Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind control news this week (April 1 to 7, 2019)

 The human brain is divided into left and right halves, but the functions are quite different. The left brain mainly controls knowledge, judgment, thinking, etc., and has a close relationship with the consciousness. The right brain is self-contained, capable of exerting its own imagination, thinking, and imaging ideas, and has an excellent function as a storyteller. If it is the left brain, no matter how you rack your brains, it has its limits. However, as long as the memory of the right brain is combined with thinking ability, it can be connected with pure thinking and image thinking without language. The original concept will be magically triggered.

I am a jewelry designer. The operation of the right brain is especially important to me. But the brain
controller has long-term remote control of electronic weapons attacking my right brain. The purpose is to and ruin my talent of design, make me loss my creativity. As said, before I awake being mind control, these are 10 person paid for eyes stalking my design drawing every day, after I known be mind control, I stopped designing. So the perps remote control electronic weapon attacked my right brain for revenge.

2. According to the credible news about the brain control machine, when the brain control machine is connected with the beauty machine, The controller can adjust the age, appearance and skin quality of the being brain control person at will. The controller adjusts my age Up to 70, 20 years higher than my actual age, and also made a 50% change in my appearance, intended to prematurely aging me. It seems to intentionally kill me in advance.  And I am not only one victim as know.

1. 人的腦分為左、右兩半部, 而功能卻大不一樣。左腦主要控制著知識、判斷、思考等,和顯意識有密切的關係。 右腦具有自主性,能夠發揮獨自的想像力、思考,把創意圖像化,同時具有做為一個故事述說者的卓越功能。如果是左腦的話,無論是你如何的絞盡腦汁,都有它的極限。但是右腦的記憶力只要和思考力一結合,就能夠和不靠語言的前語言性純粹思考、圖像思考連結,而獨創性的構想就會神奇般的被引發出來。

我是一位首, 右腦的運對我特別重要. 但腦殘賤人長遙控電子武我右腦, 其目的是令我沒法發我的創, 我設計的才華. 在我未知自被腦控前, 每日設計時, 10個人付款腦控人眼部跟, 當我知被腦控後, 已停設計, 此有如斷腦控人收入, 所以賤人長期遙控電子武我右腦以作報

2. 對腦控機了人仕的可信消, 當腦控機同美容機連接時, 可以隨意調被腦控者的年, , . 而控機者將我的年調高至70, 比我實20, 同時將我的樣也作出50%的改, 意在將我提前衰老. 似是有意將我提前死亡而受害者不只我一個.

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