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Recent telepathic and PSI activity from Kilic - proof Kilic is still active - PSI diary

I became aware of the following PSI-content: (most recent first...) and I am just citing this PSI-content.

Relevant Entries about KILIC-PSI-TERROR/Telepathy/Psychokinesis after 07/16/2020 can be found directly as Tweets on Twitter.

-Thursday 07/16/2020 at one time this afternoon the older Mrs. Kilic with her arrogant and provoking voice could be heared, I did not recognize the purpose very precisely, she keeps herself relatively covered, one possibility for purpose can be looking if their victim/victims is in a condition so and so.

She always pushes eagerly for PSI-punishment of self-selected targets at her free will, but when will it be done. If the rest of the Kilic-PSI-Group finally did attack a selected victim she was observed over telepathy saying: "Dass das endlich gemacht wurde...", which clearly shows personal intents, personal interests and her deranged and homicidal mind.

She was often heard in the past checking/controlling if victims were actually hit and deeply depatterned. I am also of the opinion that murderous activity, attempting to elicite civilian targets is still distinct, Kemal Kilic is active and has an interest. Kemal Kilic's psychopathic philosophy is that with his telepathy, psychokinesis and genital-oriented attacks and mindcontrol everybody can be successfully hit and elicited. Mankind must unite to ban illegitimate PSI-methods and speak concretely out about this horrendous, inhuman, disastrous, asocial and destructive and deathly PSI-method. Unless done nobody is save, no right guaranteed and no development secured. As there is no daily psychiatric control/check with Kemal Kilic nobody can say for sure what this psychopath is thinking and what he's really up to and who's next in Heidelberg and the rest of Germany and other countries. Today it is former residents, critics of this Kilic-PSI-Group, Human-Rights-Defenders and tomorrow it is the whole world.


Did anybody wonder about this yearslong ongoing PSI-raping and the relatively high amount of genital-oriented attacks over the years? Why does Kemal Kilic and Kilic-PSI-Group ever started this, always publicly present, risking personal commitment, lawfully punishment, prison and whatsoever. Probably nobody can say for certain why. Fact is, it's certainly not about help. It merely looks as if to cover something, maybe something of most disastrous importance, but Kemal Kilic's dangerous activites are also a double-game. In my view, and considering yearslong genital-oriented attacks, PSI-rapes, deathly developments, it's absolutely possible what Kemal Kilic/Kilic-PSI-Group is actually covering might be more of pedophile nature. I have already mentioned some odd details in my other blog, because he was extremely interested to play/handle in his mind (with) pictures from my own childhood, how I was and how I looked, his interest was at what place I am sleeping.

Why all this bullshit? Should we simply believe he is killing and erasing whole generations?

Or it is merely an attempt to get whole societies in a scandalously vulgar state, if so, he runs danger of not achieving this! Most probable reason can be to attempt to cover pedophile crimes in highest circles and Kemal Kilic's principle is a known one: if there's an unpleasant scandal, you simply create a similar situation elsewhere. The result: nobody can decide facially what is serious and what is not, the perfect cover for pedophile circles(double/split-trick).

Most pedophile scandals we know today have their origin in the eighties, the same is true for PSI-Terror, telepathy and dubious psychokinesic experiments allegedly required in society, from Kilic-PSI-Group in Heidelberg.

In earlier years this Kilic-PSI-Group was heard over telepathy commenting on an european biggest pedophile case, namely the Dutroux-Case. At many occasions KILIC brought over telepathy: "Duuuuutrouux", I mispelled the name to show how KILIC used to stress the name in/with his telepathy back then.

One the other hand Kemal Kilic/Kilic-PSI-Group is known for horrendous PSI-rapes, extremely pain over psychokinesis(generate strongest possible pain ever!), most radical and violent PSI-attacks of numberless cheap and easy victims for many decades since the eighties, the first victims were in the eighties, which means these psychopaths not only helped pedophile highest circles they did their PSI-experiments/Mindcontrol-experiment at the same time and benefitted from it greatly, no moral/legal problem felt.

Kilic-PSI-Group is still attempting to generate a bizarre and grotesque society who can not and must not but tolerate bizarre PSI-Sex-Experiments, PSI-Rapes and PSI-Sex-Rape-Terror during the night from this turkish PSI-Group.

This remains true even if there are many other scandalous chapters of this psychopathic Kilic-PSI-Group from Heidelberg.

-Tuesday 07/14/2020 the scope of the ongoings toward this scandalous Monday-night "Pleikarts-Förster-Straße" telepathic attack/threat/assault is obviously much larger, as became recognizable the days afterwards. For example Kemal Kilic, the malevolent turk and main-perpetrator visible that late night, showed some time before and after an ugly, pervert and nasty telepathic image of a thick man in (only) pantyhose attempting to bend forward to reach his feet or knee, an incredible nasty image. Not new, happened in the past more than once. I believe it refers to people in the northern german regions. It proofs Kemal Kilic's vast and sick psychopathic world, in Kemal Kilic's mind a psychosexual trigger, an own realm and torture chamber, with all possible pervert tools and trickery concepts available to attack individuals, general public, the masses if necessary, and to interfere in whatever is in his way.

Another reason for the great anger during the night can also be other circles who fear direct proof for this turkish PSI-Warfare and once "psychics" from highest PSI-Warfare programmes. The problem is these psychics from past time changed their behaviour drastically, developed radical and brutal nature out of their own, nobody told them to rape, attack, molest, insult, torture and destroy civilians and the just world we know and need, it was and is only up to themselves, is in their mind.

We learn several things from this: Kemal Kilic and the rest of this Kilic-PSI-Group are the only active PSI-perpetrators ever known in the last thirty years, they actually claim to be scientists "Wir sind Wissenschaftler"(which is untrue!), they claim to be more intelligent than any other being in the world after attacking sexually/genital-oriented, and what adds up is their continuous genital-oriented attacks of different citizens. The PSI-raping almighty scientists from Kilic-PSI-Group in Heidelberg, now that's it.

Quite a suspicious mixture, making crimes with PSI-methods, observing crimes and covering crimes with PSI-methods, later blaming others over telepathy.

Kemal Kilic and the rest of this turkish PSI-Group are not under control psychiatrically and therefore nobody can say what they are up next in Heidelberg and the rest of the country or some other place.

-Monday 07/13/2020 late night before midnight Kemal Kilic showed and became telepathically active. Kemal Kilic told about a "Pleikarts-Förster-Straße" in Heidelberg, which actually exists. After this he began to laugh like a psychopath and hinted that another "genital-oriented attack" happened someplace, after such attacks Kilic feels strengthened. In Kilic's sick mind he believes to be newborn(compare Alister Crowley Sex-magical-cult quite similar!). These psychokinetic genital-oriented attacks are Kemal Kilic' drug, the drug of a highly dangerous and never successfully caught psychopath. All these details show us Kemal Kilic/Kilic-PSI-Group is still active. This report/PSI-diary alone shows quite precisely the very contents of these extremest psychopaths, their sick minds and how they attempt to manipulate citizens all over the world. Nobody can say what Kemal Kilic/Kilic-PSI-Group is up next in Heidelberg and who their are planning to attack from Heidelberg.

-Sunday 07/12/2020 in the night to Monday extremely angry from Kilic-PSI-Group: "Man könnte euch das Herz sofort....(anhalten/kaputt machen?)". Several other dominant threats followed with very angry and dominant and threatening voice over telepathy. It appeared Kilic referred to his own psychokinetic attacks, pain to the heart. I have experienced such pain to the heart and in this moment I felt attacked and threatened. Fact is that Kilic-PSI-Group is responsible, also here, also for this threat and all the other threats.

-Friday 07/10/2020 Kilic-PSI-Group was extensively observable showing "beating" and "stabbing" several times over telepathy, maybe 4...5 times this Friday, meant as an answering to existing opinions/behaviour from citizens.

