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Nikita Khrushchev: “We have a Weapon…so Powerful…Wipe out all Life on Earth” If President Obama’s most existential concern today was that an American city would be destroyed by a nuclear bomb in the hands of a terrorist, there is no doubt that he knows this has not been the first time America has been threatened and coming from enemies more dangerous than Al-Qaeda. The facts are that nuclear weapons are not the most lethal weapon on the planet neither are they the most dangerous. Within the armaments of the nations of the world and rouge fighting forces more sinister than Osama ben Laden are the nations that use ionospheric heaters such as HAARP and scalar EM longitudinal wave interferometry weapons that are so dangerous that it forced Nikita Khrushchev to confess to the Presidium in 1960; Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953-1964) – We have a new weapon just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth.” To understand a little of these weapons and the history of their use, we will turn to the archives of BibleSearchers Reflections, where in the year of 2006, it was believed that a threat existed in which one or more of the dormant volcanoes in the Pacific-Northwest would soon explode, not by natural forces but by weapons of mass destruction and would soon become a living nightmare. To understand this phenomenon or technology that can become one of the most dreadful of all apocalypses, let us draw information from the BibleSearchers Reflection’s article titled, “Dreams from the L-rd of a Catastrophic Attack on the Pacific Northwest”. BibleSearchers Reflections - The Russians have been working and perfecting also with supersonic longitudinal light waves which can travel at infinite velocity and with infinite energy. Experimentation have been done transmitting Mozart’s 40th symphony through a barrier and a wave guide at 4.7 times the speed of light. This high-tech physics is being done while at the same time geologists use the same speed of light as a “constant” in their geological dating equations claiming that the speed of light can never change. As such the geologists seek to impose a theory of geological ages in the millions and billions of years upon the world public, when modern physicists have proven and demonstrated in the lab that the speed of light is variable and potentially infinite in speed. The USSR under the direction of the KGB has been using electromagnetic (EM) longitudinal waves for weather modification for decades, according to Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (retired) in “Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetrical War on the U.S. (Sept. 28, 2004). The first attack at weather over the United States was in 1967 with the signature of perfectly round holes appearing in clouds and the resultant severe winter over North American. As a bicentennial gift to the United States, they began full time weather engineering over America and the rest of the world on July 4, 1976, the 200th anniversary of America’s Independence… It was in 1975 that Leonid Brezhnev (1964-1972) proclaimed to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union that their new Scalar supersonic longitudinal light wave weapon was “more frightful than the mind of man could ever imagine.” That year he sent the dour Andrei Gromyko, Minister of the Foreign Affairs of the USSR from 1957-1985, to the United States to draft a treaty (SALT II) seeking to half the production of new weapons of mass destruction that was eventually signed by American President Jimmy Carter. He feared the potential of the experimentation of the United States in HAARP and the Russian’s own technology in scalar potential. According to Bearden, “Longitudinal waves don’t pack a great deal of mass. They interact fairly weakly but they do interact. But because they interact weakly, they go great distances through mass. In other words you can pass longitudinal waves right through the ocean or right through the earth. And you can “hear” them on the other side.” Concerning the development of asymmetrical weapons for warfare against other countries, the concept of scalar warfare and the use of ionospheric heaters came rapidly to the consciousness of the world public at the time of the 2004 Asian Indonesian Tsunami on December, 2004. One of the predominate researchers in Scalar weapons was Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden who wrote the manual on Scalar Weapons titled, “Oblivion – America at the Brink”, and the source of most of the information in this current blog and subsequent BibleSearchers articles. It was in May 2006, BibleSearchers Reflections wrote in the sub-article titled, “Russian and Japanese Scalar Weapon Systems”, the following: Scalar Longitudinal EM Wave Interferometry Weapon Scalar Longitudinal EM Wave Interferometry Weapon Technology BibleSearchers Reflections – “Scalar as a longitudinal weapon was first used as a weapon in April 9, 1963 when the Russians killed the USS Thresher atomic submarine as it was moving off the eastern coast of