Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Report some gangs of biological mental weapons terrorists in tianjin

My information:



Age: 31

Birthday: 1985-8-21

Gender: female

Residence: tianjin

Location of finding suffer and be persecuted: China,Tianjin, xiqing district, the Jin Ao international residential, the 16th building/ China, Tianjin,Tianjin port district, Sinoma material yard in tianjin port,  in the office of tianjin hai yi industry &trade co., LTD

Time of finding suffer and be victim: in May 2014

Status: married childless

Status of being persecuted: from the end of 2013 I go to work in the hai yi industry &trade co., LTD. until I was attacked my brain by them in some unknown way in May 2014 and became victim, up to now, four years' time, every day I can't live in normal, unable to sleep, they can control my whole body nerve cells . and they can control and destroy deep into me to enter the psychological ideas and thinking, they have none stop in the whole year within 7 * 24 hours a day to use the voice to torture me and persecute me insult me; they  from time to time use the remote biological human combat weapons so they can make my face acne and ugly; they can change my metabolism and the endocrine system, so I have more body disease.and I have a lot of pain, And I can not make a healthy life all my life; they can make me suddenly suffer from a variety of neurological diseases of the spinal column to create pain; they can make me a headache, can block my brain and thinking, so I can not remember things; They can make me fall hair, vision loss, tooth neuralgia, facial muscle deformation; they can let me cervical vertebra, lumbar spine, spine produce a variety of diseases; they can let me became fat and exhausted all methods are never thin ;They can make me can't sleep every day, and last up to two years not let me sleep; they will appear in my sleep after I dream, all kinds of insult to shame me intimidation me and nausea me in my dream;and then I woke up, I can not fall asleep again; they have all the privacy of my family and me, and they have persecuted all my family members as well. And a certain degree of control, in order to make my family can not do business, work well, make money, they make me poor, and let my family do not believe what I said, so I can not get help from them; and They have also done many damage to my family's health, including my mother's mental surveillance and misdirection, which undermined her Amway business and human relationships, including the destruction of my husband's career and sleep, and his physical health; To make my mother-in-law and father-in-law disease, and because they do not want me get rescued from my husband's grandfather ( an old revolutionary cadre ), so in 2016 they deceive my grandfather sick  with biological weapons,and killed the elderly.

begin from May 2014 when they publicly persecuted me, until now,7*24 hours a day,without stopping a second, I constantly hear the conversation that they insult and threaten me, and experience their all methods of harming and torturing me, and through these years of persecution suffered experience,I analysis of more and more crime history and conspiracy of them!

Has reported department: Tian Jin public security bureau city bureau,Tian Jin public security bureau xi qing sub-bureau , China the ministry of public security reception department, China's supreme people’s procuratorate ,China’s national bureau of Justice!



