Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They continue to find creative new ways of inflicting pain and torture on this closely monitored Human Research Subject. To be consumed with such anger and hatred; I wonder if inflicting great bodily…

They continue to find creative new ways of inflicting pain and torture on this closely monitored Human Research Subject. To be consumed with such anger and hatred; I wonder if inflicting great bodily pain and suffering on innocent American citizens using glorified weapons of war technology helps them feel more like men.

The latest tactic is to tie even tighter the 2nd toe of each foot so that toes are bent back with the 1st MT joint raised in such a way that when I wear my clogs, my toes rub up against the roof of shoe and
a frequency current is turned on… the 3rd middle toe on each foot is also tied in the same fashion for friction contact with shoe at MT joint. The outer portion of Heel on (R) foot where there was a tiny pre-existing cut was enlarged into a ½ inch slash- carried out with a laser weapon. Once this barely visible wound was cut open, they proceeded to insert a nano technology device which they thent proceeded to connect to a current that was kept running on the open wound throughout the night off and on. I was forced to get up and out of bed and to use my (R) foot (6) times during the night by applying enormous pressure toboth my bladder and bowels with PEP technology.

This has gone on for two weeks now with the wound on my heel still swollen and tender to the touch and kept in such a condition so as to not heal properly. As I write this, they just now tweaked my (L) heel in the exact opposite location where they cut open the other heel.

Many victims reading this will think I should keep my mouth shut with details kept to myself until the time comes when we have a court case. I'm not on the same page. I write these things for my son and his friends and their parents and for the world to see in print the reality of what is going on in this country almost right under everyone's nose to hopefully expose the criminals who carry out these horrific crimes from within our own government and it would seem -an extremist group who fall in line with the German Bavarian CIA NAZI New World Order. They operate from within the military- industrial- corporate complex and have been aided by the likes of Retired Lt. Col. John Alexander, a decades-long career Army veteran and expert on Psychotronics, Mind Control Research and Experimentation and so-called Non-lethal weapons at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Technology that was developed and perfected on unwitting American citizens and now are being used in state sponsored terrorist operations on American civilians carried out by evil sick little men allowed to operate from within the military and secret intelligence agencies.

The criminal team of "handlers" who hideout in remote locations so as to be able to get away with these dirty deeds have been dedicated to the task of crippling me for the past two years. How many other Americans who don't even realize the technology exists have been crippled deliberately and intentionally or have come down with a designer disease or cancer. When they were setting me up in this black budget CIA/military intelligence program they initially threw me off a curb into the street in Oakland, CA hoping that my knee would sustain permanent injury. When it didn't, they threw me off a curb twice more. Once the knee completely healed nevertheless, they could have documentation of a pre-existing injury and "invent" damage. They took this ( R) knee and filled it with nano technology devices throughout. At this moment as I write and they view what I am writing, they have completely released all the screws in the knee, and I feel free as a bird to fly away if I could. But, I spoke too soon, because those devices are at this moment being once again retightened. Much of the job is obviously done at their display screen with the illuminati pen to point of influence.

I’m out of the house all day every day and have the opportunity to observe what’s going on around me.

It's a small city and as I look around the downtown area, I see people of all ages limping or their gait is disjointed and somehow off, or they appear to have a jerkiness as they walk OR they’re using a walker or confined to a wheelchair and I wonder how many of them are being remote artificially electronically crippled and don't have a clue about the technology.

I am confident that if we unite against this extremist agenda and act boldly on our own behalf, we can put an end to it finally. Unless there are huge numbers of us in view of the American public, I don't see this ever officially ending any more than MKUltra ended.

One victim I recently found here in town is 65years old and says she will die soon because she can no longer eat solid food and is growing weak. She's missing time and told her daughter about a lot of our stuff and her daughter refused to hear of it. I told her that was typical. The other target just had a baby that

was taken away from her because she has been labeled “schizophrenic” for seeing holographic images of angels!

I've mentioned my feet and knees, but my hips get even more negative attention DAILY for two years now with a current that runs from the sole of my L Foot up to hip joints where they turn on a frequency to
the neuromusculature to torture me. Or they can make my legs feel heavy with psychotronics and awkward
as though I'm a marionette by tweaking hip joints at strategic points to mimic a serious arthritic condition to achieve this effect. There are meridian lines such as in acupuncture with devices inserted up and
down my legs and into hip – a kind of network which operates as a system and where they decide which points they will activate for maximum pain and discomfort or a change in motion. This morning they were torturing me with neuromuscular pain,and I happened to reach down and scratch an outside point at (R) ankle bone whereby a nerve sensation shot directly up the leg to the point in my (R ) knee which is routinely targeted for extreme pain in the middle of the night waking me up last night and the previous night -the point that is tweaked for maximum disability..

Where is Congressional Rep Janice Schakowsky who stood up last October for The Center of Constitutional Rights to end human rights abuses by Military Contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa? BUT, what about at home, Janice? She was going to do an investigation on our behalf and as in typical fashion, it was just dropped. Just as Senator Patrick Leahy, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee supposedly does oversight over the FBI who were involved in Cointelpro and are aware of or complicit in this continuation of Cointelpro.

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You all must receive all evidence about why I launch   international (legal  ) proceedings against "them" because they have committed  terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra. Now, I provide further documents about their ongoing brutality and evil...For 17 years, I write, write, speak out and stand up. Maybe you are tired of what I am doing. But, please see what OMCT stated recently after contacting them : "Torture Destroys Societies " ; " Global Voice For Ending Torture"At G7 Summit, they…See More
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Victim Certificate for Evidence on Court

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