Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Due to the effects of illegal human experimentation,i have personaly endured the effects of torture and electromagnetic effects along with hypersonic sound,along with mindcontrol and a crstal in my left leg was extracted to.Now this all has serious side effects to health or at least mine.Since we know it travels through our bone and charges our ttissue in our body,is how all this is amplified in me,anyway microwaves frequencies and the frey effect can take tissue was freyed and hurt my arm due to electromagnetic radiatuion or to the effects of this microwave technology.The awful truth is in physics... the wireless telegraph back in world war 2,was our secret weapon. 2 thick copper wires electrically charged with the same charge.Now due to this tech age,the proteins in all your tidssue such as blood ,flesh,just plain old human cells for short,everything....well then it happens,yap even the flesh called your brain.Ever wonder about internal human combustion...think bout it also freying your cartlidge out slowly and your stomach intestines,sure builds a toxic stink in ya,hello health problems galore,also seems to appear as osteoarthritis but not,However if burned (microwaved properly)can burn human bone marrow and can be easily and conveinently be mis diagnosed but as osteo arthritis(get it)also has been silented that can lead to lukemia in the bone and on top of the bone....So go figure from sleep deprovation to effecting your motor skills, also my spinal collumn chargesd and excrutiateing pain is a result to my entire body,i suffer all types of pain and produces synthetic like fevers,i also sweated to death almost i awaken burnin and my body was shaking so bad my systems wanted to shut down,i barely survived that morning so there is much more bad stuff ect...also amplifies every human emotion known,along with mindcontrol serious mind Games even of the heart. All this on top of attempted murder upon me and conveinently being played off as ignorance,Yap i am being ignored and grossly being violated 24 hours a day,like being molested every our of the day and night non-stop for 10 years going on 11.So where is the humanity,the love of God in the USA and ouot so called leaders ? This is an era of horror the only time ever known since creation that with technology a sloppy job of setting me up and with mindcontrol,evil people were able to lie and blame me and use me like a labrat against my will and Blaspheme the name of The Lord and people did nothing to stop it.They encouraged the persons respomsible in thought to the term is zapp him again,What a way to promote illegal human experimentation and to promote torture upon a person or persons. I so personaly disgusted that even though this stuff hurt me so bad and i am on the verge of being crippled,i am going to leave the usa and find me another place to live and worship the Lord.The waiting is hard,cuase still am being hurt(my health). One thing is if you hurt one hair on a little childs head God will make you suffer for the evil you have done.Even them knowing it is wrong,they still have this technology on knowing the effects it has on alot of people and even me.I am not in agreement to sale any part of my body for this illegal activity,by the way all this stuff is federal law and cannot be dropped to a 3rd degreee misdeamenor,so why hasnt our leaders stopped all this and what about the Justice department to,i called the local PD,was played like an idiot on 911 call,they didnt know how to handle the call(stall tACTIC).i CALLED The FBI main office in houston Texas was transfereed to Corpus christi branch and spoke with an agent,i had to haggle with him and still he didnt want to come and interview me in person(by the way the FBI report to the United states marshalls office)yupp the Marshalls are the law over the Government here in the usa.Now i even personally called the Secret Service to for technological crimes,since this is technology anyway.I couldnt get a word in and all was being told was to get a Doctor and a lawyer,Now with my motor skills messed up when thinking ok for moments at a time,my mind would space out alot and i kept forgetting alot of things every day,now i remember alot,basicly everything.They even had me on anti-physcotics and called me insane,was even committed too.Hmmm? Why? to keep me silent permenantly and to mess up my mind,No-one listens to a crazzy person,so go figure gave me bad health and lotts of pain too. So here we are and there is people may SCREAM,i am not an expert or even certified to say this,but i have been in the rain a few times and brother when i tell you it is raining dont use fancy words and say it`s just a diffrent type of snow. One word change and you can minupulate rules and regulations and change an outcome of a contract(The United States Constitution,The Bill of Rights,Human rights,The Bible.)So here we are and i still dont know something....maybe some one cvan e-mail me and explain when you file a complaint with a group as i did...The Aclu,how do you know if they will represent you or not,i think i am supposed to be sent to some doctors who specialise in these things,i dont know.So still in the meantime i feel the ffects of this all and my health still suffers in many more ways.So would someone let me know the diffrence between fileing a complaint and is a law firm represent you becuase you filed a complint with them or not.i ask only cuase i tried with the CCLE and after i think 3-4 years i finnaly got an answer and they refered me to the ACLU.I am aware Now that everyone in the usa knows about this so if the Aclu took my case or not how do i know?And if they are not the right Group who is,who will take my case ,are they any other law firms that will help.Please feel free to let me know and contact me on all this. I do need help in all this .Thanyou for your help and support.i await any comments. Peace.

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