I report a group of anti-government armed forces and terrorist against humanity organization hiding in Tianjin China for many years,they are Tian Jin Hai Yi industry &trade Co.,LTD. Former general manager Chang You Cheng (13902180286),his wife and Tian Jin East Summer trade Co.,LTD. Manager Pang Shuang.Pang Shuang’s father Pang Fu Hua and her mother and other relatives,and Pang Shuang’s cousin,a police in Tian Jin port,and his father and high school classmate Wu Sha(13752597131,she has a law firm named “Sha Yuan”,and she also cooperated with several other law firms as her partnerships) of fifth class in the four high school’s 2001 annual in Tian Jin,Wu Sha’s father and mother and other relatives, Chang You Cheng and Chang You Ming’s accomplices Cao Li Jun,Cao Li Jun’s father,mother,two little brothers and other relatives, Chang You Cheng’s big brother Chang You Ming(18920111620) and his wife,Chang You Cheng’s two nephew Chang Peng,Chang Hao,the company staffs of Hai Yi industry &trade Co.,LTD. Liang Ping(13920083529),Tian Yuan,Su Li,Yan Hong,Xiao Lu,Zhang Qian,driver Mr Liu(13662153253),driver Mr Wu,driver Mr Jing, TianJin Vanke Jin Ao international 16th floor 1504, and all the parents and children and relatives of these people above in China and abroad,they are all the collaborationists,they cooperated with all illegal crime organizations through the world,including terrorists,heresy,drug trafficking,reactionary gang,assassination,money laundering crime groups,for the generations to persecute,torment and slavery citizens of China and other countries on the aspects of their spirit,thinking,memory,health,education,work,family,human rights,social status and even the fate of generations,and they took along with all kinds of criminal organizations around the world to make suffer severely and make destruction on various aspects of legal and law system,education,health care,public security,civil maternity,political,social morality and so on of Chinese society and other countries,and they used the biological psychological weapon to control and destroy all countries especially China’s regime and social stability of all countries,they took China as a crime stronghold and sample testing ground and took along with all crime organizations all over the world to carry out various forms of genocide,crimes of terrorism and against humanity,and corruption and seize state funds,robbing citizens property,and do all kinds of money laundering crime! Chang You Cheng they used the biological psychological weapons and the influence and resources of all the criminal power which were created and developed by themselves or they participated in and planned to deprive of the control rights of destiny of all the people,they made all kinds of illusion and performed a variety of play to deliberately let other’s fate have relations with themselves fatefully, and then they re-use their nature of burning,killing and pillaging and the most shameless to destroy the fates of all the people and plunder all the resources,money and power of all the people, and then they continued to make all kinds of illusion to let all the benefits of plundering and exploitation flow into themselves,in order to change and improve their own destiny.They used such methods to create all kinds of wealth, status ,power, contacts resources and other resources for themselves,even including control rights of fate and life of everyone, control rights of national fates of each country, and control rights of the fate of human civilization and society. And meanwhile they manipulated and damaged other people's fate and life, they also deliberately robbing others' life and fate, they took other people’s life and fate as their script of acting,and through the plot, Su Li ,Wu Sa they also plundered the fate of the other good and innocent people as their own fate,in order to let themselves live a comfortable life.and at the same time, they focused on the target whom they envied and persecute the target to the dead, after they totally destroyed the fate of the jealous target,they dead to tie up with the jealous target again,and deliberately get close to the target, again they use with all sorts of reason to torture and persecute the jealous target, let the target live in the same life as themselves, and then they dead to force the target to save her own life, in order to tie up with the target and definitely not let the target go, and continued to plunder the life and fate of the target, providing themselves various of benefits.It happened to that the target who Su Li,Wu Sa,Xiao Lu and Pang Shuang envied to the death is me.Besides,the relying basis that they manipulated and destroyed other’s fate and manipulated the world’s fate, to be specific,for these decades they constantly kill and murder people everywhere in China and around the world by changing other’s psychological and ideas and by other’s hands,and they commit crimes and evil and destructions everywhere, they make destructions in state institutions,endanger the stability of the regime,break the system of law,education and medical,destroy the social morality,destroy people’s livelihood security in each country all over the world.And in recent years,they continue to use and amplificate the various functions of the biological psychological weapons all over the world infinitely,they morganized others and burned the corpse to destroy the evidences everywhere,they exterminated and revenged all people who threatening them,and they brainwashed all the individuals and organizations who had cooperated with them but can not be killed or eliminated by them into puppets,in order to continue to carry out all their sins of making human civilization and society suffer severely! In brief,through monitoring and imitating the psychological and mind thoughts of all kinds of people all these years around,they disguised themselves as a consciousness and take advantage of human weaknesses to perform and carry out all their variety of direct and indirect crime! And these people I report were gangs of the evil hided forces who are related and have many cooperations with the Japanese war criminals, the Chinese traitors, extreme against humanity heretics, cult terrorists and drug trafficker, and they intentionally leave themselves in China, coverd in the common people, in order to let them use their own evil nature to live in China, make unscrupulous evil everywhere in China, to destroy China and overturn smear China in the name of the Chinese people, to subvert the world and make destruction around the world in the name of chinese people, manufacturing all kinds of international war, and let them to keep the identity of Chinese people and stay in China forever, pollute, poison and even destroy Chinese excellent genes,with the purpose to provide their creator unlimited opportunities and conditions to trample upon China,do exploitation and aggression to China,and in the name of China,in the name of cooperating with other countries to do the exploitation and aggression to China,to provide their creator the unlimited resources and a variety of advantages!And after Change You Cheng’s criminal organization manufactured all kinds of antihuman and frenzied crime all over the world and built their own kingdom of crime,they utilized the system of crime manufactured by themselves to shield their own real crime.And Chang You Cheng they make use of the reason that ‘they tortured me to death and must not let me to report their evil criminal behaviors successfully’ to deceive other associates to provide them with shield and support of crime,even they instigated other associates to take the opportunity of ‘me,a victim report and redress an injustice’ to pretend to be good and justice everywhere ,in order to provide themselves the opportunity to pretend to be good or victims.To be specific,first they poisoned and persecuted me and put some device of control and persecution in my brain,then they forced me to call the police and report,meanwhile they made the matter they poisoned and persecuted me connected with other crimes they had done behind,so that they could take the reason of preventing and damaging my alarm and report to coerce and deceive all their criminal associates to continue to provide them shield and cover,and after that they deliberately told me some clues about the criminal history of them and their associates,so that they can take the reason of ‘persecute me to death all my lifetime and let me die uncleared of a false and unjust charge’ to let their associates provide them shield and cover forever,even continue to coerce all their associates to support them to carry out more huge and evil crime. In other words,they repeatedly packaged their risk of crimes ,and changed all the risks into the resources which could be used to deal with others,and made trading to get benefits again and again.And Chang You Cheng they took their persecution and crime on innocent person as their capital to continue to bring them benefits and provide them convenient and conditions,in order to manufacture more and more crime and expand and continue all their crime before. The method that they secretly transmitted the signal and summoned their associates was manufacturing tragedies and disasters everywhere,then using of media to expose.their aim is to use of the internet and media of human society to transmit their own signals and missions aboveboard and safely.And they used various methods to brainwash various groups people of human society,with the purpose to assist their unscrupulous criminal conspiracy.And they do make use of the same method of persecuting me endlessly all my lifetime to constantly manufacture and expand direct and indirect evil crime in China and all over the world for decades,and the premise of all these evil is the neglect and shield of all people all over the world! And the whole process that they damaged and persecuted me from my childhood can strongly proved that all the evil criminal behaviors that damage and topple the civilization,development and stable of all mankind society especially China of Chang You Cheng before and now is true!and even all evil criminal behaviors that they specially focused on and persecuted the group of children,youngers and women who are weakness but excellent is true!And all evil criminal behaviors that they manufactured terrorist attack,heresy and social chaos in China and all over the world with the purpose to aggress and rlue the whole world is true! And all can prove that Chang You Cheng they are the chief plotter of all the evil! ! Chang You Cheng they use their unique way to destroy,manipulate,and lurk in all classes and groups of the world, for example,for the government, they deliberately harm and persecute others, deliberately make troubles,intentionally create social chaos and manufacture all kinds of terrorist attacks, in order to intentionally attract attention of the government,then in the name of all kinds of "pretended to justice" to bring out the latent various associates who were in the pay of themselves, to continue to help them to harm others,commit murder and fraud and do other crimes with fairsquare, then they pretend to be victims together,aim to do all evil things and get all the benefits in the process then abtain aid of state, to achieve the purpose of getting everything with nothing. Again for other criminal organizations, for example, Chang You Cheng they mixed in and pretended to be the same, and in the name of all kinds of criminal organizations to continue to make and enlarge all evil, then they put all the charges planted to other criminal organizations,meanwhile letting their own finger men lurked in other criminal organizations in the process, and then they pretend to report out or expose other’s evil and crime, or persecute to dead and force others to report and expose, then Chang You Cheng they secretly take over and seize all the forces, wealth and resources of these criminal organizations, also getting everything with nothing.In fact, they are using this process to gradually establish their own kingdom of crime, to expand their own forces, they are not pleased with everyone, they want to destroy everyone and everything,and they want to seize and possess all benefits and power.But they had nothing at all from the beginning,they had no rely on, so they rely on their own unscrupulous and shameless, they rely on strongly to play all the functions of biological psychological weapons,using with fraud,lies,wicked and merciless to reach all their own purpose.So you can imagine, in these process, they need to destroy and change how many people’s fate, and they need to sacrifice how many people’s life, to support themselves keep alive until now, and possess the power, wealth and the armed forces like now!That is to say in China and the world, how many unreasonable phenomenons and traitorous actions were made by them, and in now and in the future how many people will continue to sacrifice and be destroyed the whole life by them, that is to say, as long as we catch them and make public executions to them, we can calm down and solve various of chaos, threats and common difficult problem of all countries in the world, and we can save countless innocent people, we can alleviate or even completely solve various terrorist threat in the world.



