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Nanoparticle Torture of Major Nerves

Pat B. - 04. 10.13

The time is between 2400 and 0330 am. The pain that had started on the right thigh, is progressively getting worse. I ignore it, thinking it is likely transient, but the pain persists. By 1000am, having just completed my night shift, I am home trying to get what rest I can with the nanoparticle torture tormenting my entire body and mind. As I try to turn in bed, with sleep deprivation interruptions making it impossible to sleep, I notice that the pain is fast reaching immense proportions. By now, it is slowly creeping down the right leg. But I can still turn and change positions in bed, although with increasing difficulty.

Four days later, on March 20, 2013, I am groaning and writhing. The pain radiates from the hip, down the right thigh all the way down the lateral aspect of the right leg and shoots like a nerve on a flame. I cannot turn in bed. I cannot sit up or get up. I cannot move my right leg and moving my left leg requires some cooperation from the affected right leg, which it cannot provide. I cannot go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I am stuck in a supine position in bed staring at the the ceiling and unable to do anything about the state of affairs.

I ask my partner to help me sit up and he lends a hand, but the slightest movement he makes kills me with pain. I tell him to let go, because I still need to go to the BR badly, but the pain is just unbearable. I seriously consider the prospect of buying a bed pan – things seem to have become that dire - but before doing that, I manage to muscle enough grit to get out of bed, a feat that took about an hour to accomplish, even with help, in the midst of unspeakable pain. I have decided to go to the emergency.

In the course of documenting this horrific crime, I have written numerous times of incessant, nightly DEW and other electromagnetic energy delivering broiling heat to my spinal column, especially the lumbar, sacral and coccygeal regions. I tried over time using what protection I could, including ice packs, metal sheets, thick pillows – whatever I could try - but all to no avail. In addition to writing about the persistent remote attacks on this part of the body, I also wrote about numerous perfectly round, dime sized hyperpigmented spots that appeared overnight in 2010. The spots were not on the bony prominences of the spinal column proper but closely straddled it ( the spinal column ), roughly aligning with where the peripheral nerve roots could be expected to be found as they emerge and branch off from the spinal cord. These spots faded away before I could take pictures. Soon after the formation of the hyperpigmented spots, depositions of nanoparticles directly on the spots began in earnest and have occurred on a daily basis since, continuing to this day.

Vascular wall-breaching nanoparticles possess properties of liquids and particulate matter simultaneously, unlike any physical object that one may be familiar with. These properties are arcane and not natural to the human body and the person whose body is violated with their vulgar infusions, can perceptibly “feel” their flow and movement.  It is their particulate property that enables one to feel their movement.  And I can feel the pressure builds up as the volume of the deposited particles increases in the body. Touching the area of deposition is a natural behavioral response to a perception of a sensation or presence of a foreign object but each time I do so, the nanoparticles eject at a point predetermined by the torture contractor. These end points/ejection points include a very active area in the vicinity of the temporomandibular joint; some part of the scalp; the eyes; the left eyebrow, etc.

Lately, and just preceding the onset of the terrible pain on the right hip, thigh and leg, the nanoparticles headed somewhere near the right hip joint whenever I interrupted the depositions on the lower back area. In addition, a nagging perpetual contraction of the gluteus maximus muscles had plagued me for about a week prior to the onset of the excruciation right hip, thigh and leg pain.

The young gentleman at the emergency clinic gave me a comprehensive battery of tests after which he concluded that I had a slipped disk, or a herniated disk. Either way, he said, the right sciatic nerve – the longest and largest nerve in the body - nerve is pinched. There was most likely associated irritation and/or inflammatory response to the injury. A potent anti-inflammatory agent would control the inflammation while a prescription pain killer would help with the pain, he concluded. It took four days before I could feel any relief and by relief, I mean being able to barely get in and out of bed.

