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kept awake for the 2nd night on the trot,been in tears,they destroying me so bad,i cant stand this no more,took strong tablets to sleep,tortured heart and legs and turning the screw even more,saying that its going to get worse and worse,they also playing with eyes that  bad its like been pist feeling,they want me to sit in chair close eyes and just listen to them all day while they torture,they are  sik bastards-  went to bed and the attacks are mindblowing,sharpest pains you ould ever imagine,torturing every part of my body,insanity,they wont let me sleep and i need electric cards which i can only  get from one place,if i dont get them by 2morrow,will be without electric,am soso tired but they just want me to suffer,been in tears even more,they just want me in tears as i read that they do experiment on humans to see what reactions they get,the time when you  feel the worst is because they monitor how you are with different types of attacks,some you might not react to more than others,thats how they learn,then basically once they find your weaknesses,they rip you apart,thats why some people,well all say its not too bad or its very bad,torturing feet and the pain and feelings of torture are out of this world,the more people realize that it can be cults,police,neighbours etc etc,it can be different types of beams,chips etc etc,but you must realize throughtout who you blame its  the goverments who actually are the perps,they fund it and are the ones who that must be brought to justice,crime doesnt pay,nor does the illegal harrassment and torture they all signed up against,its apparently one in every three goverments who do it,tetra is worldwide and its sold off cheaply to countries so they all basically are obeying by doing so,some because of it will lose there countries,the american goverment loves it as they will basically be able to hear the whole world,as the saying goes,i have the whole word in my hands,more n more masts will be put up and the us will conquer  aswell as the uk,the power will be devastating in years to come,freedom,freedom of speech will be no more,there even saying in future generations more n more kids will have more illnesses and disorders all through the technology of today,the future is bleak,weather getting worse and all comes down to greed n power,thats the do all and end all of mankind.


with best wishes love lots


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Comment by Carol Baldwin on November 30, 2012 at 3:23am

Hi Denny32, since you're in UK have you contacted the other people there on peacepink like John Allman and also there is an activist who wrote a famous book about this there named Harlan Girard.  Both men might be able to give you some help some way.  Mr Girard said that it is so bad there that so many people choose to live outside, like in London, under bridges, etc. because it is not as bad for some reason.....God Bless you and i would contact mr Allman, Mr Girard is not in peacepink, but I am pretty sure he is an activist.  His book is on the internet....take, care CarolB

Comment by Annie on November 30, 2012 at 6:33am

Sorry to hear you are so heavily attacked at the moment, I feel for you and know for sure what its like. Like Carol says, you should contact other TI´s in yr area, there are, from what I have noticed here on PP, tons of victims in the UK overall. I also strongly advise you to contact ICAACT, they are doing screening on a regular basis, and in Sweden, where I am from, there is this lawyer at that takes testimonies from victims, its not that far from the UK. Things are happening and its not hopeless, I agree also on your statement that people need to realize this is done by higher powerful org, most likely the intelligence military, as they can come away with doing science researces on humans without having any approval from the board of ethics. (at least it is like that in Sweden) , theres just too many our there still believings its done by some local, neighbor or family...take care and stay strong/Annie

Comment by denny32 on January 5, 2013 at 3:41pm

"its really bad as been tortured to the extreme,worst than the screams,taking meds hasnt helped as they turned up the juice and are trying new things on me because i posted comments its the police on facebook.


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