After they destroyed my academic, future and family and completely destroyed my body and appearance shape, they are forcing me to die and making me commit suicide again and again over these years, and then preventing me from committing suicide by controlling my psychological,and let me live under their persecution and torture and abuse all my life,and they used the illusions manufactured by them to make contradiction between me and their accomplices and let their partners to help them kill me and torture me again and again, and they again and again shown or made me analysis of their real nature of frenzied and unscrupulous,with the purpose to let all people to be helpless for their frenzied and unscrupulous,and  let everyone think their persecution and torture on me is totally right and proper. Then in these process, they can use all means to continue to ruin my appearance shape,body health, fate , family ,business, studies and fertility unscrupulously and without any concern, even they can ruin my whole family again with totally right and proper.I really really really can't stand it, I decided to commit suicide to stop over all the things. and as the facts shown by my life miserable experience I described, all the behaviors I reports of Chang Youcheng’s evil and crime and all the behaviors I fought against Chang You Cheng is my personal behaviors, it had nothing to do with all my families ,my relatives and my friends, they don't know anything about it.I decide to commit suicide now to end it all, end all the relations which Chang Youcheng deliberately made between me and their criminal organizations.And I will delete all the analysis and report material,and since then I have not any value of utilize!But at the same time, I will give you all my report material, if useful you can use of,if useless you can permanently storage.After I die all the things and reports will end, but Chang You cheng they will still make destruction of the world, but I also have been powerless.But I do not necessarily die successfully, because Chang You cheng they won't let me easily to commit suicide, they want to play with my life and fate and destroy and torture of my life forever and ever,and even they want to threaten all their criminal associates and people they want to threaten in the name of me. so if I don't commit suicide successfully, please don't blame me, I meant to wish to end it all, but Chang Youcheng they don't want to, they hope everyone continue to mess. you even don't deal with them, I also have no way to deal with them.Please everybody take care!


