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For your convenience, this page is organized into the following sections:

-- Shielding from the Microwave Audio Effect or Voice to Skull (V2K)

-- Shielding from Remote Electronic Assaults

-- Shielding from Acoustic Attacks

-- Shielding from Lasers


Shielding oneself from the electronic attacks is vital for many in our community. What we have found though, is that what works for one person may not for someone else. And sometimes methods only work for a while until the perpetrators find a way to override it. However, some have occasionally found methods that do work for sustained periods of time.

Some general guidelines are as follows:

a) leather helps against the microwave attacks - leather jackets, coats, shoes, etc.

b) rubber products help with the electricution sensations: rubber gloves, swimcaps, boots, shoes, etc.

c) mirrors help against laser attacks.

The following is what some have found to work for them that they now share with the community. Hopefully, one or more of these tactics will work for you.




(Hearing voices broadcast into your thoughts)


Very good shielding method against V2S attacks: Play two different music channels or anything else you might enjoy. I prefer playing iTunes music in the background and get the radio talk show host Alex Jones on Prison Planet.TV on the other. They can't get a clear lock on you and therefore you can barely hear them. I found it very useful. Please let everyone else know I can't stress enough the importance of it.


Try placing a mirror on the floor near you and let me know what occurs. I felt different for a little bit and now I feel much better. Although, I can still hear the V2k, it is not as loud. My nervous cat that has trouble sleeping is now taking a nap.

I used a mirror over my head years ago to block the infrared lasers from giving me a headache. I don't get headaches, anymore. I did feel quite heated after this solution...

I was talking to a TI today and he said he uses a small mirror on the floor which seems to help him block some frequencies.

Here is a website I found when I Google - "do mirrors reflect heat":
Melissa in Florida


I've heard a few people during conference calls who claim to be getting relief from "Ear Buds". I've tried this myself with some good results, the best pair I've come across are ones with a metal mesh...not plastic. Make sure they are snug, each pair comes with different size gaskets. A good pair may run $30 or more....if you can find ones with a metal mesh at a cheaper price by all means get them.

This is specifically helpful for those who suffer from tinnitus as a result of E.H., personally I find a classical music(non-repetitive) format to be most helpful.


Shielding Tip for Voice-to-Skull (Synthetic Telepathy)
I was speaking to a fellow TI the other day who told me to look at color bars on youtube for blocking voice to skull. I've also heard of using white noise. Here are the youtube links - color bars - white noise

The following is a link to a program that is very simple to use to convert youtube video's to mp3 files. This way you can take the shielding everywhere with you if you have an mp3 player, also to help with sleeping. Set to continuous on a playlist in your favorite media player.

Together we can beat this thing and maybe one day justice too. Peace All!!!

Have a DEW free day!


I have found a method of suppressing/eliminating the voices of the perps (I like to call them 'spooks') and it least in me. You might want to distribute this info to as many TI's that you can.
I found that a combination of Valerian Root (a central nervous system relaxant herb) and Benadryl (an over the counter allergy medication that also has relaxing effects) suppresses the volume of the voices of the perps to a level that they are almost imperceptable. In me, it makes them almost unheard and frequently all I hear is mumbling. I'm a big man, so I'll tell you what I took and persons who are smaller might want to take less and experiment with how much seems to work for them. I usually take 4 or 5 Valerian Root capsules and 4 Benadryl capsules 3 times a day. I've done this for about a week and the results are delightful. Either I can't hear these thought-Nazis or they are very difficult to hear.



Buy metal plates or heavy metal sheeting, metal is the #1 defense against Microwave hits! Fortunately, I had just replaced my old Microwave and took the metal plate off the back, it has saved my life! I prop the metal plate upon my bed and hide my head behind it. I also use Mylar sheets over me at night. I also wrap myself in Copper and absorbing sheets sewn together , I buy two and cut one in half to wrap around my head. I find the Mylar during the night slides around allowing the bad guys to hit you. With the copper fabric I get added protection. You can buy these items on line thru LESS EMF INC.
I am thinking about buying their silverized stocking cap to wear at night (its made out of metal flakes), it should work even better. Metal and copper are the number one defense against microwave. (proven)

My old neighbor was recruited recently and he uses a modified hunting laser on me, he modulates on my window to listen to me and, then when I go out the gangstalkers are waiting, I have learned to shut up about where I'm going. He hits me hard while watching TV...I'm wondering if he is actually watching me as well. I see something on here about TV's and Monitors. I boil water and set it around my TV so the steam can knock his laser out of whack!

I also use candles for smoke. If anyone has a steam machine this would work perfect! I'm thinking

of buying smoke maker machines that one uses on Halloween. If you listen you can tell the difference in laser and microwave RF's. Watch out for the low RF, you tend to let your guard down, this is dangerous for your health.

I hope these things help all of you TI's and wish you all Good Luck! Don't despair....


Teslar Watch

I wear a Teslar watch that I bought from Tools for Wellness

and changed the leather watchband to Speidel copper back watchband

which I wear all day and night on my left wrist.