the United States. The next day they shot a huge burst of energy 100 miles north of Puerto Rico. It was sighted by the crew of a nearby commercial jet. As reported, a column of water shot out of the ocean almost a mile into the atmosphere that formed a mushroom cloud and fell back into the ocean. The results impressed and alarmed the United States government. Weather engineering is what they do best because it is simple. They will create a low pressure (hot air) trough in one place and a high pressure system (cool air) in another area. Then by ‘steering’ the hot spots and the cold spots, they can entrain the jet stream and guide it wherever they wish. According to Bearden, “We haven’t had normal weather over North America since July 4, 1976.” It must be understood that the weather engineering over America has not been done directly by the Russian government but, according to Bearden, it has been under the control of the KGB/SFG, the old guardian warriors of the communist Soviets. Due to financial instability in the Soviet Union, they have leased their scalar interferometry stations to a rogue Japanese team controlled by the Yakuza or the Russian mob and Aum Shinrikyo (now called Aleph) the creator of the Tokyo Sarin terrorist attack since 1989. Today this “terrorist” consortium according to Bearden has penetrated all levels of the Japanese government and every major corporate group on that island nation. Here we have an avowed enemy of the United States potentially far more dangerous than the al- Qaeda and ones who have and are using super weapons of mass destruction against the interests of the United States. It is their determined intent to conduct strategic strikes in the goal to destroy the United States. Their motive is vengeance against the US from the “shame” put upon the Japanese people, according to the old Bushido Code, for the defeat of Japan by dropping the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A sixty year old blood libel against America is seeking its ultimate revenge. Besides guiding the jet streams across the world, scalar interferometer transmitters can do the same things in the waters of the oceans of this planet. By sending a longitudinal burst pulsing across the water, you can gradually heat it or cool it. In the Pacific Ocean, they have the technological capabilities to produce an El Nino or a La Nina at their whim. They also can take the same scalar energy wave and create increasing energy in a seismic fault zone.” 2010 Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake in Chile Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake in Chile on February 27, 2010 Let us consider the possibility that earthquakes are not just random events. They are easily caused by weapons that are easy to create and whose signature are difficult to locate or isolate. They then can become the weapon of choice in covert asymmetric warfare. We then can see the vulnerability this may have upon any given populations of people. As such the recent Earthquake in Haiti and the earlier one in Chile were both blamed upon the American administration and our military controllers most notably by Russia. As reported by the Russian newspaper Pravda in the article titled, “The Russian Navy reports that the U.S. created the Earthquake in Haiti”; Russian Pravda – “The Russian Northern Fleet indicates that the earthquake that devastated Haiti was clearly the result of a test by the U.S. Navy through one of its earthquake weapons and drew up a diagram of linear succession in relation to earthquakes reported to have occurred by chance to the same depth in Venezuela and Honduras. The Northern Fleet has been monitoring the movements and activities of U.S. Marines in the Caribbean since 2008 when the Americans announced their intention to reestablish the Fourth Fleet, which was disbanded in 1950, and that Russia responded a year later, with the Fleet led by the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great "by starting its first exercises in this region since the end of the Cold War.” Since the end of the decade of the 70's in the last century, the U.S. "advanced a lot" in the state of its earthquake weapons and, according to these reports, they now use equipment with Pulse, Plasma and Tesla Electromagnetic and Sonic technology together with "shock wave bombs." The report also compares the experiences of these two earthquake weapons of the U.S. Navy last week, when the test in the Pacific caused an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 to strike in the area around the town of Eureka, Calif., causing no casualties. But the test in the Caribbean caused the death of at least 140 thousand innocent people. According to the report, it is "more than likely" that the U.S. Navy had "full knowledge" of the catastrophic damage that this test earthquake could potentially have on Haiti and had pre-positioned its Deputy Commander of the Southern Command, General PK Keen, on the island to oversee aid work if needed.” The President of the Nation of Chili was seeking to defect away from the sphere of influence of the United States