The next day following the emergency visit and while I sat down eating dinner, the torture contractor mobilized an Amazon river flow of nanoparticles from the spinal column to the right hip and the right knee. Electric current - like pulsations had been going wild all day on the lower back area from which the flow of the nanoparticles are perceptible when manipulated or deposited in the subcutaneous tissue, and the reservoir from which he was now mobilizing the devices to their destination areas. The right hip is where the sciatic nerve leaves the lumbar and sacral plexi to innervate its dermatomes. Some of the muscles in the buttocks are among those innervated by branches of this great nerve. All nanoparticle depositions into the body appear to be dumps on the subcutaneous layer from where the torture contractor then recruits them to any part of the body he wishes to inflict pain on, including tissues of all internal organs.

Moments after I felt the nanoparticles flow from the lower back area to the right hip and right knee, the pain in the right hip, thigh and leg shot to back to high heavens, defying what potent prescription analgesic the doctor had prescribed. I was back to square one.

During this time, various vehicles not belonging to the street began flocking, lining the street at night to partake in the orgasmic thrill of watching me writhe in pain. With no qualms, no scrupples, no semblance of morality nor a residue of conscience, and utter contempt and despise for the constitution and all the laws that flow from it, the torture contractors were not the least bothered by torturing an old African woman who has done nothing to them, their families or their country while hiding behind walls, planes, the classification system and national security and pretending to fight against the terror they actually inflict on their fellow Americans and other legal residence, all of whom are innocent of any crimes.

The show promptly began after the street light in front of my front yard would first turn itself off completely while the rest of the other lights on the street stay lit before turning itself on once more after about five to ten minutes. One company that make such street lights, which among other things, makes head counts of passers-by, is “Intellistreets” . Torture planes are often not far away, docked obliquely in the skies relative to my house as it were.  They were at their usual place in the skies on this night. This occurs on a daily basis.

The behavior of this street light was once witnessed by a cab driver who had taken me home sometime in November of 2012 and it occurred just as I finished explaining the oddity to him. If he disbelieved me, he no longer did after he witnessed it himself while parked on the driveway. It had been bad timing for the torturers who may have an aversion to witnesses. The cab driver's mouth was agape at what he witnessed; his eyes a portrait of pure shock, but he knew of the crimes and was as repulsed by them asany true American would be. After the bizarre hehaviour of the street but which I was now familiar with, I paid the young man and he bid me good bye. He was not an Arab nor a Moslem, both the current boogie flavour of the day, but a regular young American male of caucasian extraction. Intelligent. Decent. And just trying to earn a living. The very following day, his brother who co-owned and shared the cab with him, was involved in a car accident. And on that very same following day, both brothers' phone numbers which they had given to me, were suddenly mysteriously disconnected. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me then, someone had placed in my own cell phone a recorded message of Darth Vader which is what everyone apparently heard whenever they tried to call me. A friend alerted me to the message.

For two weeks, I stayed home, unable to work. Each night of those two weeks, the torture contractor made sure that there were enough nanoparticles in the hip to torment the nerve with whenever he felt like an orgasmic thrill. And so he pumped more and more nanoparticles round the clock along the entire length of the spinal column and on the scalp as usual and at a spot just under the right armpit and lately, at a spot on the left shoulder.

Abuse during this time was beyond barbaric, with jets of sprays of superfine smart dust regularly delivered directly into the roof of the nasal conchae for vascular uptake straight into the brain. Droves of nanoparticles were dumped into the interior of the injured left eye, now peppered all over with corneal plaques and over which I still wear sterile dressing, three months after the injury. The eye had been remotely infected with a VZ virus for purposes of anterrograde/retrograde tracing the exact path of the opthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve. At the height of that superlatively painful episode, the affected left eye was infused with massive amounts of nanoparticles which enabled the eye to see in pitch darkness where the good one (right one) could see nothing in the dark. Since then, segments of the nerve along the exact path, are directly tortured with vibrating nanoparticles whenever the abusers feel like a saddistic thrill. Abuse was carried out with nanoparticles used in internal organ torture, primarily of the upper part of the small intestine where it feels like someone has pumped its lumen with air to stretch capacity before pulling both ends of the segment of the intestine in opposite directions with all their might. There were vibrations of the left arm and simulations of a crawling large insect on same arm. There were dumpings of more nanoparticles on the right eye, causing bright rainbow halos to form around every object illuminated by light during the night. The torture included mobilizing nanoparticles down the throat while I eat where they feel like a wiggling worm. It included evacuation of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus to burn it whenever the torture contractor felt like a thrill. It included extremely painful injections of nanoparticles directly into the healed lesions formed by the VZ virus that I believe was used in interrograde/retrograde tracing of the trigeminal nerve's exact pathway so the nerve could be directly accessed for irritation to generate pain at any time. VZV lesions trace the direct path of the nerve as the virus tends to attack the nerve directly and torture is about pain infliction. Nerves are the stuff of pain...