It seems to minimize the electromagnetic pollution around me. Whether it be induced by perps, or naturally occurring by surrounding electronic devices such as computer, TV, electrical appliances, etc. It balances the EMF pulses in my body and shields me from the "pin pricks" and "spikes" surging through my body. Especially when I wear it to bed, I actually sleep better, and can sink into REM periodically. I haven't had a good nights sleep since I've been a TI, but I do achieve brief dreaming episodes which are actually quite pleasant. I don't have nightmares as often since I've been wearing it. One side effect, it turns my wrist green, and sometimes it heats up when I'm driving around and being bombarded by perps, but once I get home and meditate for a little while, it realigns itself and starts working again. Weird science.....

Drawback, very expensive item. I had to sell 1/2 of my CD collection just to be able to afford it. A lot of us are in financial peril, and cannot afford it. It doesn't work as well on everyone. I have always been highly electrically charged, even as a child. I used to get a little "shock" whenever I walked across carpet and touched a doorhandle or anything metal.

We all do, but mine were actually audible, and very painful. I am ultra-sensitive and possess hyper-connectivity to electrical impulses, so I can really feel the difference wearing the watch. Just some afterthoughts you might add to the testimony.

Denver Carol

Tips from Chinese Girl Living in USA

Hi, all,
I'm a Chinese girl and I'm now living in USA.
I'm also a victim of the mind control weapon for about six years.
I've rested for more than one year and I was keeping to look for some treatment.
I have the same symptom with all of you and I also find a lot of good ways to make an improvement of my situation.

1. Hot water therapy
I have a hot water bag. I use it to contain the boiled water and apply it to my body parts ( like the brain and muscle).

The link:

Or you can go to the Sauna and hot spa.

2. The EMF radiation shielding product

Or some other EMF shielding products like the shielding cloth.

3. ear muff product for reducing the noise

I prefer this one below:

Koss QZ-77 Active Noise Reduction Ear Plug System

4. some very good massager products

ultrasound massager:

electric pulse massager:


5. I'm trying to do acupuncture, I think it should be a very good way.

6. There is one more product ------- the anti-radar product.
It's a little expensive.
I haven't got it and I'm sure it works.
Even though I can't afford, I'll try one before the product return day.

There are some:

7. Candy
Candy is for increasing the energy and promote the human immune system.
It is very useful for me.

Fang Liu


Lately, we've begun promoting a project of one of our members in Denver who has come up with a process that will hopefully bring hope, healing, and restoration to those who are seriously assaulted by directed energy. The basic idea is of grounding the electromagnetic energy to the Earth so that it flows out of the body and promotes healing. This is not a shielding remedy. It's a healing and restoration process. Here's all you do:

  • Materials needed are two grounding rods placed in the backyard, three feet deep, 20 feet apart and about 5 or 6 feet from the house.
  • Electric wire is attached to each of the rods with hose clamps and enough wire to extend to the inside of the house, to a basement or first floor to a comfortable chair.
  • Refill the holes with leaves or dirt and 5 or 6 gallons of water - enough to connect to the groundwater. This connection is very important!!!
  • One end is placed on the seat of the chair where you sit. And the other end you attach to your navel (after experiments, this seems to be the most reliable spot).
  • Sit in the chair for a couple of hours while the electromagnetic energy is drained out of your system. That's all there is to it!

One person so far has tried this process and it has worked extremely well for her. So we hope others will find similar comfort and relief through its use. We are hoping to have this person at the conference call in the very near future to speak further about his discovery.


Since water absorbs microwave energy, please consider a product called 'Misty-Mate'. It's a personal cooling system that sprays a mist of water which could be applied to the face, head, or anywhere on the body where there's heating going on. It's what got [me] through some of the tough times of [my] targeting.

This mist when applied to the skin keeps it cool and prevents the burning associated with microwaving that many experience. This product at the link below or even a regular spray bottle with a mist setting could help relieve painful burning while under attack. May be worth a try.

Doris in Washington


Melatonin supplement - Naturally found in Body to help you sleep.. take 4 3mg tabs daily.
Ginvo Biloba - helps organic brain syndrome
Use one teaspoon a day from one of the following.
Cod liver oil
Extra Virgin olive oil
flax seed oil
Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids - Coasts brain and nervious sytem, Neuro Immunity and strength.
Sublingal or tabs B Multi Vitamin Complex - Mental Health Absorbtion
Black Grapes -Rebuild DNA
Blueberries - helps memory

