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This may be the very first disclosure of a real Perp. Why they were a Perp, what their lives were like and what part they played in this whole gang stalking scenario.  My father died September 2010. After he died, mysteriously I might add, I went through his "security room" and what I found was many different disquises..a priest uniform, a fed ex uniform, a UPS uniform, many different types of "wigs"...mens and womens wigs of different colors, 2 official looking police badges, a voice synthesizer (changes the tone of your voice to sound robotic), one CIA uniform shirt, silencers that were literally a foot long!, that went along with expensive hand guns, one court document (real court transcripts) of my father doing all these things like getting his ex girl friends electric, phone, cable ect shut off...this was all I had seen until my grandmother came up behind me and asked me to leave the room, which at that point I did not have much of a choice and I acted like it was all no big deal and left without acting suspicious.  My grandmother has possession of all these materials (except the guns which she distributed among my male cousins)  I will be uploading the court documents on here, as well as a few other papers, his notes I found after his death.  Let me remind you that he was also gang stalked over the years and had been honestly fearful of the perpetrators himself.  I suspect that he had "multi-personality".  I am going to post this now because just writing about this gives me the shivers and makes me feel like it is an omen.  God be with me in this time of be continued...Tammy Sauve'

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Comment by won't cave on August 27, 2012 at 10:27pm

Thank you for sharing this. I understand how hard it is...when pieces come together to lead you to learn of parental involvement with the "bad guys". It truly messes with the mind. "Boggles" is a good word for it.  If we don't do what your doing...learning and sharing...we just stay in their cycle.  You are brave, and one of the "good guys" for exposing what you can.  


Comment by egyptarian on August 28, 2012 at 1:40am
Thank you very much wont cave :) Yes, I am very disturbed, confused and scared about other things surrounding my discoveries on this situation. Actually, this is why I believe the EH started on me and my 5 year old daughter last year, Aug 2011, because they knew and know I am figuring things out and fast. I had suspicions about my dad, knew somethings were very, very odd and did not add up. I knew he was also a T.I. but I also knew of some of the perp things he had done to others, mainly women, that he had admitted to me doing and I had to talk him out of many crazy horrible things over the years, it was almost like I had to be his conscious or he was reaching out for help to me so that I would talk him out of doing these things but I did not know the extent of it until after he died. I thought he was just seriously disturbed not a part of this larger group/agenda, which now I know he was a part of because before anyone could errase the caller I.D. after he died I copied many phone numbers down, which I still have. Anyways, all these people from different cities, home phone numbers, had all called just 5 days before my dad died, then after the day he died, "they never called again" dads death annoucement was "not" announced until 3 days after his death but yet all these people somehow knew he died and did not call the house again starting the very next day after his death. I'll write more on this later...thanks again for the encouragement....Lord knows I need it right about now lol .....egy :)


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