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April 23, 2015



Governor John W. Hickenlooper

Office of the Governor

136 State Capitol Building

Denver, CO  80203


Subject:  State, National and International Emergency - Organized Stalking and Satellite Surveillance and Torture


Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

I wanted to make you aware of an emergency situation.  Satellite technology is silently connected to millions of people, including children, throughout the world.  It provides constant location, sight, sound and thought surveillance.  The operators can literally hear what we hear, see what we see and read our thoughts.  This technology is also being used as a remote, invisible torture instrument by transmitting inexplicable sounds, voices, images, smells and tastes directly into the brain, creating numerous pains and sensations throughout the body and significantly altering sleep patterns, energy level and emotional states.  Many believe the technology has a “kill switch”, capable of causing instantaneous heart failure or a stroke.  Everyone is potentially at risk.  Imagine Hitler or Stalin with this technology.

Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, Miriam Carey, shot fleeing a White House checkpoint in October 2013, Dominic Adesanya, one of the recent White House fence jumpers, and Myron May, the shooter at Florida State University last November, were all targeted and tortured prior to those events.  Eddie Ray Routh may have been targeted, tortured and provoked to kill Chris Kyle, the highly decorated Navy SEAL portrayed in American Sniper, and his friend Chad Littlefield.  Many other seemingly inexplicable tragedies, including mass shootings going back decades, and an untold number of suicides have been caused by people being tortured past their breaking points.  Once exposed, this will be the largest crime in U.S. history.

There are millions of satellite torture victims all over the world.  Most do not even know this technology exists.  Many are pushed into the mental health system.  Over the past decade or so, information has sprung up everywhere – books, articles, websites, blogs, petitions, victim testimonials, support groups, etc.  Published by torture victims trying to make sense of something almost impossible to comprehend, the information is understandably all over the board.  Search “targeted individuals”, “organized stalking”, “gang stalking”, “electronic harassment” and “technological assault”.  One prominent support group, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (, was formed 10 years ago and has members and affiliated support groups across the country and throughout the world. 

Since the satellite technology is classified and no information has been released to the public, there are many different theories regarding technological assault.  However, any viable theory has to be able to explain how people are targeted on airplanes at 35,000 feet over the middle of the ocean.  Satellite is the only technology that can do that.

Many victims of satellite surveillance and torture also experience “organized stalking”.  This is stalking, monitoring, harassment and intimidation conducted by a large, organized, well-funded group.  Organized stalking is a form of psychological torture which uses tactics similar to those used by corrupt regimes throughout history to manipulate and control their populations.  The Germans had a name for the psychological terror inflicted by the Stasi in former communist East Germany – zersetzung or decomposition.  American citizens in communities across the United States are being victimized by organized stalking.  The size and scope of the organized stalking apparatus suggest government involvement and funding.          

I have been a Colorado resident since 1999 and a victim of organized stalking and satellite surveillance and torture for roughly the past decade.  I attached a copy of a paper I wrote in May 2014, “End the Torment”.  It describes some of my personal experiences.  I have reported these crimes to the Denver Police Department, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.  I have also contacted the FBI on numerous occasions.  To my knowledge, no investigation has been commenced.  The brutal torture continues every second of every day. 

Victims across the country have filed reports with local and federal law enforcement.  The crimes are not being investigated.  It is being dismissed as mental illness.  Torture victims are not only being ignored, they are often subjected to defamatory labels.  It is NOT mental illness, yet the mental health profession continues to provide cover for these crimes by handing out false diagnoses and prescribing potentially dangerous, mind-altering drugs.  The DSM and mental health practices will be completely revamped when this situation is finally exposed.  The mental health profession has massive legal exposure, both civil and criminal, to this issue. 

This is a state, national and international emergency.  A long list of horrific crimes are being committed: unimaginable privacy violations, stalking, assault, torture, murder, domestic terrorism and crimes against humanity.  American citizens are under attack, and innocent lives are being destroyed.  This situation must be immediately investigated, and organized stalking and satellite technology capable of ending humanity must be exposed and permanently locked down.

Best regards,


Michael S. Patrick

400 N. Park Avenue, Suite 10-B

Breckenridge, CO  80424


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Comment by Donna (Joy) Plattner on August 12, 2015 at 1:54am

I am a human subject being Targeted with Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking. Me and my family are attacked daily with NSA Government Direct Energy Magnetic Weapon's. I have written and called several folk's asking for help. FCC, DOJ, FBI's Division Office of Civil Right's, The Sheriff and the VA has documented into my VA File that i am being Electronically harassed by Covert Electronic Harassment.I have hacking into my computer and tampering with my telephone and my US Mail


Omaha Nebraska,68132



WARNING ...hackers are rerouting my calls and pretending to be me 


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