 Please take attention,All countries and international organizations!if anyone of you want to take a deep and serious investigation into,solve and prevent these crimes which hazarded human society extremely, such as terrorist attacks around the current international society,and heresy crime and drugs trafficking gangs  wreak havoc, chaos happened constantly in national social of all countries, international war and slaughter happened constantly, biological psychological weapons human trials and suffering all over the world, please expand the investigation direction to all citizens around the world, And be sure to make a special effort to investigate and research all countries especially China’s provinces,cities and county senior leadership’s and countryside cadres’ menials and henchman at past and present,especially the women therein. they are the group which this crime organizations I exposed mainly infiltrated and utilized ,and the main method of the core crime organization to hide and cover themselves was as well as using the identity of these menials and henchman and lurking beside the leaderships and officials. And after the legal supervision and management of all countries especially China's various aspects gradually became strict, they began to do not actually take part in criminal action, but they mainly schemed and controlled behind, kept and unlimitedly expanded the social contradictions between each class, and the contradiction between their all associates and henchman and all targets they persecuted!And they use the help of all sorts of finger men to directly monitor and control all secrets and network of all departments of all states, and they use several ways of lurking and bribing to steal high-tech biotechnology and gene technology, and various military weapons technology from China and all the other countries.and especially don't neglect these female citizens who have tended to heresy and terrorism ideas.And please must make sure to focus on and take investigation of those women and their offsprings who had been always schemed,organized and incited various class struggles between elites class,intellectuals class and the ruling class in the developing history of China ( they are mostly narrow-minded, with extremely strong jealousy,cruel and aggressive, dislike others better than themselves, like to frame up, eccentricity, and extremely good at camouflage, and they mostly had recorded of organizing crime and gathering a crowd to make disturbances, and had hung up with bullies and drug trafficking gangs. as the saying goes,birds of a feather flock together,these women also bonded with men of the same species to form a family with some special purposes.And along with China's internal class struggle occured again and again, some of them became rich quickly, some of them promoted to a higher political position, some of them entered into government department,public security and units etc., some of them became doctors and lawyers, some of them became the boss behind of the black evil forces,and after that they dispersed to all countries all over the world ,continue to manufacture and intensify all kinds of class struggle in China and the world with the family mode, and their tenet is to destroy and eliminate all the person,organizations and countries who would threaten their unscrupulous and antihuman ethnic group). these seemingly disparate crimes exemplified in front, in fact are manipulated and covered by some persons who have reasonable identity even disadvantaged groups identity behind the scenes, and these people are not the powerful people we considered in the traditional sense, but a group of people who are unscrupulous,frenzies,perverse, commit all manners of crimes, nature of specific against humanity ,and peculiar extreme abnormal. Please don't only focus on all kinds of present well-known criminal groups or the terrorist organizations, please make sure to pay attention to this kind of special criminal group in China, they are the most unscrupulous source of evil in human society by far, they have constantly schemed,organized and manufactured all kinds of extremely cruel criminal organizations in the world. please be sure to investigate the hermit kingdom of their layout all over the world, which they took advantage to use biological psychological weapons to monitor, imitate, make uglification and slander each country ruling class and the social important targets, just like the invisible world networks set by them and hided in the human society, and they use this way to make long -time destruction,occupation and aggression to the human society,now it has arrived unstoppable stage!Their destruction,torture and persecution of any individual is illusion,The purpose of their persecution on personal target to the death is to persecute the whole class which the target placed,let the whole class lost the rebellious volition against the oppression,enslave this class from mental,in order to make reasonable reason of implementing crime for their accomplices who lurked in this class,and continued to make more opportunities for their accomplices to persecute more and more people in this class.The purpose of their persecution on individual target to the death is not only to meet their evil,killing and destruction desire,but to show to their running dogs and accomplices that no matter how they persecute and torture the target victim,there would be no danger,and there would be nobody to punish them ,so they used this way to urged the flunkies and accomplices all over the world to persecute the whole class which the target placed to the death,thereby to undermine the whole society,revolt and usurp,and overturn all countries and all societies,at the end to control and rule all societies,all countries and the whole world. And why they dare to persecute and torture me to death and do not care about any consequences,is because they can be unscrupulous to urged and brainwash all associates to persecute me together,then let the whole society and world lost the volition of insisting justice and fight against criminal just for a victim,torment and enslave the whole world from mental,then they can brainwash,create and expand the blame and resentment of the whole society and the whole world,in order to make reasonable reason for their associates who lurked all over the world to persecute and torture me and destroy me,and make more opportunities for their associates to persecute and destroy more innocent people,even make reasonable reason of existence for their associates who lurked and hided in common people at the same time,then they put all blame on all the associates and the whole world,and push out all the responsibility completely.Why they dare to overturn and make destruction to Chinese society desperately,even want to seize the sovereignty of China,is because they can urged and brainwash their associates all over the world to manufacture various chaos,conflicts and wars in the internal and external of China, and sow dissension among China and all other countries,let all other countries and individuals lost the spirit of fighting against crime and insisting justice for one country China,then they brainwash, create and expand the blame and resentment of the whole world,in order to make reasonable reason for their associates lurked all over the world to attack and invade China together,and make more opportunities for themselves to attack and invade more and more countries,even make reasonable reason of existence for all associates lurked and hided in all classes of China,and then they put all blame to the associates all over the world,besides they can stand out as a peacemaker,acting as a good person to both sides,and they also can expose all their criminal accomplices and terrorism organizations accomplices all over the world,and get praised by the world.And why they dare to overturn and make destruction to all national society desperately,and want to control and rule the whole world,is because they can urged and brainwash all their associates all over the world to gather a crowd and make disturbances,make insurrection,creating confusion and wage wars,then they sow dissension among all the countries,let all countries lost the volition and determination of blowing and defeating their terrorism and antihumanity crime through the international cooperation,then they brainwash,create and expand the blame and resentment of all countries and all people of the whole society and world,in order to make reasonable reason of existence for all their associates lurked and hided in all classes of all countries,in order to overturn,destroy and overthrow all ruling powers of all countries,and make more opportunities for themselves to do more evil things,even make reasonable reason of existence for all their accomplices lurked and hided in all black evil and criminal forces of all countries at the same time,then they put all blame on the important accomplices who know too many things about themselves,then they can take advantage of the chaos and the chance of there will be someone stand up to lead the people to establish new regime,to mix into the ruling class of all countries,then control and rule the whole world.All these above is just like how they treated me,they persecuted and tortured me to death from a few years ago,and now they cooperated with all associates distributed in every classes,to play a performance of illusion,pretend that there is someone want to prevent them persecuting me,and because they can not continue to persecute me but I still report them out,so they hate me very much,so they let their accomplices lurked and hided in intellectuals class of China to persecute all the intelligentsias ,brainwash and create the blame and hatred of all intelligentsia,then cooperated with all their accomplices lurked in all classes of China to plant and frame me,in order to persecute and destroy me aboveboard.They had already used this way to torment,persecute and kill too much great figures and elites who can lead the world towards progress and lights originally,and of course I am just a little citizen with bad luck,but I still want to wake up the justice and intellect of whole world.We should long long ago and we only must can get together to fight against them,so that to protect the human society.And here,I call on all countries and all organizations,you do not need to spend too much time and energy on the beasts of Chang You Cheng,you just need to keep an eye on them,and you must restart the international cooperation to crack down all terrorism and antihumanity evil criminal organizations as soon as you can,and you must can trace down the information and evidence of the crime of Chang You Cheng,and then catch them together!

