Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control News this week (April 29 to May 5, 2019)


1. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller continuous remote control electronic harassed victims for headache. The controller who control my chip as known was cuson Law, He taking advantage of Hong Kong Radio's civil servant status, control my chip for opening my brain sound 7/24, made me suffer whole week headache. Also the relating persons who order to electronic harassment should taking legal liabilities were Liza Wan, DoDo Cheng, Dayo Wong, Sandra Ng, Peter Chan, Cai Lam and Joe Nieh etc.


2.  As said, Eric Tsang was arrested for violating people's privacy to making personal interests. According to brain-controlled space observers, after arrest and placed in a prison for few hour, he has within someone’s chip for outside social. (Eric Tsang's chip was combined with outside freedom man, used mind control to freedom man for any movement according to what he want, and the eyes stalking saw both of them were merged together acting freely outside.  The officer checking prison house, saw Eric Tsang still in prison house as asleep.) 


3. As said, Nancy Chit’s son, Paul Chun’s son together with Chu’s family of private detectives have illegally fled outside Hong Kong by container ship. According to the parties concerned, the voyage lasted about four days. After arriving at the shore of a small island, a car took them to a very hot place with no air conditioning and poor sanitation, even they did not know the address, and someone will give them meal boxes every day. But their brain sounds still in the brain-controlled space.


 On the other hand, Cai Lam and Joe Nieh have fled Taiwan, and the brain Sound still give command for electronic harass victims for headache.


Sometimes, when I posted the news about the artists or movie stars fled out of Hong Kong, the newspapers and magazines will post some information and photos to misled reader that their still in Hong Kong. The matter of fact, the newspapers and magazines post was some historical photos, and we try to send someone to the place of activities without seeing the parties at all. So it is let me know today's entertainment news only for fun without credibility, we can said it is a joke on you news.


4. The brain control perps used to control some of people in the fashion wholesale center, when some customers ordering or retailing, the perp order the sales to raising the price, and then pay the difference mark up to the perp, the buyers and sellers are both Complain that will lost a lots of business.

 5. Next week, The people who voluntarily to manger the brain control space are Patrick Tse, Liza Wan, Sandra Ng.

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