Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I am a real person in Wisconsin USA. I am a retired librarian, mom and musician. I am a Christian, who enjoys worshipping by playing music on piano and singing. 

I am electro-sensitive. This means before the targeting, I had issues with some wireless, and needed to avoid it and shield. I had 2 smart meters on my house, and needed to opt out because they caused symptoms. My utilities and state agencies refused, so I sent my complaint to the federal DOJ. They sent it to the Dept. of Energy. I am awaiting results of my request for accommodation from the DOE, supposedly due soon.

I am a free-thinker, and questioned wireless safety exposure limits, and sent federal comments on the topic. I also created some music with political themes, questioning the push to automate everything. This project was interrupted during my targeting.

I have seen/experienced a lot since Feb. 2015, when things got really physically damaging/intense. Phases of testing included super wifi making early signaling heart which sent me to the emergency room several times. Also, dreams I would not have had of evil things like killing someone, and "communication" experiences of being questioned or attending strange meetings during sleep. During the day, I experienced brain tampering where a question came up and my mind jumped to answer or explain it - even though I did not want to answer it. I think this kind of tech is available to get information from criminals. How can they use this on non-combatants?

Starting early 2015, I received some kind of dosing of an inhaled substance or possibly some kind of disease signal, which moves inflammation/discomfort into the bowel. Often it comes with an odor, such as fake pine (1st time) or marijuana (most recent). They like to "get" you in public restrooms, parking lots or public events. It moves via inhale into blood to the bowel first, where it settles and causes symptoms. This substance seems to be moved using RF jolts and other signals, which I can feel. It is now in the chest area, and moving upward. Shielding helps some. I conclude this is some sort of warped experiment to see what happens when nano-crap gets signals to move around in the body.

One other thing about the RF is that there is some sort of probe signal that can penetrate lots of shielding and daily tests some bio information in my jaw prior to the jolts. Initially they tried to hide this when I drink cold/warm liquids, but that doesn't work in their timing. The probe can "touch" you on the leg or reach deep into your body causing severe pain or a tickle. It has gone into the chest and possibly heart area. It is a torture tool.

Like other people here, there are staged events places I go, like all the clerks suddenly staring at me, or strangers saying comments relating to my inner thoughts. I have lost 3 cameras to this. One broke while uploading pictures of license plates and people near the UPS store that I suspected, and another one disappeared. Another newer one quit working after I snapped one photo of suspected perps at a special event for one family member. The photo card with all my pictures disappeared, as well.

Many of the vehicles are expensive, shiny, and with license plates from various states. Recently, all traffic on faster roads has been cleared behind me, as the jolts to my chest area have been increasing. One night, I left a 2 a.m. because it is bad in my apartment, and checked in at a motel in the next town. They said they were full except for about 3 rooms. Fine, but during my entire stay I did not see ONE person in the hall. The water pipes also broke so I could not take a shower in the morning (this happened in the last recent motel I stayed at, too).  Well, you get the picture: it is classic.

Of course, anyone describing this is deemed to be nuts because most people do not understand the technology nor how it is being used. And that is the information that needs to get out there, but people need to get it in a form they can relate to. They have to personalize it as to how it affects THEM.

This can seem overwhelming at times because the technological apparatus is powerful and pervasive. The heart of it is probably at very low profile hidden centers. Plus, how does anyone break through the daze people are in? (Wireless radiation itself adds to the dazed brain. One study at MIT showed that where a cell phone is close to the brain affects people's ability to EMPATHIZE with others. It dulls the ability to CARE about what happens to others.)

I just want to close by mentioning what helps me is visualization and prayer. Of course, I always approach and worship Christ first. Many types of visualizing can help empty or change the damaging effects. A couple of these are visualizing yourself turning off the MAIN switch that connects you to evil or unnatural systems. Feel the connection stop. See the lights of their equipment go off. Another way is to imagine angels with golden scissors snipping the connections to anything dark to your body/soul. See the loose ends on the bad side shrivel up. See you body points healing. I see the angels smiling mischievously. No reason they have to be droll!

Blessings to you.

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Comment by Carl on June 23, 2016 at 11:52am
CatCat how do the perps know that which fast food chain you're gonna go to? This wud take a lot of effort by the perps to stake every fast food chain in you're area? So surely that is not the case?. I eat out quite a lot wiv my gfriend & I never think about perps doing stuff to my 'food order'? & I av never to this day as anyfn done to my 'takeaway food?'...
Comment by Carl on June 23, 2016 at 11:58am
Also I avnt been attacked for 5days now?. I don't think about me being gangstalked no more!. I think I've changed my reality for the good? I will keep u up to date wiv this CatCat. I really am fighting this war & slowly winning it & taking back my life! Its so weird in wot we can change & bring to us just by thinking!!! Take cares!!! ;)
Comment by Sally on June 23, 2016 at 5:25pm

Cat cat and Seek light you both brought up something l ahve thought about a lot.....because of the neural monitoring they do to us they have the capability to brain monitor crims and really clean up this world....stop criminals dead in their tracks. Im sure they do it but they dont do it nearly as much as they should. The source of all these attacks, l guess the high ups who are running the world WANT crime to increase....not so much that society gets out of control but enough to create lots of hurt and evil in this world. They could stop terrorism and violent crime but the evils dont want to so this worlds crime rate keeps growing. My opinion only but l think every person on earth is brain monitored. This place could be a heaven on earth but that is not their agenda. It is hate, crime, suffering, mass control, genetic engineering etc......this is their mentality

Comment by Sally on June 23, 2016 at 7:47pm

Carl the way they do it.....preorganise people waiting for you, situations at the place youre going to be like cat cat is saying about the take away food is called neural monitoring which is a fancy term for reading our brains. The high-up organiser perps have the tech to read our thoughts so they can organise the ground perps to be where youll be, repeat your thoughts etc. It sounds like alien is. But its dead set real. My perps respond to my thoughts all day. I believe everyone on earth is being monitored this way but of course they dont let everyone know. Google it....neural monitoring, thought reading. Truth IS stranger than fiction.

Comment by Sally on June 23, 2016 at 7:49pm

Oh also called mental telepathy as cat cat said.


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