Apples - 3 day
Green Vegabtalbes - Brain food
Pasta - Car Engery
Banana Potasium
Books to Read
Dr. Ha Ha Lung - Okay.. lol - Dr of Psychology
Mind Control - Psychological Warfare
Mind Penetration
I have been testing easy home shielding for my bedroom -
So far I purchased for myself and my son - Life Energy Shields- they were 79.95 each. Working very well so far.. I like to use it in my groin area.. Will probably get another one for my body.. I put my fingers on the back of the shield during an attack and felt an extremely large quantity of currency hitting the shield.. so it does work.
LIFE Energy Home shields, 69.97 each.. buy two.. place one on each side of the house.. plug ins.. This is also working out extremely well. I immediately felt a reduction in my room.
They also carry Gauss Insoles.. which I plan on buying 29.95. Jewelry and more. or
Shield your bed.. layer up using flannel sheets lined with Heavy Duty aluminum foil, shiny side up (you can use multiply layers of aluminum foil for this). Secure it to the 4 corners of your bed.. shield under your bed, same way, shiny side of the foil facing the floor.. Use wooden 2 by 4's to help prop up the sheets from off the bed.. Have one box fan blow up the sheets and the other to blow across and under your bed.. make sure the sheets are in motion.. I have felt a tremendous difference when underneath this shielding...
hope this helps..


Try placing a mirror on the floor near you and let me know what occurs. I felt different for a little bit and now I feel much better. Although, I can still hear the V2k, it is not as loud. My nervous cat that has trouble sleeping is now taking a nap.

I was talking to a TI today and he said he uses a small mirror on the floor which seems to help him block some frequencies.

Here is a website I found when I Google - "do mirrors reflect heat":
Melissa in Florida


leaning something against the window cuts the vibration down considerably. I used a gel pack on one section and a tennis shoe on the other. I think a brick wrapped in fabric would work too.


If it feels as though your eyes become tired for no apparent reason, what it probably is, is their "See Thru Eye", To Wit: Wireless Connections to the Optic Nerve and the Audio and Visual Cortexes of the Brain. They can in my assertainment, see with your eyes with their NSA Etc. Apparatus and Applications for Domestic and Foriegn Intelligence Gathering.
My point is that wearing UV (Ultra Violet) Sun or Saftey Glasses significantly reduces the access to the eyes by lensatic refraction and distance sheilding and de resolution.

Vincent in New York


Some Directed Energy Assaults, the ones that are under the Ultra Violet Spectrum of the Electro Magnetic Spectrum, like Microwave Communications/Voice to Skull/Wireless Brain to Computer Link (NSA Agent Network/FBI Etc., The Assault Side of The Surveillance, CAN BE, SHIELDED with 100 SPF SUN TAN LOTION, rubbed on the affected areas and makes the Digital Imagery on their end look like your Invisible, because of the Wireless Bio/Neuro/Physio/Electric/EEG/CATT/MRI Wireless Medical Monitoring Connection Disruption Properties of the Lotion. Plus Zinc Oxide Onintment in tubes at the Pharmacy or bottles will do a very good job, and aluminum foil does wonders with some frequencys wave propagations.
Check out: LessEMF.Com for shielding and detecting equipment.
Check out: Aulterra Neutrallizer on Google, for a Disc hat Neutrallizes the Harmfuls Affects of ElectroMagnetic Fields.
Check out: Q-Link Pendant, on Google, this helps with BioElectrical Cohesiveness and Reduces Chao and Stress of Blood Cells making them Coherent. I purchased one of the Older Pendants.
ElectroMagnets create electric fields that disrupt the DOD/NSA/CSS/FBI/CIA/Military Intelligence , Directed Energies, and Coils like in You House Fan which create an ElectroMagnetic Field Disrupts Probably Better as well as keep you COOL.

Vincent in New York

Anti-Radiation Clothing / Electromagnetic Radiation Resistant Clothing

"Google" these terms :

anti radiation clothing

electromagnetic radiation resistant clothing

Gerry Duffett


Please listen to the recordings on this page to learn to extinguish pain from the em attacks

Here is the first one:

It is possible to reduce the pain caused by the Directed Energy weapons without shielding using the following method:

Pain can be induced with millimeter wave Directed Energy weapon by directing the millimeter wave (over the body brain map of the brain) to the body part to which the pain has to caused and to the brain area in which the pain will be perceived. Consider an example, to induce the pain in finger the perp directs millimeter wave on the finger and brain area in which the pain (in the finger) will be perceived. This type of pain is classified as Artificial Psychogenic pain. The millimeter wave emulates the stimuli to the nerve which provide wrong information (stimuli as pain) to the nerve and the brain.

Perp have to attack two parts of the body to generate pain. Part one is the place where the pain has to be generated and other on the brain area in which the pain is felt. So to reduce the pain we should take away the consciousness away from the brain area where the perception of the attack will be felt. Sometimes the TI, who's is being attacked has to relax all the parts of the brain by scanning and relaxing the all brain parts to reduce the pain caused by the Directed Energy weapon.

Pain due to directed energy weapon can be avoided by just feeling the brain state. Feeling the brain state is nothing but just taking your consciousness to the
different parts of the brain to find the tensed or high potential part of the brain and relax it (or reduce the potential in that part). For example to feel the chill of a soft drink we touch and feel the temperature with our hand(by taking our mind conscious to the hand). Similarly feel different parts of the brain and find tensed parts of the brain and relax it (relax with breathing out).

