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Comment by Annie on June 30, 2011 at 3:07pm

Put this post out yesterday, has anyone tried this out? Nolimore, can you, out of how the Solaris blanket works according to the text, figure out if this would do any good at all for DEW victims, what do you think?


Comment by Annie on June 30, 2011 at 6:54pm

Thanks for the input Nolimore, appreciate it.

By "Bear this in mind...once you understand the science, it will open things up more" you mean how and by which technology they use. I am trying hard to understand things I really have no knowledge about-techs... I guess I am the easiest to target, and the cowards who do this, obviously has to choose that cathegory along with other vulnerable people. So, somehow, that makes me think this could be figured out somewhat, why is that, they have to pick people that are already in a vulnerable position..? There´s got to be some clue in that.

I havent heard of targeted victims, living in houses (running their own electricity system), welthy, big family, law practicing, etc./Annie   

Comment by KELP on June 30, 2011 at 10:57pm

Activists are targeted. Attorneys, office managers, photographers, etc. It may or may not have to do with the person's job skills or wealth, but from what I've started to gather, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, once you're on the "list" you're screwed.


I had the displeasure of the FBI coming to my door to try to talk to me about my activism after they, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, local sheriff's department and local police had been messing with me for three months.



They managed to make the organizer of the activism group become rejected by his social circle because they showed up to ask questions about him, almost managed to get him fired by showing up repeatedly at his job and he almost had a nervous breakdown. In the process, they screwed with his head so hard he lost all common sense, and got arrested for something he knew he wasn't supposed to do and then put on probation for a year. 


One of the FBI's new tactics is to brand an activist as a terrorist under the Patriot Act, either by claiming you are one or you are associated with someone on their shit list. 


In my experience, activists get targeted because they are a threat to the "norm" or what the government wants to create to be the general perception of the "norm".  The "norm" is not to buck the system of state, county or federally funded issues that keep the money machine going (war, research, nuclear proliferation, etc) ....such as when projects are funded by the fed and people protest against it....they don't want disruption or perhaps even future privatized funding compromised.


In federally funded research, when activists expose bogus or duplicate research projects, inaccurate methodologies, other types of procedural violations and waste which disrupts the chain of power and the veil of 'the government is always scientifically and fiduciarily correct', the government gets pissed off. The greatest threat appears to be from the general populous being informed and starting to question the government and so on and so forth. So, they set out to stop the activists who appear to them to be the greatest threat.



Nobody else in the group received personal visits aside from the organizer and me, although quite a few were followed, lines tapped, internets monitored and GPS tracked.


A huge waste of tax dollars. Billions being frittered away by the Department of Homeland Security to fund the FBI and give grant money to other law enforcement groups to pester and psych out people who exercise their Constitutional rights.



Comment by KELP on June 30, 2011 at 10:58pm

Just to add - the organizer is no longer doing any activism.

I still do.

Comment by Annie on July 1, 2011 at 4:23am

Kelp, Nolimore, thanks both for sharing information and your thoughts and opinions.

I think that, in the US it seems to be more common attacking activist. In Sweden, where I live, they seem to take advantage of people that are already in a "needing" position like for medical treatment, surgery or other issues.There is a pattern of targetting people that are on sickpayroll and not being able to work because of "burn out" symptoms. 

I also agree on that they have a hunting for people outside the sk."norm". And that could really be anything, except being an average citizeen (married, have two kids a dog and a Volvo car-that example goes for Swedish citizeen;) Take care/Annie

Comment by hassanmcv on July 1, 2011 at 6:56am

Excuse me Noli, you said that the serpent or dragon or gargoyles are in the Koran!!!????


Comment by hassanmcv on July 1, 2011 at 7:35am

No I do not take offense, no problem Noli.

Yes The Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Adam and Eve, All the prophets too and more...

But Archangel Michael and Dragon aren't both in the Koran, Michael yes but the dragon no.

Comment by Soleilmavis on July 1, 2011 at 9:16am

My fate is the Queen of the South, the root and offspring of the Woman and the Son. (Liu Bang was the son)

My ancestors had moved to wildland (Yunnan province) and stayed there around 1200-1500 years. Only
after 1663, my ancestors moved from Yunnan to Shandong Peninsula (East End of the Earth).

God hided my ancestors in Yunnan Province for protecting my ancestors, When the third millennium
was coming, my ancestors had to move to Shandong Peninsula—East end of the Earth to wait for the new mission from God.

I did understand that Dragon would attack me if I came to the earth.

I gained my Bachelor degree in Yunnan Province too. (Because during my university time, there was a very famous matter in Jun 1989--tian an men protest.)

God knew Satan would search me and attack me. God let me to study in Yunnan Province and kept me away for the Social chaos. God wanted to protect me. 

But when the new millennium came, God had to let me arise as The Queen of the South and started take
my mission. 

Actually I did not know that I was The Queen of the South before I became a victim of mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

(My father and my family members also did not know the reason why our ancestors moved to Yunnan and moved back from Yunnan to Shandong, and did not know the reason why I have to gain my Bachelor Degree in Yunnan)

Only after I became a victim, God came to me, I started to understand that I was the Queen of the South.

God never control our mind, only Satan wanted to control human being’s mind.

Mind Control Weapons abusers and torturers were indeed Satan’s followers.

Satan helped its followers to develop mind control weapons, and Satan’s followers started to use their mind control weapons abuses and tortures Human Beings.

(Nazi was the first developer of mind control weapons, later such weapons spread out to all over the world). 


Becoming a victim of mind control weapons abuses and tortures was my fate too.

But God asked me to work hard to expose such horrible crime to public and urge government to sentence torturers according to law.

2 Samuel 12:12  You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.'"

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