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My "Anxiety" attacks by the perpetrators

If you feel like reading this, then go ahead. Some areas are repetitive, but this is what I go through when my "anxiety" attacks happen. This is what the perpetrators do to me some days. Do you experience this stuff? Let me know.


This is what I go through with my “Anxiety” attacks



So far so good it's all in the hood, so far so good it's all in the hood, what was that noise? Where did they come from...look out! So far so good it's all in the hood. That's
cool. That was a close one, that was a even closer one. Look out! So
far so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where did they
come from! That's cool. That was a close one, that was even a closer
one. That's cool. So far so good it's all in the hood. Like, like,
like a high school cowboy...dun dun. Like like like like a high
school cowboy, dun dun. Like like like like a high school cowboy dun
dun. Like like like like a high school cowboy, dun dun. Like like
like like a High school cowboy, dun dun.


(Then I said shut the fuck up to these other thoughts and this is what happened after wards). Distorted thoughts and then the word, Asshole is said. Ha, ha, ha, ha ha, tales
from the crypt. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha tales from the crypt.


(You shut the fuck up is what I said to these thoughts and this is what happened). Distorted thoughts. No, you shut the fuck up is said back to me in my mind.


I have the anxious feeling going on as I type this. Like like like like a high school cowboy, dun dun. Pressure in my skull is happening. You're an idiot James (this is
said towards me in my mind). More pressure. Even more fire power.
Dun, dun, duuuunnn. Idiot is said towards me in my mind. You're such
an idiot James stupid mother fucker. Fucking pussy. Racing heart
starts and I still have pressure in my skull. Fucking...Fag...loser.
Pussy ass bit...Suck a...distorted thoughts. That was a closer one,
that was even a closer one. Look out! Pressure increases. Jolt
(twitch) on my upper right arm. I have a hard time breathing because
of the severe pressure in my skull. Jolt (twitch) on my right eye. I
feel a bit shakey. So far so good it's all in the hood. What was that
noise? Where did they come from! Look out! And the...naaaaaaaaaaathe.
So far so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where did
they come from! Look out! Distorted thoughts. Fucking...come on far so
good it's all in the hood.


What was...I guess, I guess this is the beginning of the end. Congratulations, you won! So far so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where did they come from. Look
out! No you're wrong there Jam...So far so good it's all in the hood.
What was that noise, where did they come from. Damn it, Jaaaammmeees!
That was a closer one, that was even a closer one. Look out!


Your dumb James was said about 4 times while I was typing this part. That was a closer one...distorted thoughts. That's cool. That was a close one, that was even a closer
one. Look out!


So, how's your day is said 3 times while I type this part. Pressure is still present in my skull. Forever, trust me. We're on the high way to hell. Twitch on my right
shoulder blade. Where on the, where on, where on, where on, where on,
where on, where on, where on, where on, where on, blah blah blah blah
blah! What the fuck. That was a close one! That was a closer one!
Look out! So far so good, it's all in the hood. Peace out douche bag.
Idiot. Fucking faggot. That's not what I said douche bag!


And then I ended the rest of what was being said in my mind on 11/18/2010. So now you know what happens with my anxiety attacks and what I am going through every time it


I usually record what's happening to me on my computer. Actually, I have been doing this for quite some time.

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Comment by felipe roche olano on January 4, 2011 at 8:23pm
OMG its like you took the thought process right outta my mind !!!! (and no i'm not calling you a perp ) but that is exactly the kind of shit that i am forced to hear from these motherfuking mindfucks!!! Any word that will trigger anxiety will be used at just the right time and if paired with a mental image than anxiety is sure to happen .. I thought that was my own personal torture trail...guess not . Not saying i want ANY of this to happen to anyone ,but well it is and kind of (sorry to say this part) but comfforting to know im not alone ... I especially hate it when they tell me directly "you had that thought..not us " fucking liars !!!
Comment by James on January 4, 2011 at 10:52pm

5) I have some questions for you if you don't mind. I put some thought into what would I ask another TI to determine if we experienced the same thing.

What language(s) do they speak to you in?  English

How old are you? 25

Was your heart attacked/squeezed in incredible agony? no, just the usual increased heart rate for no apparent reason.