This technique can be used to reduce the
pain perception induced by the millimeter wave directed energy weapons, by feeling the different parts of the brain. Actually you are avoiding the pain sensation being felt by your conscious brain by taking away your conscious to other parts of brain.

Repost from IAACEA Yahoo group


I'd like to share the amazing
difference that 'orgone blasters' has helped me with. It's a fairly
simple creative process that will help remedy much of these symptoms
shared by so many as I am noticing. It is positive orgone energy - or
better known as 'orgone blasters' . For all you left brain dominant
people it is a clearly scientific process (basic physics) in it's
workings and for all you right brain dominant people you will really
appreciate the creative functionality of it's effects. Either way I
can't stress the immeasurable relief you will experience with it's
positive power.

Also - please ensure you follow the directions as close as possible to
reap the positive benefits and relief that it will serve for you.
Basically - this is the process of making your own, all the
ingredients are readily available at your local hardware store and is
fairly inexpensive and fun to produce by yourself:
also... Watch the Video on How To Make Orgone Blasters at:

or you can also order it directly from the maker at:

I find the bucket blasters/pipe blasters work best for me due to the
heavy-weight harrasment I am required to endure but for most the
smaller orgone blasters are good enough. I also incorporate many of
the other remedies mentioned on this site but the orgone has added the
required boost required - you will notice for yourself how quiet the
attackers get for the first few weeks while they try to figure out
what you've done to defend/counter-attack them as a 'peaceful warrior'
of course ;). You will notice relief with:

-Nullifies the effects of the strong subliminal messaging through
computer/telephone/towers erected everywhere

-Stops ELF attacks

-Helps you sleep better

-Stops sleep abductions

-Stops headaches and migraines, improves overall health including
balancing your brain functions due to microchip implants

-Emits positive energy, evil can't stand being around it - carry it
with you in your pocket and notice who's who while you're out and

-Protect your home, yard and most importantly your pets!

-Clean the air and help you breathe better. Orgone can help those with
asthma and those with breathing problems.

-Eliminates toxins, poisons and radiation from the air

-Defeats chemtrails and keeps your skies clear

-Improves breathing, helps those with asthma

-Promotes natural health, keeps you from catching every flu virus under the sun

-Knocks out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area, chills out
tornados headed your way

-Asphyxiates evil, keeps demonic entities out of your home and yard.

-A defensive weapon against unwarranted attackers/assasins

--Repel evil entities/the Inhumane, keep them out of your yard and home


I have taken a copper string necklace with a magnetic fastener and added an electronic resistor greater than 15000 Ohms, my theory simply being that our body stores energy much like a capacitor and that it's much easier to drain energy in this fashion than simply grounding yourself.
The wearer needs a "steel" chain with resistors attached because it needs to attract electromagnetic energy; watt rating or size is not significant. The Ohm rating has to be high for quick draining of non-essential energy i.e. 1000+ Ohms. I've seen small ones rated at 15000 Ohms.
The wearer should add more resistors for a desired effect. This is only as an experiment; quick, cheap and can be made virtually scrap basically. On some T.I.'s this may not work depending on the technology used to track a person.
This simple project is cheap and I've had great success: better sleep, easier to focus, fatigue in the left ear and head has dropped to a comfortable level. Although street level stalking has not stopped; I don't get a sense of anxiousness when they're around.

Modified from a forum post by Bruno Marchesani

To completely shield from electronic harassment something like a military-grade electromagnetically shielded bunker costing perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars may be the only thing that would accomplish this. Even industrial double-walled copper shielded screen rooms starting at $10,000 allow an estimated 10% of directed energy through. While completely shielding a room with sheet metal, metalized paint or paint with graphite in it are more doable options the vast majority have found that shielding just our bodies is the most practical. In many cases it has been found to reduce EH to a manageable level.

Shielding that tends to be popular due to their convenience and economy are blue hot/cold gel packs available at pharmacies used at room temperature (several of them taped together into a blanket increases effectiveness) and rubber mats, the kind with suction cups for use in a bath tub, not to be confused with similar looking vinyl ones (Rubbermaid brand may work better than others).

Other countermeasures are steel cookie sheets, heavy pieces of steel such as barbell plates, multiple layers of foil, multiple layers of mylar blankets, wet towels, wet blankets, lead xray aprons, flexible silicon cookie baking sheets, sheet rubber available from, filled plastic water bottles, hand lotion and other lotions, gels and creams applied to the skin, metal necklaces, metal wrist and ankle bracelets, metal belts, metal impregnated clothing, bed sheets and fabrics, such as Flectron, available from local fabric stores or from, RF shielding fabric conditioner, electrically grounded ground planes, electrically grounding our bodies, ceramic tile, unrolled copper mesh scourers wrapped around the head, RF shielded baseball cap from, neodymium or other strong or large magnets, box fan leaned against the bed to provide vibration, moving around during the day (working around the house, gardening, going for walks in the park, hiking -- makes targeting more difficult), foam earplugs, playing one or more radios tuned to different news talk stations or tuned to different types of music stations such as classical and jazz, V2K jamming multiple voice recordings available at (download and save to your computer for repeated playing), an anti-tinnitus CD with high frequency headphones from Case Electronics (573-870-0938), brain entrainment CDs, brain entrainment software for PCs such as BrainWave Generator available at, audio tone generator software for PCs such as NCH Tone Generator available at, and home-made electric and magnetic jammers such as those at and In addition shielding materials are available from and

Shielding countermeasures that work well for me to counteract synthetic vibrational sensations are rubber mats, electrically grounded ground plane, electrically grounding myself, RF shielding fabric conditioner, ceramic tile, RF shielded baseball cap, the anti-tinnitus CD/headphone, and listening to talk radio.

