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Main stream medicine and psychiatry are refusing to confront the existence of a branch of neuroscience which is commonly known as Remote Neural Monitoring. Instead, anybody who complains of being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring is being wrongly evaluated by psychiatrists as being mentally ill. Psychiatry is being used to suppress all information pertaining to the worst crime that anybody has ever experienced. If psychiatrists continue to shut out all knowledge of remote neural monitoring from their own minds, more and more individuals will come forward complaining of it.  Psychiatrists must urgently acknowledge the existence of Remote Neural Monitoring before it technologically enslaves the whole human race.

Definition of Remote Neural Monitoring by Bryan Tew.

There may be as many as one thousand programs of mind control which are being used for the purposes of training, research and development. There are many different projects under each program.

Remote Neural Monitoring is a process where victims are wirelessly tied to a super-computer for life by way of a bi-directional continuous stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves that are specifically tuned to the victims unique brain wave signature via illegal implants which have been introduced throughout the victims brain and body by chemtrail spraying of the skies with nano particulates and by a variety of other means. These illegal nano particulates digitalise the victims brain and turns it into a digital receiver. Once the victim is tied to a super-computer the super-computer is able to interface with the brains nano particulates in order to measure and monitor and download all the electromagnetic activity of the victims brain at the speed of light. The super-computer is able to conduct hundreds of thousands of calculations per second. The process of Remote Neural Monitoring is automated and adapted to the victim.

The hive mind team obtain an EEG digital brainwave imprint of the victim. They download that to their super-computer and then they tie the victim to that super-computer for life by way of a bi-directional continuous stream of energy which contains a hidden carrier frequency..

Unknown computer neuro personnel called a hive mind team interface with the super-computer and can manipulate the visual cortex, audio cortex, motor cortex and sensory cortex of the victim in order to introduce sounds, visions, muscle movement and eventually pain signals into the victims brain and body. The hive mind team can inject impulses and memory attacks, visual entrainment and verbal entrainment, two dimensional images, dream modulation, neuro linguistic programming. The head of the hive mind team called the clone is able to clone his brain wave signature to the victims brain wave signature. He can clone his thoughts to your mind. Another member of the hive mind team is a human firewall so that you can not read the mind of the clone. The hive mind team also have nano technology inside their bodies and brains. They will use other people who are paid organised-stalkers to harass and attack the target in order to provoke the victim into an emotional response which can then be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM data. They use physical and psychological trauma to map out the sensory and neural pathways of the target. They are seeking to build coherent patterns of thought so that they can begin to map out the brain of the targeted individual. Brutal psychological trauma is necessary in order to force the victim to dissociate from reality. They are breaking the brain of the target down to the synaptic level. The paid organised -stalkers are also used to discredit the targeted individual so that no one will believe the targeted individual, which will further traumatise them.

We have millions of neurons in our brains that communicate with each other through what is called a synaptic gap. The neuro transmitter is there and that is how the technology is designed to speak to and decode your thoughts.


Further Bryan Tew Material.


Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to image, measure and transmit brain and neural activity.Many human beings throughout most of the world are now wirelessly tied to a super-computer via nano technology which has been imbedded inside their brains and bodies. The Remote Neural Monitoring super-computer monitors and manipulates all electrical activity in their brains on a constant basis throughout each day. It uses physical and psychological trauma to map out and reverse engineer the sensory and neural pathways of the brain and central nervous system of the targeted individual in order to then build a cognotive model of that brain.

A computer multiplexer routes the brain signals to a tower or mobile platform .(The mobile platform could be as large as a truck or as small as a suitcase.) The tower or mobile platform then relays the signals to a digital receiver. If the hive mind teams are working on the victim from an overseas location which they may do soon after they have obtained an EEG readout of the victims unique signature, in that case the bi-directional continuous stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves will be routed from the human brain to the super-computer via undersea fibre optic cables.

The cerebral cortex is remotely tied to a supercomputer which monitors and manipulates all of the electromagentic activity of the human brain.

