Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Nanodevices in Sensory Overload, Mind Control Torture ( Updated )

The following documentation originally appeared on FFCHS. The owner of that website or Lefora, the forum website, kindly made it available over the internet. It has since been unavailable on and off as forces involved in these crimes do everything to suppress information dissemination about their activities. I remain grateful to Lefora and FFCHS for their efforts, through their services, to offer the public a chance to share information and specifically, an opportunity for me to inform the world of what I believe to be the greatest threat to democracy todate.  Here is that documentation below, together with a few grammatical corrections. Some typographical and grammatical errors may persist as I write under extreme pain at all times. Please disseminate this; publicize this; send others to this website to see this.  Thank you.


Pat B.  – June 17, 2014

What you are about to read is a documentation of my torture under a highly classified mind control operation,

using advanced electromagnetic, nanoparticle and scalar weapons systems. It is not my intention to try to

convince you. Suffice for me to know that the torture contractor knows that each and every word that I have

written here is the truth and nothing but the truth.  Historical precedents of similar occurrences in America are

well documented.  It is the responsibility of each and every citizen to acquaint themselves with their history in a

democracy.  I trust that you have not failed yourself in that regard. Thank you.—


For more than (4) years now, I have been followed around by a minimum of three (3) airplanes at a time, with an

occasional squadron that flies above like vultures in the skies as I go home from work or leave home to go to

work. For the entire time since the remote mind control surveillance began, a dizzying array of nanodevices have

been dumped on my head and body and living environment.

The nanodevices comprised of photonic crystals of all shapes and form, sizes and morphologies. From hexagonal

or rectangular millimeter-sized photonic crystals made of gold or simply encased in a clear polymer, to triangular

light-bending photonic crystals of similar dimensions. To perfectly round, disc-shaped anthracite-black devices

also of millimeter-sized dimensions that spotted a single light-emitting embedded object. To spherical

nanodevices also of millimeter size, studded with craters of identical dimensions covering the spherical surface,

like a golf ball. To translucent cylindrical rods spotting perfectly delineated segments of green or red bands. To

more translucent cylindrical rods with no coloured segments but which emitted light at the terminal ends of the

rod instead. To dead microscopic insects with light-emitting components.


To arrays of several hexagonal nanocrystals embedded in a matrix on a thin sheet of clear polymer. To metal

microdevices that are most likely of the semi-conductor family, which had a single protruding strand-like

structure that always eerily but slowly erected from a horizontal or angular orientation to point upright, while

waving towards the light of my pocket microscope as soon as light shone on them from this point source. To

tangles of snow-white fibres that are interspersed with single red or blue strands. To tangles of all-black fibres

with no other colourations represented. To white and amber colloidal gels with light-emitting embedded objects.

To black filamentous objects of millimeter-sized length. To an unforgettable device that targeted my head while

I sat at the dining section of a Thriftway Supermarket in Wilsonville, Oregon, in 2012. The super-white

nanodevice descended in a perfectly vertical line headed for the top of my head while rotating in a spiral

fashion. It had the shape of a perfect drill – a straight short tip, a spiral body and a straight short top end. I

ducked aside to save my head. Where I sat happened, by a stroke of good fortune, to have been the perfect

angle for viewing the myriad of a rainbow of colours issuing forth from the nanodust that rained down along

with the  ‘nanodrill’, unlike any dust one might have seen before. A ray of light from a window close by streamed

along the path of the falling devices, making it unusually easy for the devices to be seen. I have no way of

knowing how many ‘nanodrills’ managed to hit the intended target in the course of my torture.


The list is too long…

Most of the devices interacted with, and responded to, exposure to a directed light source from my pocket

microscope by either dimming the light, intensifying it or blinking it, often in a combination thereof. In

aggregates, the collective action of the nanodevices on my scalp caused room lights directly above my head to

flicker madly.

All the above-mentioned nanodevices and microdevices that saturate my body, living space and immediate

environment today, are programmable electromagnetic, nanoparticle and scalar device weapons systems that have

been programmed, in my specific case, to execute a wide variety of functions but primarily to simulate millions

of chronically crawling worms and insects on the head and face for purposes of exerting severe traumatic levels

of psychological and physical torturous pain through a chronic sensory overload and nerve pain excitation. The

sensory overload is an implementation of a complex, classified mind control torture protocol which itself, is a

part of a wider program involving thousands of innocent American citizens and legal residents on whom a wide

spectrum of advanced electromagnetic- and scalar- based weapons technologies are used to abuse them.

The levels of unrelenting pain inflicted on the victims of these abuses have driven some to mental disintegration

where they simply join the society’s pool of the ‘mentally ill’ which consists of two subsets: one comprising of

persons with genuine mental derangements arising from natural, organic brain disorders. And the other,

comprising of persons who have been deliberately driven into this pool of the ‘mentally ill’ by design: mind

control victims. Many of the latter commit suicide. Some have died.

On September 16, 2013 Aaron Alexis, the so-called ‘Navy Yard Shooter’ killed twelve (12) innocent Americans,

before being fatally shot by the police himself. He had earlier written a communication to a director of a human

rights website that helps victims of mind control, soliciting help to alleviate or end the pain prior to the tragedy

“... knowing he would be killed...” and “…“prepared to die during the attack and that he accepted death as the

inevitable consequence of his actions.” , according to an article in the Washington Post. .

