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More lies of this very bad perp called themselves "Jennifer Crawford"........about Ron aware of this perp Jennifer Crawford........

Astrid, I don't assume that you are going to be open to hearing this, but here it is and you can do with it whatever you want. But this guy needs to be exposed for the narcissistic con-artist that he is. I don't care how good his information is...he has been fucking with the wrong woman.

by Jennifer Crawford on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 1:43pm

This is my only way of responding to the the accusations Ron Angell is making about me and another person supposedly victimizing him, extorting from him, attempting to kill(?)/isolate or hurt him, etc., etc., etc. and whatever else he is saying…(after he "de-friended" me AGAIN so I wouldn't be able to see or respond to what he is writing about me all over his FB page)

I don’t like doing this at all, but I am being given no choice ... I don’t have the fear or the shame or whatever it is I’m supposed to have apparently to keep me CORNERED.

I put you in touch, Ron Angell, with “Jannie” because she helped me tremendously after someone put her in touch with me in 2008 when I was nearly dead…I KNOW that it MY CASE she saved my fucking life. In MY CASE, what was being done to me was electronic surveillance, torture with directed-energy weapons, poisoning, and gas-lighting combined with high-level sorcery…such as people trained in psychic assassination astral projecting into my house…as CRAZY as that may sound. As I spoke about with you many times, the gang-stalking phenomenon often does have a huge SPIRITUAL component to it and must be fought in spiritual terms. Dr. William Deagle understands this and explains it very well. He even knows a man in South Africa that does the same type of work that Jannie does that he's had on his show.

You seemed like you needed help REAL bad as soon as we started talking. You were the only individual “T.I.” I ever ‘referred’ to her; because it is difficult for people to trust to begin with and one has to be pretty open-minded to believe an Apache shaman could possibly be of help…But to me she was a God-Send and I wanted to share that with you. And as soon as I told you about my experience, YOU asked if she would help you.

Jannie helps A LOT of people who are targeted FOR FREE. Many people don’t even know she is helping them. Being “ambi-terrestrial” she operates behind the scenes most of the time. Obviously she CAN”T help everybody for free all of the time and that’s NOT HER FAULT. NO, She is NOT getting rich off of anybody; she can literally fit everything she owns into a couple of paper bags. But she’s not much help to anybody when she’s trying to live homeless, which she was for several months not long ago.

It’s because I liked you so much Ron, that my family even pitched-in to help pay for her to try to help you, even though they barely have a pot to pee in these days. I didn’t crow about it; I mentioned it only once because I wanted you to know that that is how much we believed in her ability to HELP you to get free. “HELP” being the operative word here…You may not be employed right now, but you are a lot financially better off than my family is; and STILL you have the nerve to publicly accuse me of ripping you off???....WTF??? You have GOT to be kidding me!

If you didn’t want to work with her you didn’t have to; nobody put a gun to your head. You are a forty-five year old adult man; you make your own choices. Nobody FORCED you to do A DAMN THING. But if the problem was that you thought that money was going to buy you CONTROL OVER anybody else, then that was YOUR mistake.

You told me repeatedly at the beginning that things were getting a lot better; that you didn’t know HOW she was doing it but that she was “breaking it,” that your neighbors had begun putting their homes up for sale, and that it would therefore be SAFE for me to go visit or stay with you. It wasn’t until she confronted you about your dishonesty in your relationship with me—and a lot of other (mostly) women-- that you decided she wasn’t helping, didn't know what she was doing, was ripping you off, etc., etc., etc., and that everything was as bad and torturous as ever….

Nobody ever told you Ron, that she could FIX IT ALL FOR YOU while you sit around and play sexual parlor-games with your WEBCAM “friends” a good part of the day every day of the week…. If that’s the way you decide to live, then that obviously doesn’t leave much room for a real life, like having a girlfriend or a job…. In order for something to change—something has to change.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt for as long as I could…(you're carrying on like this while telling me that you loved me, and admonishing me not to even speak to my ex-boyfriend???) I tried to believe I was mistaken, was imagining things, exaggerating, etc., etc. And Jannie DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE TO TELL ME what you're habits were. She waited for you to stop which you didn't....Then she waited for me to figure it out for myself and ask her, which I finally did.... Then I waited and waited and WAITED for you to GET HONEST about it. And that’s all I wanted was for you to be HONEST…but you couldn't or wouldn't do that either.

YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM. Call it a sexual addiction or need for attention/distraction--whatever --it is a sickness you get false ego-value from (at other peoples' expense) and only YOU can do anything about it. "Jannie" told you from the beginning she would not over-ride your free will....

Ironically, you reel people in with TRUTH. It’s when you make it personal -- there is NO more truth-- it’s just vicious psycho-sexual GAME PLAYING. You use your VICTIM STATUS and your 200-plus ‘followers’ as a weapon to manipulate, and bully other people. Anyone who figures it out and doesn’t want “play” anymore—on your terms—or God forbid, they get angry(!) about having been played, well, they become your NEW Enemy /Stalker/Torturer….

Most people won’t stand up to you about this because they are EMBARRASSED and they just go slink off silently…I’m NOT embarrassed. I’m angry that you don’t take any responsibility for anything ever. I’m pissed-off that you set me up—from the beginning—to be your new “bad guy.”

Just because you are a victim doesn’t mean you’re not a PREDATOR. That is the real reason you’re isolated and alone. In spite of all your proclamations of LOVE and all of your PRETTY WORDS, at the end of the day you really treat other people like shit.

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Comment by Peter Fabik on May 29, 2011 at 4:57am
facebook can be hacked! do not forget this. Try to have face to face or skype or phone contact where you can minimum hear the other. Facebook is a millitary application! never forget that and please try to make sure that the attack really came from the sender or is it just used by someone else. They did this with me and my brother also. I have recieved some emails via facebook from him, and I got so angry that I wrote a letter back to fuck up. Later I profiled the emails, I realzed that it could not be him. I called him up on the phone and he told me that he had no access to internet for a week. So it ws not him who sent those emails. Be aware of it! they try to make us to fight against each other!
Comment by Astrid Fuchs on May 29, 2011 at 6:53am
yes I know this, so I know that this are lies..........and that this Jennifer Crawford is a fake profile...........
Comment by Astrid Fuchs on June 3, 2011 at 4:40am
      • and more lies about Ron Angell spreading by the very bad perp who is behind the profile of Jennifer Crawford........
    • This is what she said to me.I am a T.I. in America and an em-path. I got "involved" with Ron and attempted to help him...I agree Ron has suffered a lot. But A lot of people have suffered a lot; not just him.

      I have seen that he treats a lot of female T.I.'s very shoddily--because they are vulnerable--and he gets away with it. He has been getting away with it for years.

      I just don't believe Ron is deserving of the hero-worship he expects to be given. He needs to GROW UP.

      I hope that makes sense! That's about as simple as I can put it. ~Jen

      Masood Khalid June 1 at 10:41pm
      Well, i think his this kind of behaviour is due to isolation. Most of the male persons behave like this when they are isolated, they need attention and love which they dont find around them.

      Jennifer Crawford June 2 at 4:12am Report
      I have known a lot of targeted individuals over the last 20 years, and I have never met one who acts like he does...He doesn't REALLY want a girlfriend in REAL life...he would rather have four or five 'Pretend Internet Girlfriends' all fighting over him.

      He's been playing these games for years, even back when he was married.

      I used to make the same excuses for him, Masood. But I don't anymore because he makes enough excuses for himself.

      Masood Khalid June 2 at 6:30pm
      May be he is helpless may be. I know some of the targeted individuals who can not travel or go to upstairs even.

      Jennifer Crawford June 2 at 6:58pm Report
      Maybe he just thinks he's special!

      We're all helpless in various my case I'm still very sick from two years of massive poisonings, some people have PTSD, others can't leave their house without being stalked..etc., etc. He's not special. Haha! That is my opinion...after having talked to him on the phone for sometimes up to eight hours a day for three months.