at the time of the Haitian earthquake. Just prior to the earthquake, the annual Rio Group Summit in Mexico was preparing to split from the United States. They were preparing to form their own international union provisionally called the “Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELC). During this summit, Hugo Chavez spoke out with these words about “finally throwing off the US Yoke” when he said; Hugo Chavez – “Now here, in Mexico we have created a document, a compromise, the creation of the body of Latin America and the Caribbean, without the USA. Now we can say from Mexico we have revived the dream and project of Bolivar.” Tectonic Plates Surrounding South America Tectonic Plates Surrounding South America During also these same days, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was making rapid changes in her nation’s defense department to reduce the control and influence of the United States military over the rights of the Chilean people in which she reported; Chilean Michelle Bachelet – “With the enactment of this bill Chile will have completed one of the most difficult and ambitious modernizing reforms sponsored by the successive administrations of the Concertación (ruling coalition), with the understanding that defence is a State policy which must be in line with the standards demanded by a modern democracy”…It will be up to the officials elected by the people to define the objectives and means for national defence, assess its enactment adapting it to changes if necessary”, said Ms Bachelet who recalled that “what begins today, is obvious, was not so in the long history of our country: as happened until 1990 and more precisely 1973, was exactly the contrary”. President Bachelet was referring to the bloody military coup of 1973 headed by General Augusto Pinochet who only relinquished office in 1990, although he remained as Commander in Chief of the Army. Defence in Chile has been an area historically disregarded by political leaders and government officials, and most of its running was left almost exclusively to the commanders of the Armed Forces” pointed out the president who then referred to the consequences of such an attitude. The consequences of this government responsibility abdication during decades was not positive and contributed significantly to the gradual weakening of Chilean democracy, but that scenario begun changing in 1990”. A little history of Chile reveals that it was in 1970 that that the American President Richard Nixon ordered that the democratically elected government of Chile under President Salvador Allende needed to be overthrown. It was on September 11, 1973, that the CIA supported Chilean military coup d’etet took over control of the Chilean government ruled by a military junta with the heads of the Air Force, Navy, and Carabineros (police force) and the Army under the command of General Augusto Pinochet. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet with American President Barak Obama Chilean President Michelle Bachelet with American President Barak Obama Current President Michelle Bachelet was 22 years old at the time of the 1973 coup. Her father, Air Force General Alberto Bachelet before the coup supervised the distribution of food from the Chilean government’s Food Distribution Office during the famine and political instability prior to the coup. Refusing to support the Pinochet government and also refusing to flee into exile, General Bachelet was charged with treason by the Air War Academy. Imprisoned, he was systematically tortured daily in the Santiago’s Public Prison until he died (or was killed) of a cardiac arrest. Sixteen months later, Michelle and her mother were also detained, arrested, blindfolded and taken to the infamous secret detention center in Santiago called the Grimaldi. They also were isolated and then submitted to interrogation and torture by the Pinochet government until they were secretly four months later sent into exile to Australia, where her father’s brother lived. There is reason to believe that President Bachelet has certain and notable distain for United States government’s military and economic hegemony over the country of Chile. History as revealed that the Nixon administration imposed economic sanctions against the Allende government. This came with the great assistance of the U.S. multinational companies (ITT, Kennecott Aluminum, and Anaconda) whose assets had been nationalized by Chile. It also was supported by the international banks like the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank by squeezing the economy of Chile by blocking loans and terminating financial assistance programs towards the country. With skyrocketing military aid to the Chilean military and a crashing economy with an inflation rate that toppled 500 percent, the days of Allende’s Chile were over. So today, the country of Chile has again suffered extensively damage as great segments of her country and economy are now in ruins. Was Bachelet’s nationalistic spirit contrary to the overpowering influence of the American government the reason for the Chilean earthquake