The pain had apparently proved too much for him to bear. And according to the same Washington Post article,

“…The Navy has legitimately used such technology, the FBI said, but these radio waves also have been at the

center of conspiracies about government mind control.” Sadly, twelve (12) innocent Americans who did not have

to die, lost their lives at his hand as he lost control and lashed out. This is how the person contacted by Mr.

Alexis put it:

An Amazing thing has happened!!!

It appears that Aaron Alexis had contacted our organization just prior to the shooting spree that happened at the Washington Navy Yard. Several email exchanges then ensued between Aaron Alexis and myself that clearly showed that a) he had come under physical attack from microwaves and was experiencing voice to skull technology, but was not able to process the situation until he arrived at our site. b) he had come across some information at the Washington Navy Yard that convinced him that someplace inside there was a sourdce of our ELF targeting – establishing a motive for the attacks!!! His email that he sent us is below.It was addressed to the FFCHS board, however, we had all forgotten about this email until it was brought to out attention recently. We receive such requests for help on a daily basis.

After we became aware of this development, we immediately contacted news sources who are now wanting to be the first to scoop this story! …

Subject:     Need Assistance on dealing with the direct energy attacks!!
September 1


 My name is Aaron. A am ex-navy, and have been working as a contractor for the DoD. I have recently come under attack after blowing up at Norfolk Airport in Virginia. The first attack started coming when I was on assignment in Rhode Island. I was hearing what I though was people next door telling lies about me. In truth, I didn’t know that I was under attack and thought I could escape what I was experiencing, by leaving the hotel I was in. It wasn’t until it almost cost me my job that I realized that one, I wasn’t crazy, and that two that I had to firgure out what was going on.

I am glad I found this site, however I need assistance because, I have not allowed them to scare me off my job, but I fear the constant bombardment from the ELF weapon is starting to take it’s toll on my body. I am currently in DC now near the pentagon. I think I know the specific group in the military that is responsible for developing and assisting the military with.[sic]

Any assistance you can give me and at the same time what ever info I can give you on what I know please contact me ASAP.

Aaron Alexis

In addition to the vibrating simulations of biting, darting, drilling, pulling, tagging and crawling insect and

nematode behavioural events, the nanodevices have also been used to intrude deep into the interior of my body

via forced inhalation, via the oral cavity and via remote deposition of the devices into the subcutaneous layers of

the skin.

A constant remote-originating, directed stream of nanodevices of all types, has culminated in the formation of an

invisible envelope of nanodevice/nanodust/nanoparticle-saturated air that has surrounded me at all times since

2010, resulting in forced and unavoidable inhalation of the adulterated air. This in turn, has led to a chronic

accumulation of the nanodevices in the lungs, nasopharynx, and skin tissues. The devices that enter the

respiratory tract have amplified the lung activity sounds there, and reduced lung capacity as evidenced by more

and more difficulty in breathing whenever the body places more demand for more oxygen. The devices entering

the oral cavity have rendered the saliva perpetually gritty, and this has been the state of affairs for more than

four years now.

Once at the nasopharynx, the nanodevices become steadily and chronically ingested, with every gulp ensuring a

chronic delivery of the devices into the gastrointestinal system, a springboard to systemic circulation. Other

mechanisms by which the penetration of the body with the nanodevices has been enhanced include a constant and

direct remote deposition of the nanodevices at choice points in the subcutaneous layers of the skin – the largest

organ in the human body.

Yet more devices are used as biosensors that relay biomarker data of the physiological response to the sustained

torture as well as other biomarkers of interest, back to the aerial base station from which the diabolic mind

control operation is conducted. In this way, all routes of entry into the human body are constantly infused with

the devices, and their physiological and psychological effects constantly monitored. Seven (7) or eight (8) cables

that run from an electric box next to my house into an adjacent rental home, likely monitor all behavioural

effects as painful jabs of energy similar to a tip of a sharp knife quickly plunging in and out seem to pair with

every telephone call I make; every word I write etc. On some levels, the torture contractors are no different

from your regular lumpen criminal. A curve I have imagined, shows a graph where the torture levels assume a

steep rise in intensification driven initially by mind control for brainwashing objectives; but as time

progresses,and the predictions of the torture psychologists and psychiatrists practioners and gurus, fall apart,

and the abused person holds on to his or her rights and her will not to be violated, and fights back within lawful

confines refusing to be a ‘slave’ to the most perverted and most lumpen of minds ever, the mind control for

brainwashing objective falls apart as a whole, like the slimy theory it was cursed to be, yet the torture curve

continues to be steeper still, but now in pursuit of a more pressing objective: the suppression of the

dissemination of information about, and evidence of the commission of the original crime…

Nanodevices on the most superficial layers of the scalp, face, neck and now, upper torso and upper limbs, are

used for unspeakably painful sensory overload that inflicts entirely new regimes of sensations that are virtually

unknown to humankind; sensations and pain combinations that are not part of the natural human experience in

his/her interaction with the external world. The intensity of the pain is further accomplished through an added

layer of regular and direct excitation of the nerve pain endings and occasional electric shocks to the scalp and

head primarily, although electric shocks have been delivered to the uterus and left breast once or twice. Pain is

also inflicted through a constant searing microwave heat that broils the head several times each day, every time

the torturer feels like having and orgasmic thrill.