The abuse included super heating of the head every night whenever the torture contractor felt
like a saddistic excitement. It included violent vibrations of nanoparticles over the supraorbital foramina where the now injured opthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve is closest to the skin. It included regular broiling of the face with a remote electromagnetic torture tool whenever I dared to turn in bed to change positions, get up, move blankets – anything but a perfectly still position. It included chronic sleep deprivation with remotely delivered sounds that lasts for hours on end. It included defiling everything I drink by superheating the hand as it raises the container to the mouth, delivering through the hand, droves of nanoparticles which feel like grit. It included pumping devices into the left ear until it felt like it would explode. It included nanoparticle dumps into both eyes, including the injured eye and violently vibrating them both inside the eyes as well as over the dressing covering the left eye. The nanoparticle dumps into the eyes always feel like sand grains being hurled into the eyes. The abuse included vulgar manipulations of the heart function using remote electromagnetic weapons systems, by driving it into wild palpitations of grossly amplified arrythmic beating patterns, skipped beats and exaggeratedly amplified, thumping beats that sound as if the heart would soon be jumping out of the mouth. The abuses are too many to list here. All of them continue of course.

A week after the emergency room visit, I went to see my personal provider for an assessment. While taking a shower to get ready to go to her office, the internal organ torture began and continued on all day except for the duration of the visit to her office. These torture crimes thrive of stealth, lies and deniability and they accomplish this, among other things, by minimizing pain while at a doctor's office so as to cast doubt about the pain suffered.

When I was finally cleared to resume work, the torture contractor had inflicted his pain to his satisfaction and I went back to work for the first time since the episode on Saturday, April 6, 2013.

But on that night, the pain which had been there to some concerning degree just that very morning and about which I worried knowing I'd be going to work later that day, suddenly and mysteriously disappeared and was completely gone as if I never had a nerve injury. Not a trace. I could sit and recline in any position I liked without as much as a hint of pain.

Two days later, the nanoparticle pumps into the right hip resumed and some pain was back. This is the state of the “sciatica” today. Pain invoked whenever it's time for a thrill by men and women who have chosen to torture their fellow Americans for a living. Or whenever it is time to demonstrate to torture students who will go on to torture more of their fellow Americans, new methods of criminally and intrusively manipulating the nervous system in the infliction of maximal pain. For pain's sake. Or whenever it's time for a general torture orgy on weekends. You are reading about a mind control for brainwashing torture with electromagnetic weapons systems in the United States.

Mind control for brainwashing is different from regular mind control which does not always require torture according to the CIA memos and others. Mind control torture for brainwashing is intended and designed to be severely traumatic enough to lead to a “dissociative state” of the personality. This is according to the CIA memos which can be found online. The dissociated person is then “reprogrammed” with the value system of the torturer – including the sick belief of torturing innocent women, children and men of his own people for money or power and as a means of a lifetime livelihood that is beyond reproach. Mind control torture with intent to brainwash, has its objective as completely obliterating a person's belief and value system, substituting the preferred one – the torturer's own. It is a tool for those whose ideas have no chance in the open market of ideas in a democracy because of an their inherently severe deficit in persuasive power and because they lack a fundamental sound moral basis, and thus, have no useful value to humanity. So the resort of choice is violence.

In communist countries, the targets were freedom advocates. In democratic societies, it is a sign of a deliberate and orchestrated effort that works silently to overthrow democracy itself, and one that will intimidate or torture any American who dares suggest using any of the mechanisms already in place for the marketing of ideas. Predictably, it failed in Hitler's time; it failed in Stalin's time and I'll die writing to inform anyone to whom the values of this country matter and join all those that helped make it a failure in the past.

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