I have an aluminum screen (metal kind used for window screen and screened doors) in bed under my fitted sheet connected to earth ground (third prong of an electrical outlet, or cold water metal plumbing supply line pipe under the sink, or a metal rod driven ~2' into the ground outside). Thus I'm sleeping on a ground plane that tends to "ground-out" some of the RF directed at me. Helping further is an electrically grounded wire touching my skin while in bed, also helping to "ground-out" the RF. (Next thing for me to try is an RF fabric sheet on top, or a sheet washed in RF shielding fabric conditioner.)

Under my aluminum screen in bed is a layer of 16"x16" (more commonly available in the 12"x12" size) ceramic flooring tile from Home Depot. Yes, for whatever reason, any size ceramic tile works surprisingly well for many TIs according to someone on the conference calls who got the idea after researching what the military uses to RF shield their secure bunkers. If you've never tried it, do so! For me it probably works better than most if not all of the countermeasures listed here. In addition to sleeping on a layer of them if you want you can lean one tile against your abdomen and another against your head.

Also while sleeping I listen to a CD developed by a TI named David Case of Case Electronics which is supposed to eliminate the tinnitus some TIs experience; for me it helps me relax and may eliminate some of the electronic brain linking/neural monitoring from the perps. The CD is free (last time I checked) but you have to buy high-frequency headphones that go up to at least 25kHz, such as KOSS TSC75 and KOSS PRO35/A from Radio Shack ($25-$40). Listening to the CD on conventional speakers didn't help. Since using this CD I no longer need to sleep with head shielding.

A fabric conditioner called AegisGuard LL, available from and, added to the final rinse cycle of the laundry while in the washing machine, results in your clothes being RF shielded. I use it all the time and feel much more comfortable during the day as a result. It costs about $4 per laundry load. Based on my experience it is highly recommended if you can afford it!

As everyone's targeting is different no one countermeasure works for everyone so experiment to see which set of countermeasures work best for you. Try one thing at a time. Even if something doesn't have much effect at first try it for a week as the beneficial effects may not be apparent initially. If things get extremely bad then discontinue but be aware it takes a while to adjust and sometimes sticking it out for a few days proves beneficial in the long run.

Try inexpensive countermeasures first before spending a lot of money on on elaborate versions -- try $2 copper mesh before spending $30 for a shielded baseball cap, try $10 rubber mats before spending $150 for a blanket-sized sheet of rubber.

Once countermeasures are found that work, switching-off between two or more of them may increase their overall effectiveness. For example wear a shielded baseball cap during the day and listen to a jamming CD at night. Try moving shielding components around to a different spot each night. Reserve an especially effective countermeasure for use only in rare instances of unusually heavy attacks.

If you've never or only briefly experimented with shielding I would highly recommend doing so. You may feel only a little better at night but then during the day may feel more positive and may be able to get more accomplished. Before employing shielding countermeasures my life had a very nightmarish, hopeless feel to it. Now my outlook is much more positive and I have more energy during the day!

More shielding ideas are at:


Hair Gel and Body Oil

by Ovidiu Donciu

I had found some solutions to prevent this kind of device : using Hair Gel , hair oil , body oil after bath , I succeeded in creating a thin protection layer on my skin...If you have questions you can mail me to:

Massagers and Silicon Wristbands

The massagers that seem to be working for me are the following: Homedics
model # PA-400H and the electric handheld model TSUBO. Both can be purchased
on the internet. Both work very well for the Ultra Sound.
In addition, silicon wrist bracelets work very well also: ex. the Lance Armstrong
livestrong silicon wrist braclets. These also can be purchased on the internet.



1) Heating of the Skin -- As to the thermal heating, I've more recently found that it can be abruptly terminated by using a large steel cookie sheet as a screen. Position it (about 7-12 inches from the skull), so that it is between the skull and the base of operations from which the emission is coming.
Positioning of the cookie sheet will depend upon where the "hot spot" on the skull is located. This is assuming that you are not moving about when the thermal heating commences and are in a stationary position, such as, while trying to fall asleep.
This is also assuming that, if you are targeted from positions surrounding you, both above-ground and ground-based, the bulk of your skull is already protected. This simplifies the process of identifying the location of the emitter causing the thermal heating. Again, this applies only when you are in a stationary position.
I don't need to explain "hot spots" on the skull, do I?
If you are moving about, then exposing the heated area of the skull at close proximity to fans or air conditioners helps to a certain extent, as does removing shoes and socks, as part of the process of keeping the extremities air-cooled.
What it boils down to is that thermal heating is caused by (micro- or millimeter-wave) frequencies aimed at the skull, which can be obstructed by metal -- large steel cookie sheets, for example.
2) Voice to Skull - as a minimum: (1) a radio frequency scanner which has the capacity to pick up frequencies in the Megaherz range; (2) a portable acoustical frequency detector, (3) a portable EMF detector with a loop antenna; and (4) a substantial quantity of copper wire mesh.