Was your brain hurt in specific areas that changed as you thought about which area of your brain hurt? Uh, no but I out smarted the computer twice. I was able to shift the pain from my left side to my right side making the computer think the pain was on my right side the entire time which caused the computer the shift the attack on the right side of my hemisphere.

Did they ever give you horrible acid reflux or make you feel like you were going to throw up? No

Did the voices change, and were they people you recognized from your life? The voices do change, computer generated voices and I heard live audio feed (which sounded different). No voices of people I recognized from my life.

Did they have any pleasant conversations with you, or joke with you amiably? Joking yes, computer generated.

Did you ever go through a period of time where you liked one or all of them? What do you mean?

Did they force you not to say certain words or phrases like "terrorism"? I had a voice say, "don't do it James!" But this was used for almost anything.

Were they racist, or did they try to make you racist? Yes. I see a black person and then the words N would be said in my head.

Were voices men, women, or both? Both.

Do or did the voices have respect for other people, but not for you in your discussions? I don't know.

Are you aware that they can see what you see, hear what you hear, and think what you think? Of course.

Did you ever feel they were tricking you into believing a thought was your own (like they could implant a thought or get one started that you could start thinking about without knowing they made you think about
that subject)? Yeah, all the damn time. I hate that shit! Stupid mother fucks!

Did you ever experience the feeling of being in the presence of god, or overcome with some type of euphoric feeling? No.

Did they ever make you think you were super special (smartest, sexiest, strongest, fastest, etc)? Yes, they used to until I became more aware of them.

Do they let you read? sometimes.

Do they leave you alone when watching TV? sometimes.

Do you think they (different voices) operate in shifts? yup.

Do they always know when you are lying? They repeat a question to see if I'm lying and keep repeating it over and over in my head until I give in. This doesn't mean I'm lying just because they repeat the question over and over.

Does what you think about affect how or when you are tortured? Yes.

Does anything make you think they are real people, or Artificial Intelligence. or do you have no idea? I believe it's computer generated attacks controlled by real people at times, but the majority of the time the computer is on stand by attack.

Have you met a lot of other TIs who describe symptoms that are just like yours? No.

Do they make you think that people around you are involved by making you think you hear their voices from certain directions, or other means you might recall? In a way yes, like I'll be doing something and I'll hear a voice that's suppose to be my neighbor saying, "oh, what's he doing." but the voice is in a weird tone.

Did you have sexual dreams that you knew were not your creation? sometimes.

Do you sometimes wake up knowing that the dream you had was not your own, and they made you have it? yup.

Did they ever cause unpleasant or discomfort in specific body parts internally or externally? yup, hate it.

Did they ever make you worry about surgery or seeing a doctor for anything? nope.

Do you smoke, and did they try to force you to quit? nope.

Did or do you take any medication, or drug? yup.

Were or are you in debt? yup.

Do they ever tell you anything new, or when you try to understand why this is happening to you, do they jump on a story that you create?

Did they originally act or speak like criminals out to kill you or rob you, and then change their sound and story so they are a government agency or police department? No.

Are they interested in what you think? I dunno.

Does your ability to think slow down so that you're unable to think about anything, or speed up so fast that you have racing thoughts that make you sound insane? Yes.

Do they ever make you feel exhausted? sometimes.

Do they ever make it hard to hear their voices on purpose, when you know that you can hear them clearly whenever they want you to? yes.

Did you ever think with certainty that you heard them with your ear drums, and not directly to your brain?

Was there ever a predictable pattern of torture? no.

Has the torture become worse or less since it began? It's actually less.

Please feel free to answer a question for some experience that I missed. These are merely those that I remember.


They actually had the nerve to get me to involuntary admit to agree that I would hurt Donald Rumsfeld by repetitivlely asking me over and over, " would you hurt Donald Rumsfeld?"  And I kept saying, "no, no, no, no, NO!" But they kept asking me over and over. The reason they kept asking me this question is because I want Donald Rumsfeld jailed! He is involved with this Mind control experiment!

Comment by franko on January 5, 2011 at 12:53am
Their are lots of fake T.I's in here, Ive seen many easy to spot. Their some perps who want to get informations from you Richard, their probaby the same ones torchering you, they want to see if their weopons are working. I dont know about Jaime but Ive seen many others.


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