Their specific method of illegal money laundry did refer to the movie named 《Accounting assassin》acted by Ben Affleck! And be sure to put research direction in each country, especially the senior leaders of China's provinces and cities where the servant of the servants of the past and present, in the home and family confidant hands, they are the main osmotic using organized crime groups and the core crime organization to hide their main way!And in all countries, especially China's various aspects gradually after strict legal regulation, they begin to actual part in criminal action, but the main plot behind, keep and unlimited expansion between each class and the social contradictions, and they all associates and they all persecution under the contradiction between the target!And they use all sorts of eyeliner directly control all of the department of state secrets and network, and steal in the form of various latent buy China and all the other countries of the high-tech biotechnology gene technology, and various military weapons technology. Now they deliberately have been making false appearance, false information and mislead research direction of all countries, research institutions and organization and individual against them, and mislead the worl key emphasis of all countries and all legal authority.But in fact we don't need to consider other things, the most thing we should do now is that all countries and organizations should get together to establish, promote and improve the system of all the necessary legal and social justice, and make efforts to develop and promote the practical application of the psychological lie-detection and memory detection technology in all state organs for legal supervision and all legal system.And the most important thing we should know is ,along with the unceasing development and practical application and popularization of artificial intelligence and a variety of human biological and gene technology, we must solve this case as early as possible, we must seize and arrest the terrorists who are the most serious threat to human security!If oneday the core technology really fall into their hands, the end of human society will really can't be prevented!Although now they've stole more or less of these technologies, but it's not too late for us, it have not got to the time to give up, we must can beat them! But as the core victim suffering the most serious persecution in China, I really can not insist any more, they had already destroyed my whole life, my university learning, ruin my whole family's fate, now also destroy my looks and appearance, they disfigured me at all,let all skins of my face and my body full of variety scarring,red points and other skin diseases. I don't know if I can stand to the day for testify their enormity evil crime, I know that in China I must can not get any justice and help,because for so many years China had been controlled by them in their hands,there had been too much confidants,henchman and associates in China, And now almost from the top to the bottom of China shield and harbour any frenzied crime and wicked cruelty unconditionally, no matter how severely the chinese innocent citizen had been persecuted by them,the chinese government and public sercurity department will never take part to intervene and investigate, It has formed a huge group of the same interests and ruling power, even that long long ago they had schemed,participated,destroyed and attempted to control all the black evil criminal forces and all evil criminal forces of which surface is legal but actual truth is monstrous crimes of the whole world in the name of China!Even this criminal organization with Chang You Cheng as  the core representative, in the meanwhile they are targeting any country, organization or individual, they will look for every possible way to carry out and expand all of their evil behavior to the extreme severely, they must pre-cast all methods of the most vicious and unscrupulous which will be used to persecute and destroy others on the target,waiting for persecuting,playing and destroying slowly in the future.and also before they do any evil things,they must find the justice and legitimate reason for themselves, in order to get ready to get all the benefit of money and power following all countries and individuals who has not been persecuted and destroyed by them, so it can be sure that the informal organizations even small countries which continually accumulated all high destruction weapons (including all kinds of chemical and biological weapons and even nuclear weapons) around the world are also schemed and arranged by Chang You cheng, they do prepare all things to use the most powerful jetton of military force and the biggest threat,to let the whole world compromise,give in to them, then yield easily,and be controlled and ruled by them. They are using the evil and crime they had committed in the world and the confusions,conflicts and wars around the world produced by their own direction,to take all methods to connect all the target persons of the world who have a threat to them or be hated and revenged by them, in order to let all these target persons fight against each other and kill each other,and so that Chang You cheng they could secretly benefit while watching other associates and targets’ just Like what Chang Youcheng they had done before in China,after they wantonly seize and plunder the assets,resources and life of innocent people and middle and upper classes,they again rapaciously expanded their plot to the ruling class in China, and they manufactured,spread and expanded the crime of selling and buying identity of officer in the whole of China, even they have already started to aim at the ruling class in various countries around the world, and they want to wantonly seize and plunder the ruling power,money and all resources of the whole world by monitoring and controlling the ruling classes of all countries of the world. I can only insist to live as far as possible!I can only take pursuing justice as the only reason and belief I am still alive!I beg all countries and all legal authority and organization, I only want to let them get a fair trial of law!

If you take investigation on this crime,Please be sure to lock on Wu Sha who is the core figure person of transnational criminal organization reported by me.she used of all functions of various high-tech biological weapons,rob the results of others' study and research, to manufacture variety of illusions of highly educated,identity of successful people such as politicians, lawyers, businessmen prosecutor, judge for herself and Chang You Cheng and other associates, and she manipulated of all and the layout behind the scenes, cooperated and take advantage of Chang Youcheng and other beasts to call and organize all black evil forces and all sorts of antihuman terrorism , drug trafficking and heresy, the human body experiment, human trafficking and human organ trading, corruption malfeasance crime organizations in China and around the world,to plunder and seize all illegal money and assets of the countries around, establish and develop their own criminal underground kingdom in China.And Wu Sha goading on many various criminal accomplices in China and other countries to get covered by the identity of lawyer as well as herself ,and mixed into "dirty" and illegal lawyers groups in China and the world,in order to form a criminal organization which specially shield and maintenance all kinds of crime and against ,damage and even control the national legal system, in order to maintain and protect their own unscrupulous crimes. And in the name of Chang You Cheng,Wu Sha mixed into and cooperated with many illegal lawyers, money laundering organizations and various high-tech crime and hackers in many countries,in order to get the most advanced methods of the world to give the criminal organizations of her own and Chang Youcheng as well as all kinds of criminal organizations around the world cooperated with them the services of money laundering, destruction of evidence, assassination, and steal confidential information, to help them fight all of the countries and organizations and individuals who have a threat to them,help them to grow and develop their criminal underground kingdom in China, help them to control all kinds of criminal organizations around the world,and make all the resources of crime even of national military science and technology in the world shared and owned by Wu Sha and Chang Youcheng,to develop their underground crime organization in China, and then make China to be the supreme headquarters and command center of crime in the world,and they continuously create conflicts and war and a variety of irreparable damage, disaster and killings in the world , use gesture of making mankind helpless, to challenge the world and maintain their established criminal empire! Even in order to retain their established terrorist bases in the alien land, and let these criminal organization offer them all kinds of support better in China, Wu Sha and Chang Youcheng they constantly planed scheme, and want to provide terrorism crime organization more living space, they even use their experience of their crimes committed in China to perform the conspiracy,they want to take advantage of manufacturing various more and more crazy war, terrorism and deadly virus attacks again and again,and manufacturing wanton slaughter of human again and again, to reduce all mankind's resistance will of a variety of deadly threat, reduce human cooperation determined to solve the problem of all kinds of crisis, and enslave all mankind. and now they kept making civil unrest and even manufacturing various grievances to incite people to revolt in various countries around the world ,with the purpose to find the opportunity to mix in the turbulent situation to continue to carry out their frenzied plot of clear and destroy all human against them!And the crime ideas of  Wu Sha and Chang Youcheng is in order to not let others know the truth of their unscrupulous evil crime,it must make sure that any bit of their shameless and nausea must not be seen out by others, so they must let all good people especially some elite and good person,even someone just a little better around them have opportunity to behave more kind-hearted and better than them,definitely must not let others see out some doubt from the contrast, so they persecuted,tortured,And the crime ideas of Wu Sha and Chang Youcheng is in order to not let others know the truth of their unscrupulous evil crime,it must make sure that any bit of their shameless and nausea must not be seen out by others, so they must let all good people especially some elite and good person,even someone just a little better around them have opportunity to behave more kind-hearted and better than them,definitely must not let others see out some doubt from the contrast, so they persecuted,tortured,even killed all people around them.even now it has been developed to must not let China and all nations well, if there is evil everywhere all around the world,their evil is not easy to find for Wu Sha, after she became my classmate from entering the 4 high school, she had aimed to start persecuting me and wanted to ruin me at all. And now it has developed to that they must not let security and stability of other countries better than China,must not lest anyone find out there is something wrong in China, and they constantly brainwashed,instigated ,pushed and framed foreign criminal organizations to manufacture conflicts and wars ,must not let the evil and killings of terrorists less than them, or it will show out that they are more unscrupulous and frenzied than the terrorists! It because that they involved in too many legal or illegal interest chase,and they play too many different roles to people of every interest chase group,so they have various of personality and ideas which are complex,confused and should not exist side by side,such as become frenzied,audacious in the extreme,commit innumerable murders,heinous,inhuman,jealous,like comparing,shameless,mean,duplicitous and servility,they plot to control all evil and criminal forces of the world and they plot to control and rule the whole world,they continued to manufacture conflicts,tragedys and wars all over the world unscrupulously,they flatter and contribute plans to hostile forces,they pretend to succumbed to the ruling classes,they order people about by gesture,they wantonly slaughtered all the people,they bribed all the scientific research institutions,they bribed army and officials of all country governments,they commit all kinds of the commercial trade in human organs and human trials,they destroy security of people’s livehood,society and nations of all countries,and they can not see any other one good,they are especially good at focus on someone and persecute,torture and destroy someone’s whole life and fates of his/her generations.That is all because they have done too much evil things,and they have had too much evil thoughts,and all the evil things they have done and all the growing evil thoughts will always ingrained remain in their mind and memory,no matter how they pretend and hide,these evil thoughts and memories will always exist in their mind,and will always reflect their behavior and ideas in their life.So the behaviors and ideas which should not appear in the same person,embodied in every aspects of Chang You Cheng ,Pang Shuang and Wu Sha’s lives without any conflict,And this is the best evidence of their crimes,as long as they are alive,they are not be able to destroy the evidence!And after they must contact with more and more people when their plot was performed to a certain progress,with purpose to cover up the truth that ”every one of them had long since participating, planning,scheming and implementing all these conspiracy and crime” and “each of them both have the memories that they had done all the evil criminal behaviors and each of them both have all the evil thoughts that associated with all these evil crimes ”,they deliberately let their own consciousness communicate with each other by biological psychological weapons,and then they passed all their evil thoughts to the women and children among them,and let the women and children go to perform the conspiracy,harm,persecute and kill innocent people.And then the men of them such as Chang You Cheng,Chang You Ming and Cao Li Jun‘s father,they are aimed to continue to participate in the money and power chasing of China and foreign countries,they pretend to be in the role of onlookers,pretend to be helpless to their wife and children,and they together acted and made the illusion to let others consider that in order to keep and protect the proceeding of all the interests chains, their associates only could insist on providing shield to them and conceal the fact of their wife and children’s evil criminal behaviors,and the associates lurked and hided in the ruling classes of the countries arranged by them only could keep shielding and maintaining them always.And they used this way to make all the evil misdeeds and evil thoughts of themselves and all their associates reasonable.

