Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

proble my last emil this satanist are inted to kill me

Dear Mcmailteam this will be proble my last emil here ,the cult members have
torturing so much in my face ,with eletronic quckment that disform pepole ,& my
feets the main persion Kristin Asgeirsdottir & my ex mother law Svala
Jónsdóttir she came with idea to extroy my face 6 my body i will liklely die
today they have torturing me constandly her moster daugther Anna Sigurdardottir
wanted to extroy my face ,becourse i did not want to sleep with / 70 years old
woman called her self to be head witch her name Heidveig Nanna òladóttir &
old perverrts in the grub this pepole are etrime evil .place contack
for me FBI police let them know about my case ,report this pepole place here are
the list ,they have torturing my in extrime way my ex wife are in this here
name is Thorun Sigurardóttir I m geting so sick my feet are disform , this is
worst pepole on this earth , main pepole are vidar Jonson & Kristin
Àsgeirsdóttir they are main behide this they have get small children into drugs
enefect them with aids ,herpis ,syflius ,also he is a children perverts they
did murder there own son Vidir Már Vidarson in 1997 & got awy with it they did
tested him with aids ,herpis ,syflius ,i did go to the police here in Gemany Frankfurt & i did phonecall to police in Iceland place call FBI Police repot this place, i went to the police here in germany , & i did contack also police here in iceland & let them know nothing happent ,i m so much week pcsycally,i can´t hadly walk my feet are so disformed , i wil proble die today or next day ,my ex mother law Svala Jonsdottir opration nurse ( she is a wicth )wants to extroy my body & My face & she loves to torturing me, i m guinepigs for what the Illuminati satanist intend to kill , or just having fun excute me.

I just wanted to let you know im stil alive fithing for my life here is the name
List of the pepole who are after me , i m here in frankfurt germany .place call FBI Pepole im geting so despirate for help

· Björn Helgason bankam
· Àsta Hardardóttir
· Hördur Ingi Björsson
· Arnar Björson
Selbrekku 12 - 200 Kópavogi Kort

o Sími: 587 2340


· Gunnar Kristófersson verslm
Fögrubrekku 40 - 200 Kópavogi Kort

o Sími: 564 4378

o Farsími: 696 7577 SMS

· Unnsteinn Alfonsson hjúkrunarfr
Rauðalæk 11 - 105 Reykjavík Kort

o Sími: x 588 6970

o Farsími: x 864 0698

· Alfred Georg Matthíasson rafvélavirki
· Sigrún Helgadóttir ( kaup
Laugalind 1 - 201 Kópavogi Kort

o Sími: 554 3106

o Farsími: 892 8455 SMS

Stefán òli Sveinbjörrson


Rauðalæk 11 - 105 Reykjavík

Viðar Jónsson & Kristín àsgeirsdóttir

Hliðarveigji 7 keflavík

· Kolbrún Jónsdóttir förðunarfr
Lækjarbakka 6 - 800 Selfossi Kort

Sími: x 586 2432
Farsími: x 690 2026 SMS
Steinar Jónsson

Rauðalæk 13 - 105 Reykjavík

· Guðsteinn Haukur Barkarson margmiðlunarfr
· Bryndis Bödvarsdóttir
Berjarima 5 - 112 Reykjavík Kort

Sími: x 587 1773
Linda Andrésdóttir

Grafarvogi Rimahverfi

Eyjólfur Kristinsson

Rauðalæk 13 - 105 Reykjavík

Alfa módir Eyjólfs hálf (german )
Jénný lára ( blogginu )
Einar fyrum Lögga
Daníel Viðarsson

Rauðalæk 7 -105 Reykjavík

· Ingibjörg Kristófersdóttir
· Verslunar kona og Hákon .
Byggðarenda 23 - 108 Reykjavík Kort

Sími: 553 3135
Farsími: 660 7510 SMS
Farsími: 662 1393 SMS
Brynhildur skarphéðnisdóttir

· Ebba Skarphéðinsdóttir
Skipalóni 22 - 220 Hafnarfirði Kort

Sími: x 555 1903
Ester Anna Jóhannsdóttir


· Sigurður Kjartansson grafískur hönnuður FÍT
· Hólmfridur
Ljósuvík 52a - 112 Reykjavík Kort

The main with witch

Heidveig nanna òladóttir

Urdarstekk 13 . post 111 Breidholt ,Reykjavik Iceland

Sími: x 567 9750
Farsími: x 696 3880 SMS
Jenný Lind Gudmudsdóttir ( sweden )

thanks Monika for you grubs who was so much blessing


Place contack police let then know what happent to me
FBI ,CIA .scotalnd yard ,Inter pol .
God Bless
Jóhann Helgason

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Comment by Sharon on March 30, 2010 at 3:32pm
hang in there pal. get away from the people you don't trust. in fact the mind conrtollers will try to turn each person to harm a target. so who can be trusted? get by yourself and don't let these people near you. they have already made you very sick with fright and you are under intensive tortures and they are helping you so drop them. run fast and get away from people that don't care about you. going to police has only made things very bad. it is as if they have alreadt been programmed to harange the victim and maybe even harm them. realize quickly that very serious tortures maybe affecting you or maybe they are just shooting low frequency waves that make you panic. try to avoid electronics and avoid people. i care about what you said and i hope you find peace and safety soon. i know this is an atrocius torture program designed by nazi paperclippers coupled with advanced technology.
Comment by David Puckett on March 31, 2010 at 3:45pm

Why won't you email me??? This is your friend Dave puckett...from Germany. Don't you remember me?
I tried to email you....leave you messages on your blogs, etc. Please contact me and let me know what is happening to you??


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