      I was not charmed.

  • v
Comment by Astrid Fuchs on June 10, 2011 at 7:24pm

and more lies about Ron Angell from another perp on facebook............


Jhodi Smit

  • Jhodi Smit
    vor 8 Stunden
    Jhodi Smit
    • Ma'am Ron Angell r his handlers has done much harm to me and everybody even authority figures know what kind of person I am. Very honest and very very kind hearted.Ron tried to use me for his own benefit I can show u proof on how I tried to help him and how ugly he has been to me over the phone. I didnt even know him and went out of my way to see that his case gets notice. He should be ashamed of himself with his MK ultra personalities. I am a Mkultra victim myself had much love and compassion for him. He threw me to the wolves after I informed the DOJ and Obama adminstration to look into our cases.
Comment by Astrid Fuchs on June 10, 2011 at 7:25pm

and again more lies about Ron Angell from another perp profile on facebook..............

Janeth Flores

  • Janeth Flores
    • Hello Astrid, do yo like Ron Angel?
  • Astrid Fuchs
    27. Mai
    Astrid Fuchs
    • why do you ask me this ? do you know him............
  • Janeth Flores
    • I see that you and me have many friends in common except him and he sounds weird sometimes.
    • Like extremely attentive sometimes. But he doesnt answer to all my emails, he re directs the conversation with another question and things like that.
  • Astrid Fuchs
    27. Mai
    Astrid Fuchs
    • ok let me know more about him..............
  • Janeth Flores
    • Actually i wanted to know from! I'm just hyper-vigilant. I have had insomnia for like 2 years and i recently bought some sleeping pills, they work great except today i guess....i'm much too stressed because i am writing a story about what happened to me and it make me feel really ill.
  • Astrid Fuchs
    27. Mai
    Astrid Fuchs
    • no he is not attentive, I often talk to him on telefone........he is one of victim the victims here. sorry that you feel bad.... hope you get better soon, will call him soon again and tell him that he should add you as friend here............
  • Janeth Flores
    • he is my friend already but i just wanted to be careful because i received a letter from Jennifer saying that he goes around sweet talking all the girls. So i just want to stay away from that stuff....

      I like your pictures :)
Comment by Astrid Fuchs on June 10, 2011 at 9:07pm

more lies about Ron Angell...........



Comment by Astrid Fuchs on June 10, 2011 at 9:20pm

more lies about Ron Angell ..........perp profile on facebook.........

Jhodi Smit

  • Jhodi Smit
    vor 10 Stunden
    Jhodi Smit
    • Ma'am Ron Angell r his handlers has done much harm to me and everybody even authority figures know what kind of person I am. Very honest and very very kind hearted.Ron tried to use me for his own benefit I can show u proof on how I tried to help him and how ugly he has been to me over the phone. I didnt even know him and went out of my way to see that his case gets notice. He should be ashamed of himself with his MK ultra personalities. I am a Mkultra victim myself had much love and compassion for him. He threw me to the wolves after I informed the DOJ and Obama adminstration to look into our cases.
  • Jhodi Smit
    vor 20 Minuten
    Jhodi Smit
    • Mrs Astrid if your profil gets hacked there is a man that Ron says is evil Stefan Schoellmen who has access to itellectuall properties and data links he is the CEO of SiS technologies who has harrassed me and Ron. Threaten 2 kill him and have his way with me and filed police reports on him. In behalf of Ron. So Im a perp and was bout to got get Lynn Galllagher from Texas at Ron's sugesstion. The truth is the truth.
  • Jhodi Smit
    vor 9 Minuten
    Jhodi Smit
    • An the war you speak of is not really a war. You peopie r locked into this. Ask Ron why he called me a prophet r seer. For as a job thats in the makin with the criminal justice system. the offer has been made i deal with very honest folks who know my integrity and appreciate my abilities. Who see how exploited I have been behind haters.


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