Nobody can say for certain what these psychopathic Kilic-PSI-Group is up next in Heidelberg and who they plan to attacks clandestinely next. Unless these turks from this Kilic-PSI-Group aren't put into straitjackets the rest of the society isn't save, no right secured, no peace of mind guaranteed.

-Wednesday 07/08/2020 Kemal Kilic still present, loud shouting "Kemal Kilic" reappeared, also direct comments from Kemal Kilic, who speaks/can speak very clean and very fluent german language: "Mach's Dir selbst" was such a personal telepathic comment directly from Kemal Kilic. Other examples from past time exist. In summary we can say Kilic PSI-Group, Kemal Kilic and his highly radical and dangerous telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol is still active, still present, it seems he became active just for the purpose to PSI-catalyze some physical crimes, elicite some blacks. Then these blacks actually commited violent crimes, leaving deaths behind. In Germany the story of PSI-cataysed crimes around this monstrous Kilic-PSI-Group is growing more and more, is well known. But it is still not eliminated.

It might be possible, that another wave of PSI-catalysed murderous developments is on the rise. Kemal Kilic is like a monstrous lion, resurfacing for another blood meal, to satisfy his/Kilic-PSI-Groups' incredible lust for bizarre and grotesque. It's like the telepathic comment these turks brought over the last years again and again: "Ja, davon werden wir noch lange zehren....", which certainly proves their psychopathic monstrous nature.

-Tuesday 07/07/2020 In Germany in the evening hours PSI-rumble reappeared. At first I didn't realize what the reason was. I now believe that this might be due to recent acts of violence and murder of two black men. It seems also other citizens became aware that what these black men told during their murderous act, is deemed originally from telepathic comments/content from Kemal Kilic and Kilic-PSI-Group. This caused much anger, because these two blacks are now in prison or forensic institution. The night to Wednesday was therefore comparably loud, Kemal Kilic imitating revengefully different citizens, talking, thinking and so on. Kemal Kilic reappeared or became visible with this psychopathic behaviour.

-Tuesday 06/30/2020 Spontaneous PSI-Terror from terroristic Kilic-PSI-Group in Heidelberg 18:20-18:40, from our position here the phrase over telepathy "....hat Schizophrenie...", meant as if allegedly clearing off something. In Germany and certainly many other european countries citizens must guard against malevolent political operatives, right-wing agents, political saboteurs who attempt to magnify malevolent Kilic-PSI-Terror from Heidelberg, talking citizens into believing this or that, using also telepathy to talk them into believing what Kilic-PSI-Terror dictated over telepathy. Even if no real lawsuit will result nowadays, if so, the damage to citizens economically, professionally, socially is extreme. The world does not need any "Greens' Dicatator". We had him for 20....30 years now. The result is right-wing political terror, leading to economic disasters, unemployment, highly discriminatory and throughout radical and fascist labour markets, discriminating and eliminating everybody who's that pervert, that psychopathic and that schizophrenic like Kilic-PSI-Group, bad for children and juveniles. Nobody can say for certain what these psychopaths are up next in and from Heidelberg, because they pose an extreme danger to healthy and orderly thinking and working democratic world.

-Friday 06/27/2020 the night from this Friday to Saturday one of the most horrendous examples of the menace this Kilic-PSI-Group, PSI-Terror, Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) was seen several times, psychokinetic attacks with announced pain all the night, must be perceived a direct attack against critics of this Kilic-PSI-Group, attempting to revoke false impressions, planting/reversing suspicion against himself and the PSI-Group behind him and of course blaming other citizens and even their parents around him no matter how farfetched this is, full overnight PSI-Terror against civil society, as far as I can say this(I was in bed and sleeping) this PSI-Terror reached millions of the european society during sleeping time, quite a lot of a giant rage from this psychopathic Kilic-PSI-Group from Heidelberg. Nobody can say for sure what's going on in the brains of these psychopaths and who their're planning to attack from/in Heidelberg.

The afternoon hours of Friday on of the turks of this Kilic-PSI-Group, Kemal Kilic, brought telepathically: "Ja, ich kann Sie eben telepathisch bestrafen und Sie können eben....(über Kilic schreiben!). Only this sentence directly from this turk, a psychopath.

-Saturday 06/20/2020 from Kilic Heidelberg around 14:00CET and the hours afterwards: "Schlaf schön, Bösewischt...." several times as it occurred the day before, later also singing: "Isch lieb Disch so sehr, mannhim, mannhim...." several times with some variations. The question is if this is the prelude to something. Several cases known from the past with some prelude in advance.

-Friday 06/19/2020 before midday from this Kilic-PSI-Group in Heidelberg "Schlaf schön, Bösewischt..." in broken german. Concerning the content it was obviously a malevolent hint to somebody's sleep, perhaps Kilic doesn't like if people are healthy, feeling well and sleeping well. Controlling the masses with pervert telepathy is of interest.

This broken german, with Mannheimer slang and dialect, was the true voice of one of these turks from this Kilic-PSI-Group. This proves that this Kilic-PSI-Group not only understands german quite well, they're speaking or can speak with regional slang and dialect. Occurred before and is known. Some may say this sounds funny but believe me, the opposite is the case. We are watching into the abyss of mankind, destruction, terror, war and death. Another example is: "Morsche Mannhim..." (Morgen Mannheim) in english morning Mannheim. And yet another example is the thing with "Margschte isch...." (Market is on), which I noted some weeks ago here in this blog.

Tuesday 06/16/2020 for several days since last Thursday the name "Kemal Kilic" is present telepathically. Certainly attempts to distract recent PSI-scandal around Kilic-PSI-Group from Heidelberg and make it appear to originate from sombody else's mind, or to make it appear to be part of others' mind. Mankind must stand solid and united against pervert, malicious and psychopathic Kilic-PSI-Group from Heidelberg.

-Thursday 06/11/2020 late in the evening around 23:20-01:00 the following day to Friday Kilic's PSI-Group resumed telepathy, psychokinesis against the masses, puppeteer-effect. Kilic's PSI-Group clearly reacted upon the recent order to suppress the persecution of any war crime, moreover the PSI-Group even tried for a while to suggest "certain complaints" about Kilic-PSI-Warfare, telepathy and psychokinesis in the domestic as an alleged reason for this order. Certainly nonsense. But it shows Kilic's evil KARMA and evil intents. If it was up to Memet Kilic and his PSI-Group PSI-Terror would continue. Brainwash society to war. Kilic-PSI-Terror from Heidelberg, Germany, is a pronounced factor to risk and attempt conflicts and wars, at all. Kilic-PSI-Terror and governmental Remote-Viewing-Programs(RV) go back to the 80's but became just in recent years well enough controllable, radical and dominant enough. If this illegal factor, PSI-Warfare, ever vanishes the world will finally recognize in full disastrous proportions what happens here, it is about war crimes, mass murder and the war criminal's eager interest to remain untouchable legally. And PSI-Warfare, more exactly "perpetual PSI-Terror", plays a tremendous role since years. Unlimited killings, flat-rate-killing without charge. Kilic's PSI-Group does the same/similar things telepathically since years, Flatrate-PSI-Terror without charge. And Kilic PSI-Group from Heidelberg is their M.I.C. Proxy-Warfare tool and of course the CIA-tool to brainwash, manipulate, deprogram and convert the masses, against all those who do not want any war. The absolute majority of the world population. Meant to attack critics, attempt to silence critics. Humankind must stand solid and united against war criminals and their helpers, saboteurs and manipulateurs and support modern peaceful principles. Because if not, further "synthetic crisis" and "staged scenarios" can destroy whole society as we all need it and want it. Nobody knows what psychopathic Kilic-PSI-Group is up next in Heidelberg.

-Wednesday 06/10/2020 here and there some PSI-activity from Kilic Heidelberg, afternoon pain to genitals present which proofs Kilic is still in Heidelberg, still active and still free. Nobody knows exactly what these psychopaths are up next.