of 2010? Did it send a message to the rest of the South American countries that they must be more positive to the American administration and government? How then are these earthquakes created by technology in the hands of a few countries of the world? How can they be used to create or destroy nations and peoples? Returning back to Bearden and the science of scalar warfare, let us read more: BibleSearchers Reflections – “When the energy builds up in the piezoelectric rock structure, it will mechanically expand, slip and then create an earthquake. They can also pulse the energy at the tectonic plate. Even if there is no fault zone, the longitudinal waves will blast its way through the tectonic plate. Using their technology thousands of miles away, longitudinal wave interferometry can send electromagnetic waves through the earth or through the ocean and will leave no signature as to where this wave of terror originates from. At least ten nations have scalar longitudinal wave interferometry weapons (2006) and the list is growing. The most active site of testing is by a consortium of several nations or groups including Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo in the deserted area of Western Australia over the last several years. To demonstrate the potency of their destructive power, in April, 1986, Bearden reports, “a secretive little U. S. group” intervened in a forthcoming giant earthquake being built up by the KGB scalar interferometers for the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. They were building up the electromagnetic energy to create the “Big One” along the California coast and destroy the western coast of the United States. With a special electronic device, the “group” suddenly destroyed one of the distant Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters near the Russian nuclear plant at Chernobyl on April 26, 1986. In the process, this attack became the catalyst for triggering the nearby Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Soviet Ukraine. Well it did prevent the loss of perhaps 200,000 lives in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas along with the terrible destruction and economic damage that it would have occurred including the damage or destruction of the Diablo nuclear power plant on the California coastline. Before the “Evil Empire” collapsed, in the late 1980’s nuclear weapons were inserted in all of America’s major cities, according to Bearden, by Russian Spetznaz teams by the KGB/FSB and prepared to detonate upon command. Even though the “Cold War” is over and Russia is under the leadership of a moderate Russian president (now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin) who seeks political accommodation, the KGB is still controlled by the ‘old guard’ of the communist elite command. This information was reported in the book, “Through the Eyes of the Enemy” by Stanislav Lunev in 1998, a Colonel in the GRU military counterpart of the KGB and the highest ranking defector to date. One such crisis was adverted in 1970 by a “friendly little nation” many assume to be Israel, when they inserted nuclear weapons in the cities and target centers in Russia. It was in 1986, this same “friendly little nation” came to the aid of the United States by exploding some large Russian missile ammunition depots as an act of warning. It prevented the American strategic destruction by “even more powerful energetics weapons” system. Again in 1997, the United States was destined to be destroyed on two occasions by a “Soviet Super Weapon” attack, the latter date being, May 1, 1997 as the ‘Big One’.” Overall the number of incidents in which this “friendly little country” came to the aid of the United States, included in a nuclear threat in the 1970s which was countered by an even larger threat threatened by this “small friendly nation”. Sixteen years later, a second attack was aimed at the San Andreas fault, increasing energy into the fault line to trigger and earthquake by the Soviet scalar interferometers and thwarted again by the largess and appreciation of this “little merciful nation”. The evidence that the Chernobyl incident was actually fallout to a separate counter attack that essentially “shorted out” a nearby Russian scalar weapon that was sending billions of volts of energy to destroy America’s western coastal regions is sobering to consider. Then we have to consider that this attack was not only thwarted by Israel's scalar EM interferometers used to threaten and counter attack Russia’s Super-Weapons is not only astounding but also insightful! Lt. Tom Bearden gives a personal touch to that last event, for he was one of the major American players trying to forestall the impending attack. As written; Lt Col. Tom Bearden – “In 1997, again the U.S. would have been utterly destroyed on two occasions had it not been for the same little nation. Several professional colleagues and I played a desperate role in both of those frighteningly real incidents, which were never reported in the news media. Indeed, our own intelligence agencies had no inkling that a full strategic