And why they choose biological psychological weapons as the core weapon of themselves.because their ultimate goal is enslave all people around the whole world in physically through enslave all people around the whole world in spirit,soul and thoughts firstly.For their part,there only can be puppet,walking dead and dead person in the world,because only they can be the good one living in the world and only they can get the ruling power and all benefits!And the final methods they enslave all human.probably is still using of advanced technology of science and medicine,and directly transplant their brains,thoughts and memories to the right target,in order to have the permanent safe and cover,and so that they can constantly continue their criminal conspiracy.Maybe now they have got these technology,and they are in the research and test phase.So they make all their efforts to manufacture chaos,conflicts and wars in the world,in order to let all the people do not focus on the critical stage of their plot now.And they surely have used their various unscrupulous means of torturing person gained by the tests to take experiments on innocent groups and individuals of all classes of all countries,for having fun!.And if you have seen all the letters of mine to expose and report,you can try to put all their evil behaviors listed,and then you can easily find that there is hidden and throughout many elaborate layout conspiracy!So please each of you help China,help me and help yourself to fight against them and annihilate them!


Please for the sake of my experiences and destiny worthy of being sympathized, carefully look at my words.I have decided to commit suicide to end it all, because I really haven't the ability to bring them to justice, but I really don't want to let them play with, rob and utilize my fate and life.they used lies to cheat and bribe too many people both in China and around the world, I can not withstand their shameless and unscrupulous, I choose to take the initiative to end it all.but before that, I want to thoroughly expose them, I want to stop them to persecute and destroy other people.Anyway I want to do something good for this world, I want to tell you, as the history of China known by a Chinese people,as the understanding for these cattle of a innocent victims persecuted by them for whole life, the plot which Chang Youcheng they are ongoing now is using all kinds of power resources and support which could be abtain through their control and manipulation of the world (mainly Russia America and other western countries), to steady the kingdom of crimes against humanity built by them these decades in China permanently, in order to achieve their status and power of a permanent rule and control in China.Now they are continually manufacturing riot and terrorist attacks in the west folk, with the purpose to screening and develop their own puppet ,running dogs and believers, and they they reuse the puppet accomplices whom they had already installed in all kinds of classes such as law ,education ,finance and the ruling class in China and in the western countries,and provoked the society's ignorance group together, to fight against,persecute and control all the social elites, hero and justice person, and intellectuals in China and western countries, in order to sow the seeds of their plot to overthrow the world everywhere in larger scale.I don't know whether you also in their use and persecution, but I know that the only way to defeat them is everyone please stick to your beliefs, loved your country and people, and be sure to unite, fight against and leave away from various of villains of up to no good and pass the maleficium who hidden in all classes in the world, and you must not be easily organized into groups to do something impulsively, don't intensified social contradictions, not to be used by others! And actively advocate people around you to do the right thing, and insist justice!In addition, as long as I live, I will do my best to advocate the right action in the world,to fight against the beasts of undead ambitions and conspiracy -Chang Youcheng!