-Tuesday 06/09/2020 Today I encountered another typical characteristics of Kilic's telepathy from this Kilic-PSI-Group in Heidelberg. The PSI-Group or a single turk from this PSI-Group "remembered telepathically" (!) to details being more in the background for days. For example the word: "pohl", possibly "pool" and also other special details, only really conscious in Kilic's own mind, which this PSI-Group apparently brought for several days, but as this was more an accompanying PSI-content it appears several people didn't focus their attention on this. Kilic PSI-Group uses this "telepathic remembering", actually a direct form of information, for several details in modern times. It is merely his/the PSI-Groups' brain(s) that works there. We, the citizens, only recognize these PSI-contents. The source of this PSI-activity is and remains Kilic-PSI-Group in Heidelberg. Interested readers can google on the internet for pictures of Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) and Fidan Ulucan Kilic. Rumors say that under a chiffre another of these turkish PSI-perpetrators can be found, pictured on the internet as an older b/w picture.
I don't know if this PSI-content does mean anything, or means anything only in "Kilic's own PSI-world". Nobody can say for sure what Kilic-PSI-Group is up next in Heidelberg, because it seems nobody has oversight over this PSI-Warfare and highly manipulative PSI-activities.

-Monday 06/08/2020 Some extraordinary PSI-activity observable in the later evening hours in Germany, it appears Kemal Kilic mimicked something, telepathy got louder and much more aggressive, in Germany one could see one of these turkish PSI-perpetrators of this Kilic-PSI-Group imitating arrogantly somebody

-Saturday 06/06/2020 it must have been around 2am or maybe 3am, I was sleeping, when Kilic PSI-Group suddenly became telepathically active with overnight PSI-Terror, quite a lot comments followed:

1.) "Und so geht das mit der Übertragung....", a scary hint to telepathy and psychokinesis during sleeping-time

2.) "Es ist die Türkenfamilie Kilic aus Heidelberg..."

3.) "....."

4.) "...."

Some other comments followed rather automated but precise in meaning and subject. In later hours of the night this stopped. Considering this and the content of the other days of the previous week it is quite obvious that this Kilic PSI-Group didn't sleep, probably for days. They stay awake to deprogram & depattern selected targets of their own choice or own interest. Using their own sharply increasing tiredness to press even harder against targets. I cannot image that dynamic effects of the order of psychokinesis was suddenly the property of our society.

There is a psychopathic PSI-Group in Heidelberg behind and none of these PSI-effects happen out of chance. This PSI-Group are female and male turks behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) in Heidelberg. I am a former resident of Heidelberg and lived in the past next to them(look my other blogs), it is guaranteed this PSI-Group behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen), answers we have since many years. It is a guaranteed answer.
Nobody can say for sure what psychopathic Kilic PSI-Group is up next in Heidelberg.

-Friday 06/05/2020 several time in focus publicly this friday, afternoon it suddenly sounded: "Ja, da ist was in der Perspektive....", obviously registered Kilic telepathically and Kilic's attempts to interfere with other's personality and other's natural behaviour, presence of Kilic's PSI-Group is known in Germany, not much happens against these psychopaths. Later also: "Kemal Kilic......, Memet Kilic in Haft, Fidan Kilic Geldstrafe" as if listing of necessary or past punishments through law

-Thursday 06/04/2020 a fat turk from this turkish PSI-Group suddenly showed himself over telepathy, evening hours, like a dark shadow, and in Germany legal proceedings in the Fritz von Weizsäcker murder case took place, probably the reason why Kilic from Heidelberg became suddenly active again.

-Montag 06/01/2020 several times hateful PSI-activity from Kilic Heidelberg, a giant a lot of rage, certainly Kilic's bouts, later around 18:55CET Kilic showed over telepathy a "Hitlergruß". Several threats what happens if citizens ever re-enter Heidelberg and come back. Citizens must guard against psychopathic right-wing Kilic PSI-Group from Heidelberg, malevolent turkish PSI-saboteurs with appetite for grotesque and bizarre. Nobody can say for sure what these psychopaths are up next in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg.

-Friday 05/29/2020 more attacks from psychopathic PSI-Terror-Group in Heidelberg, on this Friday around evening 18:30-19:00CET, evening dinner time, Kilic attacked again, in Germany observed were attacks to genitals, pain, stabbing. A few minutes later it sounded over telepathy: "Kilic gehört nach Wiesloch..." and "Kilic gehört in eine Psychiatrie". Probably other citizens noticed this, too. Kilic becomes oftenly extremely aggressive if citizens remember him that he actually belongs into forensic institution, because he is a dangerous maniac, a psychopath who attacks maliciously citizens on their genitals.

I am of the opinion that such opinions about Kilic are certainly justified, he belongs into a forensic psychiatric institution. Nobody knows what this psychopathic PSI-Terror-Group is up next. Who will be attacked next and who is going down because of Kilic's PSI-Terror. Unless these psychopaths are stopped the peace of millions and billions won't be saved.

Thursday 05/28/2020 the last days since Sunday extremely dense and intense PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg, intense attempts to project perspective and Kilic's highest blame to other citizens, many details this PSI-Group tried to involve telepathically, only to deceive citizens, it started with Kilic's attempt to begin a telepathic communication, classical example of  how turkish maniacs, Kilic Heidelberg, try to deceive from his criminal, pervert and psychopathic activities. Nobody can say for sure what these psychopaths are up next in Heidelberg.

-Sunday 05/24/2020 The night to sunday one of the extremest PSI-Terror the last weeks, many telepathic contents over many hours, in central europe between approx. 23:00CET til sunday midday approx. 12:00CET, the whole night over 12 hours, certainly also present in other time zones before and after CET, several times telepathic images, facially features and characteristics of another fat turk from this PSI-Group were present, Kilic is outed more and more and develops extreme rage against crtitics around him, molests and terrorizes for hours with repeating telepahic contents, shouting, command-like contents and all the other filthy methods and attacks we know, Kilic's PSI-Group reacted very aggressively against unleashing the full truth in detail about Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) and the PSI-Group, again democratic forces are combatted by Kilic's PSI-Group which of course speaks beneath the fact that this is the origin of modern crisis also for the highly right-wing nature of Kilic's psychopathic PSI-Group, turks with a pronounced fetish for bizarre and grotesque and genital-oriented PSI-mass-sabotage, the spectrum of effects we are attacked with. Kilic's pervert and psychopathic principle and the triumph of his life: who doesn't obey Kilic will be punished to the genitals.

-Friday 05/22/2020 before midday a lot of Kilic PSI-Terror with quite much deception, molesting, telepathic shouting from Heidelberg, making all and every citizen awake so that Kilic can synchronize with the masses and feel infinite power, other contents during the day, most of it is about Kilic, Kemal Kilic and Memet Kilic and their role in sabotaging, destroying, molesting, terrorizing the rest of society with their right-wing turkish PSI-Terror in/from Heidelberg. Nobody can say who is the next victim of Kilic's PSI-Group. Nobody knows for sure what Kilic's PSI-Group is up next.

-Wednesday 05/20/2020 more horrific terror from turkish terroristic PSI-Group in Heidelberg, evening hours after 23:00CET, it sounded extremely in rage over telepathy from Kilic Heidelberg: "Komme ich noch einmal mit deiner Sippschaft zusammen....", then "Und das hier ist dein Gesicht....", several other smaller grumblings followed, a clear telepathic input from a political active turkish terrorist, a small PSI-Group behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) in Heidelberg, what is even more important: these telepathic comments from Kilic contain extreme racism, extreme rage and degrading viewpoints and standpoints and I must say, probably others too, I am feeling threatened by this turkish terror from Kilic Heidelberg.

Nobody can say for sure what Kilic is up next in Heidelberg.

-Monday 05/18/2020 a telepathic picture went around, it appeared to be one of the "before/after" [...] pictures from the internet, a woman who is now completely misshaped, possibly from stroke or nervous system, it appeared, one of the female turks got problems exactly with this telepathic image, felt molested in Heidelberg. The following night Kilic remained awake in the night to Tuesday and it appeared to me he revenged this, although a telepathic product from the own Kilic PSI-Group.

