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Mind Control News this week (May 13 to 19, 2019)

Mind Control News this week (May 13 to 19, 2019)


1. There are many people in the brain-controlled space who have sore legs caused by uric acid. As known that when people being used as a positioning coved in the mind control space, the metamorphosis chip controller used off the urine key to keep the gang stalker concentration, sometimes off last over 8 hours, so most of them showed signs of uric acidosis.
According to the above, warn to the brain-controlled victims. When you find that you have more than 4 hours without going to the toilet and your legs are sore, you may be secreted being as a positioning system, so you should drink more water, eat some cucumbers, and keep activities to prevent being uric acidosis.

2. In near few years, I discovered that there are different kinds of insects invading my apartment.  Such case I never even saw before. There are 6-8 very beautiful tortoise beetles, oversized butterflies, Gecko and ants. They disappeared mysteriously after mysterious appearance. According to scientific explanation, it is caused by the change of the magnetic field. Why does it cause the magnetic field to change? The reason is that the chip controller within my chip with different people in different regions, the frequency around me will changes accordingly, so different insects appearance depends on difference people in difference regions that local produced. I asked the chip mapping person, such insects show in your side all the way, the answer is yes. So the conclusion is that the insects appears and disappears based on the volume of frequency.   

According to the above, I would like to give a suggestion to the restaurant, use a frequency rodent killer instead of rodenticide to ensure the safety of the diners.

3. This week's, the metamorphosis chip controller still remote-controlled electronic weapons caused headaches and physical fever to me and victims. The metal disable killer all from the entertainment industry, DJs and major media. For the above reasons, the well-known tycoons is Mr. Charles Ho in media industry and Mr Albert Yeung in entertainment industry, so they should bear legal responsibility for the negligent duty of management. I believe all our Hong Kong citizens have no objection to this.

Starting at 2:24 am on Monday (20th), the metamorphosis chip controller began to remotely control the electronic weapon attack victim's intensity headache until noon, still in continuous...

I have report to the police office by email at 11:52, and CC copy sent to Chief Executive's Office as well.

4. beginning this week, there are a lot of dirty movie starts in mind control space earn for live. Warn to the victims, Everyone should take care yourself and the children, don’t believed what they said about I got few children, I understood your feeling, they are all lie, they want to used your child as replace for them, since they harm many people in mind control space, worry about someone will revenge, so use your child to mapping the chip with their child as targeted replacement. Be careful!

5. There are many foreigners in the brain control space, and the manager of the space arranges a number of abnormal Chinese men to bully women, elderly and Children. It seems that the perps wants to show the weakest of Chinese people how to be birdbrain, how degenerate and incompetent to the world, only in capable in bully women and children. What is the motivation behind them?
Disgrace their own country?


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