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The perpetrators are attacking me more and more and it's becoming much harder for me to concentrate on simple day to day tasks. I can't even follow simple instructions without my mind panicking. My mind is very distorted in memory and I can't remember things easily. I feel like a stupid person because the perpetrators are making me stupid in thought. I must be a very smart individual, maybe that's why they are making me dumb in thought and speech. When I read anything (books, internet pages, etc.), it's hard for me to concentrate on the words and what I'm reading because when I try to read the words, those dumb asses cause my mind to mess up on reading. I think my brain is slowly dieing day by day because of all this radiation I'm receiving from those sick fucks. I can't believe there are people out there that get enjoyment out of hurting and killing another person. What the hell is going on with them? They must be a true psychopath to get that much enjoyment and pleasure to harass and torment another human being. I know I couldn't get enjoyment out of that. I couldn't watch an cow be slaughtered if my life depended on it. Those fucks are also trying to make me depressed and worthless feeling. It used to not be so bad. I have to deal with it in the day time and night before I went to sleep. Now I have to deal with it in the morning, day time, and night time. I said some mean things towards those perpetrators and now they must be working around the clock to torment me 24/7. I said things like: military douche bags (funny), Black Pope is a douche bag (funny again), you are all worthless fucks, and so forth over and over in my head to them. Now the pain in my head, the pressure, and all the symptoms I'm going through have increased. What pisses me off is that my own grandma thinks it's my mental disease getting worse. No matter how much evidence I show her, she still won't believe the truth. That really makes me mad inside.

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Comment by Annie on January 31, 2011 at 4:01am
James, I know, and they know thats noone is gonna believe your story, isn´t that even more cruel than what the nazists did, they at least, let people know who they were...Ask yr grandma to go in and have a look here at PP.maybe when reading all stories, she will understand that this is a global problem.//Annie


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