Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Picking the perps is EASY!!!

They bog these sites down with MC technological information non-stop. Constant reading about the technology doesnt do anything to help a victim it makes them feel more helpless.

They BOG you down with technological info but NEVER have offer any protection methods. They seem to know so much yet so little to actually help anyone.

They also talk in ways that are confusing and not straight-forward -  one of the groups on peacepink I am in, the group host talks like he's on acid 24/7  -   anything to boggle the mind MORE.

AND they NEVER reply to peoples requests for help, or if they do they say something useless. Its always cold, clinical, information posting they send.

I always find it DISTURBING that a post about the latest mind control technological information receives 200 replies and a poor person asking for help gets 2 or 3 if they're lucky.

IM WITH YOU GREG - people dont care enuf around here. Its TOO bizarre. You are right, most of the REAL TI's get chased off. 

I dont even trust the moderators of this site. BE AWARE reading too much mind control information is no good for you and there ARENT any solutions in the reading!!

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Comment by Annie on April 25, 2011 at 6:47am
Ok, Suzy, so if you "do not trust the moderator of this site", maybe you could explain a bit why? Since I am working my ass off here in trying to delete all the non credible profiles that are poppin up,  and keep this site relyable, if you have a better way of managing the site, pls contact Soleilmavis so that you can do a better job.Best Regards, Annie
Comment by cinders on April 26, 2011 at 4:40pm
Sorry but I dont believe there is no device that was developed along with this torture machine that cant protect us and that it was unleashed to some organizations 6 degrees of separation from the NSA or homeland security to systematically reap and pillage innocent families with no means of recourse or electronic protection as well as detection,it makes no sense. The govt always has all the angles covered.Trouble is where and from whom do we get this device?The Military is a good place to start. Someone somewhere has to know something and the solution is never addressed.
Comment by suzy on April 27, 2011 at 3:22pm

Annie I have posted help advice to others and posts asking for help myself and they seem to get deleted.

People need help and support not just endless MC technological info but thats all i seem to see on this site.

There's not much warmth or friendship which is all we have until a solution comes thru.

And also apparent long-term TI's dont share any solutions/help they learn after surviving for so many years.  Where is the advice/support for new TI's?


Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on April 28, 2011 at 12:33am
It wasn't long ago that a non-American showed up on peacepink and immediately became highly visible doing postings and commenting here and there with everyone... Well, someone on this site who no longer posts because of  embedded CIA and perps mentioned the perfect written English language the person  used and I replied back to her.  From that moment on - after commenting on the perfect English language being used, this individual began immediately making her postings and comments far less perfect  with intentional misspellings, etc. and other times claiming to be at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding what is being said when the truth is -there is no misunderstanding at all.  Also, when I post something about what's happening in my life this individual likes to  leave a comment with something like "I've experienced the same thing!"  blah blah blah so as to diminish what I've said - as though what's going on in my life is commonplace and this is anything but the truth.  Most ti's cannot even comprehend many of the things being done to me because it is so highly unusual and a whole new territory in the realm of psychotronic trickery and AI, etc.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on April 28, 2011 at 4:24am
Who are the moderators on Peacepink now (?)
Comment by Annie on April 28, 2011 at 4:47am
Lynn, I am helping Soleilmavis a bit at the moment, I do not know who else there is./Annie
Comment by cinders on April 28, 2011 at 5:00am
I want EVERYONE to know that I called Greg from a number he emailed me along with his wed night group posts. Now my call could have been intercepted, (that happens to me too) Anyway I got a voicemail with a womans voice. Later I received a call from the same number of a man Identifying himself as Greg he asked me to call him back because he didnt have many long distance minutes on his calling card, so I did. (That was weird)I asked what the deal was with a calling card he said"his mother doesnt like him to use the phone for long distance" Now the person I spoke to sounded older not like the picture,he then went on and did some weird things like drinking water and making sure I heard every annoying sound then acted like he got water up his nose, etc. I was heartbroken because I need help and I believed he really maybe knew some people in my area who could help me like a support group. The conversation was long and stupid it consisted mostly of him saying he was doing all these legal things with all kinds of people and for me to join his group. He also stated ( after I asked) that he didnt read "Angels dont play this HAARP" and that he didnt know any of that technical stuff, and that he was going to buy some of the "weapons" used against us to present in court which I think is  Now I have read some of his comments and they are lengthy legal useless info without merit and claiming to have all kinds of money, and suggesting bribing mayors,etc. So WHY did I call him? I thought that outrageous stuff was a front because thats what a victim might do, kind of the reverse. Only logically speaking thats twisted thinking and desperate people can find hope in an amoeba. Well I got news for you, Greg also emailed me (before our phone conversation) the number of "Derrick"who was involved in an organization  now Derrick took about 3 weeks to call me back, but he seemed  normal on the phone, kind of hesitant as I was, but he gave me 3 numbers for people in my area. So I called 2 of them first I got a recording announcing the names of two men including the one I was contacting. I left a message explaining who I was and where I got his number. He didnt call back so I called again and someone answered and said there was nobody there by that name. So I called the other number and a young guy answered I explained who I was and he seemed to not understand what I was talking about. He said he was an electrican and not a member of any organizations or support groups and did not no anything about electronic harrassment etc. Im not sure if he was sincere but it seemed he was. I also gave him Gregs number because he wanted to know who referred me. So because my computer frequently doest make sense, liked hacked into. I began to believe and question peacepink and who really is the TI and wonder what the ruse was for. Organizing a support group of people who know the truth of what happens to us and what happened to myself and my children and their father is imperative to me. I REQUIRE this to sustain life under this bizarre and incomprehensible life we are struggling thru. I am disappointed, scared and alone and find it difficult to get out of my house because I cant think straight or figure out what to do next to save our lives.
Comment by Annie on April 28, 2011 at 5:10am

