Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control News this week (April 22 to 28, 2019)


1. During Chinese Tomb Sweeping Festival, the brain control perp used the laser to project the image of the deceased family member in the victim's home, and chatted with the victim based on the information that obtained from the previous brain control, not only recall the love between each other’s, but the truth was defrauding money, remind to the victims, the scams are endless, be careful the traps.

2. This week, Alan Tan,
Chan and Eric Tsang took legal responsibility. They order Cai Lam, Joe Nieh, Chin Ka Lok, Cuson Law, Tsang Chi How, Francis Ng, Gordon Lam, Ivan Ho and others to remotely control electronic weapon causing headaches for me and the victims. Sleep deprivation continued 7 days in the evening. At the same time within my chip with stinky elders who got foul all the time as mental abuse. I have report to the police at noon on the 26th.

3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with over 70 persons including my friends and family, used to torture me and harassed my friends, causing
widespread indignation and discontent
and. Also causing my weight increased from 83 lbs to 130 lbs, there are increased 10 lbs per day. It is incredible. My current physical load has been seriously damaged, and my joints are swollen and painful.

4. Once again, if you got someone else's chip, please submit it to the police for record. You need to know that you are not only taking a chip, but a human life, and the chip can expend to thousands of lives. If you cannot hand over the chip currently, please shut down the machine as soon as possible. Otherwise you may bear a legal responsibility for murder. As said that my main chips was distributed by Stephen Chow to Patrick Tse, Alan Tang, Simon Yam,
Cuson Law and Peter Chan. 

5. Brain control monks continue to spread rumors in the space, misleading the listener that torture me by within chip with over 70 persons and electronic harassment since I got their money. I should clarify again that I ever never obtained any money or remuneration from the brain control perps. The perps used the lie as an excuse to harass me, I will reserve the right to pursue the law for what they done to me.

6. The brain control perp uses the mentally disable person to keep the brain control machine and the chips, and then use chips combination to merger their body with mentally disable person and guide the mentally disable person to control the chips according to what they want. If one day, the disable person seized by the polices, the handicapped person who have an excuse for short term Jail.  And the other hand, the well-known person will use mentally disable person as brain sound inception, use to hide their well-known sounds. So please be careful to consider such situation when you judging the cases in the brain control space.

7. It has been mentioned that many victims got hair loss, the matter of fact was caused by within chip with the patient who got sick.  When the chips separated, the hair loss disappears instantly. This is purely caused by technology. , non-drugs can be cured.

8.  Some complaints from victims this morning. Yesterday the brain-controlled perps used electronic harassment as a threat, forced the victims to join the demonstration for against proposed extradition law. They refused to do since all victims did not want the mind control to continue, hope the government can revise the regulation for the mind control fugitives who have flee abroad can transfer back to Hong Kong for trial. The demonstration were called by the brain-controlled perps, and have HK$50.00 /person per hour. Most of the participants did not know, and the money was finally got by the perps. So it is shameful for the perps who for personal interest to force the victims to participate in the demonstration, force the victims to do something not their want!

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