A kind of pain similar to the action of a syringe during an intramuscular injection, is also regularly inflicted on

various parts of the body, especially on the scalp. All while angry interrogation-like voices talk thrash as I writhe

in pain. All nanodevices, nanodust, microdevices, gaseous and liquid substances and thermal energies used in the

abuse, are delivered into my body from a remote source.

The direct effect of the deep intrusion of my body with these micro- and nanotechnologies has been both

profound and concrete. Distribution of the devices in my body is now thorough, and systemic permeation,


My blood shows light-emitting devices now when viewed under a microscope. A dentist looking at an X-Ray of my

entire set of teeth in preparation for a procedure, stated that it appeared that ALL my teeth had had some

‘filling’ done to them. When I indicated to the doctor that I only had had one tooth filled, a molar now long

extracted, she remained adamant that the X-Ray was most likely telling the truth – that I had had all the teeth

‘filled’. Tooth pain is remotely initiated at will by the torture contractor.

In 2012, my left eye, injured during a viral attack, mysteriously acquired night-vision abilities and was able to

see in pitch darkness to the detail of a head of a pin while the right eye could see nothing in the dark.

Anterograde tracing is a method used to trace the path of a cranial nerve (

/wiki/Anterograde_tracing ). The eye had been deliberately injured during a remote anterograde tracing of the

exact path of the ophthalmic branch and other superficial branches of the fifth cranial nerve – the trigeminal

nerve – the largest of the cranial nerves.  Once the path of the nerve branch had been determined, it would be

used to inflict superlative pain by vibrating nanodevices directly over the nerve branch’s path.

As in the classical case when anterograde tracing is used, a member of the herpes family of viruses (non-genital

type) was used to attack the nerve directly, thus tracing its exact superficial path on my skin and on the MRI,

the latter which by now, the torture contractor had long been in possession of from earlier torturing me into an

hospital emergency room, where I was begged to take an MRI despite my objections. The injury also affected

the left eye, causing partial damage through the formation of permanent plaques and reduced seeing ability.

During the anterograde tracing episode, profuse snow-white material vibrated madly inside the grossly irritated

and swollen eye, exiting at the margins where it accumulated as a white solid precipitate or exudate there. When

I scraped and viewed the white substance under my pocket microscope, the super-white objects emitted light. On

the left side of the scalp, a path of the superficial branches of the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal, remains

permanently marked today by a uniquely perfectly formed array of indented circular spots in an antero-

posterior direction. Yet no lesions ever formed on the scalp during, following or after, the viral attack.

The episode was officially diagnosed as shingles – trigeminal nerve shingles – even though no documented history

of trigeminal nerve shingles in the annals of medicine has ever recorded a single instance of an affected eye

gaining night vision ability that allowed it to see in pitch darkness to the detail of a head of a pin, as a

consequence of acquiring trigeminal shingles. Even though no documented history of trigeminal shingles in the

annals of medicine has ever recorded instances of madly vibrating substances inside an affected eye which

exited as exudate material possessing light-emitting properties when examined under a microscope. And even

though no documented history of trigeminal nerve shingles in the annals of medicine has ever recorded how

perfectly round depressions along the path of the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal on the scalp could form

without skin lesions that are typical in shingles ever having been present during the episode. Yet the brutal

effects of the anterograde tracing on the eye using a member of the herpes family of viruses, had mimicked the

action of the herpes zoster virus, the causative agent in trigeminal shingles, and its symptomatic expression of

the trigeminal shingles, well enough for any good doctor ( and my ophthalmologist is the best ) to have arrived at

no other diagnosis other than what was diagnosed.

This is how the adverse physiological effects of remote electromagnetic and nanotechnology weapons abuse

camouflage as genuine organic disease, with even far more detriment to some non-consenting victims when the

mere act of making claims of painful remote attacks to appropriate parties is quickly equated with mental

derangement, with affected persons often falsely accused of psychosis and routed to the psychiatric domain,

forever sealing their fate. These persons, often trusting of those purporting to help them, end up taking

prescribed neuroagents for diseases they do not have. But more detrimental still, the stigma of mental illness

almost guarantees death of any legal recourse in the future for their abuse, not to mention the economic and

social fallout. Fortunately for me, strongly suspecting a deliberate trap, I successfully resisted intensive

pressure to seek psychiatric help.

Effects of remote electromagnetic weapons on human physiology camouflage as genuine symptoms of organic

diseases through mimickery or through close resemblance of symptomatic profiles of a wide array of disease

states. The torturers know this fact. And exploit it to the fullest when their diabolic actions injure the bodies of

their victims – by counting and relying on the medical profession to diagnose ‘diseases’ in their victims that they,

the torturers, then hide behind.

My body activates street walking crossing signals at intersections where “Intellistreet” – like street lights are

installed,without any active input from me, whenever the illegal implants in my body are within range of the

circuitry of the crossing signal, whether walking or driving. It appears that a resonant frequency from my body

interacts with the normally manually activated circuitry of the street crossing signal in a way that is equivalent to

actually pressing the button to indicate an intention to cross the street. Older street crossing signals remain

silent to my body and continue to require active manual activation to cross the street.  But this is all just for


“Intellistreets” is a company that makes smart street lights called “Smart Grid” street lights. Features include

wireless dual band mesh transceiver. Concealed placement speaker. RGBA notification. Image sensor. Digital

signage. Digital street sign. Facade lighting. Push to talk system.