Soviet Super-Weapon attack to destroy the United States was imminent on each of the occasions (the second of which would have occurred on May 1, 1997). The May Day attack for 1997 would have been the "Big One", had the Federal Security Service (FSB/KGB) not been checkmated by "an offer it could not refuse" - delivered once again by the “friendly little nation”. During those critical periods when every hour on the clock seemed a week in length, the hostile armada that would have struck us included the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo teams on site in Russia, operating leased KGB/FSB strategic scalar interferometers against the U.S.” It is a profound to consider that the United States of America would not be standing in its preeminence place of political, military, and economic control over the world during the first decade of the 21st century if it were not for the “friendly little nation” of Israel. For this reason alone, this may have been why Israel has been protected by the United States over the years. How did Israel obtain such technology and do we find here clues for the future rise of Greater Israel, when the Lost Tribes of Israel are finally called home, no doubt during great catastrophes by the G-d of Israel? Were the secrets of the Russian Scalar weaponry actually developed by Jewish scientists? Rather, was the Israeli technology a totally different space weapon/s that could actually be far superior than anything Russia or the United States have in their Black Box Secret Weapons Developmental sites. Was this one reason why the Russian Jews were emancipated? Were many of the Russian Jews scientists who immigrated to Israel brought also their knowledge of Russian Science and Technology? Cutting Edge Ministries gives us more insights in their article titled, “Israel has Energetics Systems: Scalar Weaponry, and Quantum Potential Weapons” as they quote again Lt. Col. Tom Bearden. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden - "Israel has powerful quantum potential weapons that detered many (Russian) scenarios (against United States). (Israel) has repeatedly rescued the U.S. from planned FSB/KGB strategic attacks ... She has at least a limited capability against mind conversion and psycho-energetics; and can defend herself against 'precursor robots'." ("Oblivion: America At The Brink", p. 115) "In any major strategic strike on the U.S., FSB/KGB must destroy Israel ... due to their Q.P. (Quantum Potential) weapons. (Ibid., p. 114)" As far back as 1969, a Jewish research scientist in the field of energetics weaponry provided the State of Israel, within three years after the Six-Day War, and the Israeli military with a “fantastic weapon” that could literally cause machinery to quit functioning, jam a mechanical piece of equipment so completely that it could not be moved, and also all the internal mechanical parts of the machine would cease functioning. This technology could possibly unique to the weaponry of Israel and a technology that neither the Russians nor the Americans have access to construct or use. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden wrote about this scientist and his amazing “secret device” as reported in his book titled, “Oblivion - America on the Brink”. Lt. Col Tom Beardon – “Sid Hurwich gave Israelis a secret device in 1969. (It was) demonstrated to the Toronto police in 1969. (This technology) physically 'jammed' a [pistol] lying on a table so it could not be moved or fired. After a half-hour in the room for the experiment, clocks and watches had not changed their time from time of entry. (Ibid., p. 159)…"Hurwich was given ‘Protector of the State of Israel’ award in June, 1976. (This) invention was used at Entebbe, July 3, 1976, and used again against Iraqi nuclear reactors." (Ibid.)" We must ponder with amazement how one of the smallest nations of the world, in the “center” of a sea of gentile nations was able to develop also scalar technology, like the “old KGB” and QP (Quantum Potential) weaponry that is even superior? When America’s comprehension, about these powerful natural forces, was still rudimentary, the survival of this country was owed directly to that “friendly little country”. It was this nation whose “Land” gave us the Messiah who provided the Plan of Redemption whereby we, as the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel may soon be able to return home, and live in the lands of our forefathers under the Millennial rule of our Messiah in Greater Israel. Without YHVH’s Messiah's divine role to “find the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”, the Lost Tribes of Israel would still be lost. Yet, today, we are beginning our final passage to return home to the land of our forefathers. We will return to our brotherhood with our cousins the Jews of the House of Israel . As our covenanted Plan of Reclamation, Restoration and Redemption we will be “saved” to participate in the “kingdom of JHVH’s Messiah” as prophesied by the prophets of Israel and Judah. (Ezekiel 36) - See more at:

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