My reasons for suggesting that you acquire these items are as follows:

First, the auditory input is being conveyed to you on microwave frequencies which can be picked up, if not immediately deciphered, on relatively sophisticated radio frequency scanners (something above a standard police scanner, in other words).

What sounds to you like "voices in the head" can be discerned by the astute casual bystander as a classic high-pitched microwave "hum"; that is, assuming this bystander is not equipped with cochlear implants (receivers) which operate on the same frequency or frequencies being employed in your case; and assuming, absent cochlear implants, that the bystander's skull and brain are not structured like yours and, thus, are non-responsive to the auditory signal embedded in the frequency being aimed at you.

Your scanner should have the capacity to track broad-band spectrum transmissions, in the event the transmissions being aimed at you are being rotated from one frequency to another for disguise purposes. My current suspicion is that some of these auditory transmissions are occurring in the 27-29 Megaherz range --a frequency range being rather too-ferociously protected by the U. S. Government, given their assaults on outlaw CB'rs who try to communicate on these frequencies so as to avoid having to pay FCC licensing fees.

When I say that the auditory input may be picked up but may not necessarily be decipherable on a scanner, I am alluding to the fact that some of these induced voices in the head involve the transmission of speech analogs, which, in effect, are encryptations of human speech which the brain has been found capable of deciphering. I refer to this preliminarily in the enclosed monograph, _Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation_. If it happens that you have been equipped with cochlear implants, then the analog process should not be necessary --in which case, you should have a fair amount of success in picking up decipherable transmissions on a high-frequency scanner.

3) Frequency Detectors - I recommend the acquisition of portable acoustic and electromagnetic frequency detectors because I rather doubt that you, your family and or your friends can afford to acquire a more sophisticated spectrum analyzer and non-linear junction detector. These experiments, as a rule, involve highly-focused directed energy, which can be detected by all of the equipment just mentioned.

A spectrum analyzer would let you know what frequencies are involved; however, spectrum analyzers cost about $25,000 to $50,000 and are probably beyond your means.

The loop antenna on a portable EMF detector will give you some limited direction-finding capability, but will not identify the frequencies involved. Me thinks that you will probably find a significant amount of focused energy coming from the air/air-conditioning ventilation systems in your cell, which are usually covered by a screen. Surveillance systems are usually also built into those vents, and into adjacent sprinkler systems. (A few "thwacks" at any sprinkler devices hanging in your cell, such as with a book or broom handle, should have the security guards on your back in no time.)

4) Copper-wire mesh - One thing these freaks are having a terrible time overriding is copper- wire mesh. In order or a focused signal to have the desired impact in these directed-energy experiments the signal must remain focused. Copper- wire mesh deflects focused EMF in the Herz to Megaherz ranges.

Other types of frequencies can be physically obstructed/deflected by other physical means for examples, mirrors can deflect certain forms of lasers. Radar is susceptible to absorption and/or deflection by heavy-duty plasticized rubber and rubberized fabric.

5) Ultrasound and infrasound --acoustical frequencies used in these experiments --can be disrupted abruptly by means of loud FM or AM radio broadcasts --so abruptly as to suggest that this method may damage acoustical transmitters. "Bee-sting" laser burns can be neutralized by commonly available forms of dental anesthetics (Anbesol or SensoGuard) and can be deflected by generous applications of medicated Vaseline on the area being targeted. I could go on and on; however, I think you get my point.

Copper-wire mesh, incidentally, is readily available in the form of such things as Brillo pot scrubbers. The pot scrubbers are in fact tubes of copper wire mesh, measuring about 10-12" in length by about 7" in circumference, held into a wadded shape by a metal ring, or glue.

I suggest that, if it can be arranged, you start with about 30-50 of those mesh tubes in constructing your assorted barriers to directed-energy harassment. The barrier effect is instantaneous. Covering any area of your body being targeted by EMF will result in an instant "cure" of the symptoms being experienced. All-day headaches focused in one area of your brain will be immediately cured without resort to pain medications. Arthritic and bursitis-like pains in your joints and spinal nerves (under the shoulder blades) will disappear abruptly, as will sudden muscle "spasms" in your upper arms and thighs when the areas are covered with copper-wire mesh.

Rest assured that, if you are even allowed to bring these materials into your cell, you will incur the wrath of the freaks involved in these experiments. Expect them to try to make your life miserable by other means.