Lynn, when reffering to the "non-american" I really wonder who you mean, as I am myself almost the only "non american" woman that is active here on PP...?

And for one, I have several time mentioned to you that "I´ve experienced the exact same thing", havent we all?

The thing is, that the real perps really want all us victims to having conflicts with eachother, like they want us to have bad relations with family and friends. Its one of their goal, if we cannot organize us together, then we are weak, and they want us weak. We must all try to be a bit more humle and not put allegations here and there to people. They key is to be supportive and help eachother with advises and share experiences and new information, thats why this site was once created from the beginning.//Annie

Comment by cinders on April 28, 2011 at 6:04am
P. S. also I got the Courage to go to the local police dept. The Detective I spoke to over the phone acted strange he gave me the third agree as soon as I mentioned E.H. and my stalking experiences pretty much stopped two years ago, but he didnt seem to care anyway he was treating me like  someone with no character from the get go and unprofessionally  while Im trying to interrupt him and tell him its making me incapacitated that my body was being destroyed then I told him I could hear things, voices too and he just became sarcastic. He claimed "NOBODY" ever complained of this sort of problem before but either he was a callous insensitive lousy investigator or he knew the truth. Detectives are trained professionals right? I just cant believe someone who is trained to investigate crimes with any experience would behave that way. Its contrary to the profession. So the conv. lasted 5 min. and he did all the talking and dismissed me. He was in the violent crimes dept.  I went back and got info for the "Special Invest dept" I am going to continue to pursue this with the police and whatever law enforcement thats available. My brother is a detective for 35 years and I cant tell him, we dont know each other and I didnt grow up with him. Im not sure what he would do like inform my family who would say im nuts because its what they did before. However based on stories he has told me covering high profile crimes and outrageous crimes. I KNOW seasoned cops have seen it all and know anythings possible, conspiracy stories come from the Govt (in my opinion) and they are able to pull off the things they do because they are so outrageous or sick its incomprehensible. In trying to research this technological evil I have found there is plenty of information supporting  satellite,d.e.w.uhf, emw, ulf, laser and their use. The military though is about the closest I can come to proof, as well as neurological science & the only problem is I cant prove this is violating the general public at random and killing some of us. Its Incomprehensible to the avg person with the 9-5 job and family who still votes and thinks their Constitutional Rights are in tact. Sadly they are the ones whom I also hold responsible for being followers and allowing others to take control of their lives insidiously. I was one, and Im sorry. Appointing leaders creates followers and at that moment you lose control, and you take it easy while others design your finances, education, health and longevity, security and freedom. Why, because the bottom line is Avg. Humans want a life partner, good friends, healthy kids, Love and family.They are the Believers!!!!! Only the appointees are stealing these basic human needs, & desires right beneath them. Where do Victims like myself go for freedom and peace, to others like myself. How do I prove this injustice and make it stop?Even in that I have forever been changed but I HAVE to make sure the minds of my children are set free, and hopefully mine too. I am a REAL TARGETED ViCTIM of Satellite stalking and directed energy of the electromagnetic spectrum. Who is it ? I think our police, military, Neurophysicists and others in the medical field, state and federal govt, oh and Homeland Security (whatever they do) all know somethings doesnt make sense these days.
Comment by cinders on April 28, 2011 at 6:25am
One more thing I have a book "Chatter" by Patrick Keefe it is ALL about signal intelligence from the beginning, the formation, what Country does what and with whom, and they describe it through a series of  documented incidents the advancements and capabilities of our intelligence system. There are so many stories that do everything but come right out and say " we are listening to people talk and think and not with their cell phones, as well as manipulating them" Of course it only involves "people of interest" and its for a"purpose" but check it out its informative. The only documented story with a credible person i have found is "A New Breed" satellite terrorism in America by Dr. John Hall.Sorry I took up so much space I had alot to say and Im being made sick and Im scared.


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