/intellistreets/ .

Lately, they have been using new nanodevices. Wisps of 4 to 6 inch translucent straight fibers similar to a

spider’s silk but much thinner, and a lot of nanodust of much smaller dimensions in length, which they forcibly

drive right straight through the nose remotely and douse my body with. Cars with strange registration plates,

some with Washington State, California, Utah, Arizona and of course, Oregon registration plates, are frequently

coming and parking overnight on my street just yards away from my home, sometimes for a few days or weeks, to

observe and to perform, to entertain and be entertained, to teach and be taught, to learn and to share, torture

expertise with fellow torture masters, students and new recruits that will go on to grossly abuse their fellow

Americans anonymously, remotely and unaccountably.  As well as to conduct demos  on ‘squadron’ nights – for the

investors and sponsors of the technologies of torture.

Regularly, my kidneys are seared with DEW every night right through the metal plate that I wear at night for

protection, in vain. Nanofibre dust and tiny white crystals coat the clothing that I wear as they are used to

chronically saturate the breathing space in a low grade nanoboarding during the day, falling all over me in the

process.  Each and every night, the nanoboarding  – a version of the infamous water-boarding  used in ‘enhanced

interrogation’ where nanotechnology is used in lieu of water  – is implemented full- fledged at an exponentially

intensified level, often in combination with other torture techniques.

During nanoboarding, nanodevice-saturated air is blown directly into the nose where it is perceptible as a low

grade steady jet of particulate-ladden air blowing into the nose as the particles are driven into the nose just like

barkdust is driven from a powered spreader, generating extreme sensations of suffocation from particulate

matter not unlike a sensation of suffocation from sand particles during a wild sand storm. Separately but

concurrently, more superfine nanodevices are sprayed as high velocity jets directly into the nasal conchae at

regular intervals, for direct uptake straight into the brain. This occurs while other devices are vibrated wildly in

torturous patterns all over the scalp, forehead and face in what amounts to a superlative excitation of the entire

sensory system and which has occurred each and every day and night since January of 2010.

The devices are vibrated in the face and eyelashes and inside the right eye as well, among other parts of the

body, including deep inside the ears; in the anus; on the areolae and nipples of the breasts; in the armpits; in the

back of the throat, on the arms etc.  A particularly perverted favourite technique of the torture contractor

consists of driving a jet of air from inside, before exiting it through the vaginal cavity…

The surveillance torture signals that have maintained a perpetual lock on the top of my head for the duration of

the mind control torture, in combination with the chronic high-pressure vibrations of the nanodevices on same,

have together carved out over time, deep, irregular grooves and pits on the scalp of the top of my head, some of

which go so deep that only very thin skin covers the bone underneath.  Additionally, a gross and permanent

transformation of scalp tissue of the same area has been evident for a while now.  Other evidence of dermal

damage manifests on other parts of the scalp as severely itchy macules, papules and pimples. I shaved the head

recently in order to view the grooves which I could only feel when running my fingers over the scalp previously.

I was not prepared for what I saw.

Deep grooves which were carved remotely with unspeakable pain, criss-cross the top of the head. The grooves

appear as irregular black lines. This is because the hair inside the grooves is so deep that the shaving blade

cannot possibly reach it. I took pictures and went to a professional photographer for more pictures. The torture

contractor has now focused the torture on the head strictly on the grooves and pits to not just cause maximal

pain, but I think to inflict worse. Sensory receptors at this depth of the scalp trigger alarm-level sensory

sensations that scream for the host to take immediate action – to remove the irritant immediately. But of course, I

am unable to. The torture contractor knows this. And so he exploits the grooves and pits that he deliberately

carved out remotely, to inflict superlative misery and to keep the torment sustained for as long as he wishes

while I painfully ‘listen’ helplessly.

The grooves and the pits also serve as concave place-holders which hold the devices in place, unable to be

removed by wiping or brushing, while they are being vibrated madly. They also serve to access deeper levels of

scalp tissue where they cause different sensations of torment from sensations caused by vibrating devices on

the superficial levels of the scalp.   Razor-sharp crystals dumped on the head remotely are used to pierce

through the pile of things that I put on my head to protect myself at all times, and to cause slicing pain all over

the scalp, including deep inside the grooves and pits.

Commercial-grade aluminium foil, layered many sheets over for protection over the head at night, often emerges

the following day showing numerous perfectly round small perforations that go right through the stack.  The

perforations are often not visible to the naked eye but if a light source is held behind the stack in a darkened

room, the perforations caused by electromagnetic energy on the aluminium stack show very easily as they permit

light to pass through.

Microwave heat, like a blow dryer blowing hot air on the head, regularly targets the now clean shaven head each

time I wash off the devices, as the torture contractor replaces the nanodevices with new ones. Internally, many

of these devices saturate my body now where they are regularly used to manipulate the physiologies of various

organ systems, as well as in the implementation of internal organ torture. The smooth muscle of the esophagus has

been twisted, churned, pinched, pulled and brushed in the past, including suspending food boluses there while

eating, so that food ‘just hangs there’ while en route to the stomach.