Important: on Monday afternoon Kilic brought telepathically an ugly comment about another persons life: "[...]......der lebt doch noch", it appeared he meant the life of another person and against the life of another person, still alive, which I understood the moment as being a problem for Kilic, Kilic's PSI-Group and Memet Kilic(Die Grünen).

Nobody knows for sure what Kilic is up next in Heidelberg.

-Saturday 05/16/2020 Nobody knows for sure what Kilic is up next.

-Friday 05/15/2020 Yesterday some turks of this Kilic PSI-Group showed themselves, 2 different turks, one name fell: "Ephraim". The other turk was Kemal Kilic, this Friday was telepathically active, later in the evening even "Kemal Kilic" occurred again, but all this was and is only all to much a flimsy excuse, because these are too much superficial telepathic contents, the true reason for this is certainly Kilic tries to hide his extremely homicidal telepathic activities and deaths behind simple content, it is also possible he tries to hide, because he is more and more outed and has a guilt because of the terminal developments from the beginning of this week. My feeling and all my knowledge from all past years tell me I am right with my observation, we had and have all of this in regular time periods in Germany again and again.

-Wednesday 05/13/2020 yesterday the world learned about a malicious attack against a hospital in Afghanistan. I thought about this and I am now of the opinion that this attack is with high probability a PSI-catalyzed crime possibly even a PSI-sustained and PSI-coordinated crime, because of the following contents one could perceive telepathically in Germany some weeks, then some days and finally some hours before the terror attack from Tuesday 05/12/2020. Moreover Kemal Kilic was observable with more PSI-activity on Wednesday morning, allegedly Kilic was active since 08:00 CET this Wednesday in Germany. Here is a short timely-ordered list of what was perceivable preliminarily:(latest is above)

1.) Telepathic comment from Sunday night (look below Sunday)

2.) Telepathic comment: "Auf los geht's los", several times at least 4-5 days before this attack, also Monday

3.) Telepathic comment "Afghanistan" possibly with yet other details

4.) Some weeks before, telepathic comment: "Ja, wenn das so weiter geht, gibt es wieder Sprengsätze, und dann kommt das und das...." ( this was a longer sentence, as if to list consequences, or to announce them)

Considering the special content probability is high, that there is a stronger or more further correlation to these hospital attacks. The content is too special to be just chance or nonsense content.

Although there was also other less spectacular telepathic contents, this is the information of relevance, and too odd to be simple chance. Another reason is that Kemal Kilic brought these hints, ctizens know his malevolent telepathic activities since many years. Another details from the days before this foreign attack is for example Kilic's showing of an unknown face and eyes, difficult to describe, he probably meant directly into the face, extremely intense facial perspective, a telepathic image. In past years Kilic was perceivable over telepathy with the word: "Paschtunen-Netzwerk", which shows clearly what is going on.

-Sunday 05/10/2020 into the night to Monday before and after midnight:

A female turk laughed nastily&filthy: "Aber das werden wir noch sehen...", merely a threat or an announcement.

Then a male turk with dark voice in german and slowly speaking: " Nanu..., is das etwa Telepathie....?"

Then: "Haben wir nochmal umgedreht und gezaubert...?", stressing explicitly that this telepathy is meant in context of legal processes or democratic processes, these turks know that processes of our society become disturbed, a clear attack, a clear assault, Kilic is telepathically active in Heidelberg. These are Memet Kilic's(Die Grünen) relatives from Heidelberg, self-proclaimed "psychics" also in the use of the agency.

Kilic often comments with highly provoking commands while he is PSI-raping a victim, the moment Kilic hit the victim on the genitals with psychokinesis or the moment a synthetic orgasm occours, a pervert method to deprogram&depattern an attacked PSI-victim. Nobody knows what Kilic is up next.

-Tuesday 05/04/2020 and the following days massive PSI-Terror from Kilic, it appears Kilic's PSI-Group didn't sleep for days, generating characteristic deceptions all over the day, with very much effort for hours, all of this was and is a combined multile-personality-style roleplay-like style with partially contradicting viewpoints, certainly meant to depattern and deprogram civil victims, several comments here and there, Kilic is isolated more and more, as information about his PSI-sabotage go public, to me it seems Kilic is trapped in a giant rage, his own evil Karma. Nobody knows what Kilic's PSI-Group is up next.

-Monday 05/04/2020 evening hours and the night to Tuesday, many powerful threats from Kilic's PSI-Group in Heidelberg to let the whole society really see what it looks when this turkish PSI-Group acts coordinated and fully synchronous: "Ihr könnt es erleben, wie Kilic koordiniert und als PSI-Gruppe agiert...", which meant to act synchronously and instrumentalizing several turks at the same time on one civil target. Everbody who is acquainted with Kilic's PSI-Terror knows best, that this meant the most powerful, the most dangerous, the most effective methods to assault the public. It generates strong deceptions and is actually a true synchronous telepathic interaction of several turks from this Kilic household in Heidelberg. A clear threat. Nobody knows what their are up next.

-Tuesday 04/28/2020 around 17:30CET Kilic was present with his telepathy and psychokinesis, showing a man allegedly being lifted out of his shoes, rather ridiculous what he showed, then the body of this man was in the air, important because it shows the sudden presence and activity of Kilic's PSI-Terror, during the night much shouting over telepathy from Kilic Heidelberg, it appears Kilic eagerly tries to counter societies and citizens interest to stop him. He often reacts/counters directly any development possibly against him with his own telepathy, giving direct commands and comments!.!.!.!.!.!

-Monday & Tuesday 04/27&04/28/2020 heavy PSI-Terror during each night

-Saturday 04/25/2020 around 02:00CET in the night extreme turkish PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg started: "Kilic ist aktiv", then "Eine Türkin kann es doch machen...", then threatening from the older Mrs. Kilic: "Aber, das werden wir noch sehen...", this older Mrs. Kilic also laughed spitefully several times during this night, this activity continued over a longer time of at least 2 hours or more, the next morning before midday it suddenly restarted. A threatening atmosphere even during the night and even while trying to fall into sleep. This is evidently from this turkish household Kilic in Heidelberg, a turkish female/male PSI-Group known from many past years with highly life-threatening PSI-activity. This PSI-Group has a relationship to Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) in Heidelberg.

-Sunday 04/19/2020 probably 11:00/11:30 - 13:00CET extreme telepathic activity, a male voice in english: "...this is my country...", and several other english comments, I don't know to what this belongs, but it is certainly telepathically transmitted from Kilic Heidelberg, I was woken up by this unpleasantly, this and many other telepathic comments occurred over hours and created a highly dense and fearful atmosphere like it happened numberless times in the past exactly this way, the following day the world learned about an amok incident by a dentist in Nova Scotia. 

-Friday 04/17/2020 sometime before midday the turkish male from Thursday was seen again for some short time

-Thursday 04/16/2020 one of the male turks of Kilic's PSI-group could be seen, a telepathic image from Kilic could be seen, some of his facial features and how odd they are, first it seemed to be the beard/mounth zone of a black haired men, then it was changed to one picture from today's tobacco boxes, cancer of the throat, I don't know if it means anything, it could mean a burglar and a burglary to happen someplace probably within some days, a man being conscious that what he does is basically a criminal act, a burglary or a burglar manover for the purpose to make photos.

-Tuesday 04/14/2020 sometime the afternoon from Kilic: "Kilic hat bei Dir Blut geleckt.....", it seems to me he meant this in another context that the previous time. Here and there some telepathic activity.

-Monday 04/13/2020 over many hours spread the telepathic content: "na, ene Schweinenase...", or "ne Schweinenase...." with many variations over the hours again and again, probably Kemal Kilic, an extremely radical perpetrator of this Kilic-PSI-group was meant....