The freaks may be able to knock you out by targeting the back of your skull with highly-intense EMF (an exercise which does not require implants); however, once you start using these barriers, you will find that they cannot communicate with you quite as effectively as has been the case, so far; nor will they be quite so successful in monitoring your speech and thought patterns. (My policy is, "Make them work. ")

6) Induced Dreams - The induced dreams, incidentally, are also easy to obstruct. The activity occurs when you have reached the REM (rapid-eye movement) stage of sleep. Your brain, at that stage, is entrained by ELF, which deepens your sleep, thus eliminating the prospect of your being cognizant of the quasi- subliminal auditory input being pumped into the back of your skull by bone-conducted means. The quasi-subliminal auditory input is what influences the course of your dreams. In a semi-conscious state, you can physically recognize this attempted input as resembling short-burst transmissions which, when impacting upon the back of your skull, create a hissing sound, rather like "PF-FFT! ...PF-FFT!" at five-second intervals. This can be blocked. All that is required is that you protect the back of your skull with the aforementioned materials before you fall asleep.

7) Thermal Heating - I would assume that you are also subjected to recurrent thermal heating, usually caused by microwaves or --the big thing now --infrared lasers. (The Air Force is trying to create a battlefield communications systems which exploits this latter phenomenon.) Thermal heating of the brain leaves outward evidence. Your hair and hair follicles are heated at the point of frequency impact. I recommend you keep your hair somewhat longer than a brushcut if you want to effectively monitor this effect. You will also want to have your cell equipped with a couple of large fans, which can quickly neutralize the more unpleasant aspects of this heating.

What long-term microwave and infrared laser targeting do to the brain and other organs is cause "autolysis" (a softening brought on by the destruction of surface capillaries). This destructive process should be discernible by means of properly conducted scans, such as an MRI, (...which are being denied to all obstreperous mind-control experimentees).

Harpagophytum (devil's claw), from the sesame family, is an anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever. Recommended brand: Nature's Way Devil's Claw (801-489-1500,, $17.99 for 90 960-mg capsules. Dosage: One capsule twice daily.

Turmeric (curcuma), the main spice used in curry, limits activity of inflammatory enzymes. Do not supplement with turmeric if you have an ulcer or a problem with your gallbladder or bile duct -- it can exacerbate these conditions. Recommended brand: Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme (800-831-7780,, $27.99 for 60 capsules, each equivalent to 2,500 mg of turmeric. Dosage: One capsule once or twice daily.

Vitamin D, which the body synthesizes from sunlight, also is found in fish, eggs and fortified milk. Correcting a deficiency can alleviate musculoskeletal pain. Good brands are available at drugstores and health-food stores. Dosage: 1,000 international units (IU) to 2,000 IU per day of vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol), the most active form.


Oils, ointments and soaks provide quick relief from the pain of muscle strains and arthritis flare-ups. For mild discomfort, try any one of the remedies below... for severe pain, use two or more. Do not use on broken skin or take internally. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use.

Arnica, from a daisy-like plant, improves blood flow and reduces inflammation. For stiff, aching pain, rub a palmful onto the sore area two to three times daily. Recommended brand: Gaia Herbs Arnica Oil (800-831-7780,, $10.99 for one ounce.

Castor oil comes from the castor bean plant. Used topically, it helps blood cells function properly... combats autoimmune diseases…and ­relieves pain and inflammation. For easiest use: Just rub a palmful onto skin of the affected area (it can be messy, so you might want to do it at bedtime). Recommended brand: Frontier Natural Products Castor Oil (800-669-3275,, $16.09 for 32 ounces.

Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate, which fights infection and inflammation and relaxes muscles. To use: Fill a basin or bathtub with comfortably hot water, and mix in the desired amount of Epsom salts. The stronger you make the mixture, the more effective it is -- try two to three cups of salts per tub of water. Soak the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes once or twice daily, then rinse if desired. Recommended brand: TheraSoak from Saltworks (800-353-7258,, $8.39 for a five-pound bag.

Heat rub. Topical pain relievers (Bengay, Icy Hot) contain organic compounds, such as camphor, mentholmethyl salicylate. They work by creating a feeling of heat that overrides the nerves’ transmission of pain. To use: Products are available as ointments, creams or skin patches. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the amount and frequency of use. Warning: Methyl salicylate is toxic if used in excess. Do not exceed recommended dosages. Never use multiple heat rubs at once. Do not use with a heating pad or while taking medication from the salicylate family, such as aspirin or antacids. Recommended brand: Tiger Balm Red (, about $7 for four ounces, available at select drugstores and health-food stores.