Food digestion is halted or accelerated at will, with dire implications for nutrient, supplement and medicine

bioavailability to the body.  And so is elimination.  Thirst has been largely suppressed in order to limit elimination

of the nanodevices through urination while simultaneously achieving maximal systemic saturation of the

nanodevices in the body. This, as noted earlier, has led to my blood showing light-emitting devices now when

viewed by a microscope. And by extension, it is not only safe to assume that the devices are an integral part of

my both fluid compartments (intracellular and extracellular) now, but also that they distribute throughout the

various tissues of all major human physiological systems. And very likely can be found in the CSF as well as

scholarly literature has suggested that breakthroughs in breaching the blood brain barrier with nanoparticles have been achieved.

I now experience thirst for no more than five (5) times in ten (10) weeks on the average where, prior to the

abuse, I used to feel thirsty at least three (3) times a day. This means that I must actively hydrate without

feeling the urge to drink fluids in order to meet the water needs of my body.

Violent coughing spasms implemented by mobilizing a nanofiber to vibrate or brush against the epithelial tissue of

the airway, is used several times a day now whenever the torture contractor feels like an orgasm, but especially

when I eat, write, read, pick up a phone or talk with someone, all activities that have a potential to interfere with

the abuse or threaten exposure of the crimes, from the perspective of the torture contractor.

The violent coughing spasms are also implemented by remotely and deliberately mobilizing gastric acid – which is

hydrochloric acid – from the stomach into the lower easophageal sphincter, where it breaches the constriction

and makes it way into the lower segment of the esophagus. This results in untold pain from the burning effect of

the acid on the esophagus, which has no protective thick mucus-coated protective layer like the stomach, in a

rendering of an artificially induced heartburn but one that never dies  with antacids. The resultant irritation of

the esophagus then triggers the violent cough.  The coughing spasms can be so severe that the eyes water and

become blood red, the nose drips serous liquid and the muscles involved in coughing ache severely from

exhaustion. And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Pat B.

Appended on 06.29.2014.

Scholarly information on somatic (body) surveillance is rarely openly available due to the grossly unethical, crue

l and illegal ways in which bodies must be deeply invaded and the physiologies of affected persons, brutally

penetrated with the corporeal surveillance technologies, in carrying out somatic surveillance on a person. Except

for cases in medical contexts, many persons on mind control programs on whom these technologies are used, have

not consented to their bodies to being violated in these awful ways. The somatic technologies used on them are

not of the medical class but rather weaponized versions. The technologies used in these weaponized versions are

remote somatic surveillance weapons systems whose operational core is electromagnetic and scalar energies.

Weaponized nanodevice systems are a component of this larger class of weaponized systems.

Use of the remote technologies on an unwitting victim by these unscrupulous parties, confers, and affords them,

anonymity, unaccountability and deniability, all elements that together comprise ideal environments in which to

conduct illegal operations, as well as provide legal shelter to the abuser. To enhance legal protection in the

remote event of embarrassing exposure, virtually all remote abusers of these technologies in mind control

operations have illegally sought shelter under national secrecy laws. Edward Snowden, the former NSA and Booz

Allen employee’s recent revelations are an example of the milder forms of the abuses that illegally sought shelter

under the umbrella of national secrets in order to evade public scrutiny.

For consenting persons on whom the technologies are used as part of medical treatment, elaborate laws have

been enacted and are in place to protect their interest, and mechanisms are provided in those laws to permit a

person to opt out any time in the course of their treatment should they wish.  In addition, President Obama

authorized a Bioethics Commission to look into the ‘policies and practices’ in the interplay between technology

and patient. A mission statement from the Bioethics Commission ( reads:

“The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (the Bioethics Commission) is an advisory panel of the nation’s leaders in medicine, science, ethics, religion, law, and engineering. The Bioethics Commission advises the President on bioethical issues arising from advances in biomedicine and related areas of science and technology. The Bioethics Commission seeks to identify and promote policies and practices that ensure scientific research, health care delivery, and technological innovation are conducted in a socially and ethically responsible manner.”

The Bioethics Commission refuses to address our plight on the basis that our issues fall outside the boundaries

of its mandate.  Despite live testimonials by targeted individuals at one of the hearings which were videotaped

live and posted on youtube in 2011, it is our belief that the ‘limited mandate’ of the Bioethics Commission made it

possible for the President of the United State to be effectively shielded from this information.

For unwitting victims of mind control operations, these illegal and cruel activities that visit horrors upon them are

closely guarded, classified secrets, as if torture of innocent Americans were a national asset. This, even as the

classification of the crimes is in blatant violation of Section 1.7 of Classification guidelines that tabulate a list

of prohibitions to classifiable information.


Under this section, (Sec 1.7, Classification Prohibitions and Limitations ) is stated that:

a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified; or fail to be declassified in order to:
(1) Conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
(2) Prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
(3) Restrain competition; or
(4) Prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.

b) Basic scientific research information not clearly related to the national security shall not be classified…Executive Order 13526- Classified National Security Information.…. This section appears to derive from the original Code of Regulations document, Title 6 –Domestic Security,or  6 CFR 7.21 – CLASSIFICATION OF INFORMATION, LIMITATIONS, .

For the non-consenting person[/color], the only sure way one can expect to be free from pain, is when dies from

it, or dies from the internal systemic, organic or tissue injuries caused by chronic bombardment with

electromagnetic-based weapons systems. And the only way one can ensure redress via a legal pathway is if an

investigation similar to the CoIntelPro, acronymn for CounterIntelligenceProgram, and MK Ultra Church Hearings

of the 1970s to occur.

