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Mood swings, psychosis? can't sleep without ambien and other stuff

   I recently got out of the hospital(suicide attempt)  I ate at a quiet place and was fine but still had great apathy, suicidal thoughts, and messed up thoughts that they planted But for the most part i was able to have a normal conversation.

 Also noticed a street theatre bit while walking with my parents where someone shouted something along the lines of "you are a loser" which was "supposedly" directed to someone else.....  I did not mind dying at all yesterday and my social anxiety was at a minimum.

Now today this morning they let me feel on top of the world which was great i felt happy for the first time in which felt like ages, met with a friend and everything was going great until dinner. i had experienced overwhelming anxiety (i did not feel like this yesterday) most of the time induced psychosis?. I would rehearse what I wanted to say in my mind but something disgusting would try to come out instead. That seems to be a recurring theme.

It seems like it is dangerous to think out loud because they can choose who and where to send your thought voice too. I made attempts to to see if my family can me thinking out loud hear this and almost most of the time no, but other people can differently hear this.

Why can't they use this technology to enhance peoples lifestyle, to better themselves, and be more productive in society instead of encourging suicide.

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Comment by Jake Maverick on March 30, 2014 at 9:54am

I've experienced same and similar Michael, for many many years.

Friends driven away many years ago though- if you still got'em do everything you can to hold on to them is my advice. Do you talk to them about this? Almost impossible to find a way to broach the subject, but I would try if you can.

Comment by Sally on March 31, 2014 at 3:20am

Hi Michael, im really sorry to hear what you've just been through. Please dont try this again, dont let them win and also by attempting suicide you leave yourself very weakened emotionally and makes the perps able to get to you easier. You are stronger than anything they can throw at you. You have love, they are loveless. I know life in these circumstances can be incredibly hard but try to keep your fighting spirit alive. Do this by praying and understanding there is a God who loves you so much and will see you through anything they put you through. As for the people listening to your thoughts, it is only the perps using synthetic telepathy techniques. Learn to ignore them, they are the losers for having nothing better to do with their time. Stay alive for your family and for us here who are going through the same things. God bless :)

Comment by TI in Florida on April 2, 2014 at 4:14am
I think part of the plan is to try to eliminate us by implanting suicidal thoughts and then having the gangstalkers do everything they can to taunt the victims - I call it the suicide entrapment program. Ignore those people, and ignore v2k, the program will eventually change to something else. Stay strong and good luck.
Comment by Michael Falzone on April 2, 2014 at 4:16am
Thanks I will try to stay strong
Comment by Sally on April 2, 2014 at 6:29am

Michael I know that "stay strong" is easier said then done especially with them modifying thoughts and feelings. I have also felt suicidal and still do at times. You know what I do? Im not strong, when im at my weakest I cry and beg God to help me, just focus on God. I hate these times but one thing I've noticed is that I always feel better again eventually. The dark cloud passes, I can cope then sometimes it comes back but it always passes if I just hang in there. I just want to stress to you try not to worry about the gangstalking harassment. This is one of the first things they did to me, people reading my thoughts (via synthetic telepathy), following me, being extra rude to me etc. They are the biggest wankers in society for being so interested in someone elses life who they dont even know, feel sorry for them, they are sad cases with no lives of their own. The best way to live under these circumstances is to keep doing the things you like, even when you dont feel like it, force yourself to focus on other things and when you feel miserable know that it will pass. In saying all this stay strong ;)

Comment by Michael Falzone on April 2, 2014 at 6:33am
Thanks im gonna try to work on myself as well and spend more time with family.


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