I do not know whether you pay attention to public welfare,whether you concern for refugees and children from conflict zones,whether you concern for poor people from the earthquake and tsunami etc natural disaster areas, whether you focus on those children who can't accept normal education and can't grow well because of the backwardness and poverty, whether you focus on those vulnerable women bullied everywhere in violence countries, whether you have a little compassion to this world?

Maybe you have made donations for the poor people, but if this human tragedy is on your side, what would you do? Will you lend a hand to help them?In this rapidly changing world, danger may happen around us at any time.if the victim's person is you? how can you do with it? can you get help from others?

these small problems looks not important, but it truly related with the safety of every one’s life!

while the progress of science and technology, and the strengthening of national military forces, as well as the social complexity and high risk, all kinds of terrorist attacks, mass incident, man-made disaster and so on constantly springing up all over the world, even many of them are human unheard of.We have no experience,so we have no related knowledge and experience to defuse the crisis,even can not to avoid.So we can only passively face.

But in this case, the interpersonal trust and help between each other is particularly important.

However, may the people have not experienced or seen the terrorist are hard to imagine, in today's world, terrorist forces ambition and aggressiveness is unusually large, and extreme., the purpose of them is not just kill the innocent, they are against the entire human race,they want the human helpless, can only obey them, this is the purpose of them.So the terrorist will struggle to break interpersonal trust and help between each other.

You may ask how do I know this?Please don't get me wrong, I'm just an ordinary Chinese citizens, and I have no matter with terrorists!

But beyond that, I was a victim of China's biological psychological weapons human trials, and main attack and persecution object of tianjin extreme terrorist traitors organization.

Why I can find the connection between the criminals who persecuted me and traitors,terrorists, as well as the analysis of these results, both because I suffer persecution from them.

It is because I found them too much truth, so I became the main attack target.

And now, I hope tell every man in the world the truth I have found, let each person can learn to protect yourself in this war of growing aggression, terror and slaughtered, protect loving person of yourself, can help each other, come up with a way to fight against them!

I was monitored and persecuted by biological psychological weapons by tianjin traitors until grown up.

since elementary school, I has been a very good, very obedient, very lovely, self demanding child, then my home conditions is not good at that time, I live with my grandma,my mother work in the outside business, and I am a single parent family, but I grew up very happy, very active, my character is very cheerful.

My body is always very healthy, but when I was in fifth grade, there was a time, for the first time to menstruation, stomach pain made me about to die and roll on the ground, also I particularly difficult to pull out a shape strange hard things.We didn't care about it at that time, it is past.Now I think it the first time I should be poisoned the body by other people.

Later in the time of Junior high school, I went to twenty middle school, although my grades was not good as primary school, but I have been working hard.But very strange, the last three months in grade 3, I suddenly just don't want to study, depression since closed all day and didn't want to go out, didn't want to contact with people, it delayed for a period of time study.But fortunately, my foundation is good, so I went to the tianjin 4 high school.

After high school, we moved again, moved to the south road, hexi district hotel Road.And I suddenly back to my normal state, began to self-confidence, positive and optimistic, high-standard and I became the first in the class soon.And almost all the time in high school I was the first in the class, I also had been the class cadre and student union, vice chairman,it is very scene of high school in those years.And when I just entered high school, I remember that there is a girl called Wu Sha drop-in,elder than both of us.After she entered our class, she started fighting with me all the time with or without intention, I just know her home background is the police.

In Third grades, in the month before the exam, in the morning of the month test, I suddenly felt unbearable abdominal pain, fever, headache, pale before, several times almost unconscious!Now I think that there should be someone sneaked into my house at the time, and poisoned on my body!The purpose is to cheating in the university entrance exam!in order to monitor and steal my college entrance examination answer!

later I get admitted to nankai university, whereas Wu Sha only got 570 points, she use the relationship and spend money to came in the ntu's school of law.

We almost have no communication in the university, and I also study hard in the university at the beginning, and go into the students' work.And later the second semester of my sophomore year, I seem to be not interested in learning again, and also suddenly get inferiority and some autistic.then my family moved again,after that I live and study very happy and had no trouble, I also adjust state of mind to study hard as much as possible.later I met a boy, rejected, I started to be inferiority and some autistic again.

After fourth grades of the university, my family just moved into the FuXingMen residential, and then my nightmare began, I began to depression since closed all day and didn't want to go out  the house all day long,I began to not like to talk with people again.And the weight losted hardly in the past is easy began to rebound gradually.About in 2012 years, I don't know why I began to tired of living in the FuXingMen residential, I convince my mother and moved to a rented vanke JinAo international residential, and then my experience of persecution began.

From the objective point of view, to be honest, I'm a optimistic open and bright, all things look on the bright side, willing to work hard, and the pursuit of perfect person.And I'm a good listener and enlighten others, I never thought I were going to have psychological problems.

But the fact is very strange, from primary to now, I have had intermittent period of the emergence of a mental health problem, thus academic delay my school work,mylife,and my future. I've never seen a psychologist, also didn't made any psychological treatment. So how this discontinuity of psychological problem is to heal itself again ,and produce again? And this a few times intermittent psychological problems are almost similar, is negative depression autistic slack,  not willing to study, to go out, to work and so on. But I wasn't a person like that, I now very happy every day to enjoy work and study in my life. So this situation must be made by artificially external forces.