The latter is not impossible but its path is strewn with formidable difficulties deliberately put in place by the

lawyers of the perpetrators to ensure its failure since the parties committing these crimes are unlikely to

volunteer to either Senate and House Oversight Committees during their intelligence briefings, information

concerning forbidden torture activities that they carry out on thousands of their fellow citizens. The effect of

this state of affairs is such that it creates and maintains the legal status of the dark operations as ‘non-existent’,

and therefore, legally invisible, a legal place that essentially neuters the oversight function of Oversight

Committees while it unburdens them  from effective representation of their constituents on whom gross

illegalities are visited by their own government. And a legal place that the perpetrators can hide comfortably in,

and commit their crimes peacefully and gleefully, knowing or more accurately, hoping that no one can ever touch


As a consequence, the only information outlet about this type of surveillance has been, sadly, from the

non-consentual victims themselves, at a severe cost. Because secrecy of the crimes is paramount to

the perpetrators, any attempts by an unwitting person to seek help, exposing the crimes in the process, is often

followed by retribution in the form of severe torture. I have been subjected to such abuse numerous times in

response to soliciting help from my wonderful Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon who happens to be a member of the

Senate Intelligence Committee and who has heard desperate pleas for help from not just his state of Oregon, but

from around the country. The same retribution followed after I contacted the Bioethics Commission; private

lawyers;  Dept. of Human Services; professors; online parties; ordinary individuals; etc. All to no avail, because

of the illegal classification of the operations.

Also because of the secrecy surrounding the clandestine programs, unwitting persons however courageous it

might be for them to speak out, the covertness of the program’s nature is deliberately designed to effectively

deny them any and all official corroboration that would otherwise carry much supportive weight. Unwitting

persons also do not possess authoritative expertise about the mechanisms of action of these advanced

electromagnetic technologies, nor are they privy to the interactions of somatic electromagnetic weapons systems

with human physiology and the adverse effects thereof. But most importantly, the pain the unwitting person is

subjected to at all times, often demands priority in preoccupation of the mind, placing almost all other tasks to

secondary levels. Unwitting persons also often cannot definitively name the offending parties, even as the

historical record containing a long list of similar abuses in the past, provides us with a short list of likely culprits

that is often validated by whistleblower information in some cases.

We often have difficulty presenting direct proof of electromagnetic energy as the core weapon in these torture tools, although circumstantial evidence avails itself rather abundantly and convincingly enough.

This is largely because equipment sensitive enough to perform the technical tasks required to produce legally

acceptable proof, are prohibitively expensive, running in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and may not even

be easily available to the public. And partly because scientists developing these weapons systems, and those that

abuse them to inflict unspeakable pain and miseries on their fellow citizens who have done nothing against them,

their families or their country, are themselves sworn to secrecy. And unlawfully so too since the torture of

citizens constitutes a violation of the law and a person’s rights, civil or otherwise, and thus forbidden from

classification as the CLASSIFICATION OF INFORMATION, LIMITATIONS document clearly shows.

Furthermore, it is not even clear if the current set of laws concerning presentation of evidence capture the

unique challenges  of presenting electromagnetic energies as evidence in a court of law. Or whether new

standards would have to be drawn. This the culprits know too well and exploit the vacuum until the issue can be

addressed. In the meantime, we are dying. Or committing suicide. From pain.

We know only too well however, that electromagnetic energy courses and pulses through out bodies in

superlatively painful ways, 24/7, 365, manifesting in multiple ways, whether it be as Voice – to – Skull, or V2K,

or bombardment with sounds of abnormal frequencies, or severe broiling heat with DEW systems, or vibrating

nanodevices programmed to simulate crawling and darting and biting insects and nematodes among other

manifestations.  Our bodies, at least most of us, emit frequencies where a normal body should not and does not,

possible evidence of illegally implanted devices. I have personally seen X-Rays of hands and feet and heads of

tortured individuals with embedded foreign objects, or UBOs (for Unidentified Bright Objects, according to

NIH Director). Abundant literature on the technologies exists. Proof of their use in war theatres in Iraq and

Afghanistan for example, is out in the open. Companies producing the weapons, openly tout their products. The

products are all used remotely to target the individual. This, no one can take away from us.  But some are

beginning to address the problem. And not surprisingly, none of them is a government entity.

An abstract of an informative paper that delves deep into the analysis of somatic surveillance and written by

Drs. Torin Monahan and Tyler Wall in 2007 (Surveillance & Society  Special  Issue on ‘Surveillance and Criminal

Justice’ Part 1, 4(3): 154-173.

describes surveillance as follows:

Somatic surveillance is the increasingly invasive technological monitoring of and intervention into body functions. Within this type of surveillance regime, bodies are recast as nodes on vast information networks, enabling corporeal control through remote network commands, automated responses, or self-management practices.” 


The authors of the paper then go on to describe the areas of investigation addressed in the paper: 

nanotechnology systems, commercial body-monitoring systems and radio-frequency identification implants,

before concluding the abstract with the following sentence:

The argument is that in present and projected forms, somatic surveillance systems abstract bodies and physiological systems from social contexts, facilitating hyper-individualized control and the commodification of life functions.” 

