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The cell cortex gives SHAPE the cell, if you manipulate with "quantified bioresonance" can manipulate the cellular motor skills, motor skills and psychomotor tissue of the human body. You just need to play with specific measures, the alpha waves and beta waves in a wave pattern of the area dedicated to diana.Max Plank was a student of Helmholtz invented the resonator (1905), and to investigate the influence of sound on the mb cluck.
He postulated that matter (atoms and molecules) could emit or absorb energy in small discrete units (small packets). Planck gave the name quantum of energy and defined as the minimum amount of energy that could be emitted or absorbed as electromagnetic radiation.
THE bioresonance is quantified electroacustica with formulas specifically modulated to create a sound effect in the field. But the body is dark matter and there is a vacuum, so it had to generate an electromagnetic field to create the appropriate interface to reach the target point, hence arose the electromagnetic aura that vibrates to be evolved ... We were led to believe through an emotional and spiritual deception, now electronic and electromagnetic victims of harassment can not make ourselves heard by the good people who believe the Dalai Lama and supports the draft artificial intelligence avatar 2045 draft.

The shape can be created with the sound.
The stress fibers are contractile bundles linked by alpha-actin, q anchored to the cell and exert stress on the substrate. Are attached to the plasma membrane via integrin.
The cell cortex gives SHAPE
The cell-cell contacts, the joints are mediated adhesion caherinas that serve as binding sites for actin bundles. Are transmembrane proteins and beta-catenin cytoplasmic domain that interacts with alpha-catenin, which serves as a link to the actin filaments bind.

Scientists have studied the field of electroacoustic in relation to the human physical system. "Helmholtz was moved in 1871 from Bonn to Berlin, serving as professor of physics. He became interested in electromagnetism. Although he himself achieved fame for these contributions to science, his student Heinrich Hertz became famous for being the first to show electromagnetic radiation. Another of his students was Max Planck.
This great researcher, investigated the performance of the basilar membrane in the cochlea. A study to capture and transform sound vibrations into nerve impulses.
Helmholtz invented the resonator (1905) to identify the different frequencies of pure sine wave components of complex sounds containing multiple tones, demonstrating that different combinations made ​​could reproduce vowel sounds. Max Kohl of Chemnitz is perhaps one of the most famous manufacturers of scientific instruments from the late 19th century and early 20th.
Max Plank was his student. To understand the quantum theory of Planck, we review some concepts about waves. A wave is a disturbance that propagates from the point of occurrence to the medium surrounding the punto.Gracias investigations conducted and the progress made ​​in this field, we now know the nature of light: light is an electromagnetic disturbance in nature, transmitted in a vacuum.

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