Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control News this week (January 28 to February 3, 2019)


1. There are many perps got infertile, I don’t know why, may be done too much hurt to the people, and some in prison. So they refrigerated their sperm. When someone is doing IVF surgery, they secretly force the doctor to replace a sperm with the husband, so that the pregnant women holding stranger’s baby without knowing. the more pitiful is to help the prison raise the damage DNA. So when you doing IVF pregnancy, carefully choose a good doctor.

2. When you become a target for brain control, the perp will use the trick as bellow:

First for big families, they will
alienate family member, pick one more weakness, less willpower, support weakness to against with the strong one in the family, make weakness one to becoming the final decision maker. The perp used such strategy to make it easier to control and acquisition you own business.


If you are an employee, the same method is used. The perp who support low education one, suppress and exclude the high qualifications, it seems to announcing to the world that you must cooperate with them to used mind control machine, even the low-educated servants can become the president of the company. No matter how strong you are, if you rejected to follow their instruction, your career will more complicated and may go over. 


In the relationship between love couple, when the wife is more rational and calm, the brain control person must arrange a third party to replace her. Used the psychological, emotional and mind activities control mode, third party’s eye stalking to track the target. As the victim’s confession, each time When meeting his wife, He felt so nerves and have some unpleasant things happening every time (all troubles made by cheap perps), but when he met the third party together, he felt so comfortable and stress-free. So falling to the trap that set-up by mind control perps., and become the chess that manipulated by perps. 


3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with someone who got pronounce vague and accent with me, which made me got a same effect.

4. This week, the brain control monks continue to play role in the evening. Someone pretend me to make a lots of promises but not fulfill. So remind to the listener, carefully distinguish between the real and fake, avoid being cheated.

5. This week, the brain control monks continue to remotely control the electronic weapons, which makes me have a mild headache. The trouble makers are: Timothy Cheung, Ivan Ho, Francis Ng, Sammy Leung, Deon Cheung, Jade Lau.

6. When I am writing a blog, Bob Lam used mental retardation function and within my chip with him, which made me unable to write and read the computer subtitles.

1.     腦控空間有很多賤人, 不知因何故, 可能作孽太多, 大多數都不能生育, 有些是因為坐監, 所以他們將自己的精子雪藏, 當有人做試管嬰兒手術時, 暗中強迫醫生將人家老公的精子同他們掉換, 令孕婦變成代孕而不自知. 更可憐的是帮賤人養大有缺憾DNA的孩子. 所以當做人工授孕時, 小心選擇信譽良好的醫生.


2.     當你成為腦控賤人攻擊目標時, 使用的伎:


分化受害者大家庭, 常見的招數是向其中較弱, 意志力偏低者著手, 利用他們對付家族中的強者, 打擊強者, 吹捧扶植弱者,賤人更容和收購家族生意;

        在職場也用相同方法, 捧低學歷者, 打壓高學歷, 似乎在向全世界宣佈, 只要同腦控人合作, 低學歷的平傭之輩也可成為公司的總裁. 無論你有多強, 多本事, 如果你不同腦控人合作, 一樣難以上位, 一事無成. 

        在夫妻關係上, 當妻子一方較為理智, 冷靜時, 腦控賤人必安排第三者出現, 以心理,緒和思維控制方式, 用第三者的眼晴跟當事人. 受害者自白, 每次當見妻子時, 一定有不愉事情發生(腦控賤人制造出來), 但當同第三者一, 很舒, 無壓力. 所以就陷入腦控人設的溫,為腦控賤人操控的棋子.


3.     本週變態控花片賤人將我同有口音, 口齒不伶俐者併芯片, 令我發音含糊.


4.     本週腦控賤人繼續於晚間角色扮演, 有人扮我許下諾言後食言, 望聽者小心分辨為盼, 以免受騙.


5.     本週腦控賤人繼續遙控電子武器令我輕度頭痛, 作孽者計有鄭子誠, 何守信,吳鎮宇, 森美, 張松枝, 劉玉翠. 新年贈言 賤人賤到99, 乞食乞到年29”.


6.     當我正在博客時, 賤人林盛斌使用智障功併我芯片, 令我睇不清電腦字, 無法書.


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