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Even More Shielding Tips - Refusal of the Mark!

The brainwave reading in the forehead and frontal lobe by these NSA satanists is the "mark in the forehead" mentioned in Rev.13:16 (KJV). Don't be left behind but Repent and give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ while there is still time.

Shielding Tips

1)For a quick disconnection from the main lasers which enter the left cerebellum and top of spinal cord just raise your trap muscles to the base of back of skull. You will hear a popping noise and you have temporarily disconnected lasers. The more control being used the louder the pop. Remember, shoulder point lasers and back lasers are disconnected by reaching up and a quarter turn. This and head tilting has worked great for me during computer forced torture, anxiety, body aches and emotions and by repeating this several times and taking a deep breath you should get some relief. Also just tilting head to one side has the same effect on lasers thru top of skull and works great to disconnect visual feed and bad brainwave feed. *Always have a lighter handy to light near effected areas for pain and this will bust up these scalar lasers.

2)If you are nearsighted just remove glasses whenever possible, when the computer doesn't recognize it then it cannot assimilate or extrapolate object to mean anything. Perfect thought protection. I have ruined a many a day of well planned street theater and supercomputer gang stalking by just taking off my glasses.

3)To hamper V2K and hippocampus timewarp symptoms just buy a $3 eye patch and two 3 in. dia. buttons. Wrap eyepatch with aluminum foil and electrical tape and this covers the nose. This helps prevent laser to hippocampus amnesia wall and timewarp effects. Place buttons on either side of patch and cover cheekbones and TMJ area to hamper V2K. Buttons also work well against laser to teeth torture. Buttons can also be added for back of skull to hamper cerebellum entry and feedforwarding capabilities. This is great to sleep in and should be worn while viewing computer monitors, tv and driving (if possible). Anytime the skull is in a fixed position this laser can send and receive information. Tilt head as needed. Patch also hampers direct shots thru nose to thalamus.

4) To hamper laser entry to the neocortex(three inches above corner of hairline especially) and cerebellum simply line a wide brimmed leather hat with tin foil, copper screen or copper pennies(1981 and previous) or copper ground wire or copper scrubber pads and add thick metal trading buttons and magnets. While some say foil and copper improve their reception, this type hat blocks smell and taste and speech manipulation and dulls headache pain. Most important it hampers access to hypothalmus and limbic system. Lasers snap out on head tilt with this style hat.

5)Copper bracelets and rings can be used to cover cerebellum entry during laser forced torture and feedforwarding or protect an attacked area.**The hand and wrist alone confuses laser entry. **

6)The electric current of a heating pad hampers download when slept on or placed on back of neck and handy when laser thru eye or nose to hypothalamus has you ten degrees to cold.These satanists also hate Mylar because it is effective. Mylar is probably the most comfortable thing to stuff in your hat or toboggan.

7)Not a tip but a promise to these Jezebel nsa satanists from our Lord Jesus Christ  Rev. 2:23 " I will also kill her followers, and then all the churches will know that I am he who knows men's thoughts and wishes." (TEV)

8) This VCR tape bandana wrapped in silk does reduce laser fed dreams and forced visions and cerebellum entry. The video is very helpful

9) The area attacked for sleep is the middle of the forehead (thalamic rhythms releasing serotonin) so when drowsiness is unwanted place a metal shoehorn over nose and forehead(best held on by rubber band or dust mask elastic).(Top of head must always be blocked - Laser to Midbrain, Pontine, & Medullary Reticular Formation).(Amonia smelling salt capsules should always be handy).

10) The lighting of a butane grill lighter or bic lighter near TMJ or cerebellum or crown of head busts the  scalar waves. The perps hate this one. Automatic white noise. You can hear the fluid being pulled out of a bic ligther by this scalar gas. This is good for relief and a laugh.

11) The use of classical and jazz music CD's and karaoke tapes are probably the best cover sound. The perps have a hard time ruining these. The sound of a humidifier and ionizer together works great. Singing breaks down left-brain lock-out.

12) To hamper V2K. Shape a copper ground wire like a horse shoe and bend ends to form a circle the size of a dime. Cover ends with tin foil and electrical tape. Put over TMJ points and cheekbones. This one works good. A strip can be added and taped to cover more of bridge of nose and hamper laser to hypothalamus. Also several copper ground wires can be taped together and added under center of hat to hamper laser entry between brain hemispheres. Don't let this one keep you from tilting head to either side when needed. Tilting is automatic bad brainwave disconnect.

13)The frontal lobe controls planning and must be protected at all times. The use metal shoe horn or a hat with magnets and metal buttons or a good copper shield over forehead is vital. Plan each day the night before as best as possible and make them dance around your plans. Journals work but the supercomputers will play with certain numbers and dates.

14)A very effective shield is  a layer of egg crate foam, plexiglass, aluminum cooking pan, and foam again. Place on strings overhead where needed.

15)Use thick wire rim mirrored sunglasses that cover cheek bones to hamper V2K. Black electrical tape can be shaped to base of glasses and a copper penny can then be taped on for added protection. The mirroring does deflect some microwaves. That is why mirrored glasses are hard to find.

