Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mind Control Space News this week (December 31, 2018 to January 6. 2019)


The metamorphosis perps who as mad as lost the mind gave the order to destroy country reputation, hurt the people wealthy by electronic harassment: Chow Yue Fat, Ray Liu, Peter Chen, DoDo Cheng, Dayo Wong, Ng Man Tat, Paul Chun, Sean Lau, Francis Ng, Timothy Cheng, Tseng Chi How, Jade Lau etc.

 1. The mind control perp spread rumors. Lie to people said that I am a manager in mind control space. Such used to make known to the public for kill. I had clarify that my own degree was human management, not the animal trainer, and refused the role of the scapegoat.

2. At present, the Hong Kong media has been monopolized to lower credibility by a few of brain control perps. Most of media group’s income come from the drug advertising which profits by remote control electronic weapons made public's headaches. So for the news from newspaper or some of media, I keep the skeptical attitude, should have assumptions boldly; find proofs with care to every news with my principle.

3. Brain control perps often use brain sounds to communicate with children, incepting the fake sound as your family members, lie to the children to get their leave home for kidnap. So always remind your children, don't trust any brain sounds, one’s happened, direct contact the family member in the normal way, never taking action alone.

4. The brain control perps keep to used the false statements telling your friends, you are in danger, need them help, the lie once again and again, make your friends lose faith. When some day, when you really have danger, everyone thinks it is an illusion. The perps used above to creates a story like "Wolf is coming."  So remind to the victims. When you hear your friends or your family is in danger, don’t hesitate to contact them to confirm, make sure everyone safety.

本週腦控空間喪心病狂指使遙控電子武器禍國殃民者: 周潤發, 呂良偉, 陳可辛, 鄭裕玲, 黃子華, 吳盂違, 秦沛, 劉青雲, 吳鎮宇, 鄭子誠, 曾志豪, 劉玉翠等.


  1. 腦控空間有人對外散佈謠言, 聲稱我是空間管理者. 此舉實屬捧殺. 本人在大學所讀的是人類管理學, 而非馴獸師, 謝絕代罪羔羊角色.


  1. 目前香港媒體已被一小撮腦控人所壟斷, 喪失公信力. 他們的營運資金大部份都來自藥物廣告收益, 實質是遙控電子武器令市民的頭痛所得利. 所以對報紙傳媒的言論, 我一直保留懷疑的態度, 本著大膽假設, 小心求證的原則.


  1. 腦控人經常利用腦音同小朋友溝通, 以各種謊言, 調教他們家人的聲音去欺騙小朋友離家後, 將其綁架勒索. 所以需時刻提醒家中小朋友, 不好隨便相信任何人包括家人的腦音, 多以正常途徑同家人聯絡, 不可隨便單獨行動.


  1. 腦控空間賤人不停用虛假陳述, 告知你身邊朋友, 你有危險, 你有事需要他們帮忙, 一次又一次謊報, 令你身邊朋友失了信心. 當有朝一日, 你真的有事時, 大家都以為是假象. 營造有如"狼來了"的傳說. 所以呼籲被腦控受害者, 當聽到你朋友, 家人有危險時, 以不厭其煩的態度, 彼此多聯絡, 確保大家處於安全的狀況.


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