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Hi These perps were blocking my ears and making me partly deaf from quite some time, now they started giving pain in both the ears and the pain is so much that i cant open my jaw for eating anything,…


These perps were blocking my ears and making me partly deaf from quite some time, now they started giving pain in both the ears and the pain is so much that i cant open my jaw for eating anything, lately due to the pain and infection in my ears , some sort of liquid starts coming out of my ear, it is really painful if they stop torturing then it is normal, these perps are finding the different ways of how to torture a person, and enjoy in the suffering of others pain.

its really annoying to always write about the torture i am facing, I really feel consoled sharing these things with others, I am so happy that there are people here to listen to our pain and suffering and fight against these evil perps.


Thanks and Regards

Vincent George


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Comment by 007 on December 30, 2010 at 11:09pm
 You know the LOrd can heal your ears. You need to be listening to programs that are Christain. Like CBN TBN.....Christain music as well. There is healing in there. It will make all sence come back too you. Their sounds will be chased out because the enemy can not dwell where the Lord  dwells. That is your temple, your body. If you give him your heart and trust in Jesus he will flood them out of your life heal your body and create for you a new home where they will run in fear for speaking his Holy name.
Comment by franko on December 31, 2010 at 2:23am
This guy is an ex FBI agent whistleblower
Comment by steve ahmann on December 31, 2010 at 2:59am


Some of my attackers at the highest levels are merely the US bred terrorists you see on the news that are so good at what they do in countries like Central America, Asia, and the rest of the world too.  These people are experts at hurting, spreading fear, and torture.  The US govt. sent groups of military experts all over the world to cause this kind of terror and fear in any country that objected to the dictatorship that the American govt. had chosen for them.  These people are experts at quashing rebellion.  These are the type of people I am dealing with.  They mask it behind psych ops and other distractions…but these people are the really sick and planned on forcing me to violence so they can justify the further expansion of their powers.  Manufacturing controlled terrorists I believe is the primary aim of the program that I have been on.  When that  did not work then they wanted me to suicide, brainwashed, or insane whichever comes first…or at least marginalized so no one will ever believe me.  Now that they know that is  not a going to happen they rationalize their program to people following orders  by appearing to correct me in spiritual and moral ways…while all the while assaulting me in the hopes to provoke violence.  I note that many people participating at the lower levels (socially engineered, group stalking)have deluded themselves into thinking they are on some moral or spiritual high ground. In my situation, many of them believe themselves to be doing the work of evangelizing me, even though the only chapter they have ever read out of the Bible is John Chapter 3 and have not bothered reading any of the rest of the book…so therefore have no understanding of what the book means except for what they have been brainwashed into believing by religious leaders.  Essentially, some of the people attacking me are radical Christians that believe that since I am not an active member of their church that this suffering must continue.  For some perps it is a 'New Inquisition'…for years I was screamed at to 'go to church' at high decibels meant to cause pain.  This is not true of all of the people assaulting me, but it definitely accounts for some.   They appear sometimes to be correcting social graces I lack at times and manners while all the while allowing torture to go on from different types of high technology.   This is meant to infuriate me into performing some act of violence as well.   Because many of these people believe they are morally or spiritually superior I have noticed that (at times) listening to spiritual music actually does have the effect of calming them down somewhat.   However, I am not about to give up my spiritual views for anyone, they are firmly held beliefs that I will not change.   Mans Law  is not a spiritual doctrine…they are the commandments of men…usually the rich (or psychiatrists that have a book to sell) and the brainwashed public that believes that they are necessary.   People fail to see the difference between a good law like 'thou shalt not kill' and a bad law like 'possession of a controlled substance'.  I talk about this at length on my website at


I ask you to not give up your spiritual view to these sickos.  Do you  really want to be like the people torturing you?


Another point I would like to add is that I am curious as to whether a large amount of water can block the signal of their electronic weapons.  I know that in certain depths not even the light of the sun reaches, and I seriously doubt they are using sonar (joke) .  They have all but stopped voice to skull with me and so I cannot experiment myself.  But I really curious that if I were to go scuba diving, for instance, if I could still hear/feel their constant attacks there.

Comment by steve ahmann on December 31, 2010 at 3:39am
I think that the people use this reverse psychology.  Knowing that I am being tortured by them, they know i will react violently and reactt o the ludicrious suggestions of the fools around me like 'listen to christian music'.  i am sorry but that is just ridiculous and meant to cause anger when you know youare being tortured so you will reject any suggestion given to you by anyone.  It is a reverse psychology that will isolate you from people.
Comment by Annie on December 31, 2010 at 6:00am

Steve, I agree on that one, "listen to christian music" is hardly going to put an end to my suffer or make it any easier. (even if I´m sure it was meant as a kind advice, and maybe some get an ease from it, who am I to tell..) Regarding the ones harassing you, I remember you are a victim from several years. Then, after several years it comes to the remote-interface only, since they have had their time in mapping your brain, the voices are by most certain remote computeraliezed. I´ve also been told to commit suicide over and over again (and I for sure have given it a serious thought) and that there is no use for me to stay in this world, the damage will be too severe they say, and that I´m not going to make it.This is the psycological tests they are running, to see how the mind/brain works in real time under such psycological pressure. I have "only" been a victim for nearly a year now, but from what I experience, they do all sort of tests and reserach on my body aswell, especially the female part. The V2S are there, and I think it is almost always done with remote computer.

I think this is their "perfect" in real time reaserching project. Regarding to possible water blocking out the signal, I also thought of that, but how practically?Also it seems that cold weather is not the best condition for the signal. (maybe cause of the amount of snow and ice and very low temerature, it seems as if they do not want you to get to cold or have low temperature), and of course when the thunder is going, they shut down I realized this summer. //Annie

Comment by franko on January 1, 2011 at 1:02am
This all part of COINTELPRO, COPS and FBI puppets are doing this to everybody, They are getting paid to torcher you,The worst criminals on the street burglars, thiefs, murders, gangbangers would NOT waste their time doing this 24/7 for years and years, they would not throw away their money to buy expensive military weopons. Cops are the worst people I ever seen, evil trash and I worked in the worst neighborhoods in chicago for over 15 years.
Comment by 007 on January 2, 2011 at 9:43am
 I don't quite understand what you mean about your reactions.  You don't want to be healed ?? HUH??  Need more input...
Comment by 007 on January 2, 2011 at 9:43am
Comment by 007 on January 2, 2011 at 9:46am

Your interpretations do not input. Need more input. You have no input you do not compute need more data.

Comment by Dmitry on January 22, 2011 at 7:42am

Thy are outcasts, degradated despicable sadists. I'm sure, the thing they most afraid in their lives-

is the possibility that these technologies will  be applied on them.


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