Dr. Emilio Mordini, MD, comments on the need for ethics in the field of somatic surveillance in medicine in the following quote:

Body surveillance technologies are an expanding field of technology research and applications. They are neither medical nor security technologies but remain somehow in between.They include Info-Communication Technologies ( Technologies biometrics RFID biometrics , RFID, and technologies for data storage, data fusion, and data mining, behavioral profiling, etc.), biotechnology (DNA anal dysis and databank, detection technologies for biological, radiological, and chemical agent prevention) agent prevention), nanotechnologies (video surveillance and monitoring nano-devices, biotech nano devices, Zig , Bee etc.). Medical surveillance and global security: why eHealth needs ethics and politics and politics,  Emilio Mordini, MD

Lastly but not least, Cynthia J. Bruckner-Lea writes on biosensors:
Biosensors, like chemical sensors, consist of two essential components: a chemically selective layer that binds the target molecule, and a transducer that converts the binding event into a measurable signal that can be monitored , displayed and used for process control.” (Biosensor Systems for Homeland Security by Cynthia J. Bruckner-Lea;… .

Nanodevices have an established interaction with the human physiology in ways that can be used (depending on

the properties of the nanodevice) passively or actively, in the implementation of live-saving tasks in medicine as

well as in deployments as tools of war waged on enemy persons and unwitting persons indistinguishably in mind

control torture operations as this documentation attests.

These references – especially the Monahan/Wall paper – not only validate the existence and use of somatic or

corporeal surveillance technologies, but also provide valuable informed context, whereas my abuse with somatic

surveillance weapons, accurately captures its implementation in a brutal militarized program. 

Now more than four years since the beginning of the abuse, a decision I made to research  the devices has led

me to discover that the devices of somatic surveillance in my case, and perhaps in many other similarly abused

individuals as well, are optic and/or photonic nanoelectromechanical and microelectromechanical systems which,

according to notes by distinguished Dr. Lok C. Lew Yan Voon of the Citadel, Military College of South Carolina,

are mostly made of silicon, metals, and polymers, gross physical attributes that largely match the observations

from my microscopic examination of the devices. A few examples that Dr. LYV gives are silicon dioxides, nitrites,

carbides, Al, Ti, Cu W, photoresists, polyamides. And according to the document, they exhibit multiphysics


The multiphysicity of these systems affords them applications that exploit their electromagnetic-structural ,

fluid-structural  or electromagnetic-fluid interactions, and may even behave similarly to metamaterials,

substances whose constituent elements are part of the periodic table but when at nanoscale, behave like neither

of their constituents parts at macro or bulk scales.  Consequently, applications of these

nanodevices/nanomaterials are ubiquitous and comprise a wide spectrum including bio-applications that are for

human benefit in medicine, but for torture in weaponized versions.The new regimes of sensations that I painfully

feel are a direct consequence of the multiphysicity of the nanodevices which imparts any number of permutations

among the electromagnetic-structural , fluid- structural or electromagnetic-fluid interactions.  The sensations

that they generate, are the human physiology’s interpretation of the multiphysicity.

The technologies, as evidenced by this documentation, when used in the abuse of human physiology at systemic,

organic or cellular level in mind control programs, have outcomes that are devastatingly negative for the welfare

of the affected individual on all levels , with special detrimental  psychological and emotional implications that

flow from the fact that torture with these devices does not inflict the gross physical injury normally visibly

identifiable in the macro versions of traditional torture. Instead the effects are felt as horrific pain when

nociceptors, nerve endings, sensory systems and internal organ tissues are abused and manipulated 24/7 as it


According to Jorneta et al, nanodevices are made up of electronic components which can perform  simple tasks,

including “…computing, data storing, sensing and actuation”. Several of these nanocomponents are integrated into

more advanced nanodevices. The resultant advanced nanodevices  achieve complex tasks in a distributed manner

that is implemented as nanonetworks:

“…enable more advanced applications of nanotechnology in the biomedical, environmental, industrial and military fields, such as intrabody health monitoring and drug delivery systems, or wireless nanosensor networks for biological and chemical attack prevention at the nanoscale, amongst others. “ Underlining of nanosensor networks” above is by this author.

Remote communication between the devices illegally implanted in my body and the airborne torture base station

surveilling me 24/7 is accomplished via nanonetworks, which, according to Jorneta et al, are high density

network systems that require special protocols that are defined differently from the standard.  The high density

of the nanosensor network systems flows from the miniature sizes of the devices which in aggregates, constitute

huge numbers.

Remote communication of the devices is likely implemented via ‘ PHLAME’ . ‘PHLAME’ is an acronym for a ‘Physica

l Layer Aware MAC’ protocol for Electromagnetic nanonetworks in the Terahertz. Nano Communication Networks

3, (2012) 71-85. , (“Josep Miquel Jorneta, , Joan Capdevila Pujolb,1, Josep Solé Paretab. “PHLAME: A Physical

Layer Aware MAC protocol for Electromagnetic nanonetworks in the Terahertz Band Nano Communication

Networks 3 (2012) 74–81”).

The devices are manufactured using NEMS and MEMS manufacturing technologies, and companies making these

products are ubiquitous. The products that a vast majority of these companies make are largely used in ‘clean’

applications.  If historical precedence is any guide, torture industries most likely own ‘front’ companies

dedicated to producing weaponized electromagnetic and scalar based devices for military applications. The vast

array of the devices used to torment me point to a dedicated manufacturer who is constantly on the drawing

board, designing and producing tools of torture that inflict more pain that the last batch.