-Sunday 04/12/2020 heavy PSI-activity during the night, as far as I remember from this night it started with telepathic bouts and "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg....", a female turk was seen over telepathy, obviously a very angry female turk from this PSI-group, the later hours an angry female voice over telepathy: "Ich kann Dir die Türkin zeigen...." and other variations or related telepathic comments more, clearly the same turkish household Kilic from Heidelberg

-Friday 04/09/2020

-Thursday 04/08/2020

-Wednesday 04/07/2020 several times here and there telepathic comments

-Tuesday 04/06/2020 a lot of PSI-activity, several times "Mir habe das Recht Telepathie zu betreiben...." (over telepathy!) or "Dieser Mann hat das Recht Telepathie zu betreiben...." and several other variations of this phrase and content, always addressing unknown persons or all persons and re-motivating domestic PSI-terror and an alleged right to experiment with citizens, also "Wir haben Vorrechte" again claiming to have allegedly special priority rights to experiment with PSI on arbitrary citizens, this was the content for hours!!!, heavy conflicts eacalated from this Kilic-PSI-Tereor, all about the fictional question if Kilic is allowed to experiment with dangerous and life-threatening psychophysical methods, PSI-methods, telepathy, psychokinesis and all of his other pervert and ugly methods, probably also meant to attack me because I am writing a lot of truth in here which can sharply prove much of Kilic's PSI-methods, assaults, preferences, perversions, and all other ugly details of this male/female turkish radical PSI-group from Heidelberg, probably they got angry because more proof about Kilic's clandestine and domestic role in 911 was revealed in my other blog

Around 23:51 CET: "Aber Vorsicht, mir habe in Baden Württemberg,...." then the voice silenced slowly. An angry face threatening with his finger was shown by Kilic Heidelberg. Kilic terrorizes PSI-Terror from Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, that's what is.

-Monday 04/05/2020 here and there some telepathy, around 15:00-15:30 some more telepathy, all this telepathic play from Kilic Heidelberg

-Sunday 04/05/2020 as far as conscious to me Kilic's wild PSI-rumble started in the early morning hours, I was woken up unpleasantly by this turkish PSI-Terror, then later in the day it appeared to drift a little bit into other areas, Kilic's attempt to get the masses into a wild rumble, several threads over hours with a giant of a lot of rage, very ugly and pervert form of traumatic brainwash, several attempts to address stories personally or to make it look as if other citizens are responsible and involved, it seemed Kilic's PSI-Terror ended sometime before 20:00CET, we'll see what the rest of the day brings.

Some vulgar speech characteristically for Kilic also occurred: "Marschte isch..." or "Margschte isch...." which meant "Markt ist...." (market is on), but this means nothing harmless: he used this as his alibi several times ago also with slang or improper language. The question is what risks and endangerment do Kilic telepathic comments mean. It is also possible he meant familiar/similar turkish persons in the town Mannheim, because sometimes there are weekend-markets in Mannheim and other towns around Heidelberg. Most probably yet another precise example on how Kilic instrumentalizes and abuses citizens as an alibi for his unlawful PSI-Terror, a PSI-alibi for his criminal PSI-activity. It could certainly also belong to something else. This is an old telepathic comment and goes back certainly more than a decade. It is unclear if it triggered something or was used by somebody else to trigger something. Kilic's PSI-activity from Heidelberg.

My judgement: 

Mankind must unite against this biggest thread against mental and physical health, democracy and peace, Rule of Law, prosperity and peace among the nations and for all peaceful citizens, must unite against unlawful threats perpetrated by means of domestic PSI-Warfare, mental telepathy, psychokinesis and dangerous mindcontrol by a turkish PSI-group behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) in Heidelberg.

-Saturday 04/05/2020 starting approx. 22:00CET in the evening, Memet Kilic's(Die Grünen) photo could be seen/perceived over telepathy, the one with oiled black hair, this happened before and occurred over months in the last time, it lasted for hours, then after 22:00CET a lot of a giant of a rage followed and lasted approx. until midnight, an usual name or name of town occurred: "Reucjen" or Reicjen", judged from it's appearance the moment it occurred it can be a name or the name of a town, this name occoured shortly before bedtime at least since two days, which means it occurred Thursday and Wednesday before sleeping time or together with falling into sleep.

Unknown if this name actually means something or if Kilic deceives with this telepathically propagated information.

One of the turkish perpetrators of Kilic's PSI-group could be perceived very late in the in the night: "the Cherokee" (Der Chirokese). This must have been sometime around 02:00CET in the morning of Sunday.

-Friday 04/03/2020 around 00:30 it started: "Du hast Schizophrenie...."(over telepathy!) and Kemal Kilic showed immediately himself how he got upset, moved and became unquiet, the evening hours before it sounded: "Nehmen Sie sich bitte das Leben....". All telepathic comments and contents. Then approx. around 04:00 or possibly later(I was sleeping!) in the early morning hours a huge rumble started: "Mir habe/sehe hier ein Gesicht....", and "Das sind mir in Heidelberg", " Heidelberg am Neckar..." then followed by "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg " and it sounded as if to correct possible misunderstandings about telepathy and from where it is. To correct others who probably suspected falsely and carelessly others of being telepathically active instead of Kemal Kilic and of being responsible for all the recent mental jam.

My judgement: This is of course Kilic in Heidelberg, who's behind all of these PSI, telepathic activities, some days he is probably a little more reserved and calm, but he's back on his previous telepathic activity as soon as he can, to catch up all of his urges he possibly missed.

The word "Schweiner". The name or name of town " Reucjen" or "Reicjen".

The rest of this Friday here and there telepathic activity always with concretely recognizable reference to Kemal Kilic, a forensics psychiatry-like looking turk, namely a combination of sadistic, homicidal and sexually perverted personality components of this Kemal Kilic.

-Thursday 04/02/2020 

-Wednesday 04/01/2020 phrase from days before, occurred in the evening hours of Wednesday...., 

-Tuesday 03/31/2020 same phrase, here and there some telepathy....

-Monday 03/30/2020 probably deception-tactic in german: "Die Fragezeichen....bey......", which referred to a oddly stressed word or phrase, occurred the following days, Tuesday and Wednesday, for me a clear deception and distraction, germans were made look the reason and as if involved in whatever happened.....

-Sunday 03/29/2020 several angry moments, full of a giant rage, it appeared to me as if a synthetic impression was to be created by Kilic, distract and deceive somebody?, it also appeared to me that since one or two days other public persons were visualized over telepathy by Kilic, difficult to say but probably to deceive potential receivers of this telepathy from Kilic,...

Then later in the night to Monday suddenly a change in this behaviour occurred.

-Saturday 03/28/2020 a lot of PSI-activity from Kilic Heidelberg, it started in the early hours of Saturday and continued as far as conscious to me the whole night, at some occasions a female turk could be perceived trying to "break the neck" as if to show she is still there, still active and still has the power to hit victims, this "break one's neck tactic" occoured many many times, probably a form of passive or more passive PSI-tactic, which doesn't mean it is harmless at all, Kilic's PSI-group and all ongoing PSI-content, all telepathy and psychokinesis poses a tremendous threat to healthy and peacefully citizens.....

-Friday 03/27/2020 approx. an hour before midday aggression suddenly started, using and utilizing Kilic's PSI for political reasons, to elicite selected targets, for example approx. around 11:00CET "get out this country" occoured, it occurred several times in the past, a manmade synthetically telepathic input one possibly might confuse as being a real attitude of somebody, but who? Who becomes a selected target of Kilic's maniac and psychopathic man-hunt and are his victims accused of perpetrating telepathy? instrumentalizing Kilic's PSI-Terror for political manipulations, paranoid manhunts with telepathy, false-flag-manovers with a whole list of expected benefits, terminal developments for selected citizens and much more pervert monsters from this Kilic PSI-group, we'll see what else this Friday brings, if it is telepathy and can be perceived then I am also able to write it in here, because I can only write what actually occurred over telepathy....

At 12:55CET a comment from Kilic, probably perceivable for others, something like: "Ja, Kilic ist betroffen..., ....." or something like this.

Later in the afternoon here and there several comments, all manmade synthetic telepathic comments, definitely from Kilic Heidelberg.

