Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Perhaps it is useful that the European TI adds an AVATAR. it is difficult to coordinate things and to recognize a fake and / or scammer. Peacepink has become a forest. it is more difficult to identify the Europeans who do not speak English and are in trouble, or at the 1st level of treatment Mind kontrol. How can I provide groups with your language if you real TI confuse you with scammers? I found it hard to recognize a true TI of the Czech Republic. Last week, I threatened to ban a true and real TI Africa.
Please, the TI Americans fail to recognize each other. We have a lot of difficulty with languages. If you do not add an avatar and not write anything, not even in your own language, I can not identify you and direct you.

15 pages in Euro Groups.

We are receiving other new requests. These must be evaluated. probably YEAR BEGAN TORTURE 2012/13. Please identify yourself. Use the same nickname as Soleilmavis, however, write in your own language. The scammers create many problems because they invent nations of the
Worldwide Campaign.

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Comment by AtlantiTeo on September 28, 2013 at 12:18pm

Dear dear diary on peapink:

Hours 5:20 AM.
I was woken up with a joke Barracks. Same as my time as a military. On microchip ear. Noise stronger and more intense. I wake up. A fist on the wall. Another fist on the cabinet.

I woke up the whole street where I live. I turned on the music at full volume, and there's now my mask tinnitus on.
I am very angry and impulsive at this time. Now I am very very very pissed off. I sleep well. Microchip was off.
In Italy are 6 AM. Today is Saturday. Here there is no difference between working day or not.

In my basement there are 4 old crates. They have 15 years. They have since 200 WATT in RMS. I'm thinking of turning on and wake up the whole town. If I can not sleep, not even all the city has to sleep.
Impulsive. furious. sleepy violent. scream. Same as my video scream. My right ear is hot and boiling. My left ear is cold and normal temperature.

If the police get here. I kill them. The cops are not collusi.tuttavia if a vicio home phones.

I'll have to accept or drill.

This is the result of experiments! Dr. Menglov you are a ALIENMINKIA.


Comment by AtlantiTeo on September 28, 2013 at 12:25pm

If at this time I measure with frequenzimeter, I think 1.5 per square meter.

I do not understand why you can not sleep.Why do I have to take today to go back to sleep:
4 Halcion 4 +
4 lorazepam +

4 Dalmadorm +
50 drops of EN +

50 Tavor+
and two small clamps
I now want to grass

That anger, nervous. I need just a muscle relaxant and anxiolytic. I have a loud noise in the right ear. Very hot. I slept very well. bastard you m3englov  and allo your family, dinasty .

Comment by AtlantiTeo on September 28, 2013 at 1:07pm

6:59 AM _ Ok anxiolytics work.

CCHR-Scientology_dianetics in The documentary against psychiatric abuses.
Title DVD: Inventors of diseases/maladys.
Our "friends" PEPRS are like psychiatrists in the DVD against psychiatrie. Inventors of diseases.

I was a very healthy person and you? I have to take psichodrucks because of a team of idiots hiding in a base undergropund on my planet and to playing with a frequency modulator?
These are the paradoxes and absurdities of life. Contradictions.

Comment by AtlantiTeo on September 28, 2013 at 1:12pm


These are the paradoxes and absurdities of life.

STUPIDS KIDDI/PERPS in underground base. I want destroy your door of your base !!!

Thank you very much for these damages Menglov !!!

April 2010 (TINNITUS and TORTURA)
ZOOM of the door on my home.
I broke down the door with my head.
I am taller than 180 cm, nearly 190 cm
The door of my house.
I broke down the door with my head.
I am taller than 180 cm, nearly 190 cm


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