There are hive mind teams involved which aid and abet the process for the purposes of training, research and development. The hive mind teams manually inject information into the human brain when whenever they need to but up to twnety percent of all of the manipulation is now being done automatically by the supercomputer. The automated work of the supercomputer involves muscle manipulating via the motor cortex of the human being, as well as inducing sleep disturbances when necessary and the supercomputer can automatically decide to kill a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring.

The brain of the victim has been digitized by nano technology which they have both inhaled and ingested from illegal chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. Nano technology is already in the brains of all 318 million Americans as well as all Europeans and further afield. Once ingested, the nano technology then migrates to the brain and adheres to the neuro transmitter of the brain. It begins to decode those neuro transmitters after it is activated. Your brain can be activated from thousands of miles away using a process called Directed Energy Flashing Photons. Even though everyone is infected with nano technology only a few million human beings have been activated throughout the world so far.

The hive mind teams force the targeted individual into a pattern of response and a pattern of speech. They try to develop and identify patterns of behaviour of the targeted individual which they then remotely measure and re-intigrate into the Remote Neural Monitoring data for the purposes of building a cognotive moel of the human brain. The hive mind teams deliberately generate anxiety and fear in order to generate emotional responses which can be measured and reintigrated back into the remote neural monitoring data.


The super-computer has copies of the bio-algorhythms of the will, intellect and emotions of any targeted individual that has become wirelessly tethered ot it. The will, intellect and emotions of these targeted individuals is used to further program the super-computer. Naturally the super-computer, being non-sentient can not actually feel the emotions. It can only simulate them through the tone of voice that it is programmed to use.

The hive mind team turn the brain of the victim into their very own visual, verbal and auditive communication system.

Remote Neural Monitoring locks on to the emotional state of the victim. If the victim uses pleasing music or a pleasant pass-time to dampen down the neural link to the hive mind team and to the super-computer trauma will then be used to re-entrain the brain of the victim back to the desired frequency of the Remote Neural Monitoring system.

Remote Neural Manipulation is the ability of the system to predict and influence your memories during thought composition in order to pitch you into some type of action or access sequence.

It is imperative that the hive mind team do everything in their power to discredit the targeted individual so that the targeted individual will not be believed. They use slander campaigns and false psychiatry to discredit targeted individuals. In some situations the hive mind create a hostile environment everywhere the victim goes in order to isolate the victim so that there is no external interference which might dampen down the desired neuro programming.

The hive mind team can introduce sound, voices, aromas, sensations, images, thoughts, and emotions into the brain of the targeted individual or on some occasions targeted group. They are using a fabricated and falsefied stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves specifically to match the brain wave sequence of the victim. This bio-directional stream, known as the information and injection feedback loop which scientists call the neural link contains a hidden carrier frequency which is specificaly tuned to the unique one of a kind brain wave signature of the victim.

The hive mind team obtain the digital brain imprint of the victim which they remotely measure and then they upload it into a super-computer and they wirelessly tie the victim to that super-computer for life by way of the bio-directional stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves, turning the brain of the targeted individual into their very own visual, verbal and auditive communication system. The victim is then a walking digital receiver. They attempt to restrict the victim at will using remotely induced trauma and pain. They use bio-communication to project their voices inside the brain of the victim. They eventually are able to manipulate the visual cortex of the victim to introduce images into the victims field of vision. They introduce signals into the audio cortex of the victim to introduce sounds and voices. They manipulate the sensory cortex of the victim to introduce sensations or pain. They manipulate the motor cortex of the victim in order to cause movement to the muscles of the victim anywhere throughout the victims face or body. By modulation of the phase, frequency and amplitude of the stream of energy they can target any area of the human anatomy.

There is a perceived seventy or eighty year gap between the technology available in the market place and the technology available to the satanic and luciferian control system. They wish to determine what a society can maintain is true.

Further links to the work of Bryan Tew.


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