The rest of the day calm, at least from my position, but the following night Kilic became PSI-active again.


-just a short remark at this position: some months ago Kemal Kilic showed extremely often a telepathic picture, apparently Charlie Wilson in his famous pose, Kemal Kilic showed then himself, also wearing braces and then clapping in his hands, this occoured many many times in the later months of 2019, Kemal Kilic also showed several times holding his nose as if weakening a sneeze, I wondered if he meant a flu, or a stupid behaviour, or to apologize stupidly, but had no idea what to think of this, this weakening of a sneeze was also showed several times, a combination of telepathic hints and telepathic images, this combination appeared a little odd because nobody does it or thinks it this way, I wondered a long time what Kemal Kilic meant by this or if he organized a malicious attack against me or whatever, it is my impression that this flu-topic is not really new, Kemal Kilic obviously believes he can trigger the sneezing journey with his telepathy and psychokinesis and therefore I feel this topic was one of his favourite interests, one of several entry points to actually observe if he successfully can manipulate victims with his telepathy and psychokinesis, some is obviously easier than others, what Kemal Kilic missed: the whole world can follow deliberately the course of his telepathic manipulations.....


-Thursday 03/26/2020 a lot of vulgar PSI-Terror from the last night, Kilic repeated over hours "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg", later in the day this disappeared and guess what: telepathy and telepathic shouting disappeared, several other disturbing contents mostly shouting with the consequence to keep citizens awake, I cannot recognize any decrease of aggression, PSI-activity, and pervert attacks due to the current state of health emergency in Kilic's behaviour, Kilic is still PSI-active, all previous nights: Kemal Kilic stayed awake and didn't sleep and therefore was telepathically active during the night

-Wednesday 03/25/2020 in the later evening hour Kilic suddenly and surprisingly started to talk and to involve a local psychiatric institution south from Heidelberg, I think this was Kemal Kilic telepathically speaking and naming the name of this institution, it partially seemed as if Kilic imposed or used and involved some local victim from Heidelberg(Alexander O.) which he was oftenly observed to use, involving his voice and making it look the story of others, in my opinion this bizarre Kilic-PSI-Terror from this Wednesday is clearly and without any doubt from Kemal Kilic in Heidelberg, a turk from Kilic's PSI-group with a face like a butcher, looking a lot forensic-like or pervert as this is his way, in the afternoon telepathically: "Seht ihr ich hab es euch ja gesagt, dass ihr allein dastehen werdet". It appears this meant being left alone after Kilic's fatous polical PSI-surgery, his bizarre corilla-PSI-voodoo bullshit, and it sounded as if Kilic once expected to be protected after each and every of his PSI-activities 

-Tuesday 03/24/2020 Kilic showed himself several times openly, probably also to involve some local victim or a personality-double of Kemal Kilic in Heidelberg, some names fell obviously from local residents, a blackhaired young men behaving relatively rigid and talking "des ia daer Neckar....", the name was repeated at some later time, several other details more and several other PSI-images occurred, certainly connected to Kilic's PSI-attacks

Monday 03/23/2020 again a PSI-rape during the night, Kilic talked and talked and talked during this night, showing himself standing as a physical person, then after some further talking it appeared his PSI-rape was successful and Kilic was satisfied, some other content followed until deep into the night

-Sunday 03/22/2020 the night to monday PSI-activity, it appeared Kilic attacked someone at some place, I remember how he brought over telepathy: "gerade hingelegt...", "im Tiefschlaf aufgeweckt", and several other details, apparently meaning the sleep of his victim he PSI-raped in this night, it appeared the focus of attention was brought to this PSI-victim, it appeared like a test of his strenght to achieve this PSI-rape, appeared as if somebody was selected and hit who wasn't hit for a long time, Kilic's pervert game to select victims of PSI-rape

-Friday 03/20/2020 late evening and the night to Saturday, from 01:00 - 01:45 extremly intense and loud PSI-Terror from Kemal Kilic, like mad, like cracking up, a lot of PSI-activity until the early morning hours

-Thursday 03/19/2020 difficult to describe, probably a little more calm than previous days, Kilic apparently forgot his continuously telepathic shouting "Kemal Kilic" and was busy with other things, and guess what: there is no telepathy when he's busy, several psychokinetic-pain attacks here and there over the hours, what is important: before the emergency state Kilic reminded me of a giant octopus, with difficult PSI-tentacles to several persons, only he can address them, only he is continuously connected over telepathy with selected and arbitrary victims, who would be next, it appeared just before the crisis arose as if he processed his own "black list", working it trough from above to below, with system, a death list with potential targets and victims, it appears he had a pre-selection like a warm pool of pre-selected victims, ordinary citizens in different cities he keeps in PSI-contact with, to attack or to organise into terminal developments and to erase mankind, and this malevolent activity seemed to have stopped, Kemal Kilic is behind this, spreading his tentacles into the masses and clandestinely organising terminal developments, only few register what really happens in detail and that it is about terminal mindcontrol from Kilic Heidelberg, Kilic braucht immer jemanden mit dem er macht....

-Wednesday 03/18/2020 during night between 02:00 and 02:30 and also further 02:30 and 03:00 all a.m. and in the night. Heavy telepathic activity from Kilic Heidelberg, several comments and threats.

It started: "Ja, Baden-Württemberg..." then "und der Inhalt in Heidelberg....", then obviously a loud and very angry threat from Kilic in german: "Ich mache euch noch ein allerletztes Angebot...", possibly to other local Germans and others around Heidelberg, several other smaller pieces and bits. Later one of these turks was seen telepathically standing with crossed arms, arrogantly, in a demonstrative pose.

It appeared as if Kilic also feared his long overdue psychiatric/forensic hospitalisation and tried to involve and introduce (quick and dirty) other citizens as his PSI-alibi using his telepathy, Kilic's PSI-alibi is other citizens, each time when questions about Kilic's psychiatric hospitalization re-arise urgent need to involve a bunch of easy victims is required for Kilic, victims who either didn't register that they were involved with telepathy and for the purpose to cover Kilic's unlawful PSI-activity or victims who can't answer and will not defend. A situation we have relatively often in Heidelberg. A telepathic conflict incited because Kilic actually belongs into an insane asylum because of these pervert PSI-assault, attacks to the genitals of citizens and so on.

Kilic's lies are: it's other citizens telepathy, it's other citizens PSI-activity.

Some of these wild PSI-bouts from Kilic seems to fit in here for this purpose. What Kilic missed: his arguments are telelathic arguments and he tries to influence and manipulate directly and in realtime with the same telepathic method all and every person without any exception around him. A clear PSI-activity without any doubt from Kilic Heidelberg.

The PSI-Terror continued until morning hours and later. Kilic later: "Der Inhalt des Neckar....", also repeatedly "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg" again and again, this shows clearly and without any doubt that Kilic is a maniac PSI-perpetrator and that he molestes and orchestrates the whole european society. But what are the severe consequences of this fatous turkish PSI-Terror......? Mankind must unite against Kilic's manmade PSI-Terror, banishing and probating psychological torture methods and PSI-catalyzed crimes.

-Tuesday 03/17/2020 a provokingly laughing older Mrs. Kilic, later obviously signaling to other members of this Kilic PSI-group, a helping hind, also a black-haired turkish men with extremely thick face showing himself several times moving into the frame, occurred several times in the past, recent occurrence was repeatedly, I don't know if he imposts someone at any place with this

-Monday 03/16/2020 some telepathic words occur repeatedly here in Germany, namely "collateral" and "collisterol", I have no idea what this means, considering the PSI-acticity of individual turks from this Kilic household it appears "the mathematician" can be perceived a little more predominantly, obviously one of the younger brothers of Kilic. Here and there some other PSI-content, known from previous days.

-Sunday 03/15/2020 definitely also PSI-activity, several contents here and there, Kilics appears to have resumed his "break one's neck tactic", because I had several times the impression as if my neck suddenly turned, occoured before and a female turk could be perceived then.

