THINK and get a full body MRI to disable their implants.

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