ELEANOR WHITE - for Sleep Deprivation:

Here is how I have dealt with sleeplessness, for whatever
it may be worth:

- I totally darken the bedroom, and keep it cool
- I run a fan across my bare feet and bare lower legs
which stick out from under the quilt
- I take from 12.5 to 25 mg of amitriptylene (prescription
item) at bed time
- I take 3 mg of melatonin at bed time, and once in a
while, if it's a bad night, a second hit of melatonin
later on
- I wear foam rubber style (you roll them tight with your
fingers, insert them, and they expand to fill your ear
canal) ear plugs - this causes any perp sound effects
to be less startling. One pair lasts a few months
before they get too saturated with ear wax to be useful.
- I keep quite a few 3M coarse paint stripping pads in
the bed because the perps like to cause many parts
of my body to itch intensely, and rolling over on to
these pads counteracts enough of the itching so that
even if sleep isn't possible, there is some degree of
comfort. The perps love to target where my body
presses into the mattress. I find that slipping just the
edge of a paint stripper pad under me at that point,
not the whole pad, interrupts the itch without being
too uncomfortable. Gluing a long strip of them together
can be used, say, between your legs, or to scratch
your feet with. I use a garlic grater (small cheese grater
with curved surfae) to scratch serious itch spots which
are too intense for the paint stripping pads.
- White noise sometimes helps, however, the perps
have been known to use a white noise machine to
broadcast annoying noises
- If you are targeted with voice to skull at night,
Julianne McKinney advises that multiple radio sets,
each tuned to different stations, masks enough of
the voice to skull that it becomes survivable.

* Most importantly: I've discovered over time that an
extra hour simply lying flat, wide awake but as relaxed
as possible, makes a night restful enough that I was
able to work for two decades before I could retire.

In other words, don't get too up tight about not having
perfect sleep. Lying restfully in the dark is enough to
get by on the job, I've found, even though medical
reports mention extreme health damage from sleep

Eleanor White is a retired engineer who has had 25 years of work experience in her field.


A friend of mine was in the Navy and he lined my ceiling with heavy duty foil leaving no space. Then he took a cord and attached it to the aluminum foil and grounded it by plugging it into the wall with a plug. This has helped me tremendously and targets can line their walls as well. I never leave my window uncovered when I sleep. I cover it with heavy foil or a silver car visor. This helps block the frequency and gives me a chance to get some sleep. Give it a try. It has helped me alot. Gina


Apropos your call for shielding techniques, I want to bring your attention to the element, carbon. This is the only element that will stop all forms of directed energy weapons. For years, I used aluminum "blankets" and sheet metal to disrupt electronic weapons. I still keep these in place for general, added protection. However, a year ago, the perps started using a more sophisticated form of technology that cuts through the shields. Since then, the attacks have been directed almost solely to my eyes. So far, about 20% of my eyesight has been destroyed. And, note that eye tissue does not regenerate. Caterachs will surely follow.
The government uses "carbon paint" to seal conference rooms against surveillance, etc. Taking my cue from this, I fabricated what I call a "carbon mask." This is a typical sleeping mask sold at any drug store. First, spray the outside face with a primer. Allow to dry for 24 hours to avoid breathing fumes while sleeping. Next, smash a single charcoal bricqet in a plastic bag until dust. Then, spray enamel paint on the primed surface, and put the dust on the paint. After covering the whole front side of the mask, spray again with the enamel to anchor the dust. Allow to dry for 24 hours, then repeat so you have 2 coats of carbon paint.
Later, I made another one using 4" wide silicon carbide sandpaper, which proved even more effective. It also has a natural curve that wraps around the face comfortably. You can purchase this in the form of a sanding belt for belt sanders (4"X24") at your local building supply store. You need to cut out a area for the nose. Make a pattern from cardboard.
Initially, the perfs didn't know what to make of my new found shield. They sure as hell weren't happy about it! I would defiantly face the window where they launched their most effective attacks. They tried frontal attacks with the power turned up to max, which merely used up their battery faster, frustrating them even more. The carbon converted the energy to heat. But as we vics all know, all victories are short-lived. The maggots figured out that they could direct the energy beam UNDER the mask. Furthermore, they have refined the technique by turning the power down low, so as to preclude immediate detection, which takes several minutes. You can tell by closing you eyes tightly: it feels like you have something in your eye, like a particle of sawdust. That's when I adjust position. But, the damage, though incremental, accumulates. Nevertheless, without this advance in my defenses, I would surely be blinded or nearly so by now. Frankly, it is little consolation to know that these bastards are going to burn in Hell. I need my eyesight now!
Here is a few words about carbon paint. Yes, you can make your own, and your should. Commercial carbon paint runs $100 per gallon, plus S&H. The "base" paint is plain old acrylic latex house paint. Carbon dust from charcoal bricquets is mixed in until fully black. The problem is producing the dust! Many types of equipment are used, including coffee grinders. There's even a web site that discusses this in minute detail, as horticulturists use carbon dust as a soil additive. Remember--you need two coats.
Carbon shielding stops all energy waves, everywhere, all the time. If I had the resources and time, I would line one room in the house with two coats, rugs over floor paint, and some kind of carbon painted covering like canvass over windows. With this arrangement, you could just "kick back" and forget the Nazi perps. This may be particularly suitable in a situation where targets have moved in together. To save time, money and mats, you could just shield little cubby hole type sleeping places like are common on submarines, trailors and boats.

best wishes n love lots


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