-Saturday 03/14/2020 Again terrorizing and molesting from Kilic Heidelberg with PSI-Terror, approx. 10-13CET, I was woken up unpleasantly by this terror, much PSI-content, mainly to distract citizens from the known and proven PSI-sources(Kilic Heidelberg) namely the turkish household Kilic Heidelberg, probably a little more effort to make it look as if originating from other citizens far away from Heidelberg, practically the whole society is orchestrated and affected and molested by Kilic's maniac PSI-assaults, I mean there's a huge effort for hours behind this, I must insist to 100% that this recent(and all other!) PSI-Terror is from these pervert Kilic PSI-group, that Kemal Kilic is still an active malicious and evil PSI-perpetrator, there is simply no other malicious PSI-group or malicious PSI-source known with the criminal power and the effective ability to perpetrate this PSI-Terror, it originates definitely from Kilic Heidelberg, but what develops in our physical world from this Kilic PSI-Terror, then at 20:25-20:35 CET it appear Kilic Heidelberg had one of his bouts and it was probably one of his OCD-bouts, OCD is a an abbreviation for obsessive-compulsive, it was probably another of his bouts, sounded as if Kilic Heidelberg is cracking up....

-Friday 03/13/2020 10:00 - 10:15CET PSI-Molesting, PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg, "Du bist doch gar nichts....", "Mensch, das sin' mer' in Heidelberg...", then "Kemal Kilic...."; typical telepathic conflicts with roleplay-characteristic clearly from Kilic Heidelberg, a lot of a giant rage, hatred, inhuman and submitting and degrading telepathic comments that are also racist's language and racist's comments, racism is by no means precluded with Kilic Heidelberg, and especially "Du bist doch gar nichts..."(you are nothing....) is an often repeated telepathic comment, as this is "false-flag" then Kilic elicits and provoks with these degrading and racist's telepathic comments, happened this way several times before, for me no question this is telepathic play from Kilic Heidelberg, but what are the consequences in our real world from this stupid and fatous telepathic play........??¿ Another characteristic from Kilic is sexually degrading with telepathy, psychokinesis and disturbing mindcontrol to totally submit PSI-victims to gain control and power over their potentials. I was myself several times a victim of racial, degrading, inhuman and sexually-submitting telepathic comments, considering the fact that I am a former neighbor to them in a Heidelberg apartment it is also a solid fact that I was a victim of verbally spoken racial, degrading, inhuman and submitting contents and behaviour, attacks and assaults. It is important to note that there are also turkish females with racist's comments or behaviour in Kilic's PSI-group, and that is by absolutely no means precluded at all. That's why I am quite certain that this is from Kilic Heidelberg. Later the same day: "Die Türkin", then "Die Türkin ist zu sehen....", then also " Türkinnen...". Actually I have also noticed a female turk over telepathy several times in the last days, at one day before I was being woken up and dreamed of this female turk(dream-telepathy!), it appeared to be probably a sister, a sister of Fidan Kilic in Heidelberg. I have met her while living at Humboldstraße 24, Heidelberg-Neuenheim and she belongs to Kilic's PSI-group. Over telepathy many of those characters from this PSI-group are known, others are Kemal Kilic and Memet Kilic and of course other members of this turkish PSI-group, too. It is my understanding that numberless other citizens worldwide perceive and perceived them(Kilic Heidelberg) over the years as well. Clear telepathic images of their visual characteristics, comfortably recognizable as a telepathic image. 

-Thursday 03/12/2020 starting in the night to Thursday a lot of angry and eliciting PSI-Terror over hours, several intelligence named, some people mentioned, then again Kemal Kilic several times, Heidelberg, several comments probably to convince or deceive about opinions, several angry threats from Kilic Heidelberg, around 07:30CET Kilic: "Und das war die Antwort von Heidelberg...."; I must say I am feeling again threatened and blackmailed, because these maniac turks(Kilic) from Heidelberg tremendously endanger our life, our values, the very best among us.....

-Wednesday 03/11/2020 a lot of a giant rage, Kilic trying to elicit selected victims anywhere, trying to make his PSI-activity look as if beginning with other citizens elsewhere, at one time during the day(after 14 CET) Kilic was fully busted manipulating with PSI, probably much effort to silence critics of Kilic's PSI-group......

-Tuesday 03/10/2020 before midday again contents about the "military government" and obviously the role of Kilic's PSI-Terror before this background, legally inactive or outdated, then also a stupid female psychiatrist obviously trying to project the known local(from Heidelberg obviously!) turkish PSI-activities to other persons elsewhere(rises to me the question how maniac female psychiatrists from Heidelberg fraudulently use Kilic's PSI to involve other persons elsewhere and thereby con-fabulating stories and of course damaging innocent citizens with their crap, look in my blog for a very much serious description of this very precisely stated issue), so far some of the most predominant telepathic comments; I think this clearly shows the ongoing PSI-activity of this dubious turkish household Kilic in Heidelberg even now, there's simply no other relevant and effective source of terminal PSI-activity known and I am also certain because of other aspects.....Kilic Heidelberg is the known PSI-perpetrator. Why was Kilic or members of Kilic's PSI-group never successfully committed to any forensic hospital by any of those psychiatrists?

-Monday 03/09/2020 especially in the evening hours a lot of PSI-activity, it appeared Kilic attacked somebody sexually during the sleeping hours, clearly provoking reactions that begin to rise the following days, in the evening several stupid and disturbing comments, also new wars because of dropping markets.

-Sunday 03/08/2020 Kilic from Heidelberg for the first time: "Mönchhofstraße" and then probably "Mönchhofstraße No. XX", this was repeated also in the night to Monday. Kilic's local victims??? Also the name "Alexander" occurred, occurred at least twice, probably Kilic's local victims or somebody Kilic feels similar and therefore imposts in Heidelberg

-Friday 03/06/2020 all the day several contents of PSI-activity, again a lot of brainless shouting "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg", here and there occouring over hours, later in the evening around 22:20-22:30CET one of the turks showed himself, sexually molesting contents and filth as usual from Kilic Heidelberg.....

-Thursday 03/05/2020 approx. around Midday the PSI-rumble started, it developed up to "angrily unpleasant" til midnight, some contents appears a little ridiculous but that's Kilic as he is, for example arround 15:45-16:00pm he brought the word "Manjiok", out of nothing, Kilic also tried a "Synästesie" meaning to mix up associations to different words, then he continued in german, almost explaining: "ja, das ist eine Zuckerflanze...." naming some countries, probably also past years, then very much stupid and fatous shouting trying to maybe elicit targeted individuals at any place, sometimes concrete content, some comments, several times also unspecified commands to unknowns to stop PSI, at least two times: "Wenn das jetzt nicht aufhört, dann kommt noch 'a was geflogen aus'n Neckar-Raum...", with Neckar-Raum "Heidelberg am Neckar" is meant, much content was repeated over hours again and again, also "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg" occoured numberless times; clearly telepathic manipulations from Kilic Heidelberg, it seems Kilic didn't stop his PSI-Terror, telepathy, psychokinesis since WHO is in state of emergency, we should observe this furtherly and report this in a qualified way to adequate UN-experts as often we can.....

-Tuesday and parts of Wednesday 03/03 and 03/04/2020 the german word "Schweiner" occoured as only one single selected example of definitely ongoing PSI-activity, also sexually loaded roleplay-like contents, also: it seems Kilic decided to resume a little more his "dream-telepathy-approaches, time will tell and we'll see....

-Monday 03/02/2020 at least in Germany practically all the Monday sexually loaded content, probably something from the night before, several attempts to make it look highly personified, trying to involve different person's in fictional (sexual) relations, of course this is only Kilic's egomaniac imagination, several comments effectively eliciting other people making it look their alleged statements or comments all the day, practically to elicit somebody by telepathic deception, problematic also in the evening hours especially between 20:30 and 21:00 pm CET, psychokinesis on genitals, then finally Kilic brought angrily: "Und das war die Antwort aus dem Heidelberger Raum...."; a clear and characteristic telepathic comment from Kilic Heidelberg that without any thinkable doubt shows who's behind and what the intents of the turks(Kilic Heidelberg) are, it is attacks and assaults like these that form the basis for hatred, PSI-catalysed crimes, racism, very most probably familicides, suicides, amok, discriminations, terror and destruction......