16)Electrical tape computer camera and microphone because the new surveillance spyware(Finware) can access and turn on all your info. Cover back of head and visual cortex with VCR tape and make them go thermal.

17)To help prevent illness use ultraviolet lights to kill viruses and make sure and use multi-vitamins, stress tabs and probiotics. Take a few tums before sleeping to reduce radiation gas pumped in your stomach while sleeping. This gas kills all your good vitamins and bacteria.

The light is also great to check for nano-fibers.

Check out this amazing video:

18)I tried silk cloth banding and the perps hated it. Just wrap silk cloth around forehead, ankles, top of calf, thighs, waist, chest, wrists, forearms and shoulders. This prevents carrier wave and ESR scanners excess to brain and body waves.

19)A couple of ziplock bags full of water blocks entry and cools the radiation heat effects. Some use gel ice packs for coolers.

20)Thick latex masks work well to cover cheekbones and TMJ areas and are easy to sleep in. This picture says it all :
Remember, if you haven't used a certain shield for a while then it probably worked. I took a 3 ft. by 3 ft. piece of bronze screen and folded it over and held it together with alligator clips and grounded it to the third prong on outlet. I wore it over head and shoulders and could see easily out of it. I quit using it and have now realized this was one of my best shields.

21)With the increase in Chemtrail activity a dust mask or lint free t-shirt strips should be worn to lessen nano-fibers and BioAPI. I added a strip of copper ground wire over nose of dust mask.

22)Make sure and take a long epsom salt and baking soda bath to detox and I leave a plate of apple cider vinegar in all rooms. To drink apple cider vinegar does reduce toxins and removes some ingested nano-fibers. I started rinsing out with vinegar after any walk or work outside and began wearing a dust mask and have reduced their control considerably. Without new fibers entering system and phony electrons being sent to synapses most of the control is gone. We all have to breathe this stuff but clean out as much as possible.

23)Don't be without a zippo or bic ligther. Any lasered area for pain just light your lighter in front of that area and bust up the scalar wave laser. *I often sit grounded in the basement with 8 or 9 candles(safely plated) lit above me and the perps hate it. Candles used safely will destroy ions, BIOAPI and scalar laser.

24)Copper scrubbers do work and are easily placed in hats or toboggans. Change placement often to mess up forehead and top of skull and rear cerebellum reading. The lasers are searching for fibers and this slows down and messes up entry.

25) Beware of Google Brain Exocortex and limit your wifi time. The subject is explained at this site:

26) I mink oiled all my leather clothes and the perps hated it. When your sidetracked and distracted from building a shield you can be sure it works. The more subtle the distraction the more important the idea.

27) Mylar folded over head to cover the TMJ area and cheekbones and held with a silk headband is probably the most comfortable way to hamper V2K and nerve to teeth pain. This can be reenforced with 3 in. dia. banners or buttons over TMJ and cheekbone areas.

28) Metallic fabric used as a headband does work and makes the lasers search for correct fibers and throws off forehead reading. Make sure and cover cerebellum entry and ears also.

29)Silicon swimming cap does work pretty well.

30)To hamper V2K block cheekbone points with alligator clips  with copper pennies taped on ends and clipped on glasses. Or stick copper penny under  a bandaid  and put over TMJ and cheekbone points.

31)Bandless ear mitts lined with pie pan aluminum work well to lessen ear effects. Always plug or cover ears.

32)Use cellphone to send messages back in public. Overheard " yeah, then the satelites send the information from brain to supercomputer...". Also video cameras are helpful and make perps careful.

33)Mirrors work well for deflect microwave. Remember, they use your home mirrors also.

34)Mylar is an excellent shield when left folded and placed in jacket or any type case.

35)Shunghite stones block electromagnetic waves. See :

36) The best cheek point protector is Foam and foil insulation tape. Here is a look:>;

37)I added a Hanging Pot and Pan Rack to the ceiling of kitchen for more blockage.

38)Wet towels placed on head or hung around sleeping area are helpful.

39) 3M Face Shield

40) Mix different metals for shielding.

41) Alumimun pans tacked to roof of car ceiling.


For more visit:

"Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works ; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent." Rev. 2:5