And Then why it is very strange that once I have collywobbles in my fifth grade, then had a mental problem in third grades of junior school;and my body suddenly suffered and almost lost consciousness in my high school , but I'm in good state in high school ; After that in the university I have no body disease, but the psychological problems came to me, and seriously affected my study,life and future. It is obvious that someone deliberately let me keep good state to study in high school to go to the college entrance examination test. he/she want to use my  smart intelligence to help him/her get good grades in the college entrance examination. But what is the enmity, let him use me after the university entrance exam cheating, and hurt me to death? And after I went to college,the business that my mother had run a good air conditioning general agent bankruptcy for some strange reason. And my mother is very persistent start with amway.

obviously, the man who harm and destroy me and my family must be a psychological dark narrow, middle-aged insidious villain who have no other things to do every day. And she should have a special background to be able to use the high-tech weapons to monitor a lot of people, or have a special reason to have been monitoring one target like me and my family. Because my mother also has always been a very beautiful very good very stronger self-reliance of good woman, so I always doubt whether my mother was also monitored. At that period, my mother want give me a better environment to let me glow up better. She do her own small business after she came back from outside, since she did very well, but hard work. I did live up to her good heart and hope ,I study hard. And I think the family like me and my mother, in the eyes of the middle-aged dirty mind woman,it definately not pleased!

of course, without knowing that I were secretly persecuted, I can still have normal life, until 2012, when I moved to tianjin vanke JinAo international,and met my husband, I started out of the psychological shadow, again to find a job in society.But since they persecute me until childhood, they could not see me get back to good, so they began to brainwash me misleading me and let me want to change my job, let me interview entered tianjin hai yi industry &trade co., LTD.Thus I met the gangs of Chang Youcheng, PangShuang, Su Li and others, they are a group of people, and I started being suffering persecution from them and want me die, until now.

So they continue to develop the way they persecute and torture me, continue to poison me, continue to use more and more cruel methods torture me and my family. until now, they can control my whole body nerve cells . and they can control and destroy deep into me to enter the psychological ideas and thinking, they have none stop in the whole year within 7 * 24 hours a day to use the voice to torture me and persecute me insult me; they  from time to time use the remote biological human combat weapons so they can make my face acne and ugly; they can change my metabolism and the endocrine system, so I have more body disease.and I have a lot of pain, And I can not make a healthy life all my life; they can make me suddenly suffer from a variety of neurological diseases of the spinal column to create pain; they can make me a headache, can block my brain and thinking, so I can not remember things; They can make me fall hair, vision loss, tooth neuralgia, facial muscle deformation; they can let me cervical vertebra, lumbar spine, spine produce a variety of diseases; they can let me became fat and exhausted all methods are never thin ;They can make me can't sleep every day, and last up to two years not let me sleep; they will appear in my sleep after I dream, all kinds of insult to shame me intimidation me and nausea me in my dream;and then I woke up, I can not fall asleep again; they have all the privacy of my family and me, and they have persecuted all my family members as well. And a certain degree of control, in order to make my family can not do business, work well, make money, they make me poor, and let my family do not believe what I said, so I can not get help from them; and They have also done many damage to my family's health, including my mother's mental surveillance and misdirection, which undermined her Amway business and human relationships, including the destruction of my husband's career and sleep, and his physical health; To make my mother-in-law and father-in-law disease, and because they do not want me get rescued from my husband's grandfather ( an old revolutionary cadre ), so in 2016 they deceive my grandfather sick  with biological weapons,and killed the elderly.

whenever they have new weapons and drugs, they are taking me to do the experiments.And it now developed they will manufacture the special  drugs and code  against me, and specifically attacked me. And because they have been so lawless for so many years, accustomed to impunity , after I call the police, they are take the seriously way to torture and persecute me. they deliberately spend 3~5 years and dozens of traitors to torture me only one person , to force me to death, make me continue to write letters, make me conflict with the traitor group, waiting for an opportunity to let them kill me and my family easily, they want us to bankruptcy. Of course, because my family has not believe me, so my family still can  maintain a normal life, so this step they continue to plan, without final success. And they have told me that I have to die every day, I live every minute every day by the biological psychological weapons torture and persecution continuly in all my life, but I can not talk to others, and no one is willing to help me. I can only continue to seek help from the outside world.

So who is the gang, they must be a group of traitors using biological psychological weapons for traitors work , and their base  is in tianjin, before reform and opening up, they started to harm person everywhere in tianjin, and due to my home find another development way very early, and live  better and better, mainly because my family have less people, good bullying, once had an accident by criminals they can easily clear evidence. So they has been monitoring my condition regardlessly, has been secretly gave me the medicine poison.

And after that, is the gang of them monitoring and control us for a few years,and plan to persecution and killed us.And this group of people should be link with the public security, and the military's "evil forces" for the protection of groups, and even may be hidden in the public security and the  After I rised to high school,they arrange their daughter Wu Sha to the same school with me,and make her be my classmate, and then use my college entrance examination results to help her admitted to Nankai University, go to Beijing to open a law firm, responsible for their traitors group's legal issues and information transfer. So after that they mislead me to the Tianjin Haiyi Industry &Trade Co.,Ltd. and also arrange Cao Lijun into the company, so she can gave me poison and injury me. And it also the reason why they hadn't finished destruction of my future after my college entrance examination . And because Chang Youcheng Chang Youming is also the traitor organization, Changyou Ming early in Amway without success also lost money, so it also be the reason they destroyed my mother's air-conditioning business, and mislead my mother to go Engaged in Amway business. And after they see my mother's Amway business operating good, they make more effort to frenzied torture and persecute of my whole family.

After report and call the police a few times, it has none effect of this persecution, I gradually found their unusual of the traitor organizations.And they become more and more crazy torture and persecut me, even the trend of they are bound to persecute me lifelong, let me begin to wonder all laws, rules, the authenticity of all government departments in the country I live. the animal behavior so unmanageable, devoid of humanity , unexpectedly is a legal status in China, and they have no Appears all the legal are invalid for Changyou Cheng.

But I touched with them, they are a bunch of dorks without culture, a small business man,never heard that he had background.Where his ability come from so bullying?And I also never offend anyone?Not to mention the powerful people!

So embrace the faith of there will inevitably be a trace of justice in the world, is bound to be someone don't like their animal behavior, I have been working on the analysis of all the information I get, as well as all the unreasonable phenomena happened in Chinese society over the years!

So, I found the real reason of all the complexity status, and found the shameless plot Chang Youcheng and their generations has been plotting!

I decided to expose everything!


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