-Sunday 03/01/2020 towards 11:00 again wildest PSI-activity from Kilic Heidelberg, changing content, sometimes "formal question of PSI-assaults", then "who's got the blame", several attempts to deny Kilic's role in Heidelberg, attempted roleplay-like accusations over telepathy who's responsible for manmade PSI, the name "Kemal Kilic", the single word "military industrial complex"(also days before), much other comment-like activity about and concerning the problem of PSI-activity, my impression this is probably derived from Kilic's earlier assaults and attacks to get somebody caught in their own remembrance, it appears this escalated, and what's going on is certainly a product of all this, around 17:00pm it appeared to be calm again, suddenly......

-Thursday 02/27/2020 in Germany it appeared for many hours at least much more calm, only uprousing PSI-activity in the evening hours, made me wonder because it is of course possible to leave away this disturbing and molesting PSI-Terror, it is only a synthetic and manmade activity, it is completely in the personal will of these turks in Heidelberg(Kilic) to do or not to do, we can only pray for our peace and that it will continue over longer periods, time will tell...

-Terrorizing and terrific PSI-Terror in the night to Wednesday 02/26/2020 approx. 02:00am - 09:45 am from Kilic Heidelberg. Many details. Barely possible to sleep. At the beginning around 02:00am in the night it appeared Kilic tried to promise that it's getting soon quite calm if other people went to bed(a vulgar lie!). This of course means he and some/all the turks stayed awake throughout the night. Otherwise it wouldn't be achievable. After this mostly intimidations to do this and that, to understand so and so, attempts to deceive, convince and distract people who possibly follow the course "to not say Kilic Heidelberg" is currently telepathically active, incite to blame others, a lot of shouting "Kemal Kilic Heidelberg", other contents, several times stampede-like scenarios, what attorneys have to obey and what not, in Germany attorneys are "weisungsgebunden" by politics or higher intelligence circles or miltary government, giant rage about these details and the role of Kilic's PSI-Terror therein, attempts to involve other names of other citizens as made-up patsys. Surely also the conspiracy to lie about Kilic's PSI-Terror or to keep the truth under wraps, if necessary obvious lies about the role of Kilic's highly dangerous PSI-manipulations, also the name: Fidan Ulukan Kilic also days before, also: "Die Ulrike kann auch nicht die Militär-Regierung fragen....."

-On 24/02/2020 at approx. 19:30 CET from Kilic Heidelberg: "Was denken Sie denn was Sie darstellen....", then "Was denken Sie denn was Sie sind....", also "Was denken Sie denn als was Sie hier laufen...". Telepathic comments like these contain a lot of racism and a giant rage and are continuously generated by Kilic. In am absolutely certain that this is generated arbitrarily, racial comments over telepathy from Kilic Heidelberg. Synthetic terror from Kilic. In Germany all this is extraordinarily true and forms a unique totality. No qualified solution to the problem, only stupidity.

Also: Considering the above recent activity of Kilic, taking into consideration that Kilic is still active, that sexually oriented PSI-attacks are ongoing there's a great chance that even today's rampage/amok incident is with highest probability due Kilic's PSI-Terror in a specific way. Nobody can seriously preclude Kilic's dangerous influence at all. He was in many previous cases active, it is reasonable to assume that Kilic will be active for many forthcoming years.

Humankind must protect from these maniac turks(Kilic!) who believe they have a natural right to kill innocent citizens or organize terminal developments for other citizens. Until now, the truth is not fully brought to the daylight.

Until then no real protection against terminal PSI-terror from Kilic Heidelberg can be guaranteed to exist. Therefore my estimation is clearly that in the future numberless other vicitms of Kili's PSI-Terror from Heidelberg will rise specifically from this turkish PSI-Terror. Nobody should let him/herself be elicited by these stupid and fatous turks, and nobody needs to obey their fatous and criminal terms. Kilic is a deranged mind and belongs into a forensic institution or into a prison.

-Between both german events only less than a week apart Kilic brought: "Isch mach Disch beschwerden....." in broken german("Ausländerdeutsch"), double-speech with two meanings, to make someone complain and to elicit somebody, and to make someone ill, typical for Kilic Heidelberg, in past years much more frequently occurring.....

-PSI-Terror also present the evening before the german amok incident in Hanau, I posted a status approx. one hour before the official time of the escalation with the information that PSI-activity occoured. In my view clearly a telepathically catalyzed crime. Many other PSI-catalyzed cases out there, and many other cases before this case. Much PSI-activity also the following days. One thing I remember clearly from the evening hours after the event: " daeer Kollegsche Wolfert isch noch aktiv...", it appeared that certain persons from Heidelberg tried to provoke a certain result, even starting a virtual communication over telepathy. Was much of the provocation miscalculated and misguided, originally intended to hit someone else? It wouldn't be the first time and Heidelberg is telepathically active since thirty(30!) years. Telepathic content around this case must be evaluated carefully and in chronological order, it has highest relevance to what people do and how their mind is manipulated. Currently very much crimes are perpetrated and it all happens before a never eliminated and clearified PSI-experimental-background by turks from Heidelberg, relatives of Memet Kilic(Die Grünen). By the way: the german FAZ(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) reported only few hours after the crime about a rather odd detail: the perpetrator of the crime feared reading his mind, which usually means telepathy and mindcontrol and all the other perversities. The german "Spiegel" refers directly to mind-reading or remote-mindcontrol up to a certain degree. No single newspaper refers to the amok-PSI-connection in more detail. On the other hand there appear to be usual signs of longterm telepathic manipulation. The german word "Dickkopf" occurred weeks prior to the escalation. It appears Kilic accompanied his selected victim and the process of  gaining full mindcontrol thrived over weeks, sometimes months and even years. I have very much the impression that this whole case was constructed with so much stupidity but with malice, to affect many other citizens in a great variety of ways by this, yet it appears it all started in the mind.

I can only state what actually was perceivable over telepathy from Kilic.

-"Kemal Kilic"

-It appears Kilic's PSI-group was requested to focus his bizarre telepathic assaults, attacks and experiments on other people and other groups; comments about this could be perceived in the afternoon of Thursday, in the late evening hours again much PSI-activity from Heidelberg, attempts to make Kilic focus on this and that.....

-Kilic brought up the name "Fleck" several times. It was present over several weeks. I am remembering it happening occasionally. Considering analog cases and considering all details from the news press the only multi-consistent judgement is, than the suicide of one female host star appears to be most probably due to mindcontrol-terror, telepathic bizarre PSI-terror from Kilic's PSI-group in Heidelberg. It is not the first case being observable directly.






-the german phrase: "aaaey,...Kilic hat bei Dir Blut geleckt.....", also a face is shown, possibly a turk wearing a baseball cap reversedly, appears much puberty-like, this also happened some days ago with the same content, a fragment from somebody else; in my opinion direct telepathic play from Kilic, propably Kilic interacts with younger targets anywhere, unclear if perceivable from somewhere else

-Mogadishu, obviously the country, a man is shown, it appears he is very carelessly moving or shaking and almost childishly playing or something like that; clearly telepathic fragment from somebody else, unclear if perceivable from somewhere else

-since a long time a female, probably a sister, can be percepted with heavy convulsions of the neck, as if to turn the neck, with psychokinesis; as if to break the neck

-waiting until most people went to bed, claiming all the telepathy was caused by the minds of the other people and not by Kilic, if certain persons were unconscious or sleeping, there would be no telepathy at all; after what I percepted also by this sister suggested

-intensely trying to involve other names they can put the blame on; a game they already lost before even beginning it, they play it nevertheless

Did somebody perceive the same or parts of it.......?

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