Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control News this week (May 6 to 12, 2019)


 The trouble maker this week: Cuson Law, Timothy Cheng, Ng Man Tat, Ivan Ho, Francis Ng, Gordor Lam, Jade Lau etc.


The persons for legal responsibility this week: Patrick Tse, Liza Wan, Sandra Ng.


1. Said Gordon Lam for get a Hong Kong Film Award, agreed to take care over 70 elders in mind control space for exchange. After got it, he never keep her promise, within the chips with over 70 elders to the victims, causing the victims felt the same pains of the elderly, and also causing victims image older soonest, reaction show slower than before.  We got a lots of complaints about inconveniences and injuries to the victims in life, work from the victims for mental abuse cases causing by within chip with elderly.

Even more ridiculous was merger of countless elders' chips with me, using my eyes as their eyes to saw all my life, even my home, seriously invading my privacy.  I with vigorously denounce to the brain control perps led by Gordon Lam and Cuson Law for above behaviors, I will reserve all my rights to take legal action.

2. Brain control monks forced victims to participate in remote electronic weapons to torture others for making money, otherwise will continue being electronic harassment, intended to turn victims into perpetrators for save the compensation. I have being tortured by electronic weapons for more than 30 years, I can feel the pain of victims same as mine, I never ever harm to the victims, I want to keep the right to pursue law for compensation.


3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with a lots of people for 24 hours a day, shutting down my urinary key; sleep deprivation, merging multiple chips with me and even breathing together, which made me unable to sleep. When I ask why? Liza Wan’s sound answered that Eric Tsang offer $30,000 Hong Kong dollars for deprived sleeping to the victims. As I known, Eric Tsang has been imprisoned, why he do that, what is his real motivation and purpose?

4. When I went to the beauty salon for massage this week, the metamorphosis chip controller took turns to within my chip with 7 perps, including one more than 140 pounds. Because of the different body types, I feel nothing after massage, but all within chips perp got sore and pain in difference body part such as hands and shoulders.  They used their pains to within the chips with other victims, made the victims felt the same pain with them for fun. We are heartily piqued on their rascally and rogues behaviors.


5. I clarify again, there is no relationship between my family and Cai Lam, and even don’t know for each other.



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