Appended (date)…

From the very beginning of the abuse, the programmable nanodevice tools employed in the torture had been

designed to attack and chronically overwhelm the somatosensory system, through a sustained and chronic remote

input of constant intense stimuli to virtually all modalities of the sensory system simultaneously, and in what

essentially constitutes torture by sensory overload of the tactile and nociceptor systems, leading to a manifested

injury of the trigeminal nerve in 2012.

The three divisions of the nerve carry pain, temperature, and touch modalities from the skin of the face; the mucosa of sinuses, nose, and mouth; the teeth; and portions of the dura. They convey proprioceptive sensation from the teeth, hard palate, temporomandibular joint, and muscles of mastication. The three divisions are as follows:{C}1.=7pt    {C}Ophthalmic. Upper division. Innervates forehead, upper eyelid, cornea (thus the corneal reflex), conjunctiva, dorsum of the nose, and dura of some of the anterior cranial fossa. Leaves orbit through the superior orbital fissure. Proceeds through the lateral wall of the cavernous sinus in close relation to the third, fourth, and sixth cranial nerves. Joins other two divisions to form the trigeminal (semilunar, Gasserian) ganglion.{C}2.=7pt   {C}Maxillary. Supplies upper lip, lateral and posterior portions of nose, upper cheek, anterior temple, mucosa of nose, upper jaw, upper teeth, roof of mouth, and dura of part of the middle cranial fossa. The nerve leaves the pterygopalatine fossa, passes through the foramen rotundum, traverses the inferior part of the cavernous sinus, and enters the trigeminal ganglion.{C}3.=7pt   {C}Mandibular. Supplies lower lip, chin, posterior cheek, temple, external ear, mucosa of lower part of mouth, anterior two-thirds of the tongue, and portions of the dura of anterior and middle cranial fossae. Proprioceptive impulses are carried largely in the motor nerve, which is incorporated into the mandibular division. It enters the cranium through the foramen ovale and goes to the trigeminal ganglion.”

Over the course of the torture, in order to inflict the maximal amount of pain and torment, the devices have been

upgraded roughly every fortnight with new replacement devices. I believe that the purpose for the replacement

is multi-fold. One, new  replacement torture tools have tended to be generally more miniaturized, with dimensions

that have been progressively  getting smaller and smaller, from earlier millimeter-sized nanocrystals that were

visible to the naked eye albeit  with difficulty, to now, microdevices of microscopic dimensions although the

nanofibre and nanodust classes remain  visible to the naked eye.

Apparently the smaller the microscopic devices, the more it is to implement novel sensations that are not only

normally not in the set of known human sensory experiences that arise from  normal interactions and

communication with the outside world, but also are novel permutations of the known modalities in such unnatural

combinations that nature has yet to evolve to produce. The smaller the microscopic devices, the more difficult it

is to capture and store as evidence, and innovative and creative thinking is often required to devise ways to

capture them both physically and in images. Even without permutating the sensation modalities, the properties of

the new and smaller devices are such that they impart pain-affliction abilities that are new and  intense novel

tactile and pain sensations that are also uniquely different from the anything experienced by the  brain

previously. The implication of significance from all this is that, pain is gradually intensified and alarm to the

system is chronically maintained  by upgrading the torture tools.

The fortnightly upgrades also appear to be deliberately designed to circumvent the body’s ability to afford the

host some relief through natural adaptive mechanisms, thus driving the body’s natural coping mechanisms to stress

 loads to a breaking point, while assuring a steady delivery of  a continuous and uninterrupted pain stream.

The ultimate objective in traumatic  mind control torture, according to a memo by a CIA director in 1956

(  makes it clear that the objective is to disintegrate the

personality and thus the brain for reprogramming, a diabolic exercise that is the equivalent of  the crimes the

Nazis were sent to hang for shortly after WW2. The common name for personality disintegration is madness.

In case you wondered, I am a 50+ year old black South African female of humble village upbringing and origins.

I grew up living along with millions of my fellow South Africans, under the utter insult and abomination that was

called ‘apartheid’. While in that beautiful country, I committed no crimes, even against the Apartheid government

against which many courageous persons fought and honourably perished in self-defense. I resisted peacefully,

like millions of my fellow South Africans. This, I cannot and will never apologize for, just like I will never

apologize for exposing this torture crime. I have spent more than thirty (30) years in the United States

continuously, more time than I spent in my country of birth, admiring the true character and foundations of this

nation while despising those that work to undermine it. During this time, I never once left the United States to

visit another country. I am not a terrorist. I have no terrorist friends or acquaintances, although since 2010, I

can say now that the torture has acquainted me with anonymous and remote-operating terrorists – the parties that

torture me –  who dwarf ISIS and Al Qaeda in barbarism, and who have trillions of dollars at their disposal with

which to finance the torture of their innocent fellow citizens with impunity, while celebrating every July 4th,

and feigning disbelief at the barbarous and abominable acts of ISIS, incapable of grasping the paradoxical

dissonance. I am not a criminal and have no criminal record.






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Nova Scotia reports 1 new death, 163 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday

Nova Scotia reported one death related to COVID-19 and 163 new cases of the virus on Saturday.The death, a man in his 70s, is in the central health zone. It is the province's 71st COVID-related death.The number of active cases marks a significant decrease from the previous day's figure of 227.On Friday, Premier Iain Rankin indicated there were more than 200 positive results that had not been logged…See More
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