Mind Control Overview and Head Tilting

*The supercomputers are dependent on satellite mm laser entry into left cerebellum lobe and trying to override your left cerebrum and left neocortex transmissions(right-side body controls). The Chemtrails we all see in the sky put nano-fibers and BIOAPI and ions in the atmosphere and when ingested or inhaled turn your brain cell synapses into like a circuit board. This left cerebellum laser sends the forwarding information using these BIOAPI modified synapses and granule cells to the nervous system.The lasers which enter thru the top right of skull to right cerebrum and right neocortex are the main controllers of higher thought processing and send the thought voice with various options for your control. Thought voice can also be sent thru cheekbones and TMJ area(V2K). These lasers lock you in the creative and dreamy side of the mind. While the logical and reasoning side is limited and the computer sends the artificial cognitive model(see blog for NSA Tactics for Thinking). In short, the laser to left cerebellum must be blocked by silk, vcr tape, tin foil, buttons, magnets, copper,copper screen or all. Perps usually stiffen neck on entry to prevent side to side movement. If no blockers are available, the tilting of head to the right messes up all laser entries and controls of right neocortex. By leaning head on hand or tilting head this will disrupt download. You should hear a slight pop in your left ear and you have disabled laser momentarily. The other primary key is the access to the hypothalamus which creates all likes and dislikes and therefore controlling effort and quitting points.  This is how they control your use of tv remote, buying decisions, driving decisions and work efforts. The nose must be covered and top of skull with metal, tin foil, silk or vcr tape or something to block access to this vital organ. I have effectively restricted these areas before and the perps have gone to nano laser and acupuncture points. You must then cover eyebrows and ears with something or just grow hair over these areas. Hair restricts thermal infrared imaging and access to these areas which appear cool relative to rest of body therefore making it hard to locate precise acupuncture points. For lung and stomach points I wear a leather jacket or vest or shield with an aluminum cooking sheet or copper platter. When receiving a bad thought pattern or forced anxiety just tilt your head to one side and the feed is broken.

*Take a close look at the entry points into the brain in this brain cross section MRI. The article shows them to be the center of lower forehead, rear of skull and the ear:


From my own experience there appears to be a main scalar laser sent directly thru top of skull between brain hemispheres to Mid- Brain . This connection never leaves and is very hard to disconnect. This connection directs all these other entries mentioned here. These lesser entries can be blocked or hampered.

This video shows entry thru eye also:!


Drone camo and face paint.

The Lord Jesus promised, "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matt. 16:18

"But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings ; that when his glory shall be revealed ye may be glad also with exceeding joy." 1 Peter 4:13

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Comment by jung kim on September 12, 2012 at 11:49pm

To Big Orange

I really appreciate for your effort, I read your blog before but some reason i could not read detail. Now i realized that perp. implant some thought or emotion(? not sure). It has been a year and a half now since attack, i had a massive attack compare to other ti(i think). I am living in usa, working at the dutch harbor,ak for seasonal work. The english is my second languae(i am korean) so it will take some time to finish reading. I talked to other ti about being commercialized this technology, somehow i have a feeling that something is going on here. I have been through the most of attack you described, lately they are attacking my fingers and eyes in the middle of the night, right after woke up. I have been trying to understand about the technology by reading website but still not sure... person like you have great understanding, i have a quick question, is it possible to find out the location or perp.?

Comment by Big Orange on September 13, 2012 at 7:01pm

The location is nsa Ft. Meade and the perps are the nsa devil worshipers' computers. There are several of these quantum supercomputers across to world. None of us have any real human perps but a computer that tries to mind control you and picks your most likely decision and how it can be twisted to their evil objectives. These compounds will hopefully be destroyed in the coming Judgment by an earthquake. Let us all pray for this and then people can refuse the mark by these laser demons.  Read "The Matrix Deciphered".

Comment by Big Orange on September 13, 2012 at 7:29pm


Comment by Annie on September 14, 2012 at 4:21am

Big Orange said:"

The location is nsa Ft. Meade and the perps are the nsa devil worshipers' computers. There are several of these quantum supercomputers across to world. None of us have any real human perps but a computer that tries to mind control you and picks your most likely decision and how it can be twisted to their evil objectives. These compounds will hopefully be destroyed in the coming Judgment by an earthquake. Let us all pray for this and then people can refuse the mark by these laser demons.  Read "The Matrix Deciphered"."


Annie said: Thanks your Big O, this is the truth, I wish all victims could see this, it would give some ease for some of the harassment and the stress in a way for a lot of victims, knowledge is power. And yes, lets pray for that.(These compounds will hopefully be destroyed in the coming Judgment by an earthquake.)  Regarding the shielding advises however, I must say that nothing can block it out when t comes to my harassment, the white noise gives some rest yes, but the heating, the popping, the overall controlling body and brain, I must say nothing really works for me, sadly. Glad for you anyway, that you manage to block some of it out. /Annie 

Comment by Big Orange on September 14, 2012 at 4:59pm

Head tilting should give temporary relief to anyone. When receiving bad brainwaves just tilt head to one side and the anxiety is gone. You also must raise trap muscles to disconnect any laser entry to base of skull and cerebellum. When I do both several times the supercomputer has lost contact and its train of thought. 

Comment by Big Orange on September 15, 2012 at 2:19pm

Another good one to prevent being knocked out by sleep inducing microwave is amonia smelling salt capsules. 

Comment by Big Orange on September 15, 2012 at 3:16pm

This pdf chart is good info. on electrosmog and the frequencies that effect what regions.


Comment by Big Orange on September 23, 2012 at 11:12pm

Refuse the mark.  "For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;" Phil. 1:29

Comment by Big Orange on September 29, 2012 at 7:19pm

A good place to protect food and objects is under plate cabinets or microwave oven. These perps love to laser my bananas, is nothing sacred.

Comment by Big Orange on September 30, 2012 at 8:32pm

Shielding is important to tear down trauma compartments. Try to do something important you had trauma about before with new shielding and achieve that thing. And destroy that trauma compartment. Shielding V2K properly will help destroy past traumas. May God Bless and shield us all.


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