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Report predicts drones and supersoldiers are the future of warfare

Report predicts drones and supersoldiers are the future of warfare

HALO might be a pretty accurate description of the future.

HALO might be a pretty accurate description of the future. Source: Supplied

ROBOTS calling the shots in the skies, while technologically advanced supersoldiers patrol the ground — this is the future of warfare according to a new report predicting combat over the coming decades.

The report, Visualizing the Tactical Ground Battlefield in the Year 2050, was the result of a workshop held with leaders from the US Defence Department, Army Research Lab, Institute for Defence Analysis and a select number of academia.

In the world envisioned, armed drones will patrol the skies searching for enemy targets to eliminate.

The use of drones in the current military landscape dictates it is always a human that decides to pull the trigger, but the report suggests soldiers may only have limited control over the smart-robots of the future.

“The difference being that in the former, human decisions are a required step in a process and thus humans are exercising positive control,” the report stated.

“While in the latter, humans can only observe the behaviours that are taking place, but they can only act after the fact or in anticipation of expected behaviours.”

With the large part of the war being fought in the skies, there will be less need for humans on the ground.

However, the humans on the frontline will be far more technologically advanced than those in modern warfare.

“These humans would be physically and mentally augmented with enhanced capabilities that improve their ability to sense their environment, make sense of their environment, and interact with one another,” the report stated.

These drones will hunt by themselves, humans will only act as umpire.

These drones will hunt by themselves, humans will only act as umpire. Source: News Corp Australia

Part of the changes will be providing the technological advancements to enable humans to partner robots.

“These super humans will feature exoskeletons, possess a variety of implants and have seamless access to sensing and cognitive enhancements,” the report said.

“They may also be the result of genetic engineering. The net result is that they will have enhanced physical capabilities, senses, and cognitive powers.

“The presence of super humans on the battlefield in the 2050 time frame is highly likely because the various components needed to enable this development already exist and are undergoing rapid evolution.”

While technology will give soldiers a lethal edge, it could also make them vulnerable to attacks from enemies.

The report envisions enemy forces attempting to monitor the biophysical signals and decision-making abilities of supersoldiers.

Although, it suggests they could do the same to the adversaries.

“In addition to having the information available to vastly improve individual cognitive modelling, such models offer the opportunity to disrupt adversary organisations and operations in a cost-effective manner,” the report stated.

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Comment by deca on July 29, 2015 at 2:22am

DARPA Brain Implants - Human Guinea Pigs?

also this is interesting from Visualizing the Tactical Ground Battlefield in the Year 2050: Workshop Report

this actually sounds very similar to what TI`s are claiming that's been/beta tested  done to them  

[quote]2.2.4 Micro-targeting
Micro-targeting represents a considerable revolution in the concepts and capabilities associated with current instantiations of precision strike. For example, instead of being able to identify and engage a particular building or moving vehicle while minimizing collateral damage, the concept of micro-targeting involves the identification and surgical engagement of specific individuals employing either kinetic or non-kinetic means.
Workshop participants felt that micro-targeting was likely because advances in our ability to penetrate individuals’ cyber environments coupled with the ability to effectively mine the enormous amount of available information relating to individuals makes it possible to understand what actions would have the desired effect for a given individual, as well as making it possible to locate a given individual with precision. These make micro-targeting possible. Workshop
participants felt that weapons miniaturization would continue, thus making engagement and hence micro-targeting possible. Micro-targeting would be an extremely valuable capability as it provides more control, results in less collateral damage, and is less detectable.
By virtue of its properties, micro-targeting would be difficult to counter. However, the following counters are possible. Covert movements accompanied by deception and misinformation could thwart timely location. Decoys could be effective, as well. Targeted organizations could dynamically restructure their organization and their delegation of decision rights thus changing the target value of specific individuals. An adversary could decide to escalate raising the costs incurred.
Counters to these counters involve better situation awareness to detect attempts to evade detect, spoof, or misdirect a micro-attack.[/quote]

[quote]2.2.6 Cognitive Modeling of the Opponent
A vastly improved capability to understand an opponent and predict their actions will enable a new and potentially disruptive capability in this time frame. Directed at both populations and key adversary decision makers on an individual basis, this targeting capability is based upon an understanding of population and individual motivations, biases, cognitive processes, and decision-making styles. In addition, physical and physiological states will be capable of being known. In terms of both individuals and populations, it will be possible to sense their moods and whether or not they are vulnerable to deception or primed to act in a certain manner (resist or be passive).
In addition to the enablers of micro-targeting previously discussed that make this capability likely, by 2050, sensors of various kinds will be ubiquitous and include sensors on and inside humans that can provide the information to support individual, dynamic cognitive modeling (physical state has an impact on cognitive abilities and processing). In addition to having the information available to vastly improve individual cognitive modeling, such models offer the opportunity to disrupt adversary organizations and operations in a cost-effective manner when
compared to existing capabilities. Development of these models is already underway as business are trying to better understand us as consumers and micro-target us with advertisements. This “neuro-marketing” is getting more sophisticated every day.
Counters are difficult as we are constantly creating data with every movement we make and every product we research and purchase. However, if key individuals can build a public profile that is misleading, adversaries will not have accurate information to use and their models will be incorrect. Even by 2050, cognitive modelling will be relatively resource intensive, and thus, be limited to a small number of key individuals and somewhat homogeneous populations. Organizations that delegate decision rights more widely could spread micro-targeting resources too thin and make an adversary turn to the more complex problem of understanding and predicting collective behaviors.
Counters to actions that make it more difficult to identify and model key individuals and population centers include being able